Aussie construction workers yell empowering statements at women (video)

So, Snickers came up with the idea of having construction workers say nice, empowering things to women who walk by on the street, and record the women’s reactions.


The only problem is that the end of the video concludes with the tag-line: “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”


At first I thought they meant, construction workers aren’t themselves when they’re hungry, and these guys are hungry, so that’s why they’re being so nice.  But then that would mean they’d eat Snicker’s and become sexist jerks – hardly a great Snicker’s ad . But I think what they might have meant is that construction workers are often surly and sexist because they’re hungry, and with Snickers they suddenly turn into the “real” them, nice guys.

What do you think?  Cute, or too cute by half?

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