Apparently hipsters are getting beard transplants (video)

Apparently the latest hipster fad is getting a beard transplant.

You’ll fork over anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 for the procedure, depending on how much hair they need to implant

They get the follicles from the back of you head and then implant them one by one on your face. Your face is back to normal in a few days, and one video said that the hairs don’t start growing for 3 months, which I found interesting.

One doctor says that he used to do 2 to 3 beard transplants a year, whereas now he’s doing them weekly.

Patient pre-transplant, showing the patchy areas the patient wanted filled. (Courtesy of Modena Hair Institute)

Patient pre-transplant, showing the patchy areas the patient wanted filled. (Courtesy of Modena Hair Institute)

I also found it interesting that none of the videos I could find on YouTube showed a true before and after comparison, once the transplant had grown. That’s struck me as a bit suspicious, as you’d think that’d be the best sales pitch they could give you.

Here’s a video from CNN about the transplants, and below it a video showing an actual transplant (but again, not showing how his beard looked after the hair started growing).

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