Video: Russian-backed Ukrainian govt using snipers to kill unarmed protesters

In a series of new videos coming out of Ukraine, there’s compelling evidence that the Russian-back government is using snipers to kill unarmed protesters.

You look at these images, and it’s difficult to imagine that this is a country ready to begin joining the EU.

Having said that, it’s the Ukrainian government that decided to use force, after conspiring with Russian president Putin at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, so this reflects more on them than the Ukrainian people.

Government sniper


Alleged video of protesters being shot by snipers


The Ukrainian interior ministry is tweeting that its soldiers have the right to use violence:


Some (read: Politico) are annoyed that America has taken a sudden interest in the violence in Ukraine.  They’re calling it “clickbait,” meaning sites like Buzzfeed and HuffPo (and us) are simply posting things that we know readers will click on, such as horrific videos and photos.

A few responses:

1. Duh.

Perhaps Politico’s business model is to post stories that readers DON’T want to read, but the rest of us, fighting to survive, don’t have that luxury.

2. Why is it a bad thing if, by whatever means necessary, online media is finding a way to get Americans engaged on a horrific story they’d otherwise ignore?

I’m having a difficult time finding the flaw in our strategy.  Not to go all free-market, but I don’t really care why Buzzfeed, HuffPo, or AMERICAblog posts the stories it does.  So long as we’re educating our readers, and making a difference on issues that matter, who cares if we’re doing it to make money (which is the usual end-goal of trying to get clicks)?  Those of us without a billionaire benefactor have no choice but to do this job for money, or we can’t do it at all. And if the end result is the American people paying attention to an important story they’d otherwise ignore, then I’ll sleep fine at night.

First, some video reportedly showing unarmed protesters being shot by snipers:

Next, video of government snipers:

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