VK.com claims it will delete anti-gay kidnappers’ content – but will it, really?

Russian social media giant VK.com (aka VKontakte), often called the “Russian Facebook,” claimed yesterday that it had no idea that neo-Nazi anti-gay kidnapping gangs had been using its service for the past year to organize abductions of young gay men, and then promote the crimes to the world.


We’ve been reporting since July of 2013, a good seven months now, about “Occupy Pedophilia,” the Russian vigilante group conducting the kidnappings. And the story has been all over the news for months. But this is the first VK.com has heard about it.

The Occupy Pedophilia anti-gay neo-Nazi kidnapping gang has as home at VK.com

VK.com super-user Maxim Martsinkevich posted on his VK.com account this photo of an abduction he did of a gay Jewish man, who is seen holding a dildo, while his head is shaved and painted with a rainbow, and Stars of David are drawn on his chest.

VK.com super-user Maxim Martsinkevich posted on his VK.com account this photo of an abduction he did of a gay Jewish man, who is seen holding a dildo, while his head is shaved and painted with a rainbow, and Stars of David are drawn on his chest.

The group is called “Occupy Pedophilia” because putatively it targets pedophiles.

In actuality, the group is virulently anti-gay, anti-Semitic, and pro-Nazi.  And, like all good homophobes, thinks all gays are pedophiles.

Occupy Pedophilia has been in operation for a year and a half.  They have branches in 30 cities across Russia and the Ukraine, and claim to have committed nearly 1,500 abductions.

The St. Petersburg branch recently made a big splash when its head, red-headed sociopath Ekaterina Zigunova, permitted a UK documentary crew to film her abduction and torture of a young gay man.  (I’ve done extensive coverage of Zigunova’s horrific crimes here and here.)

Occupy Pedophilia finds its victims online, sets up fake “hook-up dates,” and the victim arrives at an apartment filled with a dozen men who – video cameras rolling – often strip him naked, tie him up, beat him, shave part of his head, paint a rainbow flag on his scalp, draw Stars of David on his chest (if he’s Jewish), force him to drink urine to cure him of being gay, then conduct an interview with the victim where he admits he’s gay, is taunted, etc.

The video is then published online, often on VK.com, though they’ve been using Facebook and Instagram as well to a more limited extent, and the victim is outed to the world in a country that is virulently homohpobic.  (Instagram yesterday, to its credit, deleted two accounts tied to the Russian kidnapping gangs.)  Lots of photos of the crimes are posted on VK.com as well.  The kidnappers also use VK.com to fundraise, to find additional kidnappers, and to find apartments in which to conduct the abductions.  More on all of that, below.

The Russian Government couldn’t care less about OP’s 1,500 kidnappings

Occupy Pedophilia St. Petersburg head Ekaterina Zigunova pours urine on the head of one kidnap victim in a photo found on her VK.com account.

Occupy Pedophilia St. Petersburg head Ekaterina Zigunova pours urine on the head of one kidnap victim in a photo found on her VK.com account.

The Russian government is fully aware of what’s going on, and up until recently wasn’t interested in doing anything to stop the abductions, even though the kidnappers gladly permitted themselves to be filmed in the videos.

In fact, the Russian government said yesterday that the 1,500 anti-gay kidnappings never even happened, that there’s no evidence (seriously), and Russia then proceeded to seemingly defend Occupy Pedophilia’s work.

Only because of a recent report on CNN did the Russians finally arrest the head of the organization, Maxim Martsinkevich, an ultra-nationalist, homophobic neo-Nazi.  In their latest statement, the Russian government seems to think that because it arresteed Martsinkevich, none of the other kidnappers need to be apprehended, even though they’re continuing to commit their crimes.

And of course, the Russians can’t charge Martsinkevich with attacking gays, as that would admit that homophobia is real.  So, rather than charge Martsinkevich for the nearly 1,500 kidnappings his organization admits to, the Russians are charging him instead with insulting World War II veterans.

Occupy Pedophilia, Martsinkevich, Zigunova, and their affiliates and minions have relentlessly posted videos and photos of their crimes on VK.com for at least a year, that I’ve been counting.  They are also actively using VK.com to plan and execute the abductions.

But we’re to believe that it was only yesterday that VK.com became aware that its social media network has been used to organize a criminal conspiracy against gays and Jews for over a year.

VK.com claims to delete content that is violent or abusive against gays and others

Here’s what VK.com’s spokesman told the Guardian yesterday:

When contacted by the Guardian, George Lobushkin, VK’s press officer, pledged to delete the content. “We do our best to remove the content that violates our terms of service, as fast as possible. Videos of violence and abuse are forbidden,” he said.

We also block and delete communities where users call to violence or illegal actions against gay people or any other people. Please note that we are the only Russian social network that lets its users select a same-sex person when specifying their relationship status.

“But it is very important for VKontakte to be an independent company, equidistant from any ideological position or belief. People can express themselves freely, as long as they don’t commit illegal acts or call others to those.”

But that’s exactly what Occupy Pedophilia’s leaders have been doing on VK.com, for at least 13 months now.  They have been posting videos and photos of their violent, abusive kidnapping and torture of gay people.  And they have been using VK.com, as recently as today, to help organize their abductions, which definitely count as “committing illegal acts” and “calling others” to commit them.

Occupy Pedophilia use VK.com to post “want ads” seeking apartments where they can conduct the “safaris,” as they call these abductions and torture of gay youth – “safaries” because they’re “hunting” gays, get it? – and they solicit teenage boys that they can use as bait for the kidnappings.  They are quite literally using VK.com to help commit their crimes.

Here are a few of Occupy Pedophilia St. Petersburg’s, and its allies, recent want-ads on VK.com, seeking help organizing its anti-gay kidnappings:

russian gays occupy pedophilia

In this case, both Pavel Smirnov and Occupy Pedophilia St. Petersburg are guilty of using VK.com to organize their abductions of gays. This is still live at the top of their page.

russian gays occupy pedophilia

russian gays occupy pedophilia

In this case, both Occupy Pedophilia St. Petersburg and Ekaterina Zigunova are guilty of using their VK.com accounts to plan and executive the abduction and torture of gays.

And here is Occupy Pedophilia St. Petersburg leader Zigunova raising money on VK.com with the sale of Hitler busts, who they call “our ideological mastermind.”  Daniil Konovalov, the racist anti-semite who is selling the busts, is a Hitler and Nazi devotee, and virulently racist. He is also closely tied to Occupy Pedophilia leader Martsinkevich.  His account on VK.com is private. It would behoove VK.com to check his account to see if it contains the same violent and criminal videos and photos, as his Instagram account was already closed down yesterday for similar violations.

russian gays occupy pedophilia

Why is violent and abusive content about gays and others ubiquitous on VK.com?

Video of Maxim Martsinkevich's kidnapping and hitting a young gay man - the video was posted on VK.com. But VK.com doesn't permit users to post videos of violence against gays. You'd think this video alone would be enough to get Martsinkevich's VK.com account deleted. You'd be wrong.

Video of Maxim Martsinkevich’s kidnapping and hitting a young gay man – the video was posted on VK.com. But VK.com doesn’t permit users to post videos of violence against gays. You’d think this video alone would be enough to get Martsinkevich’s VK.com account deleted. You’d be wrong.

It is difficult to overstate just how many accounts Occupy Pedophilia and its allies are using on VK.com to further their criminal conspiracy.

Many are obvious, such as the main Occupy Pedophilia account, Occupy Pedophilia St. PetersburgMartsinkevich’s, and Zigunova.  But there are sister “Occupy” communities across VK, such as Occupy Narkophilia, Slasher Against Pedophile, Occupy Pedophilia Volgograd, Occupy Pedophilia Dzerzhinsk, Occupy Pedophilia Tomsk, and on and on and on and on and on.

And that’s only some of them.

Now let’s look at the videos of violence and abuse that continue to be posted on VK.com by the same users over and over and over again – and the users never get their accounts deleted (see the horrific video to the right).  Not only do the videos and photos not get removed, but the accounts miraculously never get closed down.

Let’s take a tour of several accounts on VK.com.  Be prepared, as this isn’t for the faint of heart.

Martsinkevich’s VK.com account

Here are just a few of the offensive photos and videos posted to Maxim Martsinkevich’s VK.com account, depicting the various kidnappings of gays and Jews that he has conducted.  In fact, Martsinkevich has at least 29 Occupy Pedophilia kidnapping videos in his account.  It’s difficult to understand why this account has not been deleted.

by-default-2014-02-10-at-9.47 vk-vid vk-vid-2 vk-vid-5 by-default-2014-02-10-at-9.46.40-PM by-default-2014-02-10-at-9.46.47-PM by-default-2014-02-10-at-9.46.53-PM by-default-2014-02-10-at-9.46.59-PM vk occupy pedophilia gay russia vk occupy pedophilia gay russia vk occupy pedophilia gay russia vk occupy pedophilia gay russia vk occupy pedophilia gay russia vk occupy pedophilia gay russia vk occupy pedophilia gay russia


Ekaterina Zigunova’s VK.com account

Now let me show you some snippets from a video that Ekaterina Zigunova, the head of Occupy Pedophilia St. Petersburg, posted on her VK.com account nearly four months ago. It’s still up, and documents multiple abductions that Zigunova was involved in with her work with Occupy Pedophilia.

In total, Zigunova has 53 Occupy Pedophilia abduction videos in her VK.com account. Why has this account not been deleted?


The substance below being poured on the heads of her abduction victims is allegedly urine.  It’s the way Zigunova and Occupy Pedophilia “cure” their gay victims of their homosexuality.


Zigunova likes to direct the abduction, and interview the victims herself. The victims get called “faggot” repeatedly, and sometimes are threatened with rape, and outing to their families and jobs, which will in fact happen once the video is posted to VK.com and other places:

There are MANY more such videos in Zigunova’s VK.com account – 53 actually. Here are a few more of her kidnapping videos, many of which she stars in.


by-default-2014-02-11-at-9.54.32-PM by-default-2014-02-11-at-9.54


And she has videos from last July even.  In fact, her earliest Occupy Pedophilia kidnap video is from January of 2013.   Why has this account not been deleted?

That’s an awful lot of “who knew?” going on, VKontakte

I have only posted a fraction of the violent and abusive anti-gay content on VK.com, and the calls for assistance in the criminal abduction of Russian gays.  (Here’s another guy I stumbled across with six of the abduction videos.)

occupy pedophilia russia gay

Occupy Pedophilia’s St. Petersburg head, Ekaterina Zigunova, interrogates young gay man who she and her henchmen kidnapped, beat, and are now filming a “confession” from.  The confession will then be published online in order to “destroy his life,” per Zigunova’s own words.

This isn’t about free speech.  It’s about the coordinated kidnapping and torture of nearly 1,500 Russians (by Zigunova’s count), and the fact that the recordings of many of these abductions are not only available for easy viewing on VKontakte, but worse, the criminals conducting these hate crimes are actually using VKontakte to organize and commit their crimes.

I have an extremely difficult time believing that this is the first time VKontakte has heard about the use of their network to coordinate this ongoing criminal conspiracy.  But the proof is in the pudding.

Let’s see if VK.com actually deletes the personal and community accounts – not just the videos and the photos, but delete the entire accounts – of all those who have been trafficking in these hate crimes against young gay Russians for far too long.

(I’m told that in order to better see my Facebook posts in your feed, you need to “follow” me.)

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