Fox News gives its best shot at debunking Obamacare’s “success”

I just found some additional footage of my appearance on Fox News a few weeks ago.

We were discussing Obamacare surpassing its 7 million registration goal by April 1, 2014, something the Fox commentators, and Republicans generally, claimed would never happen. (Even AP claimed it wasn’t likely – in fact, it happened, and then some.)

stubborn mule

As you can imagine, it being Fox and all, the pushback against Obamacare’s “success” was pointed, fact-laden, and relentless.

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  • sword

    Faux News is legally “allowed to lie”. A Federal judge agreed with Faux News that it is an ‘entertainment’ channel and does not have to follow normal broadcasting rules.

  • Yeah, my wife’s Medicare is so much simpler.

  • chris10858

    Because other news stations don’t hire the likes of Sarah “I can see Russia from my house” Palin and don’t systematically attempt to vilify the poor, gays, people of color, women, etc…

  • emjayay


  • emjayay

    And I’m pretty happy with my tax-based single payer guvmint run Medicare Advantage plan (except the evil for-profit corporation part). On the plus side, I’ve probably cost them way more in dealing with my bitching about them pulling stuff on me than they will ever make from me.

  • Denver Catboy

    Ah, the false equivalency logical fallacy. You see, trolikins, every news agency IS different. Some are better. Some are worse. And some are pure jokes, like Fox ‘News’. But you’re not here for a debate, trolikins, so I’m just going to laugh at you instead of backing up my statement.

    Much like you didn’t back up yours. :)

  • Indigo


  • cole3244

    fox & news are oxymoron’s.

  • And I’m pretty happy with my Gold-level HMO plan. From my point of view, it’s simple: No ACA? No insurance for me at all, due to pre-existing condition denials for two trivial conditions.

  • Drew2u

    “Footloose” is on television tonight!

    Say what (the royal) you will, I’m perfectly happy with my ACA-gained Mayo Clinic plan that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

  • Indeed. There’s a world of difference between “sucks” versus “actively and deliberately causes harm.”

    Fox crossed that latter line a long time ago.

  • A lot of them do. Say what you will about CBS, NBCm ABC or CNN, they all try to report the truth. Fox does not. And, the American media is far more balanced (save Fox, which isn’t media) than the media is most countries. That doesn’t mean they always get the story right, but it bothers me when people buy into this cumbaya-liberal thing where we’re all supposed to say “the media sucks.” Yeah, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. But it doesn’t usually suck because it’s biased. On Fox, and in much of the world, it is.

  • Becuse they are.

  • Well yeah, because at least some of them take a stab at reporting actual news.

    This one here — both on the web and as broadcast — is pretty decent:

    But if you want to know why ‘Fox News’ deserves to be attacked? Its egregiousness and irresponsibility.

    CNN is silly and prone to fluff and jingoism. MSNBC is somewhat but not entirely partisan. Fox News, on the other hand, by convincing people not to sign up for health insurance, is contributing to the unnecessary deaths of American citizens.

    There’s your difference.

  • Prussian Engineer

    People still attack “Fox News” like as if other “News” networks are completely different? What a joke.

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