Dog and bird roll around together playing in the yard (video)

I just spent the last four hours pulling together some Russian gay information for an interested party that will likely help us, in a big way. So didn’t get to write much, but usually like to put lighter videos up in the evening anyway. And boy is this one light, and odd.


This dog and bird like to play together. At least the dog is playing, that’s for sure. I have no idea what the bird is doing. Do birds play like this? And why wouldn’t it just leave if it weren’t playing?

A rather cool, but strange, video.

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  • LanceThruster

    But according to the TeaOP, if there’s not killing and maiming involved, they’ll just get dependent on it.


  • slideguy

    Whoops, I see someone already posted this. Hell, watch it again, and have some fun for yourself.

  • slideguy
  • PeteWa


  • I remember that video, but again had no idea what the bird was doing.

  • Who you calling a corvid? ;-)

  • PeteWa
  • PeteWa

    this is fairly common behavior for corvids.

  • Moderator3

    My favorite is the raven. You can actually see them thinking about what to get into.

  • Silver_Witch

    I think Birds are actually quite likely to play….in fact there is a crow in my neighborhood that actually seemed to appreciate when I assisted him in opening a box that he was repeatedly dropping to the ground in hopes of getting it to Crack…..the box was full of trinkets and a bit of chocolate…he fly over and grabbed one of the shiney bits and dropped it at my feet.

  • Magpies and crows are among the smartest birds. There are lots of YouTube videos of people having them as pets. I have two parrots, and they play with my dogs, cats, and each other.

  • Really, birds play like that? That’s insane.

  • The bird appears to be a family pet, and yes, she’s playing. Anyone with a pet bird knows that they play with the other animals in the family. Here is a crow having a good old time sliding in the snow for fun.

    Plus, lady got PUC (panties up crack). :)

  • eggroll_jr

    The Royal Wolf shipping container is also a clue. Australian Magpie.

  • PeterNZ

    Variant? Looks like a regular Aussie magpie to me. Magpies and Hills Hoist clotheslines, very Aus.

  • pricknick

    The bird is a variant of Magpie. Likely drunk.

  • cole3244

    that’s really amazing, sounded like she gad a brit accent.
    i wonder what kind of bird that is and is it domesticated and a pet?

  • judybrowni

    It’s obvious they’re both playing: the bird comes back for more!

    Cute, cute, cute.

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