Help find Malaysia Air Flight 370 by scanning satellite photos online

You can help find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 by scanning satellite photos online.

I’d heard about this yesterday, but wasn’t able to get on the site until today. It’s pretty cool.

search-malaysia-air2--featuredA company called Digital Globe has posted a lot of recent satellite photos online via a crowd-sourcing Web site called TomNod, and the site lets users go through the photos and mark anything interesting they find.  In particular, they ask you look for wreckage, oil slicks, and/or life rafts.

When you see something that looks suspicious, you click a button at the top left of the screen and can mark it to be checked later by someone at Digital Globe.

You can even create an account for free, and somehow Digital Globe is able to sift through who is a reliable spotter and who isn’t, so they can spend more time perusing the reliable feedback.

CNN showed a photo of one spotter’s result – it looks like a plane in the water, but it will take some experts to look before anyone knows.

It’s a neat idea.  Check it out for yourself.  Here’s a quick look at my search on TomNod:


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