Former RT host Liz Wahl talks Russian propaganda to Stephen Colbert

Liz Wahl, who famously quit Kremlin propaganda network RT (aka Russia Today) a few weeks ago, went on Stephen Colbert’s show last night to talk about her experience, and overall the Russian propaganda effort.


For anyone who might think RT is just another media outlet with an agenda, Colbert shows clips of the various anti-American conspiracy theories that RT has been happy to air.

The segment is in two parts.

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  • flumbergusted

    She’s a journalist who didn’t know who she worked for, the particular network bias, didn’t have basic facts about the network that Colbert presented and trilled at being called sexy. Gee wonder how she got the job and how she’ll earn her next meaty investigative gig…

  • cole3244

    do you think propaganda is exclusive to the russians because it is not.

  • Cocky Choclate

    Because the potentials of hire were told that they were going to work for a place that posts more “meatier’ stories, stories that the laaaaaame stream media does not report. There other reports more detailed about why she quit and why she worked there. Google is your best friend. RT news is now getting theirs, about time, some of us already knew they were propaganda . Google James Kirchick gets left a nasty email . RT news over did it and underestimated their audience and their reporters intelligence.

    They made their bed, now they have to “lie” in it.

  • Cocky Choclate

    Hi RT news poster, how is the weather?

  • cold340t

    It seems she has an ax to grind, what is her family history in Russia?

  • bargal20

    What exactly was untrue about those stories about the CIA experimenting on americans with LSD, the US government infecting Central American citizens with syphilis, and Al Qaida being created as a direct result of American support for mujahedin in Afghanistan?

  • cole3244

    i will just call her naive but that’s the nicest thing i can say, journalism may not be her best choice for a career for us not necessarily her.

  • she wanted a job in journalism and thought any one of them would do?

  • cole3244

    why was she working for the rt in the first place?

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