Blood Moon full eclipse

There’s a full eclipse of the moon tonight (Monday), and it’s expected to include a “Blood Moon,” where the moon turns red for about an hour.

The full lunar eclipse begins at 12:53am ET (0453GMT) overnight between Monday and Tuesday, and ends 6am ET Tuesday (or 1000GMT).

The eclipse should reach totality around 3am ET (0700GMT).

Here’s a picture of a blood moon that I shot in Washington, DC back in I think 2004.

Lunar eclipse "blood moon" in Washington, DC back in 2004. © John Aravosis

Lunar eclipse “blood moon” in Washington, DC back in 2004. © John Aravosis

The total eclipse will be visible from most of North America (excluding much of Alaska in the west, and eastern Canada), all of Central America, and the western coast of South America.

Unfortunately in the eastern US, we’ve now got clouds.

To find out what time the different phases of the eclipse will be hitting where you live, the US Naval Observatory has set up a Web site where you can find the exact times for your location (in the US). For example, here’s the data for Washington, DC:


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