The importance of punctuation (hilarious 9-second video)

I love this. I’m a bit of a stickler for certain aspects of punctuation – commas, especially (though in this vid, the problem is a missing “period”). It’s funny how a lot of people who can write, still can’t handle commas. They just don’t use them.

It’s always amazed me, because I can hear the pause in my head as I write a sentence that’s begging for a comma. But I’m not sure everyone can. (And I intentionally left the comma off after the “but.” I don’t believe in absolute rules on these things. I do, however, believe that commas are necessary when they’re needed to avoid confusion, or to simply make a sentence sound less of a run-on.)


The video below is what happens when you don’t pay attention to your punctuation, or read the script before your broadcast. I hope every English teacher in America, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand (and wherever else) saves a copy of this for every class in the future.  (I’d be curious if people for whom English isn’t a native language can hear the incorrect nuance in this video.)

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