Lion cubs venture out with dad for 1st time, dad’s a bit of a dick (video)

Several lion cubs at the Oregon Zoo meet their dad, Zawadi Mungu, for the first time. And dad is a bit of a dick.


The kids names are Kamali, Zalika and Angalia.

The zoo reports that dad had met the cubs once before, inside, but they’d never ventured outside together. Apparently, dad’s reaction is considered quite tolerant. The zoo says that within a few days, dad was grooming the kids, so all is well.

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  • patti livernash

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  • Butch1

    A bit cranky and they aren’t paying that much attention. ;-)

  • Jeffrey Karter

    From the headline, I was expecting the dad to push the cubs off a rock or something. Instead, I feel for the guy. He’s doing the hissing/growling/snarling thing, and the cubs are ignoring him, just like my kids do to me.

  • Tor

    The kits did not seem to be too bothered by dad’s hissing/grrrring/

  • Theresa

    Do some research before you call the male lion a dick.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I thought Dad was well behaved. There were times when the children were little, I would have loved to be able to growl like that.

  • BrianG

    Actually, when the male lion makes what we interpret as a “snarl” or “dickish” behavior is in fact a flehmen response. He is simply reacting to a new scent. Horses and goats make the same response to different scents. Dickish behavior is what male lions do to cubs not theirs when they take over a new pride.

  • cole3244

    not unexpected from a lion he was just being annoyed no harm no foul.

  • Silver_Witch

    He must be stuck in the 50’s when dad’s were jerks…..poor baby lions. Looks like the mom really cares.

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