Russian parliament essentially declares war on Ukraine

The Russian parliament today unanimously endorsed “the use of force” in the neighboring country of Ukraine, as the crisis in the region escalates significantly.

There are a lot of updates, all of them bad, and most of them via Twitter, as CNN has mostly b-list guests on, while MSNBC is talking about Justin Bieber.  With 500 channels on cable, there still is no decent coverage for a crisis that happens on a weekend.

There’s a lot of accurate “what can we really do?” discussion surrounding this crisis.  The UN Security Council is a joke, especially with Russia being a permanent (i.e., vetoing) member of that council.

Obviously we’re not going into Ukraine militarily (though if the Russians truly invade, there might a discussion of arming the resistance).  It would seem Putin’s pressure points are the military, and the economy, especially the country’s oligarchs.  That would suggest that economic pressure, particularly against rich Russian friends-of-Putin like Alisher Usmanov, who I’ve written about before, might be one of the first lines of attack.

Probably the best thing to do is include the best and latest tweets, as that’s where I’m getting my best news from (you can find the best, latest tweets below).  Twitter really has become the new crisis news channel.  Also, here’s a quite good discussion of the crisis hosted by Judy Woodruff of the The NewsHour:

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