LOL live-tweets from reporters on the disaster greeting them in Sochi

The press is arriving at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and it seems things aren’t quite ready yet.  And reporters are tweeting what they’re finding, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Bad news: One hotel has no floors in the lobby.

Good news: The floorless lobby does have the required photo of Vladimir Putin.

Bad news: The water is off.

Worse news:  The water is back on, and the color of urine, while the hotel staff warns it’s “very dangerous.”

Bad news: Wild dogs wake you up at 5am.

Good news: The hotel has free “Cok Juice” for breakfast.

Putin spent over $50 billion, the most expensive Olympics in history, and he still couldn’t pull it off.  The man’s not even a good dictator.

Chicago Tribune reporter Stacy St. Clair, who had the “very dangerous” water, did a great write-up on the scene, and the implications of Sochi not being quite ready for prime-time:

Welcome to Sochi 2014, the dystopian-like Games where a simple shower poses a threat to your face, fire alarms ring constantly and several hotels remain unfinished. Russian President Vladimir Putin spent more than $50 billion on these Games — the most expensive Olympics, winter or summer, ever — yet he seemingly forgot to pay the water bill.

No one likes to hear sportswriters complain about their hotels. I’m not a sportswriter, so believe me when I swear that I mock those whiners right along with you.

But this is different.

The Sochi Olympics aren’t just a sporting event. They represent Putin’s pride, his metaphoric muscle flexing in an effort to show the international community just how virile his country has become under his leadership. He dared the world to admire Russia’s ability to produce these Games, so we must.

And, in some respects, the effort looks extraordinarily weak.

Caitlin Dewey at the Washington Post put together a knee-slapping collection of some of the best tweets.  (I say hilarious, but they’re also sad – the thing is just a mess.) I’ve borrowed a few of hers, and went and found a bunch more.  Enjoy.

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And be sure to check out my earlier story about the disaster that is Sochi Toilets.

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