Colbert on Donald Sterling’s sanctity of traditional infidelity (video)

Stephen Colbert weighed in on Donald Sterling’s racist comments, and the NBA banning him for life.

Colbert picked up on something I missed – that Sterling told his girlfriend that she’s free to have sex with black men. Colbert, understandably, asks, “I’m sorry but whatever happened to the sanctity of traditional infidelity? It is one man, one mistress, $1.8 million dollars.”


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  • benb

    yeah, I just saw this report on CNN about his wife posing as a county health inspector to harass some of their non-white tenants. The Sterlings have to win this year’s Leona Helmsley Award .

  • Indigo

    Meanwhile, the Orlando Sentinel does what it can to stir the pot and invite rabidly anti-gay but “benevolent and beloved” DeVos, owner of the Orland Magic NBA team, to spew more hate. It’s a “slippery slope” you know, especially when central Florida crackers hop on the wagon:,0,4866330.column

  • I disagree. Darth Vader was never unfaithful!

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Actually he seems to be the “I have lots and lots of problems with Negroes” kinda guy

  • The saddest thing of all is we’ve known and had ample public evidence for many years now that Don Sterling is a vile racist pig. I mean, for god’s sake, he was fined for engaging in blatantly racist discrimination as a ‘slumlord billionaire.’

    The guy is lower than pond-scum. And we’re shocked, SHOCKED I say, that he’s said racist things to his gold-digger girlfriend?

  • benb

    God he’s so repellant ’cause he’s the ‘I dont have a problem with
    Negroes as long as they dont move in my neighborhood’ kinda guy.

  • The_Fixer

    I almost – almost pity this guy for being so out of touch with the fact that he is such a totally reprehensible example of a person. The fact that he is such a heartless… asshole (the only word that fits) is what keeps me from having much of any pity for him.

  • Max_1

    Here Are All The Shockingly Awful Donald Sterling Stories That The NBA Ignored For Years

  • Sean

    Colbert is getting so good I think he’s ascending to Heaven! The transcript from Sterling’s 2003 run in with the law over a previous mistress is priceless! (I’m ending every sentence with an exclamation point! And I disapprove of that sort of thing!)

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