Stalin bunker tour lets Moscow tourists nuke New York City

In a rather disturbing video from the Daily Show, we learn that a tour of Stalin’s underground bunker in Moscow lets tourist take turns nuking New York City.


I saw this in a new video from the Daily Show, and couldn’t believe it. But yes, the Russians thought it would be a fun thing for tourists visiting Stalin’s underground bunker to be able to launch mock nuclear missiles at New York City, and watch New Yorkers run for shelter as millions of Americans are burned alive.

Finally, the Russian tour guide announces to the tourist, “We destroyed America, finally.”

Here’s one tourist’s report that collaborates what the Daily Show showed:

At one point volunteers were requested for a simulation. Naturally, I was the first to volunteer, but I should have thought about the task at hand in advance.

I had to sit at a desk and was given keys and told buttons to press to set off a simulation of a nuclear explosion. There was a video where a Russian city was bombed. As retaliation my job was to turn a key and press a button and blow up…. New York!

I can’t say I enjoyed watching a nuclear explosion hit the center of NYC.

Is that a great country, or what?





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  • AlexanderHamiltonsGhost

    Nor did it end the war years early and save millions of precious Japanese civilian lives.

  • sonje

    Yes, you’re right. I was too conciliartory!

  • Nathanael

    No, no, the US has a sophisticated system of *indirect* rule. The embezzlement of billions in the US is done by corporate CEOs. And the selfsame CEOs do rig elections, using bought-and-paid-for politicians and judges. Jailing political opponents is done on a catch-and-release basis here — they’re imprisoned to keep them out of debates, rather than to prevent them from running for office entirely.

    Russia definitely has more censorship than the US. It always has, back to the days of the Tsars. People in Russia expect it and discount the information they hear from official sources because they know about it.

  • Nathanael

    Russia WAS the “Second World”, back when those terms had meaning.

  • Gob Gobich

    Im LOLing at pansy americans crying about nonisue. Man-up… or woman-up or whatever you do in your LGBT PC societies.

  • Anonymous

    Well I think we will just have to agree to disagree. The coverups in Russian government today are still egregious, no different from Soviet times. At least in the US politicians are not embezzling billions of dollars EACH and rigging elections. At least they are not jailing people who run for mayor against pro-government puppets. If you can find me proof of that go ahead. We do have some unfairness in this country, but it’s not close. Many Westerners I talk to don’t understand the extent of political corruption in Russia. There is no comparison. And people are lied to, while foreign news is banned and censored in the country. If I wanted to watch Russian news in America, I could.

  • imaboygenius

    Remember how close we came to having bunkers like this and real russian missiles pointed at us from Cuba. Kennedy: 1 Castro: 0.

  • sonje

    Sure you can complain. That’s because it doesn’t make any difference. If those who rule over you thought there was the slightest chance of your even wanting to change anything significant they’d shoot you down in the streets. Much the same is true of your ‘free elections’: the whole farce makes you think you have some control. In fact, there is no significant difference between the parties. It’s an illusion of choice where there is no choice. And believe me, you don’t get any accurate information either and you are bombarded with propaganda from morning till night.

    It isn’t government that rules in America (or Europe or almost any other place). It’s corporations. However, Americans (such is the effect of propaganda) recognize propaganda only when it comes from government, whereas, in fact, almost all of the propaganda to which they are subjected comes from corporations.

    North Korea is a special (and appalling) case. But Soviet propaganda was nothing compared to the propaganda to which Americans (and people in the West as a whole) are subjected. I live in Canada. It’s just as bad here.

  • Anonymous

    Umm, no. Maybe you should take a look at your own “self-destructive enthusiasm.” Brainwashing your constituents a la North Korea and the USSR – even worse than American propaganda. At least here we can complain about FOX News and other warmongering leaders. People in non-free countries don’t get to protest. Russians really cannot vote in a free election and get accurate sources of information, and their leaders feeding them hateful propaganda is the perfect storm.

  • 2karmanot

    It looks like Rush Limbaugh’s boudoir.

  • brock2118

    I thought everything was going to be peachy after Barack and Hillary hit the reset button.

  • sonje

    You have swallowed too much propaganda, my friend.

  • sonje

    It’s not the ‘American norm’ people hate: it’s American imperialism. That has nothing to do with brainwashing – unless it’s the brainwashing of Americans, most of whom are completely blind to the whole thing and, in fact, support it with a crazed, brainwashed, self-destructive enthusiasm.

    It’s never good to drop an atomic bomb on people, something only America has done, I might add. But I think the focus here should not be, “how horrible those Russians are” but, “why do they hate us?” (And no, it’s not because of your ‘freedoms’.)

  • zerosumgame0005

    um, we are no longer “self-supporting” in America either, thanks to Regan and the repthugs we import far far more finished goods then we export.

  • zerosumgame0005

    Ameruka, rapidly gaining third world status as soon as repthugs can destroy it…

  • zerosumgame0005

    we have Civil War re-enactments in dozens of places in this country every year, do you whine about them as well?

  • Bill_Perdue

    You’re right – this display didn’t kill hundreds of thousands.

  • AlexanderHamiltonsGhost

    Not remotely the same.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Nagasaki, Hiroshima.

  • Anonymous

    Criticizing America isn’t equivalent to the anti-West brainwashing of despotic leaders. I feel like I’m against the American norm in many ways, but that doesn’t mean I want the country to be destroyed.

  • AlexanderHamiltonsGhost

    The average American finds that distasteful. The average Russian would probably have a heck of a time down in ole Uncle Joe’s bunker.

  • AlexanderHamiltonsGhost

    That was back when the Soviet Union was actually, you know, a thing that still existed and was bad. Why the Russians are still playing at this shit a quarter century later is beyond me.

  • Henry Owen
  • nicho

    But Ronnie Raygun got cheers from the wingnuts in the US with his “bomb the evil empire” schtick. So that axe cuts both ways?

  • nicho

    Yeah, their oil exports don’t rely on us. In fact, we get hardly any oil from Russia — less than five percent.

  • nicho

    They have pictures of it. Idiot. The wingnuts put it on their Facebook page.

  • sonje

    Moreover, Russia has a massive market for its oil in China.

  • eahopp

    Looks like they are using video from the 80s movie, The Day After. Of course, on our end, we had Slim Pickens bronco busting the bomb down to the Russkies.

    Of course, the Russian mock nuclear attack on New York does seem a little tacky. But I would also be curious to see what Stalin’s underground bunker is like, and how it relates to the Cold War history.

  • sonje

    I’m not defending their anti-gay laws, which are abhorrent. But I certainly don’t blame them for their anti-Americanism, which is well-founded.

  • phoenician

    too bad that’s never happened

  • Henry Owen

    It’s no different than Arizona boarder patrol agents letting children shoot at manniquins that look like “illegal imigrants.”

  • Mutha Russia: Third world nation with second world dreams.

  • dcinsider

    America is the political equivalent of the New England Patriots :) P.S. I’m a huge Pats fan.

  • AnitaMann

    Keep it classy Russia.

  • Partial correction: Most of Europe is dependent on Russian oil and natural gas.

  • Anonymous

    Kind of ironic when you consider their oil exports rely on us…but yeah I guess you can fantasize about barbaric stupidity if it makes you feel powerful. Russia is not a self-sufficient country, nor are its hands clean.

  • Anonymous

    Disgusting, reminds me of North Korea.

  • sonje

    People all over the world would love to destroy America. Don’t kid yourselves.

  • Quilla

    It’s the plot of Fail-Safe (1962 by Burdick and Wheeler).

    Russia: Welcome to the truly “old country”…

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