Fox News’ wardrobe malfunction

It’s been a long week that started with a few nights staying up till 3am watching the then-breaking Flight 370 coverage (it’s not breaking anymore).  So, on to the lighter Friday news…

So, what is it with TV news in Denver?

You might recall a while back when I broke the story that ABC Denver, while reporting on the new book by Paul Broadwell, David Petraeus’ mistress, they flashed an image on the screen showing the book title as “All Up In My Snatch.”  In fact, Broadwell’s book is called “All In.”

ABC Denver reportedly calls name of Petraeus biography: "All up in my snatch"

ABC Denver reportedly calls name of Petraeus biography: “All up in my snatch”

Well, Denver has done it again. Though, this time it’s the local Fox affiliate that, somehow, during its coverage of a tragic helicopter accident managed to flash a picture of a penis on the screen.


Here’s the video, edited.  You can watch the unedited version here.

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