Russia censors RT news host’s blistering critique of Ukraine invasion (video)

UPDATE: Well that didn’t take long.  RT, aka Russia Today, has censored its on-air host Abby Martin’s blistering critique of the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine.  Whodathunk the Kremlin wasn’t in favor of free speech? Sigh.

Abby Martin, a Washington, DC-based (and presumably American) presenter at the Russian government propaganda organ, RT (aka Russia Today), made an impassioned on-the-air plea on her show yesterday against Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine.

“Just because I work here at RT, doesn’t mean I don’t have editorial independence,” Martin said. “And I can’t stress enough how strongly I am against any state intervention in a sovereign nation’s affairs. What Russia did was wrong…. I will not sit here and apologize or defend military action.”

One hopes Martin doesn’t have family in Russia, or they might be finding their home “liberated” by the domestic equivalent of the KGB right about now.


RT’s, aka Russia Today’s, Abby Martin.

Russia Today is one of the lead propaganda organs of the Russian government.  It’s slick, and it’s as apologist about Russia as Fox News is about the Republican party.  The difference being, of course, that Fox News isn’t the official network of the United States government.  To call RT (the network calls itself RT instead of its former name “Russia Today,” presumably to help obscure its true mission) anti-American is an understatement.

So it’s curious that any American would go work for a TV network dedicated to bolstering a dictator.  It’s even more curious that an American working for a Russian dictator would be outraged that her boss is acting like, you know, a dictator.  But that’s what happened yesterday when Martin spoke out, on the air, about her opposition to the Russian invasion of Crimea. See video below.

Look, it’s all well and good that Martin spoke out.  But I think she’s got some issues if she’s working for RT and calls herself a journalist or an American.  And in fact, Martin is a bit of a 9/11 Truther, which begins to answer the question of why any American would work for Russian state propaganda.

In a broadcast last August, Martin criticized MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and defended the “countless millions of people around the world who are unsatisfied with what the government told us happened [on 9/11], and why.” The “truther” rant begins around 2 minutes and 40 seconds into the broadcast.

Among other things, Martin says at 4:54, “is it really too hard to believe the fact that Bush and his cabinet turned a blind eye to let the attacks happen, or even ensure that they happen?”

Yes, Abby, it is.

Again, this is happening on Russian state television: 9/11 trutherism.  Which tells you all you need to know about RT and Martin both. (Oh, and the NYT delves into Martin’s “truther” background even further – she’s nutters.)

So, while I’m glad that Abby Martin had the backbone, or scruples, or something to speak out against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, if she had any journalistic scruples you’d think she wouldn’t be working at Russia Today to begin with.  And in a few hours, she just might not be.

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92 Responses to “Russia censors RT news host’s blistering critique of Ukraine invasion (video)”

  1. Faiscamix Faisca says:

    Censorship on Ukraine

  2. Faiscamix Faisca says:

    No i’m Portuguese. And yes i’m desperate do you know why ? I have family there that i can’t take to here. The truth that is passing on Ukraine is far worst that RT presents. My family 4 people are living with 100 dollars this and last month, i can’t send money all banks are being robbed. Also the “right sector” kidnapping, killing and stealing everyone that only knows how to speak Russian. By the way on my family there all are over 60 years old, so explain how they will learn a new language from day to night to not suffer the “consequences”. Yes US public generally is dumb, they don’t even know how to read a simple contract how they can read UN charter or any kind of base to International Law. Your aggressiveness only show how “democrats” you are, every step from censoring RT or this statement “Ukraine should cut of electric power and water to Crimea” from Mikko. Analise this statement , this guy want to cut water a essential good to live to 2 million people, do you think is nice and constructive ? Do you think is “Democratic way” ? What kind of regime you support in Ukraine , Fascism like it is ? I know what you show with your statements and your humanitarian and political views. Here on Europe nobody support this kind of actions with the exception of our Puppet Politicians like Barroso, if you remember this one was selling my country and after fleeing to EU politic core. Yes he putted us on Iraq war that nobody in Portugal wanted. We are the real democrats not people like you.

  3. Nomad says:

    “We do not infringe on anyone’s interests, we do not force our patronage on anyone, or try to teach anyone how to live.”
    Those are Putin’s words to the Duma only last year. I suppose m

  4. Nomad says:

    In China, they had a name for them, I forget the actual name but it was something “twenty-five centers” because that how much they paid for each fake comment. In Turkey, they are doing it for the ruling party. The PM there reportedly pays for crowd sourcing and photoshops large numbers for the newspapers. He has also been recording telling newspaper owners what he wanted to see and what he didn’t want to see in the next edition. Autocrats are all alike I suppose.

  5. mereside says:

    I am an American citizen who comes from a family that includes many military veterans who put their lives on the line for this country.
    I have no use for warmongers, who with very little thought of the consequences of war, gladly follow any chance to support violence.
    Call me what you will, but don’t waste lives for your ideology.

  6. mereside says:

    I get my information from many sources. The main stream media plays a very small part of that. I only started watching RT a couple months ago. I don’t agree with everything they run, but they do provide another perspective at times.
    The site I included is from a different source that provides an historical perspective, unlike the neocon warmongers (Kagan and wife Victoria Nuland) who now control and took advantage of the situation in Ukraine, not unlike the lies that led up to the Iraq debacle.
    If you choose to keep your mind closed again, the results of this escapade in blind ambition will be yet another low in the USA’s foreign relations gone wild.

  7. Cocky Choclate says:

    your not the product of RT news, your are one of it’s paid sellers . I have seen this argument many times by people like you. I also would suggest for people not to click on that link you provided

  8. Cocky Choclate says:

    They very well might be not the product but the actual seller. It has been reported that Putin has paid Russians to post on the internet some of them pretend to be American. Research the subject, and then compare the comments like this mereside . The other day there was some one like this person in another comment forum, they started the usual way of calling names. Saying the same things, you will notice that the same things are repeated. Anyway, I used google translator and wrote to them in Russian. Not to my surprise, they responded back quickly in very fluent Russian.

    I posted to them in Russian finally I knew they were trying look like an angry American on line. Then silence, crickets. This person was calling me every name in the book until I brought that up.

    Western people, especially Americans really need to research this subject it is happening. Brits have brought this up even in British press on line.

    This guy is more than likely Russian, working to post comments like this online. Research this issue in your spare time read blogs, comment sections , forums. Expand your google search you will find what I am talking about. And if you haven’t read Disinformation.

  9. Cocky Choclate says:

    Read the book Disinformation. It describes Russian propaganda to a T, sad thing is, Russia has not changed, not the jokers that rule it. That book is an eye opener

  10. Cocky Choclate says:

    Hi paid Russian troll,

  11. Cocky Choclate says:

    There is this book out called Disinformation that cover exactly what you people do in todays age. Putin will get his way in this but Russia won’t you have just dug your selves an isolationist hole. Most the of the world can see right through your bullshevik. Go back to your Russian part of the web and stop wasting your time. Your not fooling all of us

  12. Cocky Choclate says:

    Ignore them Mike, they are Russian trolls they get paid to post this rubbish.

  13. Cocky Choclate says:

    You were paid to post this to try to get Americans to think the way you want them to. Now, why don’t you go back to your little Russian area of the web before the CIA plants some kind of chip in your head. One to replace the other chip you already have there.

  14. Cocky Choclate says:

    Hi. I bet your Russian.

    Sorry but you are not going to take away the fact that RT news is Putin staged garbage. Try as you might Putin just took down a few stations in Russia over reporting on what is going on in Ukraine. Do you honestly think that people are that stupid to not find this information because of your trying to steer the topic with your desperate post. Putin is also playing around with his control of the internet.

    America does not have a station called America today strictly making up stories about Russia. Nor, does Obama have young people camps like Nashi teaching Russians to hate Americans.

    America will always be more free than Russia no matter how hard you RT bots try to spin it.

  15. Mikko says:

    Stalin was 100% worse than hitler and others he murdered millions of people

    Bandera was a little insignificant man

  16. Faiscamix Faisca says:

    Bandera was racist against Poles, Russians , Jews and everybody that was not Ukrainian. You was not reading nothing until now ?
    Me no i will not suffer with WW3, my country never had Nuclear Weapons and is not a primary target, we are peaceful. On other hand Fascist on Kiev are not, moving armored columns to Crimea, killing innocent peoples , kidnapping , torturing you can check it out on youtube. Only violence that i was seeing from part of pro-Russian protesters was on BBC against one man (euromaidown) that was shooting a protest pro-Russian. That Cassack was too soft with a whip towards a murderer. Euromaidown is violent and not democratic , everyone can see that. Why not to wait more some months (until jan 2015) to have elections , real ones ?

  17. Faiscamix Faisca says:

    I’ve seen by you language already that you have very nice “education”, i don’t believe in any propaganda in fact i was more times in Ukraine than any of those journalists that are there “commenting”. Oligarchs destroyed the country, and the new self-proclaimed government putted the worst criminal on government. If you keep with your PROPAGANDA go to see whom was putted on power in Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk Oblasts. You know why they was putted there ? Because they are murderers to repress the population. You can even see the news the ethnic cleaning started yesterday evening (2 dead with machine gun) in Kharkov. Do you really know anything about Ukraine or you just are saying LIES? Now tell me why the self-imposed government eagers to put UN envoys on Crimea but it does not want for anyone to discover whom gave the order to snipers on maidown square? Why , what they are concealing from the people, in any country including Iraq it would start a legal process no ? Well go to self-educate more yourself Bandera lover because maybe the same methods will be applied to your family. You already know for a power there exists always a counter power , and on this case is 23 milions of Russian speaking Ukranians that are getting mad with this fascists on power. Explain the questions that i putted to you and other Bandera lovers to the world not to me. And use normal language not the language that you use on your stone on Galicia. You are very UNEDUCATED and you proved that to the world with your words and your “civilized” way of write. Believe me open borders from EU to Ukraine we will go to help REAL DEMOCRACY there.

  18. Vlad says:

    Who the f*ck are you? Why anyone has to explain to you anything? Your education is your own problem! No one has to explain to you that your brain is full of angry Putin’s shit. I don’t need to waste my time to put into your ignorant brain the facts that Putin is afraid of freedom and uses “fascist” propaganda to fill up your uneducated brain with his crap; that Ukrainians who stood up against tyranny and corruption that was destroying the country – majority of those people are Ukrainian intelligentsia ( If you believe Putin’s propaganda you should ask yourself: Why millions of those Ukrainian “fascists” speak Russian as their first language? Why all those pro-Russian zombies that hate Ukraine so much, don’t jus leave Ukraine for mother-Russia? Why Russians call their own nationalism “patriotism”, but they call nationalism of any other nation “fascism”? Why do millions of Russians of Russia say “only the laziest and the most stupid believe the propaganda broadcasted by all Russian state TV channels”? I’m not going to give you answers, you will find them yourself if you are willing to clear your brain from Putin’s stinky shit, and start educating yourself.

  19. Mikko says:

    Russians get out of Estonia and Latvia and Lithuania we don’t want you!

  20. Mikko says:

    You must be totally insane and racist and Stalin was totally insane and a mass murderer

    Putin is the fascist!

    And WW 3 is going to be your fault alone!

  21. Faiscamix Faisca says:

    This Tuesday the he following statement:

    “Journalists have no standing when it comes to national security
    issues, They don’t know how to weigh the fact of what they’re giving out
    and saying, is it in the nation’s interest to divulge this.”

    He then went on to say:

    “I think we are going to make headway over the next few weeks
    on media leaks. I am an optimist. I think if we make the right steps on
    the media leaks legislation, then cyber legislation will be a lot

    NSA chief Keith Alexander

    Same problem on both sides.

  22. Faiscamix Faisca says:

    Witch drug you are you on? You must be a Russofobic that is a soft way of saying racist if you don’t know. Do you know how to read official documents or you just read loly pop press ? Stalin was a saint compared with Bandera, at least he did not putted children tied with barbed wire around trees. He (Stalin) was too soft with those fascists, he was just putting them to work and did not torture or kill them like Bandera did. People like YOU will force another world war but don’t forget that all world will come after YOU. Don’t think that all westerns are not informed about what is happening really there. We are not all REDNECKS. YOU are the fascist if not then explain why svoboda carry SS divisions sighns. Explain why UPA army was so close of the Gestapo or the SS, explain that to bad informed Americans. Explain why all Neo-Nazi’s of Europe are celebrating and even flying to kiev to help the ethnic cleaning. Explain that if you believe on democracy and freedom, and right to live where you have roots. Explain why those people do not have right of self proclamation by UN charter (that is international law if you don’t know), explain why they don’t have right to free elections if 5 months ago they had that right. Explain why Russian journalists can’t work on Ukraine neither a Russian can’t visit his family there because borders are blocked by right sector. Explain why yesterday 3 ministers was dismissed because they didn’t want to give military arms to Neo-Nazi’s. Explain all this to this people that come here and to the world, why we have after 70 years need to go on a war against this virus that is fascism. Our grandfathers suffered too much to clean the world of this trash, and we will have to clean it again.

  23. Mikko says:

    You must be a retard!

    Stalin ethnically cleansed Crimea and moved Russians there and in 1954 Crimea was given to Ukraine by the Soviet Union

  24. Sherhan says:

    are u an imbicill???Stalin???
    at 1783 officially Сrimea became a part of Russian Empire!!!

  25. Mikko says:

    Ukraine should cut of electric power and water to Crimea

  26. Mikko says:

    Most of you russians were moved there by stalin and crimea isn’t your land

    Russia is a mistake!

  27. Sherhan says:

    read a history first! Entire left bank of the Dnieper and Crimea its the native Russian territory. So I’m on my land, and its 26 millions of russians here!
    Ukraine its a mistake, artificially created and have no future!

  28. mereside says:

    I am not a product of RT news. I find facts where I can find them and with some research to try and determine if they are true. I find some of the content on RT accurate and some I cannot confirm. I get my information from independent sources.

    One bit of information that might be of interest to you on the background of various groups in the Ukraine can be found at:
    Please take a moment to look it over.

  29. Mikko says:

    Move back to Russia!

    every russian should do that!

  30. Nomad says:

    Perhaps you are the product of RT propaganda that everybody keeps talking about. I concede defeat then. I thought the average person was too intelligent to fall for RT’s crude brand of controlling the message, but I guess you have proved me wrong. Congratulations.

  31. mereside says:

    It would seem that old men and old ladies would have a very difficult time building barracades and throwing Molotov cocktails at unarmed riot police and causing as much damage as was done in Kiev. All the reports I saw were of young paid thugs running wild in the streets, bombing buildings, setting policemen on fire and shooting people on both side of the lines.

  32. jeff4justice says:

    Abby takes on the US establishment just as much: Abby Martin On Voting Outside 2 Party System

  33. Nomad says:

    Same old nonsense.. what I saw on the streets of Kiev were lots of old men and ladies.. if those are the Neo-fascists you are so worried about, then you really need to get out more. The Neo-fascist line comes direct from the Kremlin, but I suppose you’d already know that. Putin has a long history of painting dissenters as dangerous terrorist/Neo-fascists blah blah.. look back at his Dresden days for the KGB and you’ll see this is his standard MO. Not everybody will fall for what he is “peddling” as easily as you did.

  34. mereside says:

    If you’re against Putin as strongly as that you will be unpleasantly surprised by the attitudes and desires of the neo-fascists who are taking control of western Ukraine. If Putin is viewed as undesirable, those Kiev thugs are the bottom of the barrel. It’s a matter of degree. The Russian bigots are just that, but the Kiev bunch will codify it.

  35. tachyonzero says:

    Use russian traditional methods of getting rid of her. nukes or polonium, very potent, much scare.for soviet Russia.

    You know what she’s write its her personal opinion, your Putin extends where he’s not suppose to be.

  36. Sherhan says:

    she dont know the true! We, russians of Ucraine asking Putin to help us, to safe us from fashist and neonasis that got power in our country thanks to games of EU and USA!
    I hope RT will put her out!!!

  37. Nomad says:

    In Turkey, it was found that the Prime Minister was (allegedly) calling the heads of the private channels and telling him exactly what and what not report. “More of this! Not enough that!”
    As you say, it’s different in the US, “not direct orders from Bush” but then the trick is to make the executives self-censor- as they did in the Donahue case- and all that takes is a disapproving look- apparently- is a frown and an arched eyebrow from Dick Cheney or Rumsfeld.

  38. Nomad says:

    And he will remain so as long as he likes.
    While the constitution restricts the president’s term to two consecutive terms there’s the catch. There’s no limit to the number of terms, just a limit on successive terms.
    Although Putin has held power since 2000, he only began his presidency in 2012. Therefore, it seems he could be in power until 2024. Furthermore Putin could retire for a few years, or do the old switcheroo again with the prime minster- and then return for another twelve year period.

  39. Nomad says:

    “That’s just my opinion” guy? young and hip? It’s very subjective I guess.

    Certainly I’d agree that the target audiences are very different and are handled differently but on the other hand, how many times do you find quotes from Fox News from an older conservative. online compared to RT as a cited source from a young liberal.

  40. Nomad says:

    What happened to Phil Donahue was unforgivable. The consequences of not having even one dissenting voice were disastrous.

  41. Nomad says:

    Peddling? That sentence is a quote from Sergei Markov, one of Putin’s inside circle on why anti-gay propaganda laws are necessary.

  42. emjayay says:

    Anyone can have expensively coiffed blonde hair and the boobs would be easily worth the investment. She is missing a lucrative career move.

  43. 4th Turning says:

    You’d think with all the money he spent on his sochi get-away, he would
    have sprung for imported botox.
    Thanks for the link. Liked what I read and subscribed. You have some
    very savvy commenters, too.

  44. mereside says:

    “Now the trend is that minorities must subordinate themselves to the interests of the majority.” I don’t know what you’re peddling, but switch the words minority and majority in the above sentence and you have described the reality of the US.

  45. mereside says:

    and “things like that would never be shown to” Americans if it weren’t for RT. All Abby was saying was war is not the answer. Resisting interference in other countries business is for everyone, especially the USA.
    Why do you suppose we have American media(tv) that hardly ever says anything against USA adventures?
    Propaganda is in the eye of the beholder who doesn’t see its creator. We as American have been led by the nose and threatened if we don’t believe it. eg.”With us or against us”,etc.

  46. Anonymous says:

    True; he didn’t even legitimately win the 2012 election but still remains de facto president

  47. Anonymous says:

    RT isn’t blatantly aggressive like FOX, but in a way that’s worse, because people can’t look at an RT reporter and say “this guy looks like a blowhard.” They see these reporters as young, hip, and people they would trust.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I understand, but the difference is that they have no alternative, even if it’s slightly better than Fox News…and most people are uninformed enough not to question the singular source of info

  49. Anonymous says:

    Because the Oscars are a distraction, and not censoring those comments would effectively negate the distraction.

  50. Anonymous says:

    There are American benefactors of barbaric laws in other countries. I don’t understand the lack of compassion, the disrespect for people’s suffering. These countries just are seen as fantasy camp for extremists. People who support barbarism in other countries just get off on power and enjoy that they can make “little” people suffer. CEOs & politicians subscribe to this mentality. Obviously these bastards have never had a family member or friend that actually suffered as a result of a fascist regime.

  51. Shaker N. says:

    Russia don’t need RT News when they got Fox News acting like their mouth piece in their vain attempt to be against all things Obama. If you just watched Fox News you wouldn’t even know there was a news conference by US Secretary State outlining US plan of action on Ukraine today. All they kept showing was Putin’s outlandish claims about what’s happening in Crimea and what he intends to do about it. So much for Fair and Balanced.

  52. CL Nicholson says:

    Actually, Martin got censored by RT meaning she’s two steps out the door. And as to Phil Donahue – its simply not the same thing. Donahue may have views that were uncomfortable for his producers and got dismissed, but that was a decision but a gutless senior management worried about long term rating, not direct orders from George Bush. Even Qatar doesn’t demand that Al-Jazeehra lick the royal family’s boots. And David Cameron doesn’t run the BBC. The Russia Times, OTOH, answers directly to Putin and his cronies.

  53. Marshall Y. says:

    Did she lose her job as you also predicted? :)

    My point is that RT actually aired an editorial viewpoint that dissents with Russia’s national interests and foreign policy actions. I wouldn’t expect them to archive and enshrine such a viewpoint, would you? Fact remains they did air it when they just as easily could have pulled the plug. What major media outlet is doing the equivalent in the US? In fact if you attempt to do the same thing in the US you DO lose your job, just like Phil Donahue did for taking a courageous anti-war stance in the run up to the Iraq war.

    All news media is propaganda, it doesn’t matter what the source is. It’s all prejudiced/biased/propagandized to some degree. The best that anyone can do is recognise that it is and take it with the appropriate grain of salt. To trust in “objectivity” is to divorce oneself completely from reality. As far as I’m concerned, RT has demonstrated more integrity than US outlets that are only towing a single cloned, statist line.

  54. Nomad says:

    Surprised only because he was honest about it. King has been a hack since day one. There are an endless number of people out there who have been hacks (meaning people without real standards and will do anything for money) for their whole career and when they get to a certain age, they get this false shine of integrity and quality. Newt Gingrich is a shining example.

  55. FunknJunk says:

    Well, I saw that interview recently, and I think she was blinkingly shocked when she was talking about journalists being adversarial towards government mouthpieces, and he said “why would I question whether they are telling the truth?” Uh, in that interview, Larry King basically said he was an entertainer, not a journalist. I mean, I was shocked.

  56. Nomad says:

    CNN? Oh dear, the international edition has a British guy (I won’t name him) who was arrested in Central Park with (reportedly) a crack pipe, his genitals tied up in a rope and a dildo in his boot. I am not kidding. He was released from his contract and damn, if he didn’t re-appear after the execs assume the public had forgotten about it.

  57. Nomad says:

    I don’t dismiss anybody who questions (for legitimate reasons) some aspects of the narrative. But to make outrageous claims without proof is not helpful. I watched an interesting documentary on the OKC bombing but as soon as Alex Jones’ face appear, I clicked it off.
    Anyway, I guess I have mixed feelings on the 911 issue. I think Abby is has had her own wake up call as far as RT goes and that’s not a bad thing. I noticed (with a small smirk) that she used her full-on serious look for this act of defiance. The day before she came out looking like a Raggettty Ann doll.

    Have you ever seen Oksana Boyko on RT .. the woman is a shark and positively mean. She clearly has an agenda and personifies the Russian mentality perfectly. But, even she has been tripped up by her guests but they have to be very astute and persistent.

    By the way, thanks for the intelligent discussion. It’s rare to find a site that doesn’t end up in name-calling match nowadays! Congrats.

  58. kirk34 says:

    Awww.. who has journalistic scruples anymore? CNN interrupts it’s invasion coverage to start broadcasting the evening gown parade (excuse me… Oscars), Rachel Maddow and all of MSNBC was deadly silent during the Olympic games about human rights abuses in Russia. All she and her friends can talk about is that fat bastard in New Jersey. Fox is… well foxed up. the NY Times holds stories to keep the Administration happy. David Gregory… eww (I feel dirty…). It’s all entertainment and there is a media outlet willing to give us the particular slop that we want.*sigh* *retreats to cave*

  59. Bill_Perdue says:

    Why didn’t you include MSNBC in that grouping. They’re homophobic paytriots who were aware of the progress of the Russian bigot law as early as 2006: “Human Rights Watch (HRW) notes that before Sochi was chosen for the 2014 games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and other stakeholders, including American multinational sponsors of the Winter Olympics, as well as NBC Universal, which has the broadcast contract, carefully tracked the path of the legislation… .” via JMG

  60. Bill_Perdue says:

    The missing voice in all this has been that of the Russian and Ukrainian left. That’s being corrected so we can get a better view of how the Russian left will answer questions relating to the rise of gangster capitalism and the United Russia party. Given all the differences in history and culture it’s remarkably close to the approach American socialists take to addressing the problems caused by the banksters and their lap dogs in the Democrat and Republican parties.

    Several large anti-Putin demonstrations have taken place in Russia centered on the economy and Putin’s attacks on civil liberties and in that the Russian left is ahead of their US counterparts where attacks on our civil liberties are just as formidable – FISA, NDAA, the Paytriot Act and now the openly racist, extrajudicial murders of arab and muslim Americans.

    The Russian and Ukrainian left is centering their anti-government efforts on opposition to Putin’s invasion of Crimea because the invasion strengthens the nationalist frenzy that the right and the far right in both countries feed on. They’re correct but the in the US we should aim our antiwar work at the Obama regimes dangerous meddling. We can stop him and humiliate American imperial designs the same way we did during Obama’s drive for war in Syria.

    Here’s the statement of the Russian Socialist Movement: “March 1, 2014 — War has begun. With the aim of protecting and increasing the assets of the oligarchs in Russia and in Yanukovich’s coterie, Russia’s leadership has undertaken an invasion of Ukraine. This aggression threatens catastrophic consequences for the Ukrainian and Russian peoples — most especially for the population of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Ukraine’s southeastern industrial regions.

    For Ukraine, this will also mean an escalation of ethnic conflicts; for Russia, a consolidation of dictatorial power, repression, and chauvinist hysteria, with which the ruling elite will be able to neutralize mass anger against a backdrop of deepening economic crisis. We share the concern of residents of the southeast over the nationalistic tendencies of the new authorities in Kyiv.

    It is, however, our firm conviction that freedom will be won not by Putin’s tanks, but by self-organization and the people’s own struggle for their civil, political, and socio-economic rights.

    It goes without saying that the peoples of Ukraine have a right of self-determination, of full autonomy and independence. But what we are seeing today has nothing to do with the democratic will of the masses. It is a brazen and cynical act of Russian imperialism, aimed at annexing foreign territory and converting Ukraine into part of Russia’s protectorate.

    Today, the struggle for freedom in Russia is a struggle against the foreign policy adventurism of the current regime, which seeks collusion in forestalling its own end. The RSD calls on all sincere left and democratic forces to organize anti-war protests.”

    Here’s a site that covers the Russian left. It needs translation from Google or someone.

    For more on the views of Ukrainian leftists link to

  61. It’s because of her 9/11 truthiness that I think she’s a bit of a nut. She’s clearly quick on her feet, and is good on TV. She’s just not quite right.

  62. Nomad says:

    I recall how blinkingly-shocked she looked when Larry “old fart” King told her that to be a journalist, you have to remove all prejudice and all agendas before an interview. (Admittedly it is easier said than done and to be lectured about journalism by Larry King would have to be the most humiliating thing possible) I personally do not think she is a nut job, I think she is naive in a way that makes her a perfect tool for propagandists. Isn’t that how the Soviet existed for as long as it did?

  63. Nomad says:

    I had a discussion with a person who had read a blog post of mine that was critical of Putin. It was a fairly well-sourced piece but she condemned it as misleading and full of lies. I checked her out and found that she was not Russian but Turk living in nice human-rights tolerant Spain so it is much easier to support an autocrat when you don’t feel the effects. :)

    One thing that I thought was most interesting was how Russia intellectuals- or the ones that Putin surrounds himself with- justify their rule. It is so typically Russian too. There are, they say, different forms of democracy and Russia practices “majoritarian” democracy in which the majority has more power over the “aggressive minorites” Sergei Markov: is a srorng advocate of this bit of fakery.

  64. Nomad says:

    You know they took a hit when Putin talked about finding a new reserve currency other than the dollar. What… bitcoin? Lot bloody likely. Putin’s face was actually animated! So he must be a little nervous about the potential for this to get out of control.
    RT was seriously attempting to promote the idea that the West needs Russia more than Russia needs the West. All this points to Russian panic which is something they are very good at covering.

  65. Nomad says:

    I think- and this is only my opinion- but it works in the US (as well as it does) only because there’s no real opposing counterpoint. I mean, CNN should take that position but because it is about money and not about truth, the tendency was to imitate rather than contest.

    And if Glenn Beck and Limbaugh attempted to be actual journalists (rather than shock jocks) – in the same way RT pretends to be a real news channel- then they would lose all their audience and have to be measured by an actual standard. As proof of that, look at how miserable Brietbart is as a news outlet.. they are a joke of the industry.

  66. Tom in Lazybrook says:

    They did so with respect to the Oscars on Sunday night. Supposed to be live, then pre-empted and when it was shown, Mr Leto’s comments in support of the Ukrainian people were censored.

  67. Marcin says:

    This is well engineered propaganda. Just to show Western World: “We have freedom of speach in our tv. You have to remember that this is RT America, broadcasted only in the West. Russian people watch russian version obviously or the parent tv Novosti. Things like that would never be shown to them. I wouldn’t be surprised if tv news are broadcasted with time delay to allow for censorship.

  68. I dunno. It’s pretty flashy, and as we learned with Fox, and Glenn Beck, and Limbaugh and all the rest, propaganda tend to work.

  69. aladdensima says:

    i hope we live in peace

  70. cole3244 says:

    with the turmoil in the ukraine and the overthrow of that govt is it any wonder putin would be concerned about the possibility of losing his warm water port in the crimea.

  71. Nomad says:

    That may be true but then if RT is for Russian citizens it would not need to be in English. As a domestic propaganda tool it ranks far below Fox News. That’s only my opinion and I suppose you’d disagree.

    By the way, I am only discussing this.. I am not defending RT at all.
    I would say I have watched some interesting documentaries on that channel that I probably would never have seen on mainstream American news. As far as the news, I don’t rank it more or less honest, just another opinion. All around the world, people watch American news and think the US must be a crap place if all that bad news is true. They don’t understand that good journalism is about 90% depressing and if you only hear good news about your country, you should start wondering what’s really going on.

  72. Nomad says:

    Yes, I agree, Every empire has its hypocrisies but I would add that it is usually those hypocrisy that cause it the most problems.

    The sad truth of the matter is that Obama and succeeding presidents will simply have to deal with Putin. He has found a way to remain in power for as long as he wants. The Russian Constitution has a loophole he can exploit. While there is a limit on successive terms and there is a limit of the length of terms, there’s nothing stopping him for continually switching roles (and duties) between the prime minister and the president positions.

  73. Anonymous says:

    It’s obvious to us, not so obvious to uninformed Russians. There are only 2 major cities in Russia; most people live in comparably small towns.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Exactly. What channel is he watching? Every time an “opposing viewpoint” is presented, it’s a Fox style interview. That is to say, a puppet with no real argument, a caricature opponent who has to stick to a script.
    It’s like being told the “It’s A Small World” ride represents every culture accurately.

  75. 2karmanot says:

    Opps, Natasha dropped her poison pen!

  76. Anonymous says:

    This was very gutsy, and as they say it’s a fine line between brave and stupid in such dangerous times. There are journalists that have been killed for dissidence in Russia by “vigilante” mobs. However, it’s a very urgent situation and the Russian people deserve the opposing view. I can see why she wouldn’t want to wait another minute.
    At the end of the day, the people who hate her don’t understand the message of peace, and that’s sad. Hopefully she planted some seed of doubt among the mindless propaganda.

  77. Nomad says:

    I suppose she’s livid but if she really thought she had latitude to express her ideas than she needed to go. She will be happier elsewhere (until the same thing happens there too.)
    The only way something like that could happen would be as a kind of show piece to demonstrate how “fair and balanced” RT was. Putin, since his days staging political theatre in Dresden in the 1980s, is an expert at making such productions.

  78. Nomad says:

    You don’t seem to realize that a lot of people are laughing at RT as well. It’s propaganda is obvious except to the most childish of viewers. Fox News is much more dangerous because it can pretend to represent the American people, RT can only pretend to represent another- outside- opinion.

    In fact, Fox News represents the power holders, namely the corporations, as much as RT represents the powerholders in the Kremlin.
    If you need proof that Fox is much more of a threat , then take a recent example which went totally undetected in the mainstream American (and Russia) press.. When a billionaire complained how badly the world treats the 1% in a letter to the Wall Street Journal, he didn’t bother to mention that he himself sits on the board of the company that owns WSJ and was defended by Fox News, also owned by News Corp.
    So, no, Fox does not represent one political party, it represents power holders in the same way RT does. The Republican Party simply does its bidding for them and Fox News is it’s mouthpiece.

  79. Bill Burton says:

    Do we have any more info on Abby Martin’s censorship? The link in the above article goes to RT’s YouTube page from which it’s hard to discern much. HuffPo got a response from RT where they said there would be no reprimand or action against her. Amusingly, they did say they were sending her to Crimea. They didn’t mention if she’d get a flak jacket or a helmut. ;-)

  80. Nomad says:

    Fox News reporters may think they are helping America (I doubt they care but that’s debatable) but I disagree that RT has done more damage than Roger Ailes. Fox News is much more pervasive and insidious than RT. Propaganda from RT is clumsy and annoying and few, except for yourself apparently, give it much credence while fare more Americans truly believe the rubbish that O’Reilly says because he can wave the American flag in their faces.

  81. 4th Turning says:

    (Reuters) – Russia paid a heavy financial price on Monday for its military intervention in neighboring Ukraine, with stocks, bondsand the rouble plunging as President Vladimir Putin’s forces tightened their grip on the Russian-speaking Crimea region.

    The Moscow stock market fell 10.8 percent, wiping nearly $60 billion off the value of Russian companies – more than the $51 billion Russia spent on the Winter Olympics in Sochi last month.

    Just doing a little multi-tasking re this convoluted crisis.

  82. Nomad says:

    I can watch her but I feel like I am listening to Romy talking about the high school reunion. Like many of the Americans who work there, they have probably deluded themselves if they actually thought they had any freedom to express their views outside of the party line. Now she might have woken up a little. But I think the remark questioning her patriotism because she works there is a little silly. Fox News reporters all consider themselves patriotic but many people would see them just as bad for the nation as anything I’ve seen on Fox News.

    RT presents a differing opinion and mature viewers shouldn’t rely on any news outlet to give them the full picture. We must question them all. I am not defending RT but calling it slick is a leap of the imagination. Slick it’s not.

    Its recent explanation/apology/defense for the anti-gay laws was both laughable, inept and horrifying all at the same time. But most of the time it’s harmless and accidentally amusing. Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are worth watching if only to see if Max’s head will finally explode. Peter J. Lavelle ‘s Cross Talk is practically a parody of the common journalistic technique. On the other hand, Oksana Boyko is just plain frightening and rude.

  83. LOL yeah, that’s a good line about her job being liberated. And yeah I heard Glenn had defended her, or something. As for hypocrisy, welcome to politics and governance. No nation state of any size has ever been wholly consistent in the history of the world. It’s not possible to be, and survive. Jimmy Carter got lambasted by Americans and history for being so “naive” as to attempt to make human rights a moder central goal of US foreign policy. People don’t generally elect their leaders to put their country’s national interest second, and the world’s, or a foreign power’s, first. I’ m not saying it’s a ‘good’ thing. But it’s a realistic thing. People don’t stay in power if they consistently refuse to defend their country’s own interests, as their leaders define them.

  84. Except, as I noted in my story, RT is the official mouthpiece of the entire country, whereas half the country here laughs at Fox News, and in any case, Fox speaks for one political party, they dont’ speak for the country.

  85. No, I’m suggesting that her history shows she’s kind of a nutjob, that any American working for the Kremlin is naive to be shocked and saddened that the Kremlin did in general, and Putin in particular, did something evil, and I predicted that the motherland would slam her down, and they just did – her segment was censored and is not in the official archive, the NYT just discovered. So, what was your point again? :)

  86. Tom in Lazybrook says:

    Both have a viewpoint. But the goal of RT is to harm the USA. Fox News, for all of its lies, is run by people who actually think they are helping the USA.
    And the head of RT is much worse than even Roger Ailes. Yes it is possible.
    Its best to think of Putin as an 11 year old child not invited to a party and then tries to beat up the host that didn’t invite him. The party is international respect. So Putin wants to bully those that (rightly) reject him and his awful regime.
    This isn’t about Crimea. Its about the people of Kiev saying ‘we hate Putin so much that we are willing to die to prevent him from having undue influence here.
    Russia’s lackeys would do well to remember that the Europeans caved this time, but not all of them are willing to cave. And everyone except Angela Merkel and some British bankers wants nothing to do with Russia or their economy.

  87. Honor And Harmony says:

    If she’s American why is she working for RT a blatantly anti-America media group? Fox news must not have been hiring. Oh wait she doesn’t have blonde hair and a big chest sorry I see the issue now.

  88. Tom in Lazybrook says:

    RT doesn’t air a ‘dissenting viewpoint’. RT airs propaganda of a violent, racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic regime dedicated towards harming the US. That is their only goal. And that’s all they put out there.
    RT caters to the paranoids in the USA, as those are the only ones that might be open to believing Russia’s complete and total fabrications. They give a platform to 9-11 truthers and anti-globalization freaks. They bring up Manning and Snowden as if they are heroes, but then flack for a regime that does more evil each day (and violates more privacy and human rights norms) than the US does in a decade.

  89. Marshall Y. says:

    You’re using RT’s airing of a dissenting viewpoint to attack their organization and question Abby Martin’s patriotism? How many American news services have aired editorial content critical of the US and EU’s policy of funding and fomenting civil unrest?

    You’ve a histrionic jingoist John, right up there with McCarthy.

  90. “In 1978, Bush and Osama bin Laden’s brother, Salem bin Laden, founded Arbusto Energy, an oil company based in Texas.

    Several bin Laden family members invested millions in The Carlyle Group, a private global equity firm based in Washington, DC. The company’s senior advisor was Bush’s father, former President George H.W. Bush. After news of the bin Laden-Bush connection became public, the elder Bush stepped down from Carlyle.

    Interestingly, on Sept. 11, 2001, members of the Carlyle Group – including Bush senior, and his former secretary of state, James Baker – were meeting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, D.C., along with Shafiq bin Laden, another one of Osama bin Laden’s brothers.

    While all flights were halted following the terrorist attacks, there was one exception made: The White House authorized planes to pick up 140 Saudi nationals, including 24 members of the bin Laden family, living in various cities in the U.S. to bring them back to Saudi Arabia, where they would be safe. They were never interrogated.

    Read more: Bush ties to bin Laden haunt grim anniversary – The Denver Post
    Read The Denver Post’s Terms of Use of its content:
    Follow us: @Denverpost on Twitter | Denverpost on Facebook”

  91. A_nonymoose says:

    I really don’t see any difference between RT and Fox News, to tell you the truth.

  92. HolyMoly says:

    “The Intercept” has a nice write-up about this. Greenwald’s take focuses on the hypocrisy of American media for condemning Russia’s invasion of a sovereign nation while justifying those same acts when the U.S. does them (and, to an extent, Israel and its continued illegal incursions into Gaza and the West Bank). Not to mention the hypocrisy of journalists such as David Frum and state actors such as John Kerry who amazingly are able to condemn Russia while keeping a straight face.

    Greenwald includes an RT tweet that says RT has studios in Washington as well as Moscow, so most likely Abby Martin has no family in Russia. But her job, on the other hand, might be “liberated.”

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