Sh*t girls say to gay guys (video)

Sh*t girls say to gay guys.


This is cute, I’d not seen this before. And could nearly 8 million viewers be wrong?

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  • Rohit_83

    Haha..this is funny.

  • annatopia

    oh hell no to this! maybe that’s what dumb young girls say to their best gays. i would never. to all of that. (not trying to be a downer – this just seems like a generational thing to me)

  • Drew2u

    For another levity post, try this one about turning moss into electricity-generators:

    These Mad Scientists Want to Replace Solar Panels With Potted Plants

  • DRoseDARs

    I knew there was something familiar about the guy from the sleepwalking mom vid you posted earlier. :-)

  • 2karmanot

    Snatch Batch

  • perljammer

    “And could nearly 8 million viewers be wrong?”

    John, 26% of Americans think the sun revolves around the Earth. And before you start decrying the general ignorance of Americans, they did better on this question than EU residents.

    So yeah, 8 million viewers could be wrong. But then, this isn’t exactly science, so they could be right.

  • Indigo

    Really? In this day and age?

  • cole3244


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