Dutch Olympic coach disses US, Stephen Colbert’s response is priceless

Stephen Colbert had a laugh-out-loud field day going after Dutch Olympic couch Jillert Anema (Colbert pronounced the coach’s last name “Enema”), who viciously laid into the US team, and the US, in an interview the other day.

It was a bizzare interview from the Dutch coach. Going on about how insular America is (fair point), but then lecturing us about how we play American football, and no one else does, so it proves how arrogant we are, or something.

Colbert was having none of it.


It’s definitely up there as one of Colbert’s funniest segments.  (For those unaware, Stephen Colbert is a left-wing American who pretends to be a right-wing American television host, but he really isn’t – it’s comedy.)

Stick that in your dyke and plug it.

You know, I don’t speak a lot of Dutch, but I learned a little for the occasion: “F*ck you.” I certainly hope I’m pronouncing that correctly.

Who cares what the Dutch think about anything? You people can’t even decide on a name for your damn country. Which is it? It it “Holland”? Is it “the Netherlands”? “The Low Country”? Is it “Belgium’s Canada”? Who knows. That’s why I just call it what it is, “Hitler’s Left Turn Lane.”


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