ABC: Search area for Flight 370 drastically narrowed to area off of Australia

ABC is reporting that the search area for missing Malaysia Air Flight 370 has been drastically cut down to an area the size of Arizona, located 1,400 milies off of western Australia.

The size of the search area was, at one point, as large as 2/3 the size of the mainland US.

But ABC says that British and American aviation officials have refined the search area based on the satellite “pings” having far more information that was previously thought.

Specifically, they’ve narrowed it to two possible flight paths that lead them to believe the plane might be found in an area about 1,400 miles west of Perth, Australia.  This is my very rough map based on ABC’s map. The search area is at the bottom left of the map.


The story is at the top of ABC’s home page, and the other networks are now picking it up.

ABC did not give any information as to why, even if the two search paths were narrowed, this small area in particular is expected.  Also, they didn’t indicate why we aren’t searching a similar area along the possible northern path, unless it’s over land and land radar would have caught it.

Keep an eye on this.

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