Runners leave fundraising race to shake hands with 95 y.o. WWII vet (video)

A really neat story out of San Jose, California.

Joe Bell is a 95 year old World War II vet, who decided to watch the local marathon fundraiser for the foundation devoted to the memory of Pat Tillman, the Army ranger who died from friendly fire in Afghanistan, and whose death became a rather large cover-up during the Bush administration.

As it was for Tillman, Bell, who served with the Office of Strategic Services (the precursor to the CIA) in Africa and Italy, put on his old World War II uniform and came out to watch the race.

All of a sudden, as Bell was watching, one runner left the course to shake his hand.  Then another.  And another.


And it kept going.


It’s a neat story and video.  Here’s the full video.

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