Louisianan Chuck Duprey (actor Patrick Stewart) shares his frightening run-in with Obamacare

Stephen Colbert did a great takedown of the faux Obamacare horror stories the Republicans keep putting out there, and that keep getting shot down.

Colbert talks about “Betty in Spokane,” who was mentioned by the Republicans in their response to the State of the Union. Betty was shocked find out she was going to pay $700 more for her insurance under Obamacare.  Except, not really.

It seems that Betty didn’t bother actually checking the Obamacare Web site to see how much the plans actually cost, and to see if she was eligible for a subsidy.

You see, it was a matter of a principle for Betty, a woman who decided to complain about how expensive Obamacare is without actually checking how expensive Obamacare actually is.

Yes, principle.

The second half of Colbert’s takedown includes average American Joe from Louisiana, Chuck Duprey.  Who is actually famed British actor, Patrick Stewart, of “Star Trek” fame (among many other things).


Patrick Stewart is just so great.

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