Russian thugs attack St. Patrick’s Day revelers for wearing kilts, thought they were gay (video)

Russian thugs in the far east city of Irkutsk violently attacked a St. Patrick’s Day flash mob because some of the high schoolers, members of their school’s foreign language club, were in kilts, and presumed gay.

So they beat the cr*p out of them.


“We thought they were gay.”

A video posted on YouTube shows the attack.  It’s quite violent.

As I’ve written before, the ongoing anti-gay violence in Russia is part of a larger culture of intolerance intentionally being fed by Russian president Vladimir Putin and his allies in the federal Duma, and in state legislatures and towns.

Many of the anti-gay thugs in Russia are skinheads, white supremacists and neo-Nazis.  They’ve organized nationwide, but because they tend to attack gays, Jews and blacks (and immigrants), Russian President Putin has done little to stop them.  (Putin needs an enemy in order to help him consolidate power – last year’s enemy was the gays, this year’s is the West).

The thing is, we know the names and have videos of many of these neo-Nazi hate crimes, which include the perpetrators’ faces.  It’s not exactly rocket science going after them.  The Kremlin simply finds Russian neo-Nazis a useful tool for targeting Putin’s political enemies, so it tends to avoid doing anything about the violence.

Not exactly the kind of country you want to do business in, or visit as a tourist.

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