UN special envoy nearly kidnapped in Crimea by pro-Russian forces, forced to flee country

An interesting just-breaking story from Crimea, Ukraine. Pro-Russian armed gunmen tried to abduct the United Nations special representative to the region, Robert Serry.

ITV News’ Europe editor James Mates is with Serry right now, and live tweeting the scene.


Apparently, armed gunmen blocked Serry’s car in the road and tried to force him into their car.  He refused, and made his way to a coffee shop, where they blocked him inside.  He was so afraid to go, he asked a news crew from ITV to stay with him and keep filming the scene.

Mates reports that the gunmen were wearing pro-Russian arm bands.

And the entire stand off is being live-tweeted by Mates.  This is just amazing.

The latest update from ITV is that the UN representative has been forced to feel the country.  As he scrambled into a crowd to get to the airport, a crowd tried to block him, chanting “Putin Putin.”


Say what you will about comparison with Iraq and Afghanistan, but I don’t recall US troops trying to kidnap UN representatives.


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