NYT 1924: Hitler “tamed by prison, no longer to be feared, will retire to private life and return to Austria”

Folks have been sending around a supposed- New York Times article from 1924 about Adolf Hitler.

The article claims that Hitler was released from prison “tamed,” and was expected to retire to Austria, a chastened man.

Yeah, not so much.

Well, I did a bit of googling, and the story is for real.

Here’s the clip:


Hitler Tamed by Prison
Released on Parole, He is Expected to Return to Austria.

Berlin. Dec. 20 (1924) — Adolph Hitler, once the demi-god of the reactionary extremists, was released from imprisonment at Fortress Landsberg, Bavaria, today and immediately left in an auto for Munich. He looked a much sadder and wiser man today than last Spring when he, with Ludendorff and other radical extremists, appeared before a Munich court charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government.

His behavior during imprisonment convinced the authorities that, like his political organization, known as the Völkischer, was no longer to be feared. It is believed he will retire to private life and return to Austria, the country of his birth.

And here’s the proof – from the NYT’s own long-term archive that I just searched:


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