Russian military thwarted by diabolical Urkainian curb-weapon (video)

It seems the Russian invasion of Ukrainian Crimea has hit a bump in the road.

The multi-billion dollar Russian army has apparently been thwarted a dastardly ingenious Ukrainian weapon: the curb.

russian-crimea-tankxWhatever will the Russians do?

According to the video, this took place in Crimea today.  The vehicle is reportedly Russian.  If you watch the full video below you’ll see a new crew using the vehicle as a backdrop until the vehicle gets stuck, then the cameraman ignores the reporter and goes for the vehicle.

Enjoy. I know I did :)

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  • Olterigo

    Good morning. Upd. On the other hand, Russian Defense Minister is calling all of this and photos of military transports with Russian numbers on them BS.

  • Olterigo

    In case anyone is wondering, they are speaking Russian. The journalist is speaking with a Ukrainian-accented Russian. (Not in the sense that he usually speaks Ukrainian, but in the sense that he pronounces specific consonants slightly different from the Russian-speaking Russians living not too close to the Ukrainian border.) The military guys speak Russian without any noticeable Ukrainian-based accent/dialect influences. (That I noticed, in any case. I’d have to listen to them speak more… I am just dismissing the guy claiming to be a Russian journalist.)

  • Olterigo

    A blog of a Russian journalist residing part-time in Italy.

    The back of the jacket of the guy in photo in Crimea gives initials and last name, and the info seems to match a young soldier from GRU, now serving in Tolyatti (Togliatti), Russia.

    The video in the comment to first comment shows a Crimean journalist trying to find out where the forces are from. The first guy claims to be from Ryazan’ (like his unofficial cap says, there’s apparently a military college). You see the pins on the second guy’s jacket at the 6:00 mark? They are presumably of Russian military intelligence (google images for “военная разведка”). (The guy who approaches the journalist claims to be a journalist from the Russian TNT channel.)

  • Indigo

    Not Cronkite, the shell game. C’mon, John, you got that.

  • That’s my guess too. They’re not regular military, and they’re just there to provoke the Ukrainians into some kind of response. Which can then be used as an excuse by Putin to react however he sees fit.

  • Some American uniforms have flaps that cover the identifying markings, but those are generally only used in combat situations. I’m sure other nations have the same thing. When just walking around, especially around civilians, usually the flag shoulder patch, name and rank insignia are all readily visible.

    According to the international humanitarian law, military uniforms are supposed to have a ‘distinctive sign’, which is identifiable from a distance, to be able to be used to distinguish military/combatants from non-combatants. But the interpretation of the phrase ‘distinctive sign’ is left to the individual countries, and some just consider a military uniform and carrying a weapon openly to be distinctive enough.

    Still… it all makes me wonder if Russia isn’t playing some kind of game, trying to provoke the Ukrainian military into a conflict.

  • Remember, many of the troops have been “unmarked.” The going thinking is that they’re blackwater types working for the Russians. A number of folks have told the media they’re Russians.

  • Now Walter Cronkite was evil too? ;-)

  • Indigo

    That struck me too. The soldiers are obviously posing for propaganda stills but the absence of markings, shoulder patches and the like is puzzling.

  • emjayay

    And don’t even think about raising the contribution income level cap. (I hear that mentioned all the time in liberal press and blogs and never in the real world).

  • emjayay

    Some other news report mentioned soldiers speaking Russian in the Ukraine but with no identifying markings. I was wondering how many countries equip their armies with unmarked uniforms. Other than, apparently, Russia.

  • Indigo

    Maybe it’s a farm wagon in war-drag. This is just more 20th century posturing. Letting the Russians take back the Crimea is an occasion for indignation but not the turning point we fear that opens the portal into post-20th century politics. It’s the same old shell game that’s kept the evening news in business since Walter Cronkite’s 15 minute reports more than half a century ago.

  • Racer

    That reminds me of this old Volkswagen Karmann Ghia commercial:

  • theoneandonlyridor

    Nice try, John.

  • Speaking of which, I find it curious that the vehicle has absolutely no markings, and the soldier’s uniform has no shoulder patch or other identifying marks on the front. Same for all the soldiers in your other post, where they’re posing for pictures.

  • Anonymous

    All we have to do is put those curbs around Ukraine…

  • Well, the title of the video says what the vehicle is… but growing up on military bases in Europe during the 80s, we were given all kinds of paperwork on how to identify Soviet-made vehicles. From military equipment, and aircraft, to even civilian cars. We were supposed to report anything we saw near the base that even vaguely smelled Soviet. It was something that interested me, and still does. More aircraft than ground vehicles though.

  • And I’m not sure whether to be awfully impressed or terrified that you just know that :)

  • Drew2u

    “In Putini Russia, curb checks you!”

  • That’s a GAZ Tiger. It’s like 270hp, 4×4, and used by police and military in several countries. As well as a civilian version for rich Russians. There’s no reason it shouldn’t have been able to get over the curb with ease, the driver was just being dumb.

  • Shorter Republicans: We must immediately order 750,000 of those vehicles for our armed forces and invest $4,000,000,000,000 on figuring out how to get them curb resistant (then park them in the desert)!

    And cut social security – this debt ain’t gonna cut itself you know! Mmmmmkay?

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