Jon Stewart interviews Jim DeMint, head of GOP’s Heritage Foundation

Jon Stewart interviews Jim DeMint the head of the lead conservative thinktank, the Heritage Foundation.


Stewart schools DeMint on the GOP tendency to demonize government per se. Rather than pointing out problems in government, the GOP always wanted to demonize the very notion of government.

At another point, DeMint denies that Heritage came up with the government shutdown.  Except of course, they were behind the shutdown:


And PS, another thing that Heritage created, which it likes to deny, is the Obamacare “individual mandate.”  From our earlier coverage…

Here’s the cover of Heritage’s 1989 publication:


And in a section called “The Heritage Plan,” Butler sets the premise for a form of guaranteed universal health care that would be anathema to the far-right Tea Party that controls the Republican party today:


A few pages down into the “Heritage Plan,” Butler proposes the individual mandate:


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