Google goes gay for the Olympics, likely breaks Russian anti-gay propaganda law

Go to Google. She’s gotten a wee bit queer for the Olympics.


And it seems to be worldwide. We checked the Nigerian and Russian sites, and they’re Olympically gay too.

Google is going all rainbow, clearly, to support gay rights, and gay athletes at the Olympics.  Russia has recently cracked down on its gay and trans community, passing a “gay propaganda” ban last summer that effectively makes it illegal to say or do anything perceived as pro-gay.  A newspaper editor was recently fined three-month’s wages for quoting a gay person saying something positive about being gay, and a gay youth support group is also now being charged under the  law.

That Google Russia site in particular probably is in violation of Russian law.

Google Russia:


And here’s Google Nigeria, which has also had its run in with draconian anti-gay wackiness:


And even Google Iran (not known for being a hotbed of homo-goodness):


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