Doberhuaha – Audi’s hilarious Super Bowl 2014 commercial

“Doberhuahua” is Audi’s rather hysterical Super Bowl 2014 commercia that I stumbled upon while looking for a video to walk me through how to remove my shower arm without breaking it off.


I’ll rarely post commercials here for free, but Super Bowl time is another story – and this one has earned it.

It made me laugh, a lot. The idea, and the acting, is brilliant. (If you know of any other good ones this Super Bowl, please post a link in the comments below.)


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  • I wouldn’t buy Budweiser if it was the last beer on Earth. :)

  • FUFatherEisenman

    Would a horse and dog being best buddies make you buy Budweiser beer?

  • Duke Woolworth

    This dog perfectly describes my 90# sister’s law practice. Never look under the tail!

  • They’re not alone with that particular design flaw. At least a half dozen other manufacturers have done it too.

  • Audi designed a car required removing the bumper assembly to change a headlight bulb. Eventually people found a work-around, but the official recommended way to replace the bulb was still disassembling the front end.

  • HeartlandLiberal

    Have you seen the two Spocks Audi ad? Absolute brilliant classic, old Spock driving his Mercedes, young Spock his Audi.

  • HeartlandLiberal

    Audi has another supporting video with Sarah McLachlan up on YouTube, with her singing and pleading for understanding of this misunderstood breed. Hilarious.

    Rather a masterly ad campaign that has gone viral before the SuperBowl showing of the ad.

  • I like it for the entertainment value, but not much beyond that. It doesn’t change my opinion of Audi as a company one way or another – ie, I’d never buy one. Their advertising department has obviously determined it was worth their time and money, so someone must be watching it and being encouraged to buy an Audi. :)

  • chris10858

    This was hilarious! I also love the puppy dog/horse ad. Oh my God… Santorum was right. Men loving men, women loving women… and now horse on dog love!! What is this world coming to? LOL

  • Indigo

    It’s almost ready to enter the public chatter stream. Wow! What a dobberhuahua that Wall Street Wolf movie was! Huh?

  • Even the word, Doberhuahua, is almost guaranteed to go viral by itself. Just a brilliant ad IMHO

  • Yep

  • I will say, I’m impressed by brands that do this. It makes me feel like it’s a cool company. And I can’t say it would make me buy an Audi, but does it make me think the brand is a tad more cool than I thought it was before? Yep.

  • BillFromDover
  • There’s a whole side to advertising that doesn’t involve enhancing the brand, nor informing potential customers anything about the brand, nor often even showing a product they’re selling. It’s all about creating a memorable video. Largely in the hope that it goes viral online, which then encourages talk show hosts to talk about it, and people to share it with social media, etc. Giving the brand a lot of essentially free residual advertising from one relatively cheaply produced bit. I’m not convinced it does anything to sell products… but then, I’m not convinced most advertising does.

  • Reminds me of those Steve Madden girls.

  • Mark J

    I thought it was completely inane. Not sure how it enhances the Audi brand.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Thank you. I totally lost it when the dog got stuck upside down in his cone.

    I just envisioned what the dog would like if he had the Doberman’s body and the Chihuahua’s head.

  • Oh my, I haven’t laughed that hard in days. Thanks John.


  • Part great dane, part chihuahua. We have to wheel him around on a skateboard. Guess which part is great dane?

  • zerosumgame0005

    HA! I want one!

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