Chimp expert Jane Goodall greets Stephen Colbert like a chimp (video)

Famed Chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall went on the Colbert Report to talk about her new book, “Seeds of Hope.” (If you buy the book via this Amazon link, AMERICAblog will get a portion of the sale.)

Colbert asked Goodall to greet him as a chimpanzee would, so she did:


Goodall talked a lot about the environment, about climate change, and genetically modified crops (GMO).  Here she’s talking to Colbert about the wonder of trees:

JANE GOODALL: Some of these trees, when you meet a 2,000-year-old tree, and you think ‘my goodness, it stood here for 2,000 years.’ What has it seen? How amazing. You put your hand on the bark and you just feel the sap going up, it’s such an extraordinary feeling.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Jane Goodall, are you trying to make me cry about trees?


What a neat lady.  Below the Colbert video, I’m including a video of Goodall releasing a once-near-death chimp named Wounda into the wild.  At one point, the chimp greets Goodall in the exact same manner in which she greeted Colbert.


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