Bill Maher blasts story of Noah, calls God “psychotic mass murderer”

Bill Maher trashed the biblical story of Noah last week on his show “Real Time,” and he didn’t pull any punches.

Maher walked through the Noah story, about how Noah supposedly live to be 900 years old, and how Noah managed to get 3 million animals onto one boat, animals from all over the world that just happened to be found within 5 miles of the ark.

Maher called the story of Noah “childish,” and then suggested that if the story were true, then God was a “psychotic mass murderer.” He went on to suggest that believer were “making shit up out of thin air to f*ck with yourself.”


Here’s the thing. Maher is good at what he does, and I can totally appreciate that to someone who doesn’t believe in God, the stories of the Bible, or the Koran or any other religious document do sound like bs. And I don’t think they’re out of place thinking that. If you’re an atheist, religion is pretty silly. (Though, apparently, Mormons will no longer get a planet in their afterlife.)

I still found myself wincing at points during the video.  While I certainly don’t appreciate the need of far too many faiths to beat the bejesus out of everyone who they find lacking, maybe it’s my upbringing, but I still did wince a bit at the video.  I wouldn’t necessarily support admonishing Maher over it.  I’m just not sure it wasn’t a bit mean.

What do you think?

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