Adorable pug is very happy to see his owner return home (video)

From Jurassic cats, to singing pugs.


This little (old) guy was very excited to have his owner return home.

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  • patti livernash

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  • DGT

    I have a senior pug who makes similar noises. He is also deaf and doesn’t get around very well because of hip dysplasia, but he is a happy old man. Pugs don’t really want to do much more than be with their humans.

  • elaine

    So very cute :)

  • Gindy51

    We have a born deaf dog and she makes the strangest noses and barks when she want something. She’s actually quite communicative and only barks when she has to, no barking at air or leaves like our other two. There is something to be said for a deaf dog and they train up just like a hearing dog only using sign language.

  • pricknick

    Fat, happy, singing pug.

  • emjayay

    Interesting that a deaf dog would make noises it can’t hear. I used to know a born deaf Dalmation (common problem apparently) who never said anything. No barks, no whining, nothing.

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