Outrage over Danish zoo killing healthy “surplus” giraffe, dissecting in front of kids, feeding it to lions

The Copenhagen, Denmark zoo is facing international outrage of the killing of a healthy two-year-old giraffe who was considered “surplus” – they apparently had too many giraffes, and that one wasn’t appropriate for breeding, so they shot it dead while it was eating its favorite snack, rye bread.

But what really spiked the outrage, the zoo then dissected the animal in front of schoolchildren, and fed its carcass to the lions, tigers and leopards.

The zoo director, Bengt Holst, didn’t do himself any favors in a recent appeared on a UK news program in which he seemed downright heartless about the killing of the otherwise healthy animal.

Copenhagen zoo director Bengt Holst.

Copenhagen zoo director Bengt Holst.

Holst tried to tell the reporter that this was no different than people shooting rabbits in England when the local bunny population gets too big. The reporter tried to explain that a giraffe was a little different than a rabbit.

“Who decides if it’s a pest or not,” Holst told the news show.

“You work with animals?”, the host asks.

“Yes,” Holst replied.

“Do you actually like them?” the reporter then asked.


It continues:

ZOO DIRECTOR: It’s just like a vaccination, actually. It hurts when you get the needle. But in order insure a better life after the vaccination, so you don’t get all the diseases. So sometimes you have to do something which is not so nice in order to achieve something which is very nice…

REPORTER: But one doesn’t tend to get dismembered and fed to the lions after a vaccination.

CNN reports the zoo is now getting death threats (gotta love the Internet, people always find a way to go too far – let’s express our outrage at the death of animal by promoting the death of a person).

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