Honey Maid graham crackers shows gay and interracial families in TV ad (video)

I’m almost embarrassed having to type “interracial,” as though it’s “edgy” to include an inter-racial family in a TV ad in 2014. Sigh. But of course, as we’ve learned repeatedly, it is edgy in America today to do just such a thing.

That’s why it’s a big deal that Honey Maid’s new commercial includes an inter-racial family.


Oh, and the ad showed a gay family – with kids!  That one we know is edgy.


Keep in mind that Cheerio’s, last year, had to ask YouTube to turn the comments off on an ad it released at the time showing an interracial couple and their interracial daughter having breakfast.

Cheerio’s, to its credit, did a follow-on ad with Gracie and her parents during this year’s Super Bowl.  That was the same Super Bowl when everyone freaked out that Coke did an ad showing a bunch of ethnic Americans singing “America the Beautiful” in various foreign languages.

Lest you find this surprising, in a poll in 2011, 46% of Mississippi Republicans thought inter-racial marriage should be illegal.  And it was only a few years ago that a justice of the peace in Louisiana refused to marry an inter-racial couple.  And adding insult to injury, when Louisiana’s Republican Senator David Vitter was asked about this, he refused to comment (wouldn’t want to lose that all-important racist vote).

So, yeah, the Honey Maid ad is a big deal.

Oh, and before you watch the ad, I just had to share this – mmm, smores….

Smores via Shutterstock

Smores via Shutterstock

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