Watch 3 people hear for the 1st time, thanks to cochlear implants (video)

A really touching video of a 39-year-old woman in Birgmingham, England being filmed by her mother as her new cochlear implants are turned on for the first time, and she finally hears. (Her mom was filming.)

Her name is Joanna Milne, and she was born deaf (and then went blind in her 20s). So this quite literally is the first time she’s ever heard anyone speak in her life.


I’m curious how she understood her doctor speaking if she’d never heard English spoken before. I could learn Chinese on paper, but I would have no idea how to speak it, nor would I have any idea how to understand it if someone else were speaking. Then again, Milne can speak English, so perhaps that means she can understood it spoken as well. (I’m actually curious now, how does one teach a deaf person to speak – to actually pronounce the words if they can’t hear the words in order to mimic them – does anyone know?)

I’d originally thought this was a video that we’d posted a while back, but it’s not. I’ve found two more videos we’d posted before, they’re after this one below.

And this woman had been deaf since the age of two:


And this one might just be my favorite – the 3-year-old boy who hears his dad’s voice for the first time. His expression is priceless.

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