On Fox’s MediaBuzz, John Aravosis calls out Fox’s promotion of discredited Obamacare “Horror Stories”

I was invited on Howie Kurtz’s Media Buzz show on Fox this morning, to talk about the Mozilla gay-rights controversy, and about Obamacare reaching its 7 millionth subscriber.


The guests were – how shall I put it? – less than receptive to a positive message about the Affordable Care Act.  And when one guest started talking about all the “horror stories” of people “hurt” by health care reform, I felt it important to correct the record. So I did.

I also got into the issue, which this clip doesn’t show, of how even the Associated Press only three weeks ago said that the President would need a “miracle” to reach the 7 million subscriber mark by April 1, 2014.  And he did.  The media was hardly overly friendly to the President on this issue.  Heck, even we criticized the web site snafus.

I posted the video of the Mozilla part of the discussion here – it was far longer, and far more heated – but here, courtesy of Media Matters, is a quick snippet of the Obamacare discussion.

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