Bad lip reading: Game of Thrones (video)

I’d never seen this version of “bad lip-reading,” it’s done to the Game of Thrones.

There’s a bit of a lot of gay stuff thrown in, and some other accents, but it’s all done in good fun, so on behalf of gay-land I think we can handle it.

And for anyone not familiar, “bad lip-reading” is basically taking a video clip of a famous movie or TV show, and having some very good at lip-reading “read” it incorrectly.  So the dialogue is usually nonsense, though in this case they actually made the dialogue rather sensible, which is even more amazing.

If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones, and have access to it, it really is quite good. Almost one of those British period movies, but with way more drama thrown in. The scripts and plots are good, and apparently the books the series is based on are famous for no character being safe. Anybody can die at any time.

"I like to get freaky.... Get what I mean?"

“I like to get freaky…. Get what I mean?”

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