GOP congressman-wannabe shoots Obamacare because guns

An Alabama (it figures) Republican congressional candidate, Will Brooke, thought it would be a neat campaign stunt to shoot a copy of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

So he did.  And failed.


Brooke follows a long line of Republican candidates – and wannabe-Republicans like West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin – who think it’s cute to fire guns at copies of legislation.

Please just forget the fact that people have been firing guns lately (and for a few decades now) at actual federal government targets like military bases (just this week) and members or Congress.  No, just ignore that and revel in the notion of violence against the government.

Of course, the funny thing is that Brooke was as successful in his personal jihad against the Affordable Care Act as were House Republicans who tried to repeal the legislation 50 times, and then shut down the entire federal government over their insistence on defunding health care reform.

Brooke’s little gun stunt failed.  As with the GOP House’s ongoing anemic efforts, Obamacare lived to heal another day.

Now, you’d think that being from Alabama, Brooke might focus on issues truly harming his state, such as Alabama’s ongoing racism problem, or its citizens’ penchant for killing dolphins with screwdrivers. Though my favorite was Alabama’s infamous attempt in 2012, only a year and a half ago, to repeal language in the state constitution that supports segregation in schools and poll taxes.  The repeal effort failed. 60% supported keeping the racist language, only 40% supported repealing it.

And they wonder why people still call the South racist.

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And here’s Manchin’s from 2010:

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