Cat photobombs yoga video

A woman apparently set up her camera to take a video of her yoga session.

Her cat had other ideas.


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  • milli2

    That is just friggin adorable.

  • Clevelandchick

    Thank you Cat.

  • cole3244

    my kitties always investigate anything new its in their dna.

  • Indigo

    Maybe Miss Kitty was acting out her resentment, I can’t think of any yoga asanas that involve a cat.

  • 1jetpackangel

    “This is for your own good.” *smack* “Now put some clothes on and feed me.”

  • Yeah, at first I was like, it’s ok, then the end of the video came and I laughed :)

  • Krusher

    That cat has moxie. I like that cat!

  • 2patricius2


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