Only 8% of Republicans say contraceptive use is “morally unacceptable”

A new PEW poll found that only 8% of Republicans find contraception “morally unacceptable.”

The findings are somewhat at odds with the Republican party’s focus on stopping Obamacare from covering women’s use of contraceptives, epitomized in the Hobby Lobby case.

It’s also at odds with the Catholic church, which is leading the effort to block the Affordable Care Act in this area.



PEW found that only 6% of Democrats, 7% of Independents, and 8% of Republicans believed contraception to be “morally unacceptable.”

PEW also found that while Republicans tend to be anti-abortion to the tune of 68% finding it morally unacceptable, only 54%, slightly more than a majority, found homosexuality the same.

Interestingly, both Democrats and Republicans, in sizable numbers, found extramarital affairs (adultery) to be morally unacceptable.

PEW found, looking internationally, that the only country in which fewer than half of the respondents found extramarital affairs morally unacceptable was France.


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