Racists explode at Coke for Super Bowl ad singing “America the Beautiful” in foreign languages

In an effort to make up for the company’s disastrous sponsorship of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Coca-Cola decided to run a feel-good, diversity-laden Super Bowl commercial, with lots of real Americans singing “America the Beautiful.”

In Spanish.

And then a number of other not-god-d*mn-English languages.


Putting aside for a moment the fact that Olympic security are detaining gay dissidents in Russia, and handing them over to the Russian police, while sporting Coca-Cola’s logo all over their security uniforms, Coke’s ad isn’t bad. It’s actually quite nice (if you can ignore the fact that Coke has decided to sponsor, and then defend, the arrest of human rights activists outside of America the beautiful).

But it was a sure bet that America’s bigots would freak out over one of our national anthems (well, at the very least an unofficial one), being sung in other languages, including – dum dum DUM – Spanish.

UPDATE: Among conservatives now freaking out is none other than Glenn Beck, who appears to think that Coke designed the ad to make Republicans look bad.  Of course, all of this has made conservatives look bad, but not for the reason they think.

You’ll recall that we had similar racist eruptions over an adorable Mexican-American boy singing the national anthem during the NBA finals, and when American singer Marc Anthony was lambasted for singing “God bless America” while Latino (it seems major league baseball fans were unfamiliar with the fact that Puerto Rico, while brown, is still part of the United States).

The only way things could have gone worse for Coke is if they had the national anthem sung by an inter-racial girl eating Cheerios.

Here’s a smattering of the racist response on – where else? – YouTube, land of the bigoted and home of the bravely intolerant:

by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.11.19-PM coke super bowl ad 2014 controversy america the beautiful video

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that, of all the reasons we went into Iraq and Afghanistan, and lost nearly 7,000 American lives do so, stopping “America the Beautiful” from being translated into Spanish was not one of them.


Because Americans don’t speak foreign languages?

by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.07.17-PM by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.05.25-PM

He doesn’t care if they have Hispanics or Arabs singing.  Mighty white of him.coke super bowl ad 2014 controversy america the beautiful video

Well, actually it’s not officially our national language, though unofficially it is.by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.04.00-PM

I’m pretty sure the entire point was picking a patriotic song.by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.03.51-PM by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.03.40-PM

Yeah, how dare they show people who aren’t white in  TV commercials.coke super bowl ad 2014 controversy america the beautiful video

Oh where to begin with this Mensa graduate?


Perhaps you could find a stronger word in another language?by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.02.56-PM

Well, it’s not REALLY the national anthem, that’s the Star Stangled Banner.coke super bowl ad 2014 controversy america the beautiful video

Punctuation is your friend.

by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.01.43-PM coke super bowl ad 2014 controversy america the beautiful video by-default-2014-02-02-at-8.59

It should only be sang in proper English.

There were a lot of people who got the point of the ad, and sadness of the moment:


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1,064 Responses to “Racists explode at Coke for Super Bowl ad singing “America the Beautiful” in foreign languages”

  1. pepjrp says:

    No it implies that he is speaking about all that consider themselves Americans first…Black ..anyone of Hispanic or Asian descent. for example, who is American born would also be included. You and Sarah assumed he was only referring to Whites. And incidentally, for the most part, I like the video. I love foreign languages as well. But I also like the truth to always come out.

  2. DN says:

    The point of this commercial ,at least in my opinion, is to bring all the different cultures together. This commercial is in no way disrespectful. It’s just bringing attention to all the different people living in the U.S. These are obviously languages that some people in the U.S. speak so why not put them in a commercial. When you say that everyone in the U.S. should learn English, you sound stupid to an extent. Why can’t you learn their language? In other countries they learn English, but we can’t even take the time to learn their language. So what if a patriotic song is sung in a different language. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s normal for someone to speak a language that isn’t English. It really irks me when people make comments like this and give a defense like it’s not our culture. Last time I checked, our culture is a mixture of the cultures that immigrants bring with them, and if those immigrants bring different languages, we should at least have the decency to acknowledge and respect those languages instead of becoming angry when they decide to sing an American song in their language. All I’m trying to say is that people in the U.S. are not all the same and we should at least try to tolerate our differences. If you are still upset with this “controversial” commercial, you need to get over yourself.

  3. Roger U says:

    You, as an individual, don’t have to control the land today because the settlers instituted a political and legal system to control it. In other words, the land is under the control of that system, and you can maintain ownership as long as you adhere to the laws of that system.

  4. mohit says:

    Since she said 1.7 million men and women have died for this country and the fact that shes mad at a multicultural – non-white ad, it is implied that shes talking about white men & women dying for the country

  5. mohit says:

    U have to control the land in order to settle down there? So if tomorrow I want to come to America and settle down there, from where do I have to start to control it ? You are the epitome of what’s wrong with the world today!

  6. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Perhaps you ignored part of my post. I am also half European, or should I say, as you do, I’m European American. If I choose to describe part of my family as cold, I can.

  7. Moderator3 says:

    Is jumping to conclusions a strong suit of the right?

  8. pepjrp says:

    The overwhelming majority of people in the US from Mexico are nothing like you say. You should be very ashamed on that point.

  9. pepjrp says:

    I don’t defend all of his comments, you appear to be pretty racist and bigoted yourself, much as you would deny it. But of course, your posts will be left up since you are on the same side of hate as Moderator4. But this comment may be deleted quickly as Freedom of Speech is not the left’s strong suit.

  10. pepjrp says:

    Where did he say they all were White? I don’t see it.

  11. pepjrp says:

    I get your point, but technically, we are Native-born.

  12. pepjrp says:

    The country was built by slaves…. I see someone who was sleeping in American History.

  13. Moderator3 says:

    Since this is your first post here, I’ll let it stand. Posting in all capital letters is consider rude all through the internet. Please do not do it again.

  14. RB says:


  15. Roger U says:

    I don’t understand your comment. Are you disagreeing that they were conquerers or settlers? In order to settle you have to first control the land you want to settle.

  16. feedup says:

    conquered?? How was america discovered by settlers when it was already inhabited by native americans? they came in rape and murder people…stole what was not theirs and in order not to be judge for what they were they called themselves settlers…ignorant a**

  17. feedup says:

    @ donnie im curious to know your nationality….whatever it is its not american american…..I do not care who stole what country or war blah blah…the truth of the matter is that majority of “american” have a nationality in front of the word american… Just because some assholes stole land from the NATIVE americans doesnt mean this is your country. This country was built by slaves…so the ones who so called created america just took credit….change the song to america the bullies

  18. sameoldsong says:

    Solutreans, look it up. Whites here first. Everyone else out!!

  19. sameoldsong says:

    solutreans, look it up. whites here first. everyone else OUT!!!

  20. sameoldsong says:

    sickening how they try to destroy the USA and genocide the white race and they call us Racist. Sickening.

  21. Sarah says:

    Not everyone who has fought for this country has been white, so therefore they are also fighting for their (this) country. Open your eyes

  22. Shannon says:

    You guys are all a bunch of fucking idiots. Unless your relatives now
    live on reservations, you are not a native-born “American” either. Learn
    to read, learn to think, & at least pretend to practice the values
    of the religion you pretend to cherish so much.

  23. Mike says:

    You idiots are stupid and racist. This is a great superbowl advertisement, apparently none of you know the real value of culture which there is none left anymore in america you racist bastards.

  24. tommv123 says:

    Also I was in the military and I lost my leg while fighting

  25. tommv123 says:

    The point of the commercial was to show that the United States is filled with people of different cultures and that we are all united and citizens of a beautiful country.

  26. Moderator4 says:

    He is a racist and he is banned, Mike_in_the_Tundra.
    We are leaving his comments up so that others can take note that there are still people around who think like this.

  27. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I really had no idea how big a racist you are. I followed your posts back to the American R______________. I will not print the whole name. Let the other racists find it on their own. I must say I was impressed by the blog. It’s not often you find a blog where Google refuses to advertise. That has to be bad, and it is.

    Now about your precious British Isles. They were savages until the Romans arrived. Well they were savages based on your measuring skills. North of Hadrian’s Wall, they remained savages after that.

    Thanks to Alexander the Great (bless his little homosexual heart), much of the Middle East’s civilization was brought back to Europe. He had a lot to do with bringing the influence of Egypt to Europe. Egypt’s in Africa isn’t it? Oh my.

    The civilization in India was often way ahead of Europe’s. China’s civilization danced circles around the Europeans.

    Since you so love the British Isles, I thought I would share with you. I’m half Irish. I just found them to be a cold people compared to my Latino family. Of course, that is probably just them.

  28. antiquesunlight says:

    None of that has anything to do with what I said. They might have been racially the same people before Europeans mixed with some of them, but that is something totally different from saying they were the same people culturally. Mexicans had little or no significant cultural interaction with North American Indians, and Mexican people played zero part in the founding of America. They do have a role in the story of the Southwest, but that’s it.

    As you say, Central and South Americans had very different (and more advanced) civilizations than the North American Indians. PC textbook writers and all try real hard to gloss over the fact that Indian civilizations were way behind the rest of the world, but they can only cover up the facts so much. By the 15th century CE, Central American civilizations had managed to progress to something approaching the standards of the Ancient Mid East. Most North American Indians were still hunter gatherers or had primitive tribal societies. It is no exaggeration to say that Europeans were at *least* 1000 years ahead of any Indian peoples in the world, probably more like 2000+ years in many cases. If you doubt that, all you have to do is a Google image search and compare 15th century Tenochtitlan (Aztec capital) with Ancient Rome, Ancient Athens, or Persepolis. (Obviously, they are all reconstructions, but they are based on ruins and textual evidence.) While the Aztecs were figuring out how to write in the 14 and 1500s, the Ancient Greeks had produced Thales, Democritus, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Epicurus ~2000 years earlier. If you compare Tenochtitlan with contemporary European civilizations, the difference is even more stunning.

    Now, none of that is really to the original point, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to point it out since you seem to think that the reason Indians weren’t advanced is because Europeans held them down. The truth is that contact with Europeans enhanced and modernized Indian civilizations, even in the case of the English colonies which were themselves developing and therefore unspectacular. (A small example is farm tools the English sold to Indians.) There is no way to reasonably deny this.

  29. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Oh, this is just too good. From where do you think the people of Mexico come? I agree that Mexicans had more of an advance society than the First Americans were allowed to have by the Europeans. The only difference between Mexicans and First Americans in the U.S.A. is that Europeans DNA is present in some Mexicans. Mexican babies often have Mongolian spots as do the First Americans and Asians.

  30. antiquesunlight says:

    Not really. No doubt they were to some small extent, but the peoples of Mexico were quite different from the Indians of North America. The Indians came from the north from Asia and migrated downwards. Any migration back north was minimal. Nowadays, people try to equate North American Indians with Mexican and Central American peoples to try to justify the vast illegal Mexican immigration that is taking place. But it is unjustifiable. They had totally different cultures.
    America was built by the English, so we speak English.

  31. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Mexico is in America. They were “flooding” into the continental United States long before the European colonies. Perhaps Spanish should be The official language of the U.S.A. Their colonies were in present day California.

  32. antiquesunlight says:

    But it describes much of Mexico and many of the Mexicans flooding into America.

  33. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You seem to forget what was happening on the West Coast. My ancestors were busy establishing colonies there. According to you, we were poor and violent, which does not describe my family at all.

  34. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Talk about having a plank in your eye. I pointed out a fact. You accused a whole group of people thusly: “All you guys spew is hate , you claim EVERYONE who doesnt agree with your views is a racist , bigot or ignorant.” I left your punctuation uncorrected in order to have a quotation. You said this about an entire group of people. Have you met everyone in that group?

    If you plan to quote people, quote them correctly. I did write the word hate, but not in all capital letters. If I wanted to emphasize a word, I would have used html code and written it in bold.

    I find it mind boggling that you can’t see the hate in your writing: “When did the left become so hateful?” You are painting an entire group of people with a very broad stroke. What is your motivation?

  35. Roger U says:

    Our ancestors weren’t immigrants, they were settlers who conquered the Indians and now its our land. To the victor go the spoils.

  36. Donnie says:

    Mike you prove my point exactly … “My comment is spilling over with HATE”… you guys love that word dont you. Show me the hate in my comments . I dont hate anyone , i disagree with the Left but i dont hate them. You can disagree with someone and not hate them. The only hate i see … is the left HATE the right.

  37. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Your comment is a real head shaker. It’s spilling over with hate, as you pontificate about the left’s hate.

  38. Donnie says:

    Samuel A. Ward did not write America the Beautiful. He composed the music. Katharine Lee Bates wrote the song. I think you need to educate yourself before you start calling people ignorant. When did the left become so hateful? All you guys spew is hate , you claim EVERYONE who doesnt agree with your views is a racist , bigot or ignorant. There is NOTHING ignorant about being patriotic and respecting our country , culture and history.

  39. Illuminatiagent says:

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  40. Donnie says:

    Would you like to enlighten me why? Or are you just going to act like the typical lefty and try to bully and call names with zero intelligent thought process?

  41. Sarah says:

    Your must be the stupidest person on here.

  42. Lorna K says:

    wow…i hope you all realize that native american’s are the only true Americans the rest of you are technically the sons and daughters of immigrants so i don’t get why there’s so much controversy surrounding this ad…present day colonialism #sigh

  43. Donnie says:

    Why do we have to accept disrespect but no other country has to? It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with Respect for this country. We respect every country out their , but we could care less about our own? Thats asinine , why cant we get the respect every other country gets? You say : ” Patriotism and respect for a country has nothing to do with language.” well every country out there disagrees with you. In the Olympics at the Medal ceremony they play the medalists countries anthem sung in their language. Not the language of the country the venue was in. They do this out of RESPECT. The whole world knows it , but i guess our lovely PC liberal population doesnt.

  44. antiquesunlight says:

    What are you talking about? My ancestors come from the Isles. So what? That has nothing to do with multiculturalism. But America was largely a British society for a while. Even now in the South (where I’m from), the English/Scotch-Irish inheritance is evident. I’d be happy if it stayed that way. If I wanted to live around a bunch of poor violent people, I’d move to Mexico.

  45. helen says:

    well said

  46. helen says:

    oh wow…its so sad to see how ignorant people are. what is wrong with a country that has so many cultures and ethnicity? who talks about racism in 2014????? people are reaching the stars and we still talk about race and religion. these are the saddest comments ive ever read.

    if this is the case then all the americans that are working in arab countries HAVE TO LEARN AND SPEAK ARABIC because this is our language and theres is no way in hell that we will allow them to speak in english or translate anything we say, read or sing in english :/ grow the fuck up

  47. Jean says:

    I am in total agreement with you that the majority of people in the US speak English. It still is not the official language..There is even a citizens group working to make English the official language

  48. Colin Curtis says:

    Jean you must be on house arrest in the projects if you really just said English isn’t the official language in the US. The United States have 229 Million English speaking citizens. Next up is Spanish with 35 Million….and then Chinese languages make up 2.6 Million. Dude, your so wrong its not even funny.

  49. Donnie says:

    Hey Martin according to your theory EVERYONE on EVERY continent is an immigrant including the “native Americans”. A war was fought for this country and land , agree with it or not but that’s the way country boarders were acquired in those days , by war. Then another was fought to make it The United States of America.History and culture have been established building this country. Martin if you want to so easily give that up then i think you need to evaluate your choice of a avatar. Nobody is being racist or being a bigot , we are simply asking to respect this country the way they think their country deserves respect. See most of the World understands , at the Olympics when a person wins a gold medal they play their national anthem and sing it in THEIR language , not the language of the venue. It is only our own ignorant politically correct society who find it no big deal. I know “America the Beautiful” is not our national anthem , but it is a very patriotic, respectful United states of America song. See Martin there is a reason you don’t fly a United States of America flag upside down , let it touch the ground or burn it …its called RESPECT and HONOR.I know these are two words are society don’t really relate to very well. Obviously everyone not offended by this commercial has never been in the military. They would Honor the Flag , the constitution and its history,cultures and songs more then they do today. Martin freedom was not free. 1.7 of my brothers and sisters have died for you to sit their and disrespect this country. Martin the fix would have been REAL simple , Coca Cola could have had the same foreigners and immigrants sing the same song in American English. That would have show the diversification of the United States and Coca Cola , but also would have shown that immigrants and foreigners embrace and respect American cultures , language and songs instead of the United States having to conform to their language. PC liberals will never see it. But lets face it , PC liberals are not who are fighting wars for this country and sacrificing the ultimate. Soldiers give you your freedom , you just want to stand around and bitch about how unfair everything is. You people need to wake up and learn some American History.

  50. Martin C says:

    Speaking of lunacy…did you know that Sam A. Ward ( you know, the guy that wrote the song) has English ancestors? Damn Brits thinking they could find a new way of life in ‘Murica. Unless of course you think the US and England have the same culture? You are an ignorant person and should be ashamed…

  51. Martin C says:

    Please. Just. Stop. Your ignorance of what America is and isn’t is beyond stupid. Everyone in America is from somewhere else, unless of course you happen to be NATIVE American, so just stop. You sound like a dunce who failed history. Jesus.

  52. Brenden says:

    All I have to say is that most of the posts against this commercial confuse “America the Beautiful” with our national anthem. Shows how patriotic y’all are, and most of the languages spoken in the video like Spanish, French, or my favorite Keres (Hopi – Native American) are all cultures that make up our own “American Culture”. And Yes Hopi the Native American language is, I should say, a TRUE American language. Does that count?

  53. Donnie says:

    Coca Cola you need to stick with syrup and water. You know nothing about the history of the United States of America or how to respect it. Your founder John Stith Pemberton did but you no longer do. Its a shame you would take a hem like “America the beautiful” and totally disrespect it. 1.7 million men and women have died for this country.The United States of America has a History and culture as well. Way to totally disrespect it. I know you are a company with a Turkish CEO living in New York and hired a New York based advertisement company to produce the commercial. Most of America do not share New York , California and Washington’s views. Lets see what shareholders have to say at the end of this quarter.

  54. antiquesunlight says:

    You’ve missed the point. We’re no longer a melting pot. We used to be a melting pot, because everyone melted together into one American culture. That’s no longer the case. Now we tell Mexicans that it’s great to be culturally Mexican and speak Spanish, and we say similar things to other immigrants. That is nothing other than stupid. It’s the exact opposite of a melting pot.

  55. antiquesunlight says:

    Well said. Multiculturalism is complete lunacy.

  56. antiquesunlight says:

    It doesn’t have to imply something bad, but it does imply something bad here, because the point of this commercial clearly is that multiculturalism is a wonderful force for progress, and that who cares if we can’t understand each other and have nothing in common, we’re all Americans anyway… Pure nonsense.

  57. Ignornaceissad says:

    What if an English person, from England, where the official language is English sang America the Beautiful too? Do you see the irony here? Patriotism and respect for a country has nothing to do with language. Why does people singing a song in a different language have to imply something bad? Can’t people appreciate America?

  58. Pat says:

    How does wanting America the Beautiful sung in the official American language make one a racist. Read all the posts you used and only one mentions a race of white. Your article is antagonistic and accuses people who don’t agree with you as racist. It is ok if we disagree, don’t call me names.
    I don’t care what color or gender any of the singers were, americans are all different colors, there are jerks in every color, just like there are great people.
    In my opinion, people who falsely accuse other people of being a racist, are themselves racist, as they accuse people because of their color without proof.

  59. joseph2004 says:

    Coke isn’t in the business of promoting English as a common denominator in America. Many people fear that English is being promoted as just another language, not the language of the US. For Coke, it’s about selling as many Coca-Cola products as it can, and the one thing we can infer from Coke is that it has a handle on the demographics of language. Like the Spanish-language networks that broadcast in the US, Coke has figured out that there are a lot of people here who would rather speak and hear their own language than they would English. Coke’s just riding a trend to higher profits.
    But if you think about it terms of what’s in the best interests of anyone living in the US, then learning to speak English has to be at or near the top of the to-do list. Otherwise, what have you got? All you have to do is wake up this next morning and pretend that you can neither speak nor read English. What do you take for granted?
    And yet, it would seem that merely making the above claim about English being the glue that holds this country and its people together is considered by many these days here in America as arrogant and rude. Even more, some are saying it’s tantamount to screaming “I HATE FOREIGNERS AND IMMIGRANTS!” at the tops of our lungs. Well it isn’t. Let’s not take common sense views about English as central to who we are and convert them into just more intolerance.

  60. Catherine Zolciak says:

    I am absolutely floored at the amount of hate spewed over a commercial. I am a white woman and understand that American was build on and from immigrants, hence it’s affectionate name, “The melting pot”. In addition, so many of these God fearing Americans fail to realize America was a land founded long before my people came to this land. So I ask, who are the real immigrants? We are Americans no matter the language, religion, race, ethnicity, creed or color. We are one race, the human race. I SUPPORT COKE

  61. FCN says:

    hey-as someone who has been SUPER-banned from posting at KSAT (for no reason other than I doin’t “lean” in the proper direction)… why do you even bother taking on those morons? The whole station is like that.I never have said or dsone anything ban-able,watch out for Angela KIm(currently avatar is huge set of spike heels) and Crat Trasher-they have some sort of secret in with the station-they have the ability to delete your comments et al.Trust me they victimized me to the point of illegality on that site. If I were you I would make your profile private. I learned the hard way-they will follow you anywhere.They used to stalk me all the way to CNN.Just do this as a test.– post this question: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO TXGEEKYGIRL??(that’s me) and I bet you will get firebombed with response from a few. -.KSAT hates me! The station sends my phone number to VM if I call them! TAKE CARE OVER THERE! I am going to delete this comment after I think you have read it. You would catch h88ll if they thought you were talking to me. I am not kidding!

  62. Free_Land says:

    AS A VETERAN OF THE VIETNAM ERA. I AM A FIRM BELIEVER, THAT WE ARE ALL EQUAL, ACROSS THIS EARTH. AND FOR ANYONE TO ADMIRE OUR GREAT LAND, IF OF GREAT ACCEPTANCE, IN MY MIND. (people only learn, or are taught to hate from a young age, for they know, no other way) d.o.b. 1946….any questions?

  63. kenny white says:

    Picking this spot to educate you about racism in Los Angeles.

    Koreans – will not hire blacks. Maybe in the hood but not in L.A. Koreatown. They haven’t forgotten the L.A. Riots when they were specifically targeted. They will hire hispanics. I have great Korean friends. My black GF doesn’t like then because they always disrespect her. They don’t care that she is a doctor. The man is still the boss.
    Chinatown – will not hire blacks – or Koreans. But will hire hispanics.
    Mexicans – will not hire other hispanics. Not Guatemalans , not El Salvadorans. none. Guatemalans will not hire Mexicans. It works both ways. Mexicam are the largest block and they discriminate the most against other hispanics. HOWEVER, that seem to be more recent arrivals. Not old school Vato’s. You will find older Mexicans here show don’t speak Spanish because their migrant parents in the 1940/50’s or so, wanted then to speak only english.

    Go to most fast food places in South Central and you find only hispanics working. Go to the Slauson Swapmeet (a warehouse turned in to swapmeet style. 1600 Slauson. Inside pic. http://tinyurl.com/o7hf9oc Smack dab in the middle of the blackest section of Los angeles and only one or two black employees in the entire place; all Chinese, Koreans or Vietnamese.

    Indians run the 7-11 and cheap hotels. They only hire Indians or Hispanics. Some Pakistani own a few gas stations – same pakistanis or hispanics.
    Thailand- Thaitown restaurants only hire Thai’s. Girls fly in from Thailand for 3 months or so, work under the table for less than min wage, and return home with two years worth of money in Thai Baht

    Vietnamese – only hire Vietnamese and hispanics. when those Vietnamese nail salon girls are giggling and talking to each other in their own language (and making $60K,) they are talking about your ugly feet (not meaning you specifically)

    Being Hollywood there are a obviously a lot of gays here. The things that gay males say about lesbians and female body parts, and the same from lesbian about gay man, and what both say, and it’s even worse about Bi’s. I can’t repeat here.

    There was a Mexican gang that was ethnic cleansing their neighborhood of all black people a few years back. http://tinyurl.com/k9gcw5e

    The Russians, Armenians, Ukrainians, Christian Iranians, and Muslims stick to their own. except , everyone will hire hispanics, and the most discrimination by all those non-white races above is against blacks.

    This is were i live, i’m a minority among these minorities. I can mingle among all of them because we have one thing in common, English. The above noted discrimination and racism is what they don’t teach you in college when they are trying to teach you the white man’s guilt.

  64. kenny white says:

    Where in it does it show the united part? No one was shown together. Show the Jewish person and Muslim women holding hands and drinking coke and let’s see how that would have went over globally. They most certainly wouldn’t have the nerve to show that unity. The Actors? The first actors usually think about is getting a big part to work in a coke commercial. Actors will do many things they don’t believe it as so long as they have a part. I don’t know what they think and neither do you. You and another poster said all the actors speak english… doh! I wonder why they do that? Don’t think too hard on that one, i don’t have the time to wait. ;)

    I never projected racist ideas on the makers, stop projecting your personal issues. It wouldn’t be the first time a commercial didn’t convey the creators intent. My assumption that most of the people who liked it were homogeneous white areas who thing they know about different cultures is because 1) most of the country is white, 2) and a large number have no friends of other races. (And going to college and meeting a few doesn’t count.) You appear to have expose yourself as a a bigot though. A bigot against the rural population your post projects you think are beneath you. As for racism, too many idealists having been taught by social progressives professors who live in academia bubble, You think you know about racism. You have no clue. Having lived for decades in one of the most racially diverse areas in the country has given me keen insight into to recognizing clueless idealists. I’m going to clue you up to racism in Los Angeles in my next post.

  65. kenny white says:

    LOL Vietnamese just off the boat doing nails at a busy salon in Southern CA can make $60-$80K and have no school loan debt. School loan debt is $1 Trillion, and it is crushing people just as they are starting out with their lives. I feel sorry for the ones who go suckered into it.

    The school loan debt is higher than all revolving credit debt, and is holding back the country’s economic recovery, and holding back young adults from buying things on additional credit. Indeed dot com has a botanist’s salary at $51K. Half of your claim. Librarians are close at $47K, but the question is how much did it cost the student? The context of my point was the school loan cost relative to the Job. You missed the context and went off on your diatribe, why again?

  66. Tripoli says:

    A single language would not have defended them against superior weaponry or diseases for which they had no resistances.

    Prior to the invasion of the Americas, the American Indian people did just fine. Many WERE united (Seven Nations ring a bell?), and yet they still had their own dialects, languages & customs.

    Your whole “cultural supremacy” spiel is flawed in many ways, and I’m not sure why you can’t see that.

  67. Tripoli says:

    Says the person who judges with each post, and implies that he is somehow a “judge of Truth and Knowledge.”

  68. Tripoli says:

    That 40% statistic you cited (citation needed, by the way) is likely so high due to the fact that many rural areas of the US – which makes up over 60% of the nation – are not as culturally or racially diverse as the metropolitan areas. Not to mention the fact that some states (like Mississippi & Arkansas) have high amounts of institutionalized racism.

    That video does not promote “separate but equal.” It promotes “different but united.” There is a difference, and it is disingenuous to project racist ideals on the makers of the video, when they were obviously trying to do the exact opposite.
    Your assumption that so many people who liked the video are white people in homogeneous white areas is based entirely on baseless presumption. What about the non-whites in the video itself? Don’t you think they agree with its sentiment?

  69. kenny white says:

    Tripoli says, “Projection & petty insults won’t get you anywhere.”

    Sure they do, who’s getting all the action here? Insults have proven to increase responses by 5 fold. I only fight with people who want to fight.

    You don’t seen to mind the insult in the headline of the article. That’s probably because you agree with it. Your silence on it says volumes. I want to see a united america, you it appears, and the author too, want a separate but equal one as shown in the video. We got rid of separate but equal 50 years ago. Sad to see that many here are cool again with separate but equal.

  70. kenny white says:

    CA is liberal and Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has one of the highest drop out rate in the country. As for any of your other claims. They are simply unfounded opinions without reference. I have no idea what brain washing you have been through. I don’t know if the facts are getting in your way because you haven’t proven you have a grasp of the facts.

  71. kenny white says:

    Sorry, you really don’t get that it’s not about a particular language. That was spoon feed to you. Try a little higher level thinking. (not an insult, you’re still stuck on the specific language) Here is the america I live, where do you live? The video shows a diverse america – one I see and interact with everyday in Hollywood, CA

    In just one small corner shopping center here we have Indians,(7-11) Russians (smoke shop), Koreans (hair) whites and hispanics (dominos pizza) Japanese (sushi) Armenians (Kababs) Chinese (cleaner) Hispanic (subway) Chinese (Food) Hispanic (food.) There was a Vietnamese nail salon, and i don’t know who ran the Pot clinic that closed. I live that commercial every single day. A black guy runs a computer business and a small music studio. My GF is black, so that just about fills it all in. The degree of knowledge of English on that corner ranges from perfect to very little. The common language is English. The Chinese don’t try to speak Hindi, the Hindi don’t try to speak Russian. MS-13 claims the hood, and they speak english (and Spanish of course – Spanish is the general second language here)

    Pick anyone from that coke video and.you can find someone similar within walking distance of my home.(drive to Hollywood hills to see a horse.). A study reported that 40% of american have no friend of an different race. That probably carried through to posters here too. I wonder how many of those 40% are here posting about loving the “separate but equal” visual images in that video, but who also don’t have to interface with multiple nationalities everyday.

    Yea, it’s so cool when white people live in an homogeneous area and think the video is cool, but it’s a lot different when you live it. Here In the middle of the salad bowel, everyone wants to speak english. You say everyone in the video speaks english, wouldn’t it have been great to end it showing all of them united, singing it in english… celebrating our individual cultures yet united together as one America?

  72. FUFatherEisenman says:

    The case in point is the American English language is continuously changing from the queens English. I wonder why you pointed out Ebonics? (Look up a history of Ebonics it is a good read). I thought maybe an example of honey boo boo would be more appropriate. Even Pennsylvania Dutch. Youse come see us or you’uns. We’se be back. Lazy English. English will always be Americas language.

  73. Tripoli says:

    Botany & Library Sciences are meaningless? I suppose they are, to someone doesn’t consider advances in food production, pesticides, medicine, education or literacy important.
    (Of course, if they really are meaningless, why do botanists make six figures a year, and librarians average over $50k a year?)

    You want a meaningless degree, you get one of those $100 degrees from Patriot University (Kent Hovind’s alma mater). You can get an unaccredited Theology degree, or a doctorate in “Biblical Sciences” that won’t be recognized by anyone outside of creationist groups.

  74. Tripoli says:

    Projection & petty insults won’t get you anywhere; it just makes you look desperate & childish.
    That goes for both of you.

  75. Tripoli says:

    And that’s why 9 of the 10 worst educated states in the US are conservative states, and the 10 best are all “liberal,” eh? And why most of the successful entrepeneurs & billionaires in the US all attended the “liberal” public schools?
    I suppose there’s the alternative in homeschooling from people such as Andy Schlafly, which is so “superior” to the “liberal education system” that it teaches exactly zero actual facts or marketable skills, instead relying entirely on historical revisionism, pseudoscience & right-wing media instead of things like science, history & social studies.

    Of course, the most educated countries in the world (and those with the best quality of life) are notoriously liberal, to the point of making the US Democrat party center-right compared to the rest of the developed world.
    But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of your prejudice.

  76. Tripoli says:

    Why not speak one of the Native American languages, then?
    Are you unaware that the US has NO official language? You are apparently also unaware that the overwhelming majority of immigrants DO speak English, including (surprise!) every single person in that commercial.

    I suppose you think being a “real American” means throwing away your cultural identity, language, and heritage & becoming just like everyone else. Am I right?
    You might as well push to outlaw foreign-language classes in the US, ban people from speaking anything other than English even in ethnic-majority neighbourhoods & the privacy of their own homes, and ban any cultural celebrations & expressions not strictly American.
    Wait, this sounds familiar… much like modern Russia, China, and North Korea, in fact.

    Why do you want to turn the US into a nationalist-totalitarian state? Why do you hate the multi-cultural, diverse melting-pot it was originally meant to be? What is your secret agenda of wanting to make us culturally stagnant, Kenny?

  77. Tripoli says:

    So, you believe that all immigrants should give up their language, culture & heritage when moving to a new country? Did your family completely give up speaking their native language when they moved here? Did they throw out everything they had from their original heritage? Did they change their names to English ones, instead of keeping their “foreign” ones? If not, then you’re being a bit of a hypocrite.

    You DO know that the US does not have an official national language, right? The people who first came to the US didn’t bother to learn the language, but forced theirs on to the native people, as well.

    The only “division” in the US regarding language & culture is between hardcore nationalists (including their racist brethren), and the rest of the US.
    Multiple languages & cultures co-exist in major cities like New York, LA, and Philadelphia, even in the same neighbourhoods, and there is no “division” between them despite maintaining their cultural heritages & speaking their own languages alongside English.

    Of course, every person in the commercial is a legal US citizen, and every one of them speaks English fluently (some as a first language). At least one was speaking a Native American language, which is arguably MORE American than speaking English.
    To me, the commercial seemed to be showing that the US is beautiful because of its cultural diversity. But maybe I was too busy paying attention to context, rather than obsessing over what paranoid xenophobes could read into it. (Note that some of the same people complaining about this ad also complained about the interracial family in the Cheerios ad.)

  78. Tripoli says:

    Interesting; I was not aware that there ever was an official language of the US.
    There’s certainly no government record of such, nor any historical account of the US government declaring an official language.
    And considering the many historical accounts of segregation against Native Americans, blacks, Irish, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Russians, and Chinese throughout the nation’s history, I’d say the attempts to “create a commonality among people” failed catastrophically.

    Of course, there are places in the US where they’ve been speaking the same non-English languages since before the US gained independence (Creole French in Louisiana, German in areas of Pennsylvania, Spanish in California & Texas), and they STILL speak those languages, even amongst families who have been American citizens for generations.

  79. Tripoli says:

    Er… the early Americans spoke a mix of English, French, Spanish, and German (with smatterings of other languages thrown in). Most of them did not give up those languages when /if they learned English.
    Besides, the US does not have an official “National Language.”

    One side of my family has been here since before the colonists (heavy Cherokee ancestry). Why did the colonists not learn the native language? Partially for the same reason certain Americans refuse to learn or accept any languages besides English: it’s easier to force someone to assimilate with you, than to make the effort yourself.

    The song was meant to make the diversity & mixed cultures of America more blatant, not to “divide” the nation. That would not be profitable to Coca-Cola as a company, and also implies a corporate conspiracy of ridiculous proportions.

    Language has nothing to do with “shared principles” or values. I’ve lived in multicultural communities most of my life. Yes, people from the various cultures mix & share community ideals & such, but they also tend to preserve their own heritage & cultural identities while simultaneously becoming part of the greater whole. That’s why NYC has Halal shawarma restaurants next to Italian-owned pizza places & Kosher bagel shops, all on the same block.
    And all those business owners speak English, as well as their own native languages.
    Your folly is in implying that assimilation requires surrendering of one’s cultural & linguistic heritage; rather, that “only one culture” sort of thinking leads to cultural stagnation. Assimilation should go BOTH ways – in the immigrants learning the language & culture of the place they’re living enough to function in that society, and the society itself adapting to the influx of new ideas & cultural changes.

  80. kenny white says:

    Thank you for your link and your well thought out post, Goulo. The video shows a diverse america – one I see and interact with everyday in Hollywood, CA

    In just one small corner shopping center here we have Indians,(7-11) Russians (smoke shop), Koreans (hair) whites and hispanics (dominos pizza) Japanese (sushi) Armenians (Kababs) Chinese (cleaner) Hispanic (subway) Chinese (Food) Hispanic (food.) There was a Vietnamese nail salon, and i don’t know who ran the Pot clinic that closed. I live that commercial every single day. A black guy runs a computer business and a small music studio. My GF is black, so that just about fills it all in. The degree of knowledge of English on that corner ranges from perfect to very little. The common language is English. The Chinese don’t try to speak Hindi, the Hindi don’t try to speak Russian. MS-13 claims the hood, and they speak english (and Spanish of course – Spanish is the general second language here)

    Pick anyone from that coke video and.you can find someone similar within walking distance of my home.(drive to Hollywood hills to see a horse.). A study reported that 40% of american have no friend of an different race. That probably carried through to posters here too. I wonder how many of those 40% are here posting about loving the “separate but equal” visual images in that video, but who also don’t have to interface with multiple nationalities everyday. Yea, it’s so cool when white people live in an homogeneous area and think the video is cool, but it’s a lot different when you live it. Here In the middle of the salad bowel, everyone wants to speak english. You say everyone in the video speaks english, wouldn’t it have been great to end it showing all of them united, singing it in english… celebrating our individual cultures yet united together as one America?

  81. Tripoli says:

    Funny, I hate it when conservatives make false statements as though they speak truth.

    Are you aware that many of your claims originated from (known racist & professional liar) Alex Jones? Or do you just get them from other conspiracy sites, unaware that they are based on misinformation & fabrications?

    “Agenda 21” has been debunked, the “FEMA camps” thing has been long debunked, the NWO bit is exactly as credible as the Illuminati/Reptilians/Grey Aliens claims, and the rest of your claims are disturbingly identical to the ramblings of someone who has lost their grasp on reality.

    I seriously and sincerely believe you should see a psychiatrist. This is not a joke, or a jab at you – I am honestly concerned that you are not well.

  82. Tripoli says:

    Ah, so only hardcore nationalist conservatives are “real Americans”? I guess the Founding Fathers – who were considered radically liberal for their time, since the conservatives wanted to remain loyal to Britain – weren’t real Americans. Neither are roughly half the US military, who fight to protect your right to belittle their contributions & sacrifice to this country.
    Of course, I’m guessing you think “hardcore liberal” is anything to the left of Rush Limbaugh, judging from your post. (Hint: the Democrats are center-right compared to the rest of the world.)

    Of course, you made those “one third” statistics up, so I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised that you’d make up something so ridiculous as 2/3 of the country (including its founders) not being “real Americans.”

    People with a first language besides English read translations of the Constitution all the time. Even ConstitutionFacts.com has multiple translations of the Constitution, for just that purpose.
    Oh, and as for “La Bamba”? It WAS sung in English, by Chubby Checker. No protests, no upset Mexican people, no controversy. Funny, that. I guess they’re less xenophobic than some people here.

  83. Tripoli says:

    “Multiculturalism BAD! Racial purity, xenophobia & inbreeding GOOD!”

  84. Tripoli says:

    “The commercial is challenging our notion that you have to know English to be American.”

    You’re just making things up, at this point. That, or you’re claiming to have psychic knowledge of the motives behind the commercial’s creation.
    No part of the commercial says “we should replace English as the primary language in America.” There is no official language in the US, FYI. Only a dominant one… and it wasn’t even dominant 200 years ago.

    The point of the commercial, at least from what I can tell, is celebrating the diversity that makes up the American population. Every one of those languages is spoken in the US, alongside English. Only a tiny minority of immigrants never learn English – even illegal immigrants tend to learn it. To say otherwise is to blatantly deny facts & reality… which you’ve a penchant for, from what I’ve seen.

  85. Tripoli says:

    So you’re just going to pretend that French & Spanish weren’t the primary languages in large portions of the US, even after the country declared its independence? More historical revisionism, or just lack of education in American history?
    Singing “America, the Beautiful” – which is NOT the national anthem – in multiple languages is a way of honouring America’s rich multicultural heritage. It’s saying, “Even though I’m originally from another place, I love America.” But I guess some people will look for any reason to be offended (or to troll comment threads).

    Of course, the overwhelming majority of people in the US speak English. But they still also speak the language of their ancestral home as a way of preserving their heritage.
    I guess you’d insist that American Jews speak English during their religious ceremonies, right?

    Of course, all of this is so obvious I can’t believe that I have to actually explain this.

  86. Tripoli says:

    And that’s why you speak Cherokee, right melchior42?

    Oh, wait…

  87. Tripoli says:

    Hitler was fascist. Fascism is the extreme end of the right wing (as communism is extreme left). He publicly spoke out against the “evils” of socialism, communism, atheism, etc.
    Nice try, though.

  88. kenny white says:

    You love that (your sarcasm of course) but you have no problem with the immediate taunts of bigotry and racism. The article starts out saying “racists.” I didn’t even say liberal until 5 or some posts later after he was calling people bigots. Maybe your post would get more respect if you actually paid attention to the generalization and stereotyping of the “Racists explode” title and all the posts said before yours. Just sayin’

  89. Tripoli says:

    A one-world government? Funny, the only people I’ve heard of who think that’s a good idea are either militant theocrats, or dictators who think they should be the ones in charge.
    But hey, whatever floats your boat.

  90. Tripoli says:

    And yet, Canada does just fine…
    Besides, there are thousands (if not millions) of Americans who speak English as a second language. They do just fine in the commercial & military sectors.

    Not only that, but why English? The original languages of the US were all Native American dialects. A “real” American would be pushing for Cherokee, Iroquois, etc. as the national language.

  91. Tripoli says:

    Love the (false) stereotyping with the “typical liberal” line, Kenny.
    I bet you’d be up in arms if someone made a similar comment about the “typical conservative” making racist & ignorant comments disguised as “exercising free speech.” While I don’t believe that most conservatives actually do that, it happens amongst the most visible conservatives often enough that some people think the stereotype IS true.

    Maybe if you approached this like an adult, instead of making petty insults & generalizations right off the bat, you’d get a little more respect.

  92. goulo says:

    Kenny: “What makes you assume they do.”

    Common sense (it’s easier to direct people in a commercial if they share a common language, instead of needing interpreters).
    Plus actually knowing the facts of the matter from reading about the commercial, in various articles which mention that they also speak English. A moment’s web search could have found this information, if you actually wanted to know if they speak English, instead of just assuming that they don’t speak English.

    E.g. here’s an article about one of the people who sang in the commercial:

    By the way, a single official language is not necessary for a country to be united. E.g. Switzerland and India.

    It may however be sadly necessary in a country where so many of the speakers of one dominant language are so angrily hostile toward anyone who dares to speak any other language – even when that speaker also is able to speak the dominant language.

  93. goulo says:

    Sincere? Or ironic trolling?
    Poe’s Law in action.

  94. kenny white says:

    You made the first insult with your very first reply 2 days ago when you said. “You done got derp in your post. Yeehaw.” You made the first insult. Man up about it. Then you later tried to shut people down with the bigot remarks. Also, i said, …”like” the typical liberal. I did not say, you the typical liberal. or you, a typical liberal. I said like one as in behaving like one. Maybe you should learn some english. As for you voting to spite the other side. That is not a very bright reason. You should keep your bruised ego out of your decisions.

  95. kenny white says:

    no vick i can’t type without looking at the keyboard because i hunt and peck with two fingers. What do you think it means when someone says they have to look at the keyboard to type? It means they are not a touch typist. You couldn’t figure that out all by your little self? I also write colloquially. Add the two up and you get what you get. If you don’t like it, go talk to someone else. Get outside and try it in person, assuming you can carry on a real conversation that isn’t on a keyboard. I bet you stutter when you’re around women, huh?

  96. Vick says:

    You made the insults before I posted the bigotry comments (I made those a few hours ago). You insulted me two days earlier. Nice try bub but find a more concrete excuse.

    As before, you contradicted yourself yet again. You “labeled” me a liberal and proceed to call me out for labeling. I’ve actually never voted Democrat before. People such as yourself have convinced me that even though I don’t agree with most view points on the left, I will only vote for them in spite of the right.

  97. Vick says:

    It’s not that I think, it’s that I know.

    Can you not type without looking at a keyboard?

    And I didn’t comment on your spelling…. Grammar and spelling are not the same thing, FYI. Learn English!

  98. kenny white says:

    You get insulted Vick because you have been saying in more that one post in this blog that some people who disagreed with the video, are bigots.. You see Vick, your posts show that in your eyes, they just can’t be someone with a different opinion and expressing their 1st amendments rights by voicing their disagreement with the video,

    You, like the typical liberal, without knowing them, cast judgement and label them and their motivation as bigotry in an attempt to intimidate them into silence for fear they might be called a bigot or racist. It is virtual bullying and intimidation. That is why you earned the insults.

  99. kenny white says:

    I told you vick. If you think the two are the same, it’s fine with me. I conceded it to you because you’re getting boring and i was hoping you would just accept the concession and leave it at that. As for “resigned.” I don’t type and i don’t see the words until i look up from the keyboard. I was starting to make a post the U.S. being a perpetual union, and then about Texas vs.White, and then how some think a State has a right to secede. It was going too far off topic and I changed it and that is why I said “The argument about State secession is long and varied,” and conceded the point to you.

    So, gee, I missed a word when I was rewriting. But never fear, there is always a spelling Nazi near. Thanks.for catching it for me, I fixed it, Would you like virtual hug or a pat on the head or something?

    Mirrors? Yes I have plenty of intact ones, Boxed and ready to go .Do you need some to replace your broken ones?

  100. martqbd says:

    The point will always be simple.
    Regardless of language, sexual orientation, color of skin, or religion.
    Coca-cola will take your money.

  101. martqbd says:

    I am learning that when a quip or cleaver remark cannot. Use inflammatory buzzwords.

  102. Vick says:

    No, there is such thing as a real American. The United States of America grounded in the principles laid out in the Constitution. Therefore, anyone citizenship who abides and defends the Constitution is a real American.

    As for English as the world language, psh. English is hardly coherent in this country, let alone in other places in the Anglophone world. Our education system is so shabby that the majority of high school graduates have a poor command of the English language. And many don’t even graduate high school so how good do you think their language is? English is a very complicated with a confusing orthography and very large vocabulary. I doubt the rest of the world will ever be able to be truly fluent and efficient in this language. It’ll just form into other other languages like Ebonics did.

  103. Vick says:

    The constitution has been translated into many language as well as every other important US document. The national anthem has also been translated and sung in many different languages as well.

    So being being hardcore far right is constitutes as the criteria for being a “real American”?

    The state of the country is only dreadful because of that 1/3 “real Americans”.

  104. Vick says:

    There actually is. Remember when Sebastien de la Cruz sang the national (in Engish) anthem at a Spurs game earlier this year?

  105. Vick says:

    You’re right, the author used the wrong word. How about bigotry?

  106. Vick says:

    Hey now, not all of us are like that. Only the Teapublicans are. With the nation slated to be minority-majority within a few decades, their rhetoric that’s putting them into power now is what will keep them out of power later.

  107. Vick says:

    Would bigot be more suitable for you?

  108. Vick says:

    Hoo-hah, you are delirious. I never said you can’t exercise your right to the first amendment. I have only been pointing out you are criticizing others for using their rights under the First Amendment.

    People will always speak different languages, deal with it. If Coca-Cola wants to pay for a multilingual commercial, it’s their right. Just as it is your right to contradict yourself and insult me.

    Your posts are not honoring the Constitution, you are simply using it.

  109. Vick says:

    First off, your grammar is bad.

    Second, some states “resigned”. They left! Gone! Buh-bye! Adios! The formed a new and short lived nation, the CSA. It was the same thing. Stop trying to change definitions to suit your own misguided ends. Sounds like you got a stock pile of intact mirrors as well, eh?

  110. kenny white says:

    no, one nation did not change into smaller parts. Some States resigned from the union of States.. Unions grow and shrink with changes in membership. This is different than say Germany breaking up. The argument about State secession is long and varied and not for this forum. If you think the two are the same, fine with me.

  111. kenny white says:

    I believe my posts exercising my free speech rights in this forum are supporting the constitution. I believe everyone criticizing the the coke video are excising theirs too. Or is it only your approved speech that is protected. Do you have a mirror,or are they all broken already?

  112. Vick says:

    No, I’m not saying it does nullify your point, which are also empty themselves. I’m just saying that language is not the most important factor when it comes to the prosperity and stability of a nation. It’s the “other things” which you just mentioned and in doing so, supported my claims. I owe you a pat on the back.

  113. Vick says:

    I thought upholding and defending the values of the Constitution is what made an American. I guess I still don’t get it.

    So, if we revised the First Amendment and removed that pesky freedom of speech clause and stipulated that you can only express yourself in English, we will all be better “Americans”?

    As long as the people in this country stand by the constitution, it wont matter what language is spoken. The nation will continue to survive and thrive as long as the Constitution remains relatively unaltered.

    Sadly, you and many of my other “fellow citizens” are showing me that America has its days numbered.

    Perhaps we can also change that whole democracy part too. It’s much easier and efficient to run a nation as a dictatorship. Think about all the money that is wasted on elections.

  114. melchior42 says:

    You can’t see that your empty retorts are examples of other things which have no bearing on my points. Yes people fight over things other than language. People fight over territory, religion, honor etc. But these facts do not at all nullify my points about language and culture. The fact that you don’t realize that is comical. Feel free to ramble on. I’m not wasting my time on here any longer.

  115. Vick says:

    Oooh, we have a language supremacist here. Perhaps we need a final solution to the language question, no?

  116. Vick says:

    But the vast majority are. Look up some Pew research stats.

  117. Vick says:

    How does speaking English maintain our standards and values? As for success, there are millions of Americans who speak only English and live on the bottom fringes of society with more and more people falling from the middle into the low. “Success in America”, indeed.

  118. Vick says:

    Well you can’t be so sure about that. Due to the poor education system and the low English proficiency skills of our own non-immigrant citizens, it’s quite possible the language will evolve into something quite different from the English that is spoken in other countries. English does not have a regulating body, so the many changes that occur in each specific English dominate country or region are not replicated elsewhere in the Anglophone world. Case and point, African American Vernacular aka Ebonics.

  119. Vick says:

    I suppose the government shut down of last year is the highlight of the one language efficiency theory, correct?

  120. Vick says:

    The Civil War is not an extreme example, you’re just making excuses. What’s the excuse for the Scottish Independence referendum that is being held later this year? Is this too extreme of an example? Both countries speak the ever so powerful and great unifying language of English. But that doesn’t seem to be helping. It didn’t stop Ireland from doing the same either. I guess I just “don’t get it”.

  121. Vick says:

    We certainly are not united. Me and you speaking the same language does not create any unity. What about honoring the constitution? Huh? Hows that sound? You know the First Amendment? I know it. I respect it and abide by it. You want unity? Lets start with supporting the Constitution. After all, it is the foundation of this country….

  122. Vick says:

    “divide, compartmentalize. to break up (as a region or group) into smaller and often hostile units.”

    “The civil war was not Balkanization because States were members of the larger Union by choice and none of the states were property of the Union itself.”

    I will be humble with you. Read your definitions over and over again. Recite them. Now tell me, did one nation break up into smaller parts?

  123. kenny white says:

    The commercial could have been great if it did one more thing at the end. It should have shown ALL the same people together singing America the Beautiful in our dominate language. That would have showed that no matter how different we are… we are all united.

  124. kenny white says:

    Balkanized took on a figurative meaning long ago. Apparently you missed it. Per, Merriam-Webster “divide, compartmentalize. to break up (as a region or group) into smaller and often hostile units.” Even the Urban Dictionary get it, “To fracture and waste something important, like a country, with something totally unimportant, like ethnic differences.”

    The civil war was not Balkanization because States were members of the larger Union by choice and none of the states were property of the Union itself.

    As far as my avatar. I didn’t pick an avatar. But if i did, i might pick a United States flag. Something that must bother you haters.

    As for running into you at a rehab clinic. I doubt it, I stopped answering your calls to sneak you some drugs. Sheesh, you’re in rehab for a reason, remember?

  125. Wachinagi says:

    I understand the sentiment, but have to ask, at what point did it become OK to be a conservative? Looking back over history, the conservatives have always taken an uneducated stance, and an immoral stance. Seriously, I ask; When did it become ok? I’m sure it wasn’t when the 2nd amendment was re-written to accommodate armed slave patrols. I’m sure it wasn’t during the conservative attempts to maintain slavery. I’m sure it wasn’t during the founding of the KKK by conservatives. I’m sure it wasn’t during the bombings of churches with children in them, the hanging of young innocent men. It wasn’t when the conservatives stood up to women who wanted to vote. It wasn’t when they opposed minimum wage and child labor laws. It wasn’t when they opposed separation of church and state. I wasn’t when they supported the war in Vietnam. Throughout history, conservatives has opposed the rights and freedoms of anyone who was “Not them”. Currently they are actively trying to make anyone who disagrees with them “An enemy of the state” (Hello….McCarthy? Your second coming is here) “Liberals are the devil, the antichrist, they’re trying to destroy America, they are actively plotting against our ideals! These are dangerous people!” (And yet conservatives oppose fire-arms bans and control laws…? Seems like you wouldn’t want these crazy dangerous liberals to have access to guns…?) Maybe it’s just me, but I have to agree with the no sense of history part. If immigrants should learn the language, then conservatives should all be speaking Cherokee. The song (Written by a lesbian who LEFT the GOP when it became conservative) isn’t even the national anthem, and yet conservatives jump all over it as though it was treason to sing it like that. Ignore all that. Just think on this. If everything conservatives have tried (And failed) to do over the years is to oppress anyone they view as different, what do you think they’re trying to do today? I’m sure those who supported slavery etc. didn’t think of themselves as evil. They only see it in hindsight. (The liberals of the day saw it clearly enough) Perhaps…just MAYBE….same issues? Not being able to see that what conservatives today are trying to do is just as evil? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8JsRx2lois

  126. RobiZ says:

    I disagree. You see some who claim to be Republican hate this, and you see many claiming to be Republican like this. You cannot assume that all against this ad are Republicans. Was it not liberal or Democrats who blasted Romney for the family photo with his adopted African-American grandson? I guess they prefer keeping him out of family photos. That would be the less racist thing to do; act ashamed of him. Which party of bigots trashed Tamara Mowry for marrying a black man? Some even stating that in the past they had to pay you, and now you’re giving it to the white man for free.
    I’ve seen comments from some immigrants who were upset with it not being sung in English too. No I’m sure that the people who hated the idea of the song being sung in other languages came from both political parties. We need to not make this political.
    I am happy to see that much fewer are angry over the gay couple in the ad.