Racists explode at Coke for Super Bowl ad singing “America the Beautiful” in foreign languages

In an effort to make up for the company’s disastrous sponsorship of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Coca-Cola decided to run a feel-good, diversity-laden Super Bowl commercial, with lots of real Americans singing “America the Beautiful.”

In Spanish.

And then a number of other not-god-d*mn-English languages.


Putting aside for a moment the fact that Olympic security are detaining gay dissidents in Russia, and handing them over to the Russian police, while sporting Coca-Cola’s logo all over their security uniforms, Coke’s ad isn’t bad. It’s actually quite nice (if you can ignore the fact that Coke has decided to sponsor, and then defend, the arrest of human rights activists outside of America the beautiful).

But it was a sure bet that America’s bigots would freak out over one of our national anthems (well, at the very least an unofficial one), being sung in other languages, including – dum dum DUM – Spanish.

UPDATE: Among conservatives now freaking out is none other than Glenn Beck, who appears to think that Coke designed the ad to make Republicans look bad.  Of course, all of this has made conservatives look bad, but not for the reason they think.

You’ll recall that we had similar racist eruptions over an adorable Mexican-American boy singing the national anthem during the NBA finals, and when American singer Marc Anthony was lambasted for singing “God bless America” while Latino (it seems major league baseball fans were unfamiliar with the fact that Puerto Rico, while brown, is still part of the United States).

The only way things could have gone worse for Coke is if they had the national anthem sung by an inter-racial girl eating Cheerios.

Here’s a smattering of the racist response on – where else? – YouTube, land of the bigoted and home of the bravely intolerant:

by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.11.19-PM coke super bowl ad 2014 controversy america the beautiful video

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that, of all the reasons we went into Iraq and Afghanistan, and lost nearly 7,000 American lives do so, stopping “America the Beautiful” from being translated into Spanish was not one of them.


Because Americans don’t speak foreign languages?

by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.07.17-PM by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.05.25-PM

He doesn’t care if they have Hispanics or Arabs singing.  Mighty white of him.coke super bowl ad 2014 controversy america the beautiful video

Well, actually it’s not officially our national language, though unofficially it is.by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.04.00-PM

I’m pretty sure the entire point was picking a patriotic song.by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.03.51-PM by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.03.40-PM

Yeah, how dare they show people who aren’t white in  TV commercials.coke super bowl ad 2014 controversy america the beautiful video

Oh where to begin with this Mensa graduate?


Perhaps you could find a stronger word in another language?by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.02.56-PM

Well, it’s not REALLY the national anthem, that’s the Star Stangled Banner.coke super bowl ad 2014 controversy america the beautiful video

Punctuation is your friend.

by-default-2014-02-02-at-9.01.43-PM coke super bowl ad 2014 controversy america the beautiful video by-default-2014-02-02-at-8.59

It should only be sang in proper English.

There were a lot of people who got the point of the ad, and sadness of the moment:


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1,064 Responses to “Racists explode at Coke for Super Bowl ad singing “America the Beautiful” in foreign languages”

  1. pepjrp says:

    No it implies that he is speaking about all that consider themselves Americans first…Black ..anyone of Hispanic or Asian descent. for example, who is American born would also be included. You and Sarah assumed he was only referring to Whites. And incidentally, for the most part, I like the video. I love foreign languages as well. But I also like the truth to always come out.

  2. DN says:

    The point of this commercial ,at least in my opinion, is to bring all the different cultures together. This commercial is in no way disrespectful. It’s just bringing attention to all the different people living in the U.S. These are obviously languages that some people in the U.S. speak so why not put them in a commercial. When you say that everyone in the U.S. should learn English, you sound stupid to an extent. Why can’t you learn their language? In other countries they learn English, but we can’t even take the time to learn their language. So what if a patriotic song is sung in a different language. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s normal for someone to speak a language that isn’t English. It really irks me when people make comments like this and give a defense like it’s not our culture. Last time I checked, our culture is a mixture of the cultures that immigrants bring with them, and if those immigrants bring different languages, we should at least have the decency to acknowledge and respect those languages instead of becoming angry when they decide to sing an American song in their language. All I’m trying to say is that people in the U.S. are not all the same and we should at least try to tolerate our differences. If you are still upset with this “controversial” commercial, you need to get over yourself.

  3. Roger U says:

    You, as an individual, don’t have to control the land today because the settlers instituted a political and legal system to control it. In other words, the land is under the control of that system, and you can maintain ownership as long as you adhere to the laws of that system.

  4. mohit says:

    Since she said 1.7 million men and women have died for this country and the fact that shes mad at a multicultural – non-white ad, it is implied that shes talking about white men & women dying for the country

  5. mohit says:

    U have to control the land in order to settle down there? So if tomorrow I want to come to America and settle down there, from where do I have to start to control it ? You are the epitome of what’s wrong with the world today!

  6. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Perhaps you ignored part of my post. I am also half European, or should I say, as you do, I’m European American. If I choose to describe part of my family as cold, I can.

  7. Moderator3 says:

    Is jumping to conclusions a strong suit of the right?

  8. pepjrp says:

    The overwhelming majority of people in the US from Mexico are nothing like you say. You should be very ashamed on that point.

  9. pepjrp says:

    I don’t defend all of his comments, you appear to be pretty racist and bigoted yourself, much as you would deny it. But of course, your posts will be left up since you are on the same side of hate as Moderator4. But this comment may be deleted quickly as Freedom of Speech is not the left’s strong suit.

  10. pepjrp says:

    Where did he say they all were White? I don’t see it.

  11. pepjrp says:

    I get your point, but technically, we are Native-born.

  12. pepjrp says:

    The country was built by slaves…. I see someone who was sleeping in American History.

  13. Moderator3 says:

    Since this is your first post here, I’ll let it stand. Posting in all capital letters is consider rude all through the internet. Please do not do it again.

  14. RB says:


  15. Roger U says:

    I don’t understand your comment. Are you disagreeing that they were conquerers or settlers? In order to settle you have to first control the land you want to settle.

  16. feedup says:

    conquered?? How was america discovered by settlers when it was already inhabited by native americans? they came in rape and murder people…stole what was not theirs and in order not to be judge for what they were they called themselves settlers…ignorant a**

  17. feedup says:

    @ donnie im curious to know your nationality….whatever it is its not american american…..I do not care who stole what country or war blah blah…the truth of the matter is that majority of “american” have a nationality in front of the word american… Just because some assholes stole land from the NATIVE americans doesnt mean this is your country. This country was built by slaves…so the ones who so called created america just took credit….change the song to america the bullies

  18. sameoldsong says:

    Solutreans, look it up. Whites here first. Everyone else out!!

  19. sameoldsong says:

    solutreans, look it up. whites here first. everyone else OUT!!!

  20. sameoldsong says:

    sickening how they try to destroy the USA and genocide the white race and they call us Racist. Sickening.

  21. Sarah says:

    Not everyone who has fought for this country has been white, so therefore they are also fighting for their (this) country. Open your eyes

  22. Shannon says:

    You guys are all a bunch of fucking idiots. Unless your relatives now
    live on reservations, you are not a native-born “American” either. Learn
    to read, learn to think, & at least pretend to practice the values
    of the religion you pretend to cherish so much.

  23. Mike says:

    You idiots are stupid and racist. This is a great superbowl advertisement, apparently none of you know the real value of culture which there is none left anymore in america you racist bastards.

  24. tommv123 says:

    Also I was in the military and I lost my leg while fighting

  25. tommv123 says:

    The point of the commercial was to show that the United States is filled with people of different cultures and that we are all united and citizens of a beautiful country.

  26. Moderator4 says:

    He is a racist and he is banned, Mike_in_the_Tundra.
    We are leaving his comments up so that others can take note that there are still people around who think like this.

  27. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I really had no idea how big a racist you are. I followed your posts back to the American R______________. I will not print the whole name. Let the other racists find it on their own. I must say I was impressed by the blog. It’s not often you find a blog where Google refuses to advertise. That has to be bad, and it is.

    Now about your precious British Isles. They were savages until the Romans arrived. Well they were savages based on your measuring skills. North of Hadrian’s Wall, they remained savages after that.

    Thanks to Alexander the Great (bless his little homosexual heart), much of the Middle East’s civilization was brought back to Europe. He had a lot to do with bringing the influence of Egypt to Europe. Egypt’s in Africa isn’t it? Oh my.

    The civilization in India was often way ahead of Europe’s. China’s civilization danced circles around the Europeans.

    Since you so love the British Isles, I thought I would share with you. I’m half Irish. I just found them to be a cold people compared to my Latino family. Of course, that is probably just them.

  28. antiquesunlight says:

    None of that has anything to do with what I said. They might have been racially the same people before Europeans mixed with some of them, but that is something totally different from saying they were the same people culturally. Mexicans had little or no significant cultural interaction with North American Indians, and Mexican people played zero part in the founding of America. They do have a role in the story of the Southwest, but that’s it.

    As you say, Central and South Americans had very different (and more advanced) civilizations than the North American Indians. PC textbook writers and all try real hard to gloss over the fact that Indian civilizations were way behind the rest of the world, but they can only cover up the facts so much. By the 15th century CE, Central American civilizations had managed to progress to something approaching the standards of the Ancient Mid East. Most North American Indians were still hunter gatherers or had primitive tribal societies. It is no exaggeration to say that Europeans were at *least* 1000 years ahead of any Indian peoples in the world, probably more like 2000+ years in many cases. If you doubt that, all you have to do is a Google image search and compare 15th century Tenochtitlan (Aztec capital) with Ancient Rome, Ancient Athens, or Persepolis. (Obviously, they are all reconstructions, but they are based on ruins and textual evidence.) While the Aztecs were figuring out how to write in the 14 and 1500s, the Ancient Greeks had produced Thales, Democritus, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Epicurus ~2000 years earlier. If you compare Tenochtitlan with contemporary European civilizations, the difference is even more stunning.

    Now, none of that is really to the original point, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to point it out since you seem to think that the reason Indians weren’t advanced is because Europeans held them down. The truth is that contact with Europeans enhanced and modernized Indian civilizations, even in the case of the English colonies which were themselves developing and therefore unspectacular. (A small example is farm tools the English sold to Indians.) There is no way to reasonably deny this.

  29. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Oh, this is just too good. From where do you think the people of Mexico come? I agree that Mexicans had more of an advance society than the First Americans were allowed to have by the Europeans. The only difference between Mexicans and First Americans in the U.S.A. is that Europeans DNA is present in some Mexicans. Mexican babies often have Mongolian spots as do the First Americans and Asians.

  30. antiquesunlight says:

    Not really. No doubt they were to some small extent, but the peoples of Mexico were quite different from the Indians of North America. The Indians came from the north from Asia and migrated downwards. Any migration back north was minimal. Nowadays, people try to equate North American Indians with Mexican and Central American peoples to try to justify the vast illegal Mexican immigration that is taking place. But it is unjustifiable. They had totally different cultures.
    America was built by the English, so we speak English.

  31. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Mexico is in America. They were “flooding” into the continental United States long before the European colonies. Perhaps Spanish should be The official language of the U.S.A. Their colonies were in present day California.

  32. antiquesunlight says:

    But it describes much of Mexico and many of the Mexicans flooding into America.

  33. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You seem to forget what was happening on the West Coast. My ancestors were busy establishing colonies there. According to you, we were poor and violent, which does not describe my family at all.

  34. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Talk about having a plank in your eye. I pointed out a fact. You accused a whole group of people thusly: “All you guys spew is hate , you claim EVERYONE who doesnt agree with your views is a racist , bigot or ignorant.” I left your punctuation uncorrected in order to have a quotation. You said this about an entire group of people. Have you met everyone in that group?

    If you plan to quote people, quote them correctly. I did write the word hate, but not in all capital letters. If I wanted to emphasize a word, I would have used html code and written it in bold.

    I find it mind boggling that you can’t see the hate in your writing: “When did the left become so hateful?” You are painting an entire group of people with a very broad stroke. What is your motivation?

  35. Roger U says:

    Our ancestors weren’t immigrants, they were settlers who conquered the Indians and now its our land. To the victor go the spoils.

  36. Donnie says:

    Mike you prove my point exactly … “My comment is spilling over with HATE”… you guys love that word dont you. Show me the hate in my comments . I dont hate anyone , i disagree with the Left but i dont hate them. You can disagree with someone and not hate them. The only hate i see … is the left HATE the right.

  37. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Your comment is a real head shaker. It’s spilling over with hate, as you pontificate about the left’s hate.

  38. Donnie says:

    Samuel A. Ward did not write America the Beautiful. He composed the music. Katharine Lee Bates wrote the song. I think you need to educate yourself before you start calling people ignorant. When did the left become so hateful? All you guys spew is hate , you claim EVERYONE who doesnt agree with your views is a racist , bigot or ignorant. There is NOTHING ignorant about being patriotic and respecting our country , culture and history.

  39. Illuminatiagent says:

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  40. Donnie says:

    Would you like to enlighten me why? Or are you just going to act like the typical lefty and try to bully and call names with zero intelligent thought process?

  41. Sarah says:

    Your must be the stupidest person on here.

  42. Lorna K says:

    wow…i hope you all realize that native american’s are the only true Americans the rest of you are technically the sons and daughters of immigrants so i don’t get why there’s so much controversy surrounding this ad…present day colonialism #sigh

  43. Donnie says:

    Why do we have to accept disrespect but no other country has to? It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with Respect for this country. We respect every country out their , but we could care less about our own? Thats asinine , why cant we get the respect every other country gets? You say : ” Patriotism and respect for a country has nothing to do with language.” well every country out there disagrees with you. In the Olympics at the Medal ceremony they play the medalists countries anthem sung in their language. Not the language of the country the venue was in. They do this out of RESPECT. The whole world knows it , but i guess our lovely PC liberal population doesnt.

  44. antiquesunlight says:

    What are you talking about? My ancestors come from the Isles. So what? That has nothing to do with multiculturalism. But America was largely a British society for a while. Even now in the South (where I’m from), the English/Scotch-Irish inheritance is evident. I’d be happy if it stayed that way. If I wanted to live around a bunch of poor violent people, I’d move to Mexico.

  45. helen says:

    well said

  46. helen says:

    oh wow…its so sad to see how ignorant people are. what is wrong with a country that has so many cultures and ethnicity? who talks about racism in 2014????? people are reaching the stars and we still talk about race and religion. these are the saddest comments ive ever read.

    if this is the case then all the americans that are working in arab countries HAVE TO LEARN AND SPEAK ARABIC because this is our language and theres is no way in hell that we will allow them to speak in english or translate anything we say, read or sing in english :/ grow the fuck up

  47. Jean says:

    I am in total agreement with you that the majority of people in the US speak English. It still is not the official language..There is even a citizens group working to make English the official language

  48. Colin Curtis says:

    Jean you must be on house arrest in the projects if you really just said English isn’t the official language in the US. The United States have 229 Million English speaking citizens. Next up is Spanish with 35 Million….and then Chinese languages make up 2.6 Million. Dude, your so wrong its not even funny.

  49. Donnie says:

    Hey Martin according to your theory EVERYONE on EVERY continent is an immigrant including the “native Americans”. A war was fought for this country and land , agree with it or not but that’s the way country boarders were acquired in those days , by war. Then another was fought to make it The United States of America.History and culture have been established building this country. Martin if you want to so easily give that up then i think you need to evaluate your choice of a avatar. Nobody is being racist or being a bigot , we are simply asking to respect this country the way they think their country deserves respect. See most of the World understands , at the Olympics when a person wins a gold medal they play their national anthem and sing it in THEIR language , not the language of the venue. It is only our own ignorant politically correct society who find it no big deal. I know “America the Beautiful” is not our national anthem , but it is a very patriotic, respectful United states of America song. See Martin there is a reason you don’t fly a United States of America flag upside down , let it touch the ground or burn it …its called RESPECT and HONOR.I know these are two words are society don’t really relate to very well. Obviously everyone not offended by this commercial has never been in the military. They would Honor the Flag , the constitution and its history,cultures and songs more then they do today. Martin freedom was not free. 1.7 of my brothers and sisters have died for you to sit their and disrespect this country. Martin the fix would have been REAL simple , Coca Cola could have had the same foreigners and immigrants sing the same song in American English. That would have show the diversification of the United States and Coca Cola , but also would have shown that immigrants and foreigners embrace and respect American cultures , language and songs instead of the United States having to conform to their language. PC liberals will never see it. But lets face it , PC liberals are not who are fighting wars for this country and sacrificing the ultimate. Soldiers give you your freedom , you just want to stand around and bitch about how unfair everything is. You people need to wake up and learn some American History.

  50. Martin C says:

    Speaking of lunacy…did you know that Sam A. Ward ( you know, the guy that wrote the song) has English ancestors? Damn Brits thinking they could find a new way of life in ‘Murica. Unless of course you think the US and England have the same culture? You are an ignorant person and should be ashamed…

  51. Martin C says:

    Please. Just. Stop. Your ignorance of what America is and isn’t is beyond stupid. Everyone in America is from somewhere else, unless of course you happen to be NATIVE American, so just stop. You sound like a dunce who failed history. Jesus.

  52. Brenden says:

    All I have to say is that most of the posts against this commercial confuse “America the Beautiful” with our national anthem. Shows how patriotic y’all are, and most of the languages spoken in the video like Spanish, French, or my favorite Keres (Hopi – Native American) are all cultures that make up our own “American Culture”. And Yes Hopi the Native American language is, I should say, a TRUE American language. Does that count?

  53. Donnie says:

    Coca Cola you need to stick with syrup and water. You know nothing about the history of the United States of America or how to respect it. Your founder John Stith Pemberton did but you no longer do. Its a shame you would take a hem like “America the beautiful” and totally disrespect it. 1.7 million men and women have died for this country.The United States of America has a History and culture as well. Way to totally disrespect it. I know you are a company with a Turkish CEO living in New York and hired a New York based advertisement company to produce the commercial. Most of America do not share New York , California and Washington’s views. Lets see what shareholders have to say at the end of this quarter.

  54. antiquesunlight says:

    You’ve missed the point. We’re no longer a melting pot. We used to be a melting pot, because everyone melted together into one American culture. That’s no longer the case. Now we tell Mexicans that it’s great to be culturally Mexican and speak Spanish, and we say similar things to other immigrants. That is nothing other than stupid. It’s the exact opposite of a melting pot.

  55. antiquesunlight says:

    Well said. Multiculturalism is complete lunacy.

  56. antiquesunlight says:

    It doesn’t have to imply something bad, but it does imply something bad here, because the point of this commercial clearly is that multiculturalism is a wonderful force for progress, and that who cares if we can’t understand each other and have nothing in common, we’re all Americans anyway… Pure nonsense.

  57. Ignornaceissad says:

    What if an English person, from England, where the official language is English sang America the Beautiful too? Do you see the irony here? Patriotism and respect for a country has nothing to do with language. Why does people singing a song in a different language have to imply something bad? Can’t people appreciate America?

  58. Pat says:

    How does wanting America the Beautiful sung in the official American language make one a racist. Read all the posts you used and only one mentions a race of white. Your article is antagonistic and accuses people who don’t agree with you as racist. It is ok if we disagree, don’t call me names.
    I don’t care what color or gender any of the singers were, americans are all different colors, there are jerks in every color, just like there are great people.
    In my opinion, people who falsely accuse other people of being a racist, are themselves racist, as they accuse people because of their color without proof.

  59. joseph2004 says:

    Coke isn’t in the business of promoting English as a common denominator in America. Many people fear that English is being promoted as just another language, not the language of the US. For Coke, it’s about selling as many Coca-Cola products as it can, and the one thing we can infer from Coke is that it has a handle on the demographics of language. Like the Spanish-language networks that broadcast in the US, Coke has figured out that there are a lot of people here who would rather speak and hear their own language than they would English. Coke’s just riding a trend to higher profits.
    But if you think about it terms of what’s in the best interests of anyone living in the US, then learning to speak English has to be at or near the top of the to-do list. Otherwise, what have you got? All you have to do is wake up this next morning and pretend that you can neither speak nor read English. What do you take for granted?
    And yet, it would seem that merely making the above claim about English being the glue that holds this country and its people together is considered by many these days here in America as arrogant and rude. Even more, some are saying it’s tantamount to screaming “I HATE FOREIGNERS AND IMMIGRANTS!” at the tops of our lungs. Well it isn’t. Let’s not take common sense views about English as central to who we are and convert them into just more intolerance.

  60. Catherine Zolciak says:

    I am absolutely floored at the amount of hate spewed over a commercial. I am a white woman and understand that American was build on and from immigrants, hence it’s affectionate name, “The melting pot”. In addition, so many of these God fearing Americans fail to realize America was a land founded long before my people came to this land. So I ask, who are the real immigrants? We are Americans no matter the language, religion, race, ethnicity, creed or color. We are one race, the human race. I SUPPORT COKE

  61. FCN says:

    hey-as someone who has been SUPER-banned from posting at KSAT (for no reason other than I doin’t “lean” in the proper direction)… why do you even bother taking on those morons? The whole station is like that.I never have said or dsone anything ban-able,watch out for Angela KIm(currently avatar is huge set of spike heels) and Crat Trasher-they have some sort of secret in with the station-they have the ability to delete your comments et al.Trust me they victimized me to the point of illegality on that site. If I were you I would make your profile private. I learned the hard way-they will follow you anywhere.They used to stalk me all the way to CNN.Just do this as a test.– post this question: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO TXGEEKYGIRL??(that’s me) and I bet you will get firebombed with response from a few. -.KSAT hates me! The station sends my phone number to VM if I call them! TAKE CARE OVER THERE! I am going to delete this comment after I think you have read it. You would catch h88ll if they thought you were talking to me. I am not kidding!

  62. Free_Land says:

    AS A VETERAN OF THE VIETNAM ERA. I AM A FIRM BELIEVER, THAT WE ARE ALL EQUAL, ACROSS THIS EARTH. AND FOR ANYONE TO ADMIRE OUR GREAT LAND, IF OF GREAT ACCEPTANCE, IN MY MIND. (people only learn, or are taught to hate from a young age, for they know, no other way) d.o.b. 1946….any questions?

  63. kenny white says:

    Picking this spot to educate you about racism in Los Angeles.

    Koreans – will not hire blacks. Maybe in the hood but not in L.A. Koreatown. They haven’t forgotten the L.A. Riots when they were specifically targeted. They will hire hispanics. I have great Korean friends. My black GF doesn’t like then because they always disrespect her. They don’t care that she is a doctor. The man is still the boss.
    Chinatown – will not hire blacks – or Koreans. But will hire hispanics.
    Mexicans – will not hire other hispanics. Not Guatemalans , not El Salvadorans. none. Guatemalans will not hire Mexicans. It works both ways. Mexicam are the largest block and they discriminate the most against other hispanics. HOWEVER, that seem to be more recent arrivals. Not old school Vato’s. You will find older Mexicans here show don’t speak Spanish because their migrant parents in the 1940/50’s or so, wanted then to speak only english.

    Go to most fast food places in South Central and you find only hispanics working. Go to the Slauson Swapmeet (a warehouse turned in to swapmeet style. 1600 Slauson. Inside pic. http://tinyurl.com/o7hf9oc Smack dab in the middle of the blackest section of Los angeles and only one or two black employees in the entire place; all Chinese, Koreans or Vietnamese.

    Indians run the 7-11 and cheap hotels. They only hire Indians or Hispanics. Some Pakistani own a few gas stations – same pakistanis or hispanics.
    Thailand- Thaitown restaurants only hire Thai’s. Girls fly in from Thailand for 3 months or so, work under the table for less than min wage, and return home with two years worth of money in Thai Baht

    Vietnamese – only hire Vietnamese and hispanics. when those Vietnamese nail salon girls are giggling and talking to each other in their own language (and making $60K,) they are talking about your ugly feet (not meaning you specifically)

    Being Hollywood there are a obviously a lot of gays here. The things that gay males say about lesbians and female body parts, and the same from lesbian about gay man, and what both say, and it’s even worse about Bi’s. I can’t repeat here.

    There was a Mexican gang that was ethnic cleansing their neighborhood of all black people a few years back. http://tinyurl.com/k9gcw5e

    The Russians, Armenians, Ukrainians, Christian Iranians, and Muslims stick to their own. except , everyone will hire hispanics, and the most discrimination by all those non-white races above is against blacks.

    This is were i live, i’m a minority among these minorities. I can mingle among all of them because we have one thing in common, English. The above noted discrimination and racism is what they don’t teach you in college when they are trying to teach you the white man’s guilt.

  64. kenny white says:

    Where in it does it show the united part? No one was shown together. Show the Jewish person and Muslim women holding hands and drinking coke and let’s see how that would have went over globally. They most certainly wouldn’t have the nerve to show that unity. The Actors? The first actors usually think about is getting a big part to work in a coke commercial. Actors will do many things they don’t believe it as so long as they have a part. I don’t know what they think and neither do you. You and another poster said all the actors speak english… doh! I wonder why they do that? Don’t think too hard on that one, i don’t have the time to wait. ;)

    I never projected racist ideas on the makers, stop projecting your personal issues. It wouldn’t be the first time a commercial didn’t convey the creators intent. My assumption that most of the people who liked it were homogeneous white areas who thing they know about different cultures is because 1) most of the country is white, 2) and a large number have no friends of other races. (And going to college and meeting a few doesn’t count.) You appear to have expose yourself as a a bigot though. A bigot against the rural population your post projects you think are beneath you. As for racism, too many idealists having been taught by social progressives professors who live in academia bubble, You think you know about racism. You have no clue. Having lived for decades in one of the most racially diverse areas in the country has given me keen insight into to recognizing clueless idealists. I’m going to clue you up to racism in Los Angeles in my next post.

  65. kenny white says:

    LOL Vietnamese just off the boat doing nails at a busy salon in Southern CA can make $60-$80K and have no school loan debt. School loan debt is $1 Trillion, and it is crushing people just as they are starting out with their lives. I feel sorry for the ones who go suckered into it.

    The school loan debt is higher than all revolving credit debt, and is holding back the country’s economic recovery, and holding back young adults from buying things on additional credit. Indeed dot com has a botanist’s salary at $51K. Half of your claim. Librarians are close at $47K, but the question is how much did it cost the student? The context of my point was the school loan cost relative to the Job. You missed the context and went off on your diatribe, why again?

  66. Tripoli says:

    A single language would not have defended them against superior weaponry or diseases for which they had no resistances.

    Prior to the invasion of the Americas, the American Indian people did just fine. Many WERE united (Seven Nations ring a bell?), and yet they still had their own dialects, languages & customs.

    Your whole “cultural supremacy” spiel is flawed in many ways, and I’m not sure why you can’t see that.

  67. Tripoli says:

    Says the person who judges with each post, and implies that he is somehow a “judge of Truth and Knowledge.”

  68. Tripoli says:

    That 40% statistic you cited (citation needed, by the way) is likely so high due to the fact that many rural areas of the US – which makes up over 60% of the nation – are not as culturally or racially diverse as the metropolitan areas. Not to mention the fact that some states (like Mississippi & Arkansas) have high amounts of institutionalized racism.

    That video does not promote “separate but equal.” It promotes “different but united.” There is a difference, and it is disingenuous to project racist ideals on the makers of the video, when they were obviously trying to do the exact opposite.
    Your assumption that so many people who liked the video are white people in homogeneous white areas is based entirely on baseless presumption. What about the non-whites in the video itself? Don’t you think they agree with its sentiment?

  69. kenny white says:

    Tripoli says, “Projection & petty insults won’t get you anywhere.”

    Sure they do, who’s getting all the action here? Insults have proven to increase responses by 5 fold. I only fight with people who want to fight.

    You don’t seen to mind the insult in the headline of the article. That’s probably because you agree with it. Your silence on it says volumes. I want to see a united america, you it appears, and the author too, want a separate but equal one as shown in the video. We got rid of separate but equal 50 years ago. Sad to see that many here are cool again with separate but equal.

  70. kenny white says:

    CA is liberal and Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has one of the highest drop out rate in the country. As for any of your other claims. They are simply unfounded opinions without reference. I have no idea what brain washing you have been through. I don’t know if the facts are getting in your way because you haven’t proven you have a grasp of the facts.

  71. kenny white says:

    Sorry, you really don’t get that it’s not about a particular language. That was spoon feed to you. Try a little higher level thinking. (not an insult, you’re still stuck on the specific language) Here is the america I live, where do you live? The video shows a diverse america – one I see and interact with everyday in Hollywood, CA

    In just one small corner shopping center here we have Indians,(7-11) Russians (smoke shop), Koreans (hair) whites and hispanics (dominos pizza) Japanese (sushi) Armenians (Kababs) Chinese (cleaner) Hispanic (subway) Chinese (Food) Hispanic (food.) There was a Vietnamese nail salon, and i don’t know who ran the Pot clinic that closed. I live that commercial every single day. A black guy runs a computer business and a small music studio. My GF is black, so that just about fills it all in. The degree of knowledge of English on that corner ranges from perfect to very little. The common language is English. The Chinese don’t try to speak Hindi, the Hindi don’t try to speak Russian. MS-13 claims the hood, and they speak english (and Spanish of course – Spanish is the general second language here)

    Pick anyone from that coke video and.you can find someone similar within walking distance of my home.(drive to Hollywood hills to see a horse.). A study reported that 40% of american have no friend of an different race. That probably carried through to posters here too. I wonder how many of those 40% are here posting about loving the “separate but equal” visual images in that video, but who also don’t have to interface with multiple nationalities everyday.

    Yea, it’s so cool when white people live in an homogeneous area and think the video is cool, but it’s a lot different when you live it. Here In the middle of the salad bowel, everyone wants to speak english. You say everyone in the video speaks english, wouldn’t it have been great to end it showing all of them united, singing it in english… celebrating our individual cultures yet united together as one America?

  72. FUFatherEisenman says:

    The case in point is the American English language is continuously changing from the queens English. I wonder why you pointed out Ebonics? (Look up a history of Ebonics it is a good read). I thought maybe an example of honey boo boo would be more appropriate. Even Pennsylvania Dutch. Youse come see us or you’uns. We’se be back. Lazy English. English will always be Americas language.

  73. Tripoli says:

    Botany & Library Sciences are meaningless? I suppose they are, to someone doesn’t consider advances in food production, pesticides, medicine, education or literacy important.
    (Of course, if they really are meaningless, why do botanists make six figures a year, and librarians average over $50k a year?)

    You want a meaningless degree, you get one of those $100 degrees from Patriot University (Kent Hovind’s alma mater). You can get an unaccredited Theology degree, or a doctorate in “Biblical Sciences” that won’t be recognized by anyone outside of creationist groups.

  74. Tripoli says:

    Projection & petty insults won’t get you anywhere; it just makes you look desperate & childish.
    That goes for both of you.

  75. Tripoli says:

    And that’s why 9 of the 10 worst educated states in the US are conservative states, and the 10 best are all “liberal,” eh? And why most of the successful entrepeneurs & billionaires in the US all attended the “liberal” public schools?
    I suppose there’s the alternative in homeschooling from people such as Andy Schlafly, which is so “superior” to the “liberal education system” that it teaches exactly zero actual facts or marketable skills, instead relying entirely on historical revisionism, pseudoscience & right-wing media instead of things like science, history & social studies.

    Of course, the most educated countries in the world (and those with the best quality of life) are notoriously liberal, to the point of making the US Democrat party center-right compared to the rest of the developed world.
    But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of your prejudice.

  76. Tripoli says:

    Why not speak one of the Native American languages, then?
    Are you unaware that the US has NO official language? You are apparently also unaware that the overwhelming majority of immigrants DO speak English, including (surprise!) every single person in that commercial.

    I suppose you think being a “real American” means throwing away your cultural identity, language, and heritage & becoming just like everyone else. Am I right?
    You might as well push to outlaw foreign-language classes in the US, ban people from speaking anything other than English even in ethnic-majority neighbourhoods & the privacy of their own homes, and ban any cultural celebrations & expressions not strictly American.
    Wait, this sounds familiar… much like modern Russia, China, and North Korea, in fact.

    Why do you want to turn the US into a nationalist-totalitarian state? Why do you hate the multi-cultural, diverse melting-pot it was originally meant to be? What is your secret agenda of wanting to make us culturally stagnant, Kenny?

  77. Tripoli says:

    So, you believe that all immigrants should give up their language, culture & heritage when moving to a new country? Did your family completely give up speaking their native language when they moved here? Did they throw out everything they had from their original heritage? Did they change their names to English ones, instead of keeping their “foreign” ones? If not, then you’re being a bit of a hypocrite.

    You DO know that the US does not have an official national language, right? The people who first came to the US didn’t bother to learn the language, but forced theirs on to the native people, as well.

    The only “division” in the US regarding language & culture is between hardcore nationalists (including their racist brethren), and the rest of the US.
    Multiple languages & cultures co-exist in major cities like New York, LA, and Philadelphia, even in the same neighbourhoods, and there is no “division” between them despite maintaining their cultural heritages & speaking their own languages alongside English.

    Of course, every person in the commercial is a legal US citizen, and every one of them speaks English fluently (some as a first language). At least one was speaking a Native American language, which is arguably MORE American than speaking English.
    To me, the commercial seemed to be showing that the US is beautiful because of its cultural diversity. But maybe I was too busy paying attention to context, rather than obsessing over what paranoid xenophobes could read into it. (Note that some of the same people complaining about this ad also complained about the interracial family in the Cheerios ad.)

  78. Tripoli says:

    Interesting; I was not aware that there ever was an official language of the US.
    There’s certainly no government record of such, nor any historical account of the US government declaring an official language.
    And considering the many historical accounts of segregation against Native Americans, blacks, Irish, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Russians, and Chinese throughout the nation’s history, I’d say the attempts to “create a commonality among people” failed catastrophically.

    Of course, there are places in the US where they’ve been speaking the same non-English languages since before the US gained independence (Creole French in Louisiana, German in areas of Pennsylvania, Spanish in California & Texas), and they STILL speak those languages, even amongst families who have been American citizens for generations.

  79. Tripoli says:

    Er… the early Americans spoke a mix of English, French, Spanish, and German (with smatterings of other languages thrown in). Most of them did not give up those languages when /if they learned English.
    Besides, the US does not have an official “National Language.”

    One side of my family has been here since before the colonists (heavy Cherokee ancestry). Why did the colonists not learn the native language? Partially for the same reason certain Americans refuse to learn or accept any languages besides English: it’s easier to force someone to assimilate with you, than to make the effort yourself.

    The song was meant to make the diversity & mixed cultures of America more blatant, not to “divide” the nation. That would not be profitable to Coca-Cola as a company, and also implies a corporate conspiracy of ridiculous proportions.

    Language has nothing to do with “shared principles” or values. I’ve lived in multicultural communities most of my life. Yes, people from the various cultures mix & share community ideals & such, but they also tend to preserve their own heritage & cultural identities while simultaneously becoming part of the greater whole. That’s why NYC has Halal shawarma restaurants next to Italian-owned pizza places & Kosher bagel shops, all on the same block.
    And all those business owners speak English, as well as their own native languages.
    Your folly is in implying that assimilation requires surrendering of one’s cultural & linguistic heritage; rather, that “only one culture” sort of thinking leads to cultural stagnation. Assimilation should go BOTH ways – in the immigrants learning the language & culture of the place they’re living enough to function in that society, and the society itself adapting to the influx of new ideas & cultural changes.

  80. kenny white says:

    Thank you for your link and your well thought out post, Goulo. The video shows a diverse america – one I see and interact with everyday in Hollywood, CA

    In just one small corner shopping center here we have Indians,(7-11) Russians (smoke shop), Koreans (hair) whites and hispanics (dominos pizza) Japanese (sushi) Armenians (Kababs) Chinese (cleaner) Hispanic (subway) Chinese (Food) Hispanic (food.) There was a Vietnamese nail salon, and i don’t know who ran the Pot clinic that closed. I live that commercial every single day. A black guy runs a computer business and a small music studio. My GF is black, so that just about fills it all in. The degree of knowledge of English on that corner ranges from perfect to very little. The common language is English. The Chinese don’t try to speak Hindi, the Hindi don’t try to speak Russian. MS-13 claims the hood, and they speak english (and Spanish of course – Spanish is the general second language here)

    Pick anyone from that coke video and.you can find someone similar within walking distance of my home.(drive to Hollywood hills to see a horse.). A study reported that 40% of american have no friend of an different race. That probably carried through to posters here too. I wonder how many of those 40% are here posting about loving the “separate but equal” visual images in that video, but who also don’t have to interface with multiple nationalities everyday. Yea, it’s so cool when white people live in an homogeneous area and think the video is cool, but it’s a lot different when you live it. Here In the middle of the salad bowel, everyone wants to speak english. You say everyone in the video speaks english, wouldn’t it have been great to end it showing all of them united, singing it in english… celebrating our individual cultures yet united together as one America?

  81. Tripoli says:

    Funny, I hate it when conservatives make false statements as though they speak truth.

    Are you aware that many of your claims originated from (known racist & professional liar) Alex Jones? Or do you just get them from other conspiracy sites, unaware that they are based on misinformation & fabrications?

    “Agenda 21” has been debunked, the “FEMA camps” thing has been long debunked, the NWO bit is exactly as credible as the Illuminati/Reptilians/Grey Aliens claims, and the rest of your claims are disturbingly identical to the ramblings of someone who has lost their grasp on reality.

    I seriously and sincerely believe you should see a psychiatrist. This is not a joke, or a jab at you – I am honestly concerned that you are not well.

  82. Tripoli says:

    Ah, so only hardcore nationalist conservatives are “real Americans”? I guess the Founding Fathers – who were considered radically liberal for their time, since the conservatives wanted to remain loyal to Britain – weren’t real Americans. Neither are roughly half the US military, who fight to protect your right to belittle their contributions & sacrifice to this country.
    Of course, I’m guessing you think “hardcore liberal” is anything to the left of Rush Limbaugh, judging from your post. (Hint: the Democrats are center-right compared to the rest of the world.)

    Of course, you made those “one third” statistics up, so I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised that you’d make up something so ridiculous as 2/3 of the country (including its founders) not being “real Americans.”

    People with a first language besides English read translations of the Constitution all the time. Even ConstitutionFacts.com has multiple translations of the Constitution, for just that purpose.
    Oh, and as for “La Bamba”? It WAS sung in English, by Chubby Checker. No protests, no upset Mexican people, no controversy. Funny, that. I guess they’re less xenophobic than some people here.

  83. Tripoli says:

    “Multiculturalism BAD! Racial purity, xenophobia & inbreeding GOOD!”

  84. Tripoli says:

    “The commercial is challenging our notion that you have to know English to be American.”

    You’re just making things up, at this point. That, or you’re claiming to have psychic knowledge of the motives behind the commercial’s creation.
    No part of the commercial says “we should replace English as the primary language in America.” There is no official language in the US, FYI. Only a dominant one… and it wasn’t even dominant 200 years ago.

    The point of the commercial, at least from what I can tell, is celebrating the diversity that makes up the American population. Every one of those languages is spoken in the US, alongside English. Only a tiny minority of immigrants never learn English – even illegal immigrants tend to learn it. To say otherwise is to blatantly deny facts & reality… which you’ve a penchant for, from what I’ve seen.

  85. Tripoli says:

    So you’re just going to pretend that French & Spanish weren’t the primary languages in large portions of the US, even after the country declared its independence? More historical revisionism, or just lack of education in American history?
    Singing “America, the Beautiful” – which is NOT the national anthem – in multiple languages is a way of honouring America’s rich multicultural heritage. It’s saying, “Even though I’m originally from another place, I love America.” But I guess some people will look for any reason to be offended (or to troll comment threads).

    Of course, the overwhelming majority of people in the US speak English. But they still also speak the language of their ancestral home as a way of preserving their heritage.
    I guess you’d insist that American Jews speak English during their religious ceremonies, right?

    Of course, all of this is so obvious I can’t believe that I have to actually explain this.

  86. Tripoli says:

    And that’s why you speak Cherokee, right melchior42?

    Oh, wait…

  87. Tripoli says:

    Hitler was fascist. Fascism is the extreme end of the right wing (as communism is extreme left). He publicly spoke out against the “evils” of socialism, communism, atheism, etc.
    Nice try, though.

  88. kenny white says:

    You love that (your sarcasm of course) but you have no problem with the immediate taunts of bigotry and racism. The article starts out saying “racists.” I didn’t even say liberal until 5 or some posts later after he was calling people bigots. Maybe your post would get more respect if you actually paid attention to the generalization and stereotyping of the “Racists explode” title and all the posts said before yours. Just sayin’

  89. Tripoli says:

    A one-world government? Funny, the only people I’ve heard of who think that’s a good idea are either militant theocrats, or dictators who think they should be the ones in charge.
    But hey, whatever floats your boat.

  90. Tripoli says:

    And yet, Canada does just fine…
    Besides, there are thousands (if not millions) of Americans who speak English as a second language. They do just fine in the commercial & military sectors.

    Not only that, but why English? The original languages of the US were all Native American dialects. A “real” American would be pushing for Cherokee, Iroquois, etc. as the national language.

  91. Tripoli says:

    Love the (false) stereotyping with the “typical liberal” line, Kenny.
    I bet you’d be up in arms if someone made a similar comment about the “typical conservative” making racist & ignorant comments disguised as “exercising free speech.” While I don’t believe that most conservatives actually do that, it happens amongst the most visible conservatives often enough that some people think the stereotype IS true.

    Maybe if you approached this like an adult, instead of making petty insults & generalizations right off the bat, you’d get a little more respect.

  92. goulo says:

    Kenny: “What makes you assume they do.”

    Common sense (it’s easier to direct people in a commercial if they share a common language, instead of needing interpreters).
    Plus actually knowing the facts of the matter from reading about the commercial, in various articles which mention that they also speak English. A moment’s web search could have found this information, if you actually wanted to know if they speak English, instead of just assuming that they don’t speak English.

    E.g. here’s an article about one of the people who sang in the commercial:

    By the way, a single official language is not necessary for a country to be united. E.g. Switzerland and India.

    It may however be sadly necessary in a country where so many of the speakers of one dominant language are so angrily hostile toward anyone who dares to speak any other language – even when that speaker also is able to speak the dominant language.

  93. goulo says:

    Sincere? Or ironic trolling?
    Poe’s Law in action.

  94. kenny white says:

    You made the first insult with your very first reply 2 days ago when you said. “You done got derp in your post. Yeehaw.” You made the first insult. Man up about it. Then you later tried to shut people down with the bigot remarks. Also, i said, …”like” the typical liberal. I did not say, you the typical liberal. or you, a typical liberal. I said like one as in behaving like one. Maybe you should learn some english. As for you voting to spite the other side. That is not a very bright reason. You should keep your bruised ego out of your decisions.

  95. kenny white says:

    no vick i can’t type without looking at the keyboard because i hunt and peck with two fingers. What do you think it means when someone says they have to look at the keyboard to type? It means they are not a touch typist. You couldn’t figure that out all by your little self? I also write colloquially. Add the two up and you get what you get. If you don’t like it, go talk to someone else. Get outside and try it in person, assuming you can carry on a real conversation that isn’t on a keyboard. I bet you stutter when you’re around women, huh?

  96. Vick says:

    You made the insults before I posted the bigotry comments (I made those a few hours ago). You insulted me two days earlier. Nice try bub but find a more concrete excuse.

    As before, you contradicted yourself yet again. You “labeled” me a liberal and proceed to call me out for labeling. I’ve actually never voted Democrat before. People such as yourself have convinced me that even though I don’t agree with most view points on the left, I will only vote for them in spite of the right.

  97. Vick says:

    It’s not that I think, it’s that I know.

    Can you not type without looking at a keyboard?

    And I didn’t comment on your spelling…. Grammar and spelling are not the same thing, FYI. Learn English!

  98. kenny white says:

    You get insulted Vick because you have been saying in more that one post in this blog that some people who disagreed with the video, are bigots.. You see Vick, your posts show that in your eyes, they just can’t be someone with a different opinion and expressing their 1st amendments rights by voicing their disagreement with the video,

    You, like the typical liberal, without knowing them, cast judgement and label them and their motivation as bigotry in an attempt to intimidate them into silence for fear they might be called a bigot or racist. It is virtual bullying and intimidation. That is why you earned the insults.

  99. kenny white says:

    I told you vick. If you think the two are the same, it’s fine with me. I conceded it to you because you’re getting boring and i was hoping you would just accept the concession and leave it at that. As for “resigned.” I don’t type and i don’t see the words until i look up from the keyboard. I was starting to make a post the U.S. being a perpetual union, and then about Texas vs.White, and then how some think a State has a right to secede. It was going too far off topic and I changed it and that is why I said “The argument about State secession is long and varied,” and conceded the point to you.

    So, gee, I missed a word when I was rewriting. But never fear, there is always a spelling Nazi near. Thanks.for catching it for me, I fixed it, Would you like virtual hug or a pat on the head or something?

    Mirrors? Yes I have plenty of intact ones, Boxed and ready to go .Do you need some to replace your broken ones?

  100. martqbd says:

    The point will always be simple.
    Regardless of language, sexual orientation, color of skin, or religion.
    Coca-cola will take your money.

  101. martqbd says:

    I am learning that when a quip or cleaver remark cannot. Use inflammatory buzzwords.

  102. Vick says:

    No, there is such thing as a real American. The United States of America grounded in the principles laid out in the Constitution. Therefore, anyone citizenship who abides and defends the Constitution is a real American.

    As for English as the world language, psh. English is hardly coherent in this country, let alone in other places in the Anglophone world. Our education system is so shabby that the majority of high school graduates have a poor command of the English language. And many don’t even graduate high school so how good do you think their language is? English is a very complicated with a confusing orthography and very large vocabulary. I doubt the rest of the world will ever be able to be truly fluent and efficient in this language. It’ll just form into other other languages like Ebonics did.

  103. Vick says:

    The constitution has been translated into many language as well as every other important US document. The national anthem has also been translated and sung in many different languages as well.

    So being being hardcore far right is constitutes as the criteria for being a “real American”?

    The state of the country is only dreadful because of that 1/3 “real Americans”.

  104. Vick says:

    There actually is. Remember when Sebastien de la Cruz sang the national (in Engish) anthem at a Spurs game earlier this year?

  105. Vick says:

    You’re right, the author used the wrong word. How about bigotry?

  106. Vick says:

    Hey now, not all of us are like that. Only the Teapublicans are. With the nation slated to be minority-majority within a few decades, their rhetoric that’s putting them into power now is what will keep them out of power later.

  107. Vick says:

    Would bigot be more suitable for you?

  108. Vick says:

    Hoo-hah, you are delirious. I never said you can’t exercise your right to the first amendment. I have only been pointing out you are criticizing others for using their rights under the First Amendment.

    People will always speak different languages, deal with it. If Coca-Cola wants to pay for a multilingual commercial, it’s their right. Just as it is your right to contradict yourself and insult me.

    Your posts are not honoring the Constitution, you are simply using it.

  109. Vick says:

    First off, your grammar is bad.

    Second, some states “resigned”. They left! Gone! Buh-bye! Adios! The formed a new and short lived nation, the CSA. It was the same thing. Stop trying to change definitions to suit your own misguided ends. Sounds like you got a stock pile of intact mirrors as well, eh?

  110. kenny white says:

    no, one nation did not change into smaller parts. Some States resigned from the union of States.. Unions grow and shrink with changes in membership. This is different than say Germany breaking up. The argument about State secession is long and varied and not for this forum. If you think the two are the same, fine with me.

  111. kenny white says:

    I believe my posts exercising my free speech rights in this forum are supporting the constitution. I believe everyone criticizing the the coke video are excising theirs too. Or is it only your approved speech that is protected. Do you have a mirror,or are they all broken already?

  112. Vick says:

    No, I’m not saying it does nullify your point, which are also empty themselves. I’m just saying that language is not the most important factor when it comes to the prosperity and stability of a nation. It’s the “other things” which you just mentioned and in doing so, supported my claims. I owe you a pat on the back.

  113. Vick says:

    I thought upholding and defending the values of the Constitution is what made an American. I guess I still don’t get it.

    So, if we revised the First Amendment and removed that pesky freedom of speech clause and stipulated that you can only express yourself in English, we will all be better “Americans”?

    As long as the people in this country stand by the constitution, it wont matter what language is spoken. The nation will continue to survive and thrive as long as the Constitution remains relatively unaltered.

    Sadly, you and many of my other “fellow citizens” are showing me that America has its days numbered.

    Perhaps we can also change that whole democracy part too. It’s much easier and efficient to run a nation as a dictatorship. Think about all the money that is wasted on elections.

  114. melchior42 says:

    You can’t see that your empty retorts are examples of other things which have no bearing on my points. Yes people fight over things other than language. People fight over territory, religion, honor etc. But these facts do not at all nullify my points about language and culture. The fact that you don’t realize that is comical. Feel free to ramble on. I’m not wasting my time on here any longer.

  115. Vick says:

    Oooh, we have a language supremacist here. Perhaps we need a final solution to the language question, no?

  116. Vick says:

    But the vast majority are. Look up some Pew research stats.

  117. Vick says:

    How does speaking English maintain our standards and values? As for success, there are millions of Americans who speak only English and live on the bottom fringes of society with more and more people falling from the middle into the low. “Success in America”, indeed.

  118. Vick says:

    Well you can’t be so sure about that. Due to the poor education system and the low English proficiency skills of our own non-immigrant citizens, it’s quite possible the language will evolve into something quite different from the English that is spoken in other countries. English does not have a regulating body, so the many changes that occur in each specific English dominate country or region are not replicated elsewhere in the Anglophone world. Case and point, African American Vernacular aka Ebonics.

  119. Vick says:

    I suppose the government shut down of last year is the highlight of the one language efficiency theory, correct?

  120. Vick says:

    The Civil War is not an extreme example, you’re just making excuses. What’s the excuse for the Scottish Independence referendum that is being held later this year? Is this too extreme of an example? Both countries speak the ever so powerful and great unifying language of English. But that doesn’t seem to be helping. It didn’t stop Ireland from doing the same either. I guess I just “don’t get it”.

  121. Vick says:

    We certainly are not united. Me and you speaking the same language does not create any unity. What about honoring the constitution? Huh? Hows that sound? You know the First Amendment? I know it. I respect it and abide by it. You want unity? Lets start with supporting the Constitution. After all, it is the foundation of this country….

  122. Vick says:

    “divide, compartmentalize. to break up (as a region or group) into smaller and often hostile units.”

    “The civil war was not Balkanization because States were members of the larger Union by choice and none of the states were property of the Union itself.”

    I will be humble with you. Read your definitions over and over again. Recite them. Now tell me, did one nation break up into smaller parts?

  123. kenny white says:

    The commercial could have been great if it did one more thing at the end. It should have shown ALL the same people together singing America the Beautiful in our dominate language. That would have showed that no matter how different we are… we are all united.

  124. kenny white says:

    Balkanized took on a figurative meaning long ago. Apparently you missed it. Per, Merriam-Webster “divide, compartmentalize. to break up (as a region or group) into smaller and often hostile units.” Even the Urban Dictionary get it, “To fracture and waste something important, like a country, with something totally unimportant, like ethnic differences.”

    The civil war was not Balkanization because States were members of the larger Union by choice and none of the states were property of the Union itself.

    As far as my avatar. I didn’t pick an avatar. But if i did, i might pick a United States flag. Something that must bother you haters.

    As for running into you at a rehab clinic. I doubt it, I stopped answering your calls to sneak you some drugs. Sheesh, you’re in rehab for a reason, remember?

  125. Wachinagi says:

    I understand the sentiment, but have to ask, at what point did it become OK to be a conservative? Looking back over history, the conservatives have always taken an uneducated stance, and an immoral stance. Seriously, I ask; When did it become ok? I’m sure it wasn’t when the 2nd amendment was re-written to accommodate armed slave patrols. I’m sure it wasn’t during the conservative attempts to maintain slavery. I’m sure it wasn’t during the founding of the KKK by conservatives. I’m sure it wasn’t during the bombings of churches with children in them, the hanging of young innocent men. It wasn’t when the conservatives stood up to women who wanted to vote. It wasn’t when they opposed minimum wage and child labor laws. It wasn’t when they opposed separation of church and state. I wasn’t when they supported the war in Vietnam. Throughout history, conservatives has opposed the rights and freedoms of anyone who was “Not them”. Currently they are actively trying to make anyone who disagrees with them “An enemy of the state” (Hello….McCarthy? Your second coming is here) “Liberals are the devil, the antichrist, they’re trying to destroy America, they are actively plotting against our ideals! These are dangerous people!” (And yet conservatives oppose fire-arms bans and control laws…? Seems like you wouldn’t want these crazy dangerous liberals to have access to guns…?) Maybe it’s just me, but I have to agree with the no sense of history part. If immigrants should learn the language, then conservatives should all be speaking Cherokee. The song (Written by a lesbian who LEFT the GOP when it became conservative) isn’t even the national anthem, and yet conservatives jump all over it as though it was treason to sing it like that. Ignore all that. Just think on this. If everything conservatives have tried (And failed) to do over the years is to oppress anyone they view as different, what do you think they’re trying to do today? I’m sure those who supported slavery etc. didn’t think of themselves as evil. They only see it in hindsight. (The liberals of the day saw it clearly enough) Perhaps…just MAYBE….same issues? Not being able to see that what conservatives today are trying to do is just as evil? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8JsRx2lois

  126. RobiZ says:

    I disagree. You see some who claim to be Republican hate this, and you see many claiming to be Republican like this. You cannot assume that all against this ad are Republicans. Was it not liberal or Democrats who blasted Romney for the family photo with his adopted African-American grandson? I guess they prefer keeping him out of family photos. That would be the less racist thing to do; act ashamed of him. Which party of bigots trashed Tamara Mowry for marrying a black man? Some even stating that in the past they had to pay you, and now you’re giving it to the white man for free.
    I’ve seen comments from some immigrants who were upset with it not being sung in English too. No I’m sure that the people who hated the idea of the song being sung in other languages came from both political parties. We need to not make this political.
    I am happy to see that much fewer are angry over the gay couple in the ad.

  127. melchior42 says:

    You mean off point. Lets just drop it. I got work to do.

    Why not find yourself a REAL tea party redneck racist to spar with? Oughtta be fun!

  128. melchior42 says:

    Reread my statement above yours.

    And no not at all are assimilating as before.

  129. Vick says:

    No, you obviously don’t understand what Balkanized means. As for communicating with eachother, Bosnians, Serbians, and Croats all spoke the same language, Yugoslavian/Serbo-Croatian. The worst violence occurred between these three groups. Why?

    I wouldn’t be surprised that you would be the one to scream balkanization and advocate national unity yet you are the proud owner of a “stars and bars” flag.

    As for my career, make sure you don’t injure yourself because you might run into me in the rehab clinic.

  130. Vick says:

    I didn’t say that. I said that the English language didn’t “bring us together”, like you so claim. Why didn’t it?

  131. FUFatherEisenman says:

    There are 55 countries in Africa. Which language should be spoken? Sorry this is getting a bit off topic.

  132. FUFatherEisenman says:

    and the language spoken in this country will remain English no matter what language America the Beautiful was sung in.

  133. FUFatherEisenman says:

    I am guessing that you miss my point. Most every immigrant that has come to this country has assimilated. Most every immigrant that will come to this country will assimilate. The immigrants know to live in this great land of ours, they will assimilate. We are a melting pot. If singing a song about the beauty of America in different languages scares you, than you should just hide under a rock and pray the boogie man doesn’t get you.

  134. melchior42 says:

    Yes. But langauge does not determine race, and getting folks to change the langauge they speak will not cange their race.

  135. melchior42 says:

    I meant each country haivng one language not the whole African continent.
    But yes eventually I think there should be one lingua franca for the whole world, and and a one world government… Oops how unconservative of me!

    But when you think about it it only make sense.

  136. FUFatherEisenman says:

    So while this may not be an issue in your mind that racism is about color, what is racism? Racism: the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

  137. melchior42 says:

    Well then I’m not sure we have an argument, if as I take it you seem to advocate assimilation. I arguing against those who think that immigrants shouldn’t have to assimilate. If that is not you, than we should both just go about our merry way. I thought I was clear enough.

  138. melchior42 says:

    Spanish might eventually. But issue is not which language should replace English, but that the commercial is challenging our notion that you have to know English to be American…not that I would ban coca cola for it. I’m just trying to explain why it’s not a racist issue.

  139. FUFatherEisenman says:

    If that were the case, then they would not be independent countries then would they? Everyone should conform to what you want them to be. Maybe the entire world should speak one language. Which one should it be? Chinese or Indian? They have larger populations than us.

  140. FUFatherEisenman says:

    What I capeesh is that everyone that moves to America assimilates, no matter how much you want to believe that they don’t. Show me an example? I’ll give you an example of diversity, St. Patricks parades, German American clubs, Italian American Clubs, Polish American Clubs, Chinese new years celebrations, Mexican quinceañera and the list could go on and on. The point being, while we are all americans, we still celebrate our heritages. Everyone has assimilated. What are you scared of?

  141. melchior42 says:

    No, I’m saying that many African countries have many different langauges but that they would run more efficiently if everybody spoke the same langauge.

  142. melchior42 says:

    See, you have a one track mind. I’m not saying that I want the foreigners to go back where they came from. Scratch that idea, you have me mistaken with someone else. I’m saying that they should learn English and assimilate because this will be more condusive to their success in America and help in maintaining our standards and values etc. Capeesh?

  143. FUFatherEisenman says:

    So tell me then Melchior, which language that was sung in that commercial is going to replace English as our national language?

  144. FUFatherEisenman says:

    You just contradicted yourself. You want America to only speak English, yet you talk about the African countries that speak their own native languages having problems because they don’t speak some other countries language?

  145. melchior42 says:

    I’m as diverse as you can get.. biracial with a French mother. And I have lived in Europe for a number of years.
    And the commercial is not focused so much on racial diversity as it is on langauge. It is obviously meant to challenge the primacy of the Egnlish language in our country. Why you people keep thinking this is a racial issue, I don’t know.

  146. FUFatherEisenman says:

    So you are among those that say, I have mine so eff you? I can remember my brother moving to Florida from Illinois complaining about the “Yankees” moving to Florida and saying he wished they would all go back to where they came from.

  147. melchior42 says:

    Civil war is an extreme example. But consider how it will complicate how we conduct business, teaching children in school who speak different langauges, enlisting people in the armed services, people applying for jobs, and the cost for translations for many businesses and services into various langauges etc.

    Many countries in Africa have populations comprised of more than one ethnicity and who speak different langauges. No doubt this is largely because these nations were artifically carved out by colonial powers etc. But regardless, the lack of linguistic homogeneity has presented more problems than advantages as anyone can see.

    And look how ethnic sentiment in Quebec keeps bringing up the question of secession.

    All of this is just common sense. You all are the ones who really “don’t get it”. Because you just don’t want to!

    Sadly, thats why I’m likely just wasting my time on here.

  148. FUFatherEisenman says:

    So you believe this commercial was meant to overhaul the English language? My, my, you do have a closed mind. Open it up and accept some diversity, which I am sure your family at one time was looking for when they first came to this country.

  149. melchior42 says:

    So what? Celtic languages preceded English in Britain at one time. Do you think this logically justifies an overhaul of the English langauge in the US, to allow a multitude of foreign langauges to be on par with English, leading to a virtual Babel type situation??? SMH!

  150. kenny white says:

    Thank You Diaz. Welcome to America (however long you have been Naturalized) and best wishes for much success to you . Too many fools here have been educated by our piss poor liberal education system (for example. L.A.U.S.D’s 40% drop out rate) to not be able to understand the difference between division and diversity.

  151. kenny white says:

    Thanks, Herr Dakotahgeo. Hitler loved spelling Nazi’s too. But, most people on the Internet don’t. Usually when someone is void of a thought they revert to spell/grammar checking because it is all they can muster. They don’t have to give any though to the context, because it probably gives people like you a migraine. You gave it all you got. I’m proud of you. Next time try to think about and address context. You completely missed the point that it’s about uniting people and speaking the same language (the specific one is not important.) It is one of the best ways to accomplish it. Why do you want American divided? What is your secret agenda of wanting to keep us divided, Herr Dakotahgeo?

  152. melchior42 says:

    So? I speak Spanish, French, some Italian and a smattering of German. French was actually the first langauge I spoke when I was an infant. Also I like speaking Spanish with my wife who is Latin American. But guess what? I still hold that English is our national language and that all those who come here should learn English and assimilate! It’s just a matter of practicality and logic.
    I don’t see what is racist about wanting people to assimilate as that will not change their race, will it?? LOl!

    I’m outta here!

  153. kenny white says:

    I doubt you are intelligent enough to even understand what balkanized means. Your absurd comparison to the civil war proves that. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have $100,000 in school loans for a degree in Botany, or being a Librarian, or something else meaningless. I bet you would even fail a comparison between Coke and Pepsi as in , so Vick, which is better, Coke or Pepsi? Vick replies,. I don’t know, they both taste like chicken.

  154. melchior42 says:

    I said different races singing in ENGLISH. Damn there are some dense people on this blog! SMH.

  155. kenny white says:

    What makes you assume they do. I Live in Los Angeles where it seems half the city doesn’t speak english. Have you ever tried to moderate a discussion because a Ukrainian and a Hispanic? I doubt you have. My GF is Black Hispanic from central america. Hispanics think she is black, but she understands everything they say about us as a mixed couple. My friend owns a nail salon and all the employees are Vietnamese. You really don’t want to know what they say about customers while they are working on their nails. None of these people speak English. Coke could have just as easily celebrated the diversity with everyone united behind english. I want us untied as a country, speaking the same language is important. I dont care if its English, Spanish, or Hindi, as long as it the same. When people can’t speak to each other it because an us vs them situation. I prefer we are untied and the united part be the focus.

  156. melchior42 says:

    Very irrelevant. English has been our main langauge for hundreds of years now. It’s part of who we are. It would be a very foolish thing to encourage new comers to this country to keep their own langauge and not learn English, if that indeed is what you are advocating. It would put them at a great disadvantage in our soceity, and ultimately be a great burden on all of us as the numbers of foreign speakers increase. All of this is so obvious I can’t beleive that I have to actually explain this.

  157. Jean says:

    FYI, it is not the national anthem. Go take a look at The Star Spangled Banner. And note that English is not the official language of the United States, there is no official language.

  158. GeauxGhoti says:

    None of them know what Marxism is… They read Marx in the same way they read their Bible… Which is to say, they don’t.

  159. FDRliberal says:

    Mav is not the brightest bulb on the shelf if you know what I mean.

  160. Dakotahgeo says:

    And I’m sure Coke will send you a sympathy card… NOT! LOLOL… every day, huh? Riiiiiiight!

  161. Dakotahgeo says:

    LOLOL… thank you x 10! I love it!

  162. Moderator3 says:

    What you have done in the last two hours is a type of spamming.

  163. Dakotahgeo says:

    You’ve said a truism, indeed!

  164. Dakotahgeo says:

    As I said before, your tongue-in-cheek responses fall flat about chin level. Try another approach.

  165. Dakotahgeo says:

    Tongue-in-cheek comments really don’t befit you. They fall flat! Sorry.

  166. Dakotahgeo says:

    No difference… same outcome.

  167. Dakotahgeo says:

    And he’d be just as popular there as he is here.

  168. Dakotahgeo says:

    And don’t forget your parting gifts as your ass slides down the razor-blade banister of life into a pot of iodine!

  169. Dakotahgeo says:

    Sorry, that jus’ ain’t gonna happen. You mischaracterization of ‘patriotism’ doesn’t relate to true patriotism, sorry. You lose.

  170. Dakotahgeo says:

    And that is also the sole reason the conservative factor is dying in plain sight!

  171. Dakotahgeo says:

    She isn’t able to… intelligence-deficient.

  172. Dakotahgeo says:

    I’m not surprised you have no party affiliation. Who would tolerate you anywhere?!

  173. Dakotahgeo says:

    She can’t do it… mav is an itch that can’t be scratched.

  174. Dakotahgeo says:

    You’re welcome!

  175. Dakotahgeo says:

    Some people just need to be “relieved”! They don’ need no stupid ‘intrigue’!

  176. Dakotahgeo says:

    In ten years? Hell, they’re practically irrelevant now, by their own hand, yet! Political/religious suicide is a bee-atch!

  177. Dakotahgeo says:

    We are not, I am not surprised you do not understand…!

  178. Dakotahgeo says:

    Thank God you’re not a Christian! We have enough nut jobs to deal with. Other than that, you would also not understand that this earth is not our final destination. Again, I am delighted you are not Christian! Christ, of course, would disagree with me.

  179. Dakotahgeo says:

    And in more and more locations they are ALREADY in the minority! Time to heal all wounds or there will be many heels wounded!

  180. Dakotahgeo says:

    LOLOL… and a reallllllllly bad goober at that! All the peanut butter manufacturers are holding their bladders!

  181. Dakotahgeo says:

    They MIGHT understand, “Row, row, row your boat….!”

  182. Dakotahgeo says:

    Facts don’t resonate with the likes of Crapoman!

  183. Dakotahgeo says:

    No… stupid commentary. Jackalope Jim wouldn’t know German if he was still in Germany and he is a hell of a poor excuse for a white guy! If he was in military service, I’m amazed we won WWII! His service was inconsequential!

  184. goulo says:

    I am not a “real American” because I am not angry like you are about a song being translated and sung in other languages? Seriously?

    I suggest you read up on the “No true Scotsman” fallacy.


    And you really cannot imagine why anyone might read the US Constitution in another language? I am boggled at that.

    Do you believe the US Constitution is a historically important text? (I’ll assume you do.)
    Are you aware that educated people often read historically important texts from other countries?
    Have you never read a novel translated from another language? Or watched a film which was made in another language?


    Funny that you should mention “La Bamba” as a specific example. I’ve heard “La Bamba” performed live in various languages, including English, French, even in Esperanto, and probably other languages I didn’t recognize at the time, in the presence of Spanish speakers, none of whom were ever offended or angry. Rather, they seemed happy that more people could understand the song’s words and enjoy the song.

    The idea of being angry and offended at a song being translated is really not such a natural thing as you seem to believe. Most writers are happy for their work to reach a larger audience through translation to other languages. They write to communicate to people, after all. Ask yourself whether you sincerely believe that the person who wrote “America the Beautiful” would be angry and offended that more people were able to understand the lyrics thanks to translation to other languages.

    A song being performed in a different language in no way hurts you or prevents you from being able to continue to enjoy the song in English.

  185. Dakotahgeo says:

    You arrogant jackalope!!! The CORRECT statement is, “Verstehen Sie (polite) or Verstehst du? (common). You embarrass yourself with your own caca. LOLOL. Yeah, YOU know German alright!
    And you’re a hell of a poor excuse for a “white” guy also, Missy!

  186. Dakotahgeo says:

    Maybe she hasn’t received her “M” copy of the World Book Encyclopedia yet… forgive her.

  187. Dakotahgeo says:

    Okay, mav-erick! Enough with the misunderstood Einstein quote. You’re overdoing it, and we’re feeling sorry for you, okay? ;-)

  188. Dakotahgeo says:

    They’ll do it EVERY time, DGT. You can win big money on these bets! LOLOL. Then they wonder why no one listens to them?!

  189. Dakotahgeo says:

    ROFLMBO!!! You are one of the thousands of nematodes who give this great country a bad name. Begone, diarrhea breath!

  190. Dakotahgeo says:

    That’s a big challenge to one who plays with their Legos and Lincoln Logs all day!

  191. Dakotahgeo says:

    Now you’re bordering on whacko. Just shhhhhhh and go to bed, sweet dreamer! You’re keeping the pets awake with your whining.

  192. Dakotahgeo says:

    Not so, oh delicious broom-rider! We just tire of you reich-wing whiners without substance.

  193. Dakotahgeo says:

    I’m not surprised, FDR. Not knowing what Marxism is, is just the beginning of her shortcomings.

  194. Dakotahgeo says:

    Better than to die of thirst. Your priorities will lead to your death. Besides, Kool-aid isn’t that bad! Kids AND adults love it… American Kool-aid, that is, lolol.

  195. Dakotahgeo says:

    goulo, having lived in South America for a year, most right wing fools would be aghast that the cinemas have English subtitles. Americans aren’t smart enough to be that courteous, lolol.

  196. Dakotahgeo says:

    You’re THAT old? Geritol, maybe… Pepsi, no.

  197. Dakotahgeo says:

    Please, FDR… you’re embarrassing/offending Hitler!

  198. Dakotahgeo says:

    mav? Just… shhhhhhhhh!!! Go to bed. “Everything will be okay”… Captain Philips.

  199. Dakotahgeo says:

    “So, even leftist no when an idea is….” no? NO??? I think you meant KNOW!!! You just sunk your own submarine comment with spelling AND grammatical errors! Such a right wing suicidal conservative! (And then you expect to win elections? Un huh!) O….kay!

  200. Dakotahgeo says:

    Thank you! I think Crapo is a bit… diseased!

  201. Dakotahgeo says:

    joe, THANK YOU! You have my undying loyalty! Probably the most profound statement on this entire blog. I was a white teacher in a proud res high school and had the most wonderful years of my teaching life. I am honored and humbled by you!

  202. Dakotahgeo says:

    And… your point is? Are you being biased?

  203. Dakotahgeo says:

    Bigots, and Fundies aren’t happy unless they’re UNhappy! I know plenty of people like that in conservative church and political camps/clans!

  204. Dakotahgeo says:

    It was a commercial. It fulfilled its purpose. Nothing more, nothing less, and it was classy! Nada mas!

  205. Dakotahgeo says:

    LOLOL… now THAT’S funny! And you will be the ‘head’ honcho?

  206. Dakotahgeo says:

    How courteous of you… you’re probably the worst murderer of English, eh? Comprende?

  207. Dakotahgeo says:

    I don’t think that would solve HIS problem!

  208. Dakotahgeo says:

    They don’t know, goulo… they are lost in the wilderness of their minds.

  209. Dakotahgeo says:

    And then you comment! Classy!

  210. Dakotahgeo says:

    ROFLMBO!!! My goodness, you’ve tried them all, huh? Let me ‘splain somethin’ to you clearly: COCA-COLA OWNS South America! Everybody could boycott Coke in the USA and they’d STILL be King of Beverages in SOUTH AMERICA. Just buy a Pepsi and shut up! You have absolutely NO idea what you’re talking about. This is why the boycott of Disney and Proctor & Gamble by the Baptists was such a bust years ago. One less Coke drinker just adds the fuel of five NEW Coke drinkers. Buy your Pepsi and read the comics!

  211. Dakotahgeo says:

    Who wudda thunk it?! LOLOL. Any kind of musician could have figured that out!

  212. Dakotahgeo says:

    Sorry… people don’t speak ‘Brazilian’ in Brazil! They speak Portugues (Portuguese spelling) in Brazil. Just thought I’d clear that up, muito obrigado!! (Pronounced Moo-een-toe ob-bree-gado, thank you!).

  213. Dakotahgeo says:

    Heh heh heh… ohhhhhhh, thank you! One can curse in English also!

  214. Dakotahgeo says:

    Well, times have changed, Sweetheart! It’s not all about “US” any more. Get used to it!

  215. Dakotahgeo says:

    It IS bad! You’re just too ignorant/arrogant to realize it!

  216. Dakotahgeo says:

    Actually, it’s not pride, but multilevel stupid!

  217. Dakotahgeo says:

    Say no more… you’re spot on the mark!

  218. Dakotahgeo says:

    Bravo, Union Jack, bravo! Wish I’d thought of that, and I’m a musician. This is sooo embarrassing!

  219. Dakotahgeo says:

    Sorry to digress your foolishness, but Mr. Aravosis is spot on the mark! You, however, landed at the wrong airstrip!

  220. Dakotahgeo says:

    I don’t know which side of the fence you speak from, but you have GOTPers over in London? Don’t let them come back here!

  221. Dakotahgeo says:

    I pity your former, present, and future relatives. They must be sooo embarrassed!

  222. Dakotahgeo says:

    I think your first line and word, “dystroy” fucked over your entire diatribe! FAIL!

  223. Dakotahgeo says:

    THANK YOU X 10!!!

  224. Dakotahgeo says:

    What the hell do you think they teach US History in South America in? Swahili?? It’s an alternative course! They teach the U S Constitution in Spanish and Portugues!!! I taught English in Brazil and Paraguay for a year. Oh yes! They teach U S History in English… Geeez, Louise!!! And we judge other countries’ educational systems… ungh!

  225. Dakotahgeo says:

    Not to mention, grossly humorous!

  226. Dakotahgeo says:

    Awwwwww, grab a Pepsi and be quiet!

  227. Dakotahgeo says:

    mmmmmmmm… I don’t think so.

  228. Dakotahgeo says:

    Actually, you’re pretty technically correct. The first 500 years of history were oral tradition, and literally translated from ancient languages (many!) into Hebrew and Aramaic, then Greek, then into Latin, and then into modern day German and English. THAT is why the Bible is the INSPIRED Word of God, but hardly inerrant! That’s what drives right wing Fundies bonkers! They can’t stand people juggling their faux misled teachings!

  229. Dakotahgeo says:

    But… but… buttt… I is a Bibel schooler and the Bibble WAS written by King James, and he was gay. That’s why there is red print in the knew testicle! I saw it wit my own eyes!

  230. Dakotahgeo says:

    Heh heh heh… a new one! Thank you!

  231. Dakotahgeo says:

    You obviously are not very observant! There WERE multiple races shown, or are you colorblind?!

  232. Dakotahgeo says:

    Mehhhhhh… forget it, MJL. Some of these whiners never will ‘get it’!

  233. Dakotahgeo says:

    None really, because THEY already know English. What’s OUR excuse?!?

  234. Dakotahgeo says:

    NO! VERY relevant! It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how ‘unresourceful’ we really are! Everything in America is… borrowed!!! from previous inhabitants, especially the past immigrants back to 1620!

  235. Dakotahgeo says:

    Sounds okay with me if it helps hide the misinformed ‘mericans!

  236. Dakotahgeo says:

    If “Americans” were really “smart,” they’d brush up on their American language skills in spelling and grammar! Personally, I speak, write, and understand German, Spanish, smatterings of Portugues (correct spelling in Portuguese) AND sort of fluent Spanish, without offending Spanish and Latino people. Hint: Get your American “English” language fine-tuned first! Then try not to murder anyone else’s language in thought, word or deed!,

  237. Dakotahgeo says:

    I beg to differ… most intelligent Americans will welcome him with open arms and minds, something you obviously do not own!

  238. Dakotahgeo says:

    MMMmmmm… maybe…. maybe not! An undocumented worker lived with me for two years and left the country speaking more perfect English than most local citizens. Most racists and bigots can’t tolerate intelligent non-whites… sa’ fact!

  239. Dakotahgeo says:

    Your mommy was very clumsy with you as a baby, wasn’t she? Naughty, naughty momma!

  240. Dakotahgeo says:

    Unfortunately, as an American-born citizen, you are spot on the mark! There are none so blind and deaf as those who cannot learn the facts in front of them! please visit the good people of this country… they are not bad, like the retarded fools we all have to tolerate!

  241. Dakotahgeo says:

    You mean Heinrich “The Chief Baker” Himmler?? Ah yes… him!

  242. Dakotahgeo says:

    Hear, hear!

  243. Dakotahgeo says:

    BeccaM, let’s face it… they can’t neva (sic) leern (sic) new ‘stuff’!

  244. Dakotahgeo says:

    Heh heh heh, thank you! And don’t forget the “chew” dribbling from their toothless mouths, lolol.

  245. Dakotahgeo says:

    Read some of these right wing comments and the spelling and grammatical errors! Our left wing fears and humorous jibes are well-founded!

  246. Dakotahgeo says:

    Thank you for your reply… I am now an even stronger LEFT person… when are YOUR people going to learn THEIR lessons??

  247. Dakotahgeo says:

    Probably a toxic mix of both!!! American hillbillies are such losers!

  248. Dakotahgeo says:

    Fortunately your learless feader’s comment was removed!

  249. Dakotahgeo says:

    Because they are simply… RETARDED!!!

  250. Dakotahgeo says:

    ROFL… and watch the GOTP returds lose… AGAINNN… LOLOL.

  251. Dakotahgeo says:

    As a WASP American, I couldn’t be more proud of Coca-Cola! As for these faux military vets who are sooo provoked that anyone should sing “America the Beautiful” in any other language, no thanks for your measly efforts in the military uniform!! Sad that America is too stupid to learn any other language and has enough trouble with their own native tongue. Personally, I’ll drink any damn soda I want without your unabashed interference!!!

  252. kathy says:

    Ok so the English language is the reason for the Civil War? Where does this stuff come from?

  253. kathy says:

    No will just get rich at home thank you.

  254. kathy says:

    Gee I don’t know, maybe because it has been the language since the country started?

    You go right ahead speak nothing but Ukrainian, don’t bother to learn English, see how far you get in this country, go ahead, go to a job interview and speak only Ukrainian, see how many and what type of jobs you get. A well paying job is not in your future, but hey you can speak a foreign language, oh heavens did I just say foreign, the politically correct will be after me

  255. kathy says:

    My response to you was sarcastic, Francis Scott Key tune, come on why would I mention that name if I did not know who wrote the National Anthem? – a lucky guess? Sorry that went over your head. So according to your last paragraph we should switch to Chinese for better structure. I admit the food is good, but not so sure about the language

    Have I frustrated you (pun intended) enough yet?

  256. kathy says:

    Thank God for that

  257. vickif says:

    I’ll second that.

  258. vickif says:

    My grandmother came from the same part of Wisconsin. She taught me German when I was 10 but I’ve forgotten most of it since she died.

  259. vickif says:

    I was in 4th grade at the time. I wondered at the time which God was meant.

  260. martqbd says:

    Present: Coca cola’s being praised for celebrating diversity to multi-lingual cultures and same sex marriage.
    Tomorrow : Coca-cola being sued for targeting multi-lingual cultures and same sex couples for targeting these groups. After the increase in obesity and dental cavities in these groups.
    I am a cynic who read too much O’Henry.

  261. trueamericanpatriot says:

    this is murica and the national anthem should be sung in murican language. not foreign .
    glenn beck should be the republican nominee for president.
    beck/limbaugh 2016

  262. itsnot2014 says:

    Chill! It was only a song.

  263. OutInTheOC says:

    …..God shed His grace for All……….

  264. nkd says:


  265. Mister Oh says:

    One of the languages in the advertisement was Keres, a language that has been spoken on the North American continent LONG before anyone “Founded” upon this land. You’re “just saying” a self-centered “rugged individualistic” statement while standing on the lands given by NATURE to American Indians, with whom each agreement (except for those with William Penn) pushed upon them by a white man was fundamentally breached by the white man.
    Yet, American Indians “couldn’t be trusted.”
    Just saying…

  266. Mister Oh says:

    Da li je potrebno naučiti mnoštvo jezika? Kada je tehnološki napredak omogućiti ljudima da se razume, a posebno surađuju, čak i kada je prisutan jezička barijera, jedini okidač za mržnju prema drugom ljudskom biću postaje boje kože.
    Da li vam je potrebna pomoć da razumiju ono što sam upravo rekao?

  267. Glidgle says:

    There is no such thing as a ‘real american’, ‘real canadian’, ‘real mexican’, or a ‘real’ anything. This is all cultural ‘construct’, meaning it is what we want it to be, it is a collective illusion. So is language, English is only even spoken any more because of writers like Chaucer who revived it from near extinction. And it is only the most common language for trade and media because of the British Empire and colonialism, and later by U.S.A domination of media outlets, quite similar to the structure of spreading propaganda. All of this talk and all of these points are part of a larger, highly complicated projection of future trends. Unfortunately the arguments are incredibly near-sighted and have no consideration for future generations and conflict resolution.

    The argument should be, should we decide on and promote a single language for all international dealings? So that every person on the earth can talk to anyone else and understand, regardless of what they speak at home? Or should we promote a separation where regions learn the languages used in, and only in, these specific regions–effectively disallowing communications between different societies.

    It would make sense for English to become a common tongue only because it has already spread so far so quickly. But it would not mean that it would absorb or dominate local dialects. On this line of thinking everyone would be bilingual and all U.S.A residents would then be required to learn the strongest ‘other’ language in their region. In most regions this would be Spanish.

  268. BeccaM says:

    ‘Socialist.’ I do not think that word means what you think it means.

  269. BeccaM says:

    Have you noticed how many claim that if we tolerate people speaking languages other than English here in the U.S., it will ‘tear the country apart’ — yet none of them, NONE, ever provides a single example of any country in the world that ever dissolved into civil war over language?

    Religion, yes. Political philosophies, sure. Ethnicity-based animus, absolutely.

    And last I checked my history books, America’s one civil war was fought over slavery — with both sides speaking English. But even the ethnic strife wars don’t require language differences as a defining element.

    Moreover, we’ve seen how the racists and xenophobes don’t need language as an excuse to hate people of ethnicities other than their own. There’ve been plenty of them in these comments, including the likely-banned troll who complained about their not being any Aryan-types in the Coke ad.

    It’s like the people who assert without proof or evidence that it’s inherently superior for heterosexual couples to raise children. Here, we have people asserting without proof, evidence, or even a single example that a diversity of language would cause any nation to be ‘torn apart.’

  270. Glidgle says:

    They’re saying it being written in English originally is irrelevant, since it was written about the land, and a long time ago. Things change. Plus, this line is perfect for any language “O beautiful for pilgrim feet”

  271. Tricia Funari says:

    Why doesn’t everyone realize that America itself does not have one specific culture? The “original” American culture belonged to the Natives Americans. The rest of us are descended from immigrants. I think the commercial is poignant and intelligent. The story of America is the story of many coming together as one; the individuals still have a right to keep cultural traditions. Why are so many offended by this? I truly do not understand.

  272. Vick says:

    If you can’t help yourself then how could you help me? Funny how we are using the same words but we can’t “understand” each other. Looks like the language is not doing what you said it would do.

  273. Vick says:

    America has always been and always will be a polyglot society. Like it or not. Even as you stomp your feet about the different languages being spoken here, regional accents of the English language are deviating from the American “standard” English, (if there even is one) that they too will be considered their own languages.

  274. FUFatherEisenman says:

    It is not irrelevant as English was a foreign language in this country at one time.

  275. melchior42 says:


  276. FUFatherEisenman says:

    You do know where the English language that is spoken here came from don’t you? In case you don’t I’ll give you a hint…..England.

  277. cathy says:

    Damn right. Where in wisconsin are you from John? GO PACKERS!

  278. FUFatherEisenman says:

    Did you read that on the internets? You dating a French model? Hitler was not a vegetarian. He loved Bavarian sausages and stuffed pigeons were one of his favorite meals according to his personal chef.

  279. Farmer John Wis. says:

    This is America. You arabs and mexicans need to sing your own damn songs. yall free to live in america, but stay away from the country side and OUR ANTHEM. Coke, yall need to get your facts straight. A majority of Ameicans HATED your commercial. Who runs coke? Mexicans? Thats why yall arnt educated. #THISISAMERICA #ENGLISHPLEASE #PORFAVOR

  280. FUFatherEisenman says:

    I especially liked the comment in the article from chuck where he says “we continue to DEVIDE ourselves…” I can picture him standing in front of his rebel flag, holding a can of PBR in one hand and a gun in the other speaking in that nasally southern drawl. YeeHaw MFers YeeHaw.

  281. Mike Bushman says:

    That’s fair criticism. The stories are meant to delve deeply into the issues around language segregation, which are far more complex than the emotional responses we saw to the Coke ad from both sides. I guess it’s my way of encouraging people to think about these issues from multiple perspectives, all of which are represented through different characters in the books. I should be a bit more circumspect about mentioning them.

  282. FUFatherEisenman says:


  283. Jim Crapanzano says:

    Apparently English is not your first language. Here, let me clear it up for you, because I hate it when liberals make false statements as though they speak truth! As if simply because they write something, no matter how dopey, and inaccurate, they insist it’s holy writ!
    You say that I’m an immigrant. I am not. as an immigrant is . . .
    one that immigrates: as
    a : a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence
    b : a plant or animal that becomes established in an area where it was previously unknown
    — immigrant adjective
    I was born in the USA
    My Parents were Born in the USA
    My Grand-Parents were born in the USA
    In fact there has not been an immigrant from any branch of my family since the 1880’s, and some go back to the 1600’s.
    As they were here before America was America, That branch of my family were some of the first AMERICANS! before that they were just colonists of England.
    I am an AMERICAN no hyphens please.
    So what are you?

  284. BeccaM says:

    Thanks for that blatantly racist remark.

  285. BeccaM says:

    Won’t matter. The xenophobe and racist wingnuts have turned into a mob.

  286. BeccaM says:

    Actually, a more accurate term would be “anti-immigrant xenophobic culturally-chauvinistic bigot.” Judging from the responses I’ve seen here in these comments and on Twitter, the label ‘racist’ is also quite applicable to large numbers of the commenters. If you haven’t seen them, you haven’t been looking.

    There’s a key interpretive difference between simply not liking something — which is how I feel about Coca-Cola appropriating a manipulative patriotic song to sell sugar-drinks — and being offended.

    It’s just a fucking song, for god’s sake. Where are your goddamned priorities?

  287. The_Fixer says:

    Perhaps you should direct your ire toward those on the far-right end of the political spectrum as well?

    How many times have we heard Bill O’Reilly call people “Pinheads”? How many times have we heard him rattle on, using the term “Liberal” as a smear and sneering about the “Secular Humanists”?

    And do you really want to talk about the kinds of names that Rush Limbaugh has called people?

    I don’t think that this is an exclusively liberal problem, and if you were truly interested in civility, you would not be directing your supposed plea to civility solely at the left end of the political spectrum.

    As to your comment:

    What I don’t love is the condescending tone the author takes with people
    expressing their opinions. If they are not liberal, they MUST be
    stupid, uneducated, unsophisticated, illiterate, hillbillies with no
    sense of history or taste.

    Have you read some of the messages that have been posted here? Illiterate is the least of the problems that some of the commenters seem to have.

  288. arcsinice says:

    And Hitler, the Uber Socialist was a vegetarian, too.

  289. Troy Battles says:

    Somehow, I do not believe you are a ‘real’ American – your point of view gives you away (especially that you are not offended by this issue).
    I’ve never heard anyone read the Constitution in a foreign language, so I cannot answer that question. Besides – who would take the time to do so?
    Interesting point about singing other country’s song in English – I wonder how Mexicans would feel if Coke aired a commercial in Mexico City featuring a bunch of gringos singing ‘La Bamba’ in English. I can hear the chants of ‘Imperialist Yankee Go Home’ already! Yes, I believe I would be offended by that.
    Do you seriously think Coke did not know what a controversy this would stir considering the current dreadful state of this country? With a third of the country being real Americans, one third being hard core liberal, and the other third being more identifiable with their foreign cultural roots than with American values, I believe they knew exactly what they were doing

  290. Sal says:

    So you are a “racist” if you are offended by America the Beautiful sung in non-English languages? Do you not know what the word “racist” means????? You need to buy a dictionary and maybe an encyclopedia while you are at it. There are people of ALL races that speak English and there are people of ALL races that don’t speak any English. You are either completely uneducated or just hopelessly ignorant!

  291. Diaz (Naturalized American) says:

    Well said.

  292. Diaz (Naturalized American) says:

    This comment is not worthy of an explanation from me.

  293. Diaz (Naturalized American) says:

    Kenny, my point exactly.

  294. Cat says:

    What is the American Laguage? Who decided that English was the official laguage and that no other language should be spoken? When my family speaks French or Ukrainian should I tell them speak English, it’s the only language you are allowed to speak because Kathy and her friends said so?
    We are a melting pot of all nationalities and since English was NOT the first language of this land maybe we should ask some of the actual people who lived here when this land was invaded and the land was taken from them. Oh most people can’t ask because they don’t speak the language of the people who lived here then and were slaughtered and families torn apart to make this an “English only” speaking country.

  295. puellainsomnio says:

    Oh please, be more gentle! Bigots are such fragile creatures.

  296. goulo says:

    I am a “real American” as much as you. I’ve heard national songs of various countries sung in various languages. There is nothing offensive about it. There’s only offense if you’re looking to find it.

    Do you get angry when people read the US Constitution in languages other than its original English?

    Would you be angry to hear some other country’s song sung in English?

    If not, what’s the difference?

    And do you seriously think that this Coca Cola commercial is “contributing to the acceleration of America’s death spiral”? That seems like pretty hysterical exaggeration.

  297. Ninong says:

    It was a beautiful commercial that showed the diversity of America. That we Americans welcome people from all over the world. That we are a diverse nation where everyone is equal and free to pursue happiness.

    Every single person who sang in that commercial is an American citizen. Every one of them speaks English fluently. In fact, most of them were born here.

  298. Vick says:


  299. Ninong says:

    I hate to have to point this out to you but the song that was sung in the Coca-Cola commercial was not “God Bless America.” It was “America the Beautiful.” Those are two entirely different songs.

  300. Ninong says:

    People who stray all over the Internet posting the same rant over and over remind me of the majority of the speakers who stand on their soap boxes and rant on and on at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park in London.

  301. Mike_H says:

    It was already political, that’s the point. Nothing in my simple statement is untrue. Liberals and progressives have been unhappy with Coke for their sponsorship of the Olympics in increasingly anti-gay Russia, and conservatives are unhappy with Coke for this particular ad. The evidence to support both halves of my statement is all over the internet. So I’m not really sure why you took offense, your comment doesn’t make sense to me. I’m certainly not the one who made it political, I’m simply making an observation that people on both sides of the political spectrum have expressed reasons to be unhappy with Coke.

  302. Ninong says:

    Yes, one of the nine languages used in the commercial was Keres.

  303. Let Me Be Frank says:

    Yes. Maybe I do have some “anger” towards racist attitudes.
    You say it like it’s a bad thing.

  304. Troy Battles says:

    There’s no problem with people of different races singing, as you suggest. The anger that real Americans feel over this is that a traditionally patriotic American song is being sung in foreign languages in a commercial put out by a mega-corporation that has the unmistakable goal of fueling this sort of debate – making its advertising dollars all the more efficient – while totally disregarding the fact it’s contributing to the acceleration of America’s death spiral.

  305. Troy Battles says:

    I thing it is you that misses the point I am making, somaro. Not everything is racism; by the examples the author uses in this story, every person on the planet could be called racist, which totally removes the impact of the vileness behind the word. It won’t be long before being called a racist is no more offensive than being called ‘gay’ or ‘redneck.’

  306. arcsinice says:


    War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Strength!

  307. arcsinice says:

    Oh, “racist”, “racism”………….. Got it. Ya, right. Sure. Whatever. There you go again……………..

  308. Vick says:

    You could also leave this country, just saying.

  309. melchior42 says:

    You bring up the civil war?? Lol!

    If it doesn’t make sense to you for a country to have a lingua franca through which we can all cmmunicate and conduct bussiness etc, then I can’t help you.

    Anyway, Thanks for playing.

  310. Vick says:

    The funny thing is that “they” like to think of themselves as steadfast American patriots but what they do and advocate is a violation of the first amendment. If they don’t agree with the document that founded this country then they obviously don’t belong here.

  311. Vick says:

    What exactly is an American?

  312. American Veterans says:

    Stop calling Americans Racist..your hatred is very becoming to all you Muslims.

  313. Hosea McAdoo says:

    They are really turning liver rocks to find something to be indignant about. What utter ignorant, bigoted fools.

  314. SJSooze says:

    Know what? I LOVED the ad. I got it. It made me proud to be an American.
    Know what else? I’m republican (for the most part). I’m conservative, lets put it that way.

    What I don’t love is the condescending tone the author takes with people expressing their opinions. If they are not liberal, they MUST be stupid, uneducated, unsophisticated, illiterate, hillbillies with no sense of history or taste.

    THAT is the what I CAN NOT stand about the LEFT!!!
    The name-calling condescension to which you seem to believe you are inherently entitled is UGLY. Did you never hear: “More flies with honey…”?

  315. Vick says:

    Well if they not singin in merican den dey ain’t mericans! Dey also ain’t mericans if dey dunfly the stars and bars!

  316. Vick says:

    You really like to mention your novels.

  317. Vick says:

    The English really brought us together between 1861 – 1865, right?

    Ask yourself this, think of the most far “left” person you know, and ask yourself if you feel affinity toward this person? If your answer is not “NO!” then you are lying. Language doesn’t do anything to promote unity. Me sharing the same language with a Tea Partier will never in a million years make me feel “united” with them. I wish they spoke a different language so I wouldn’t have to understand them.

  318. Vick says:

    Very true. Those who only speak English seem to be sitting on the bottom rung of the ladder. And those who scream “English Only” doom themselves to wallow in the muck.

  319. Vick says:

    Newsflash, our economic opportunity is being robbed in front of our noses and it doesn’t seem that speaking English only will bring the opportunity back. Ever heard of the “wealth gap”?

  320. Vick says:

    The English language really brought everyone together during the Civil War, right?

  321. Vick says:

    I don’t know about the “speaking English fluently” part. I usually have trouble understanding people in poor urban areas and rural areas. Just because they think it’s English, doesn’t mean it actually is. Over here, they call it the “African American Vernacular” aka Ebonics.

  322. Vick says:

    Being that our standard or living is dropping and it’s becoming harder and harder to climb the social ladder, whats the point of speaking English now? If you’re not in the 1%, you might as well speak no language at all.

  323. Vick says:

    I live outside Detroit and I can’t understand the “English” that they speak there. You right wingers are moaning about other languages being spoken when most home born Americans have a poor grasp of the “national” language.

  324. Vick says:

    What about the Civil War bucko? The Union was torn apart and both sides spoke the great, unifying language of English.

    I will also add that it was the bloodiest war in the history of our nation.

  325. Vick says:

    The country was “balkanized” between 1861-1865 and both sides spoke English. Why didnt the English language keep us strongly unified? You done got derp in your post. Yeehaw.

  326. Vick says:

    Not divide the nation? Are you referring to the same “commonality” that was shared between 1861-1865? The English language definitely encouraged “working together” back then, right?

  327. Evolution not Revolution. says:

    I LOVE this! However i would like to point out that blaming America as a whole for the backlash of idiocy is a bit of a wide net to throw. Let’s face it, it’s a Republican backlash. But since these morons are on the out anyway this just makes them look even more whiney and ignorant. Keep it coming all you gun-totin’, poor-hating, racist Republicans! We do love to watch you exploding with righteous indignation as you slowly die off.

  328. Vick says:

    None. It’s always expected that they know English.

  329. nkd says:

    Fun Fact: The woman who wrote “America the Beautiful” was a lesbian. And the man who wrote the “Pledge of Allegiance” was a socialist.

  330. melchior42 says:

    You miss the point. No one cares if someone is bilingual or not. And we know this country was founded by immigrants, duh! But have come together and forged an Identity and English is the language that defines us, like it or not.

    As I have already stated the commercial could have shown people of different races singing the song in English. That would have been much better recieved.
    However the commercial was intended to cause controversy as part of an agenda to sell the idea of America becoming a polyglot society.

  331. melchior42 says:

    No, they could have shown people of different races singing the song in English. Race is not the issue here.

    As someone else mentioned, this song celebrates the whole “dial two for English” ordeal, implying that English is just one of many languages spoken in the US and has no great significance in defining who or what is American anymore.

    Being American now is starting to mean just having an address in the US. Is that what we really want?

  332. melchior42 says:

    If you think that people who feel that English should be our national langauge are all racist, you are a few cards short of a full deck. Do you think people would be any less opposed to picking up a phone and hearing dial one for Swedish and two for English??

    We don’t care what race you are but if you come to stay in our country then learn to speak our langauge.

  333. melchior42 says:

    “you will learn that the kids in the video are all English speaking American citizens”

    And I fear that if I told you that that also was besides the point, I would only confuse you more.

    In any case, it’s a wise man who knows when to throw in the towell..or in your case, maybe just good instincts.

  334. Correction: The English of Americans and British were of the same neutral accents in pre-colonial times. It is the British people who lost their neutral accents and put on accents that they thought to be”literate and elite” –>http://mentalfloss.com/article/29761/when-did-americans-lose-their-british-accents , and this —>http://www.livescience.com/33652-americans-brits-accents.html
    Nobody can contest about what the top ancestries you cited ….that’s not what’s all about. What people commented here are based on the knowledge of the fact that Americans now are compose of different ethnicities, different races, and different people of different languages.. I am Filipino with dual -citizenship of both American and Filipino, born in the Philippines, but lives and works in America and married to a white Irish-Canadian American.

  335. We know there are still a lot of people who come here not knowing English. But they don’t come here to insist their language to be acceptable to Americans. Actually they get to learn the language here, and enroll in English language classes. And maybe if you don’t know, there are so many countries now who require English as their business, or commercial or instructional language so they learn to speak English such as Korea, China, and Japan. A relative of mine is teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in Japan, and 2 friends of mine based in the Philippines teach ESL to Japanese students via online. The “intent” of the song to sing foreign-language lyrics is not to be distasteful. It is done in a way to embrace different cultures, different races here in America —that despite language or cultural barriers, they are still Americans.

  336. FuqRacists says:

    der why people make fun of americans.

    The ten largest ancestries of American Whites are: German Americans (16.5%), Irish Americans (11.9%), English Americans (9.0%),Italian Americans (5.8%), French Americans (4%), Polish Americans (3%), Scottish Americans (1.9%), Dutch Americans (1.6%),Norwegian Americans (1.5%), and Swedish Americans (1.4%).

    Except the native americans, every single one of you “americans” are immigrants. You people dont even have language of your own, all you have is an accent put on the language of England. Embrace the multiculture you little closed minded shits. All you racists do is contradict yourself.

    About america being the “greatest country in the world”, please look at you national debt, the entire country is living off other’s money.

    The immigrants despised by the racists are the ones who made the country what it is today, remove all this despised immigrants, and your little is beneath a developing nation.


    Im an Indian of Singapore citizen, and i have amazing american friends, but i do not wish to step in your country just because of the racists.

  337. FuqRacists says:

    And they wonder why people make fun of americans.

    The ten largest ancestries of American Whites are: German Americans (16.5%), Irish Americans (11.9%), English Americans (9.0%),Italian Americans (5.8%), French Americans (4%), Polish Americans (3%), Scottish Americans (1.9%), Dutch Americans (1.6%),Norwegian Americans (1.5%), and Swedish Americans (1.4%).

    Except the native americans, every single one of you “americans” are immigrants. You people dont even have language of your own, all you have is an accent put on the language of England. Embrace the multiculture you little closed minded shits. All you racists do is contradict yourself.

    About america being the “greatest country in the world”, please look at you national debt, the entire country is living off other’s money.

    The immigrants despised by the racists are the ones who made the country what it is today, remove all this despised immigrants, and your little is beneath a developing nation.

    Im an Indian of Singapore citizen, and i have amazing american friends, but i do not wish to step in your country just because of the racists.

  338. FuqRacists says:

    der why people make fun of americans.

    The ten largest ancestries of American Whites are: German Americans (16.5%), Irish Americans (11.9%), English Americans (9.0%),Italian Americans (5.8%), French Americans (4%), Polish Americans (3%), Scottish Americans (1.9%), Dutch Americans (1.6%),Norwegian Americans (1.5%), and Swedish Americans (1.4%).

    Except the native americans, every single one of you “americans” are immigrants. You people dont even have language of your own, all you have is an accent put on the language of England. Embrace the multiculture you little closed minded shits. All you racists do is contradict yourself.

    About america being the “greatest country in the world”, please look at you national debt, the entire country is living off other’s money.

    The immigrants despised by the racists are the ones who made the country what it is today, remove all this despised immigrants, and your little is beneath a developing nation.


    Im an Indian of Singapore citizen, and i have amazing american friends, but i do not wish to step in your country just because of the racists.

  339. FUFatherEisenman says:

    My point exactly.

  340. FUFatherEisenman says:

    What countries do Americans visit that require you to learn their language?

  341. FUFatherEisenman says:

    Where did I say that I would boo? Suppose, I have this beautiful country called Shangrila. It is the greatest place on earth. Beautiful people, a democracy that works, everyone is happy. I’d love to show the world this magnificent land and show the world what we could all be. I sing her praises for all to understand. But then I have to show the ugly side too, you can only see it if you only speak English. Does that make sense to you?

  342. Moderator4 says:

    Hey, the Mod who posted the warning gets to do the banning! ;)

  343. DGT says:

    “our unoficial official language is enlish”. LOL. Hilarious to see someone post an error-filled word salad of gibberish complaining that people don’t speak “enlish”

  344. DGT says:

    What language is your post?

  345. MJL says:

    That makes a lot of assumptions that are not proven to be true. The one that I’m going to call out is the immigrants should learn the language part.

    1.) this commercial doesn’t make any declaration that immigrants, first generation or later, don’t bother to learn the language. Hell, in other countries around the world, they do teach English as a foreign language.

    2.) expanding on that, it is not uncommon for anyone to be bilingual or multilingual. A fact that seems to be lost on the public that continues to make an issue of anyone speaking a language other than English in the US.

    3). This a commercial, professionally done by a US born, international company that knows how to advertise and bring in more money. It has learned that representation and diversity helps as well.

    4) speaking of diversity, that is the point of the commercial. This was a country that was founded and built by immigrants, though everyone seems to forget that detail (and another important detail that the only people who have a right to bitch were nearly wiped out of existence). This is a commercial representing people who come from all walks of life and are proud to have been born here, raised here or to simply come and live here where they (are supposed to at least) have the freedom to live a happy, fruitful and prosperous life free from oppression and tyranny. The singing in different languages doesn’t say immigrants don’t care about learning English, but rather it speaks of people who are proud to be here and simply express it in their own way.

  346. dpeletski says:

    you’re right, it was translated. but… who’s bible is it? it belongs to the world and therefore should be translated into as many languages as needed. you are comparing apples to oranges.

  347. dpeletski says:

    Perhaps some of the comments were disrespectful, but no more disrespectful than the author of this article at the people expressing their opinions. I do not consider myself a racist, but I do believe that the commercial was done in poor taste. “America the Beautiful” is the unofficial anthem of our country, I agree. How many other countries anthems, official are not, do you hear sung in their “unofficial” language? I agree with one comment, that if people are going to immigrate to the United States they should learn the language. When Americans go abroad, we are expected to learn the language of countries we are visiting or moving to. Why do we expect less? We need to stop making excuses, and be proud of who we are as Americans first! People can be proud of the culture, but we have to be Americans first.

  348. c0nform says:

    Coke is just pushing for the amnesty bill for immigration.Coke is a massive part of the fast food industry… if they don’t pass an immigration bill soon they might actually have to pay people decent hourly wages. As you are busy fighting about who is the least racist you will watch more jobs get stolen and outsourced. This time it’s just in our own country.

  349. Andrew munger says:

    They dont want any critical voice o n forced multiculturalism F them

  350. Robert Ceraso says:

    Actually, lynching a black man is murder because of racism. But way to miss the whole point, genius.

  351. BeccaM says:

    They’d rather keep freaking out about brown people singing a song with a recognizable tune, but with words they can’t understand — and because the idea the vast majority of the planet does NOT speak English drives them berserk.

  352. BeccaM says:

    You’re repeating yourself. And I see from other comments that you have no clue what Marxism really means as a political philosophy.

  353. BeccaM says:

    Yet if you were to display even the slightest curiosity, you might learn that every singer in that Coke advertisement is (1) an American citizen and (2) quite fluent in English as well as the language they sang for the song.

    The only ‘division’ is in your heart.

  354. BeccaM says:

    Your meds? They aren’t working.

  355. Anonymous says:

    I was going to make a similar connection about the term “politically correct.”

  356. since I can’t locate the thread where you made reference to Pol Pot, i’ll just place it here. The fact that you get so emotional and incensed at indirect correlations as if wounded by words, only further supports the theory of your “politically correct” mandate controlled mind set. As, with what you have said towards my position, and the attacks and slurs…they make no mark on my emotional state nor do they offend. It, just supports the idea of your lack of tolerance toward a discussion that is contrary to your belief system, which has been shaped by one party…think tank brain washing. To choose a path of pain and accept the role of victim one must truly believe they are vulnerable. “man’s enemies are not demons, but human beings like himself…He who conquers others is strong; He who conquers himself is mighty…to realize that you do not understand is a virtue; Not to realize that you do not understand is a defect. Lao Tzu. good luck on your journey into a more enlightened self.

  357. BeccaM says:

    As I’m sure you recall, I spent some years in one of the most linguistically diverse countries on the planet: India.

    Although they do try to urge children to learn Hindi, English, and their local dialects, the vast majority of the population knows only their local tongue.

    For all of the “OMG, Amurkah will explode if there’s anybody here who doesn’t speak English” fear- and panic-mongering, India’s example is that in fact the worst that happens is the people in the various regions demand to have their own states. Yet none of them threatens secession from India as a whole — unlike America’s home-grown wingnuts.

    At the core of their demands isn’t that everybody in American speak a common language. It’s that everybody must be compelled to speak only the language the xenophobes (kind of) know how to speak themselves. In other words, notice how 100% is put onto anybody for whom English isn’t a first language to make every accommodation and effort.

    It is tiresome, especially when it’s clear the motives aren’t for country, but out of sheer selfishness and fear.

  358. FDRliberal says:

    BTW, I read your lengthy piece. My reaction to you is:

    Lighten Up Francis, its a commercial. English isn’t going away.

  359. goulo says:

    But do the English get angry and offended and go into Internet Rage Mode if someone sings God Save the Queen in French? Of course not.

  360. goulo says:

    Interesting delusion that “Obviously most people will see this as wrong”. Psychological projection on your part. Most people are not offended and outraged (e.g. you can see that there are far more thumbs up than thumbs down at the video’s youtube page.)

    No one I know personally would be angry – it wouldn’t even occur to them to be angry – at hearing a song (national anthem or otherwise) translated into and sung in other languages. It’s an ordinary thing.

  361. FDRliberal says:

    Mav, that kind of sarcasm is very indicative of the Hitler Mindset.

  362. goulo says:

    I’ve heard many “national songs” translated and sung in a variety of languages. Most people I know would not even imagine being angrily offended by it. The provincial narrow-mindedness of this mass outrage is genuinely bizarre to me. It’s like getting angrily indignant that a novel or film is translated into another language.

  363. it’s great to see how prolific you are.

  364. goulo says:

    Why do you assume the people singing in other languages are unable to speak English?

  365. goulo says:

    Do you actually believe that everyone should ONLY speak English in the US, the supposed land of freedom? Apparently all the people so angry and offended by the commercial believe that, which I guess would explain a lot about why so many US citizens never learn another language… :/

    And why do you assume that the people speaking other languages in the commercial are unable to speak English also?

  366. The_Fixer says:

    Yeah, I had to clean the spittle from the inside of my computer monitor after reading that! :)

    Seriously, I found this in Chicago (I grew up outside of Chicago but worked in the city for a while). You’ll also fin it in any large city, from what I’ve read and heard. There were various neighborhoods that were occupied by people of a particular nationality or ethnicity. The Northwest side had the Polish and Germans a little farther out. Closer in, people from India, and many parts of the far East. Puerto Ricans had the west side, with various Latino people in nearby neighborhoods. One could find at least one person from every part of the world in Chicago, I’d think.

    All of the peole with whom I interacted spoke English. They also spoke their native languages, and often spoke a third language or fourth language. They got along just fine. Oh, and this was back in the 60s and 70s. So people who came from other countries have been doing this (being multi-lingual) for a while, and all is well. The fabric of America has not been torn as a result of this.

    These people ranting about it are tiresome. They accuse Liberals of being quick to find offense. In another stunning example of projection, they do the very thing of which we’re being accused. We’ve covered that here before, of course. And this thread certainly has attracted the most spittle-producing members from “that side of the aisle.”

  367. goulo says:

    ” up until 15 years ago…it was the official language.”
    What are you talking about?

  368. goulo says:

    Not sure if this is sincere, or an intentional trolling illustration of Poe’s Law…

  369. goulo says:

    I see how some people can only think in binary opposites instead of understanding degrees along a spectrum. No one is equating lynching a black man with getting angrily outraged at various races singing a song in different non-English languages.

    Would you say it’s “diluting” the word “hot” to say “this coffee is hot” just because the sun is also hot?

  370. goulo says:

    It’s cute that you think we will get angry and offended at the mere fact that you are using a different language.

    A great illustration of psychological projection. Just because you get angry at people using a different language doesn’t mean that everyone does.

  371. debated it. you obviously, haven’t done your own research to see. That demonstrates how little you know your own affiliation with the liberal ideals and party you associate. Since you have no interest in looking it up. I’ll provide it. If being moderate and sane is my curse, then yours is not looking into the ideals of humane nature, you so profess to convey.

    Aravosis, I think you fail to understand and really miss the point
    here. First, let’s assume you realize what a double topic, or
    miss-directed theme is: The Coke “America The Beautiful”
    campaign has nothing to do with the incidents occurring in
    Sochi, Russia. These are two very different topics. One is controlled
    by the Russian Government’s policy, which Coke has no control over.
    Albeit, Coke, could have refused to have it’s logo on uniforms or
    displayed during the Winter Olympics, but then, that would be a
    corporate matter, not a Government matter. Coke could have refused to
    sponsor, but again it is not in the Corporations best financial
    interest. So, Coke, made a choice that may lead others to stop using
    their products…that’s how open market choices work. Don’t like the
    sponsorship and the Government laws they (Coke) either ignore
    or claim ignorance to, then take your business to Pepsi etc. Not the
    same beast of a topic as the aforementioned so called “diversity”
    commercial during the Super Bowl.

    history it has been proven that to divide a nation, divide it’s
    people along so called “racial, religious and ethnic” lines. It
    makes it easier to destroy the fabric of the nation. Examples,
    Persia, Greece, Yugoslavia and on and on. When we seek “diversity”
    it does not include changing a nation’s core beliefs, Constitution or
    hallowed ground; such as their native National Anthems or Unofficial
    Anthems. When people seek out the USA it should be as our forefathers
    and ancestors believed…to assimilate, acclimate and become part of
    the solution; to become one Nation with one National Language to
    bind, not separate a people. One system of core beliefs and ideals
    helps to shoulder the building of a Nation. When Ellis Island was the
    way people came to America,(not now as so many illegals do, by
    overstaying visas, breaching borders etc) they had to learn english,
    study American History and assimilate. This encouraged people to work
    together, regardless of ethnic origin or religious beliefs. When
    there is one consciousness and one common language, people

    to connect with commonalities and then learn about their differences,
    which have the ability to enrich the personal experience. People who
    bond from different origins and are encouraged to live together in
    communities, rather than self segregate (or forced) learn shared
    principles. As, long as people use the term “racist” it will
    never change from victim to victor. As it has always been, there is
    only ONE RACE…it’s called “The Human Race.” Address this and
    dissolve much of what we call “hatred.” By perpetuating your
    language of judgment it by no means ingratiates readership to your
    cause. You become the divider of humanity, rather than reconciliatory
    and harmonic.

    I have issue with is how this commercial can create a divide. It has
    nothing to do with the term “racist” and using that and negative,
    derogatory comments to prove your case is anemic at best . The
    commercial was in poor taste and deserved the ire of more than those
    that came to it’s defense. It is the majority that find this
    repulsive, regardless of their emotional language, there is a point
    to the distain. Seek out the solution to the unrest and work to
    understand, rather than side with your own personal beliefs. You just
    might be respected for unraveling the opposition, rather than
    provoking more rancor. This approach only serves to weaken the theme
    or your article. It also begs to challenge your case when you strike
    out with slurs and inflammatory language. You stoop to the same level
    as the people you choose to rise above. “We
    can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when
    we created them,” Albert Einstein.
    Don’t be the person who creates more problems by narrow thinking and
    rash judgment on this very important and crucial topic of Sovereignty
    and Patriotic Assimilation.

    be careful of the people you attack. They may end up being the same
    people who eventually bring you to a place of recompense and
    contrition for your own blasphemous and emotional attacks. Let
    someone else be the judge and you, as a writer, should take a more
    journalistic and unbiased approach to topics. Otherwise, you will be
    called out for the same extremist, flagrant behavior as those you are

    undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is
    shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” Albert Einstein.
    Setting one’s self up to be considered more folly, rather than
    responsible editorial journalism only serves to defeat your goals to
    present and sway public opinion. Good luck with your next article.

  372. FDRliberal says:

    You know Mav, your intolerant response indicates someone with the mindset of a combination of Pol Pot and Ghengis Kahn. Not that I’m saying you are Pol Pot, just that you have his inflexible mindset.

  373. And that’s what they said about Germany. again, your emotional responses prove to be good defense and protective reaction. you weren’t called Hitler..which supports the point…you interpret language as it suits your need to be right rather than open minded.

  374. FDRliberal says:

    Still frightened to debate the topic of the article eh?

  375. FDRliberal says:

    Face it – You are frightened to debate which is why you go around calling others Marxists and “Hitler” which incidentally makes you look ridiculous.

    The fact is you and many others on the extreme right overreacted to a Coke commercial and you are now being called out on it. Your gloomy predictions of “Yugoslavia” and “Balkanization” over a Coke commercial is why no one takes you seriously.

  376. your mistake is in believing I answer to your ideal of tolerance. I do not. Next, I have no interest in being “politically correct.” Third, your general comments about your opposing party is not related to my own personal beliefs of governance. Neither party is healthy for the Citizens of the USA, they both are pale representations of their former selves. Take a look at the Democratic party history…and you will find some surprising results as to who and what party was “racist” and who and which party fought to change American History. It was, in case you are ill aware.. the Party of Abraham Lincoln. To reiterate…I am not affiliated with either party…that is where some of your error in judgment lies in our discourse.

  377. If your points were based on solid research and more than just emotional rants, there might be something to address. Language is what we use to discuss issues. I suggest you get to the language of less hostility and more repose. Not that it matters to a mind like yours, but I am not affiliated to either major party. Independent thinkers are what changed the world, not group think tank minds that are engineered by government mandates of “politically correct.” control. One’s thoughts can not be altered in that way, when they are shaped by hatred for and suggestion to control other’s rights to freedom of speech and Constitutional Freedoms in General; which is contrary to what you believe, by your own words.

  378. FDRliberal says:

    Lol, once again you make an utter joke of yourself talking about tolerance as you hilariously accuse others of being like “Hitler”.

    I challenge you directly to refute anything I’ve said.

  379. I am well aware of the theory of marxism and you fit the bill. with that said your lack of tolerance and show of hostility toward any belief that is contrary to your own smacks of a state of mind as was Hitler’s. Most liberals have a great concept towards inclusion, until they are challenged, then they attack with negative slurs. Well done, it shows the true nature of your conviction.

  380. karmanot says:

    Keep your shame dim wit.

  381. SkippyFlipjack says:


    Dude, it was one commercial featuring one f*cking song that we all know the words to. If you can’t see the artistry in singing lines in different languages, I feel kind of sorry for you. Haven’t you ever sung a verse of “Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht” in church at Christmas?

  382. JCF says:

    I’m also willing to bet that one of those “foreign” languages was Native American.

  383. X.T. says:

    For those who felt offended by the song in other languages, I suggest you start learning Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic before you open your Bible again. In case you didn’t know, Bible wasn’t originally written in English.

  384. Eddie says:

    If you have a master’s in education, then you should not have to be explained to that diversity is variety. You are desiring conformity; do things the way I do them, or don’t do them at all. You can’t even see the difference apparently, because in your mindset, if you are not all the same, then you are not going to accomplish anything. That simply is not true! These children in this video are all American citizens, they speak English, and they realize they are from different ethnic backgrounds. They are not the ones with the problem. The people with the problems are people like you who cannot rise above groupthink and allow that people are capable of doing things on their own without fitting into your little stereotype of what people should be. People have survived years with a wide array of employment, and they did it without your consent or concern, and they will continue to do so for generations to come. You are just upset because you want everyone to speak English and that is not what this nation is about! I suggest you just get over yourself, worry about yourself, and let everyone else worry about what they have to do for themselves. I am sure if they really really really need your help, they will come looking for you! I might add the same thing with religion. Most people cannot accept that there are several religions in the world, and even here in the good ol’ USA. They think if you are not a gun toting, God fearing Christian, then you are nothing worthy of being on this soil. I hate to break that to you as well…there are many successful people who are not even bonded by organized religion. I pity the USA because of people that think like you. There is nothing but contempt in your heart unless someone is just like you, acts like, prays like you, speaks like you. You said it here in black and white, and I hope you realize one day that you are simply wrong!

  385. FDRliberal says:

    Lol, you going around ludicrously calling others “Marxists” and then lecture about “tolerance”. Stop being so sensitive about language and have the courage instead to try to refute my points above.

  386. Troy Battles says:

    Amazing what passes for racism these days.

    Lynching a black man for looking at a white girl = racism.
    Complaining that an American patriotic song is sung in foreign languages so Coke can exploit the intended outrage for more publicity = racism.

    See how the word is getting diluted? By your logic, everyone on the planet could, in some way or another, be considered racist. Personally, I’d rather keep the impact of the word at its most effective, and not over every whine-y little thing.

  387. What surprises me is your lack of conviction towards the very thing you say you employ….tolerance and acceptance. The fact is that both parties have the same goal in mind, just different approaches. You’ll be a slave to the system, just like all the people you admonish. Good luck with your open minded, non-jugmental ideals.

  388. Frustrated Designer says:

    OoooooK is correct, America The Beautiful sounds nothing like a Scott Key composition.
    First, it was composed by Sam Ward with lyrics by Katharine Bates. The two do not share a similar cadence or vernacular.

    Second, Scott Key wrote the lyrics of Star Spangled Banner in 1814 over the tune composed by John Smith in 1780, America the Beautiful (the poem) was combined with the music in 1910, almost 100 years later.
    They really don’t have much in common other than a patriotic tone.

    As for your questionable logic in the last paragraph. Singing a song in a language it was not written in has nothing to do with not having a common language. If anything this commercial is highlighting that having a second or third language just lets you connect to other people who share your country in a way they may be more comfortable with, not that English all of the sudden will go away. That idea is only being bandied about by… paranoid xenophobic individuals.

    Besides, English is not the most structured language to have a conversation in. Multiple tenses, words and phrases that can mean different things based on context, spelling conventions that have little connection to the phonetic pronunciation, etc. Chinese is better for structure, French flows better and German is really good for logical descriptions.

  389. Jim Crapanzano says:

    Why Diversity will dystroy America-But fear not, it’s all part of the plan!

    The demographic shift of America is by design of the New World Order. It’s purpose
    is to destroy America, as a nation, before you dismiss me as a parrinoid, it’s not just America; this plan
    has been in play for over six decades and especially over the last four
    decades, people like you Mr. and Ms. Liberal Leftthinker, have been brainwashed into thinking that it’s
    all just wonderful. And you believe it; not being smart enough to
    realize that where we are headed is to a corporate owned oligarchy where
    only rich share holders vote on anything.
    The only way to accomplish
    this is by first destroying all national identities by diluting the
    nations where nationalistic ideals were strongest by both, villifying
    nationalists with labels like bigot, racist, isolationist, etc., and
    mass migration of people who do not share the national ideal.
    America prior to the late ’60’s. This is being accomplished by forcing
    the people to accept mass migration from the 3rd world, and using Leftist-Sheepole to condemn all in opposition to this so called diversity.
    Until the 1960’s America was truly the geat melting pot. But by deffinition, when it all melts togeather, a single amalgimation is the result. This was the dream of America, and it worked for us.
    That all changed in the early 70’s and it was called diversity. No longer would imigrants be encouraged to become real Americans, but rather they were told to hold on to their cultural heritage. This was the advent of the Hyphenated American. The Liberal agenda in effect said, do not be proud to be an American, be more proud of your heritage. And put America last!
    The first, and easiest, target was blacks. Already disenfranchised, they were the first to embrace the hyphen. African-American! The joke was on them, because these people were the furthist removed from the “Old Countries” than over 70% of most Americans! No longer negroes, or the stronger moniker of Black People, they were labeled African-American. By whom, you may wonder? The Liberal Media, secretely guided by their corporate overlords. Here’s the kicker: as Blacks fought for parity in America, they were further seperated and labled as seperate from Americans; seperated by the hyphen! And in this commercial how many Black Americans did we see? One child. The rest were all in forigin costume. Yet we saw three examples of for Islam.
    The migration of the 3rd wrold began, in ernest, in the 70’s, Now, it’s speeding up
    here, but it’s been happening in Europe even faster because those countries are smaller. Look at
    France–virtually destroyed as a nationalistic society, by rampant
    Liberalism and Socialistic governance, The UK is following, and falling, fast. And
    recently, as Americans remain completely unaware, millions have been poured into the already frail economy
    of Ireland–just one of the others in the Bankster created EU to be set upon. And
    of course, all who dare ask why, or demand that the country can’t afford the burdon, are called bigots, and racists! Again, it’s NOT just America! Moreover, the vast majoroty of the imigrents are Muslims. But I don’t have space to get into that part ofthe plan, except to say that these people have zero respect for the traditons, values and especially beliefs of the host countries of the quiet Jihad–but they are just Sheepole who can’t see the big pisture too. The end game is an Orwellian
    society where everyone is controlled in all they do.
    But Liberals REJOICE! You won’t have to
    worry about bigots, or conservatives. We thought criminals will have
    been dealt with by you people who know what thinking correctly is all
    about! And that is, after all, what Liberals long for. But what you
    liberal morons, who cheer this all on, fail to realize is that in the end, you won’t
    be part of the power elite. You will simply be just like everyone
    else–equal in every way! With everyone living equally, thinking
    equally, and serving the corporate states–Equally.
    Orwell was right about everything except the year!
    all of this? Learn about UN agenda 21–which your massiah Obama supports
    wholeheartedly–before you come back with your tin-foil hat, or other
    pointless and inane quips! Look ate what is going on world wide in the name of Diversity, and do the freegin math!
    Immagine there is no country, it isn’t hard to do. . .but like all Idealists, John missed the end game.
    Didn’t get that Governments of the People would allow corporations to poison the water, and GMO our food supply, or force useless vaccinations on our chldren.

    War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Strength!

    And If I have pissed you off? Look on the bright side, Maybe you can be one of my guards at a FEMA camp near you!

  390. very analytical, but well said and well placed.

  391. FDRliberal says:

    Yes goober, and it was your own Saint Reagan who supported an assault weapons ban and raised taxes.

    But one suggestion – as an anti-science crackpot I would suggest not quoting Einstein. I suggest sticking to one of your own Grifters, like Dr. Beck.

  392. hhhhmmm, you might have something here. then again maybe you are just as much a part of the problem. “Whoever
    undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is
    shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” Albert Einstein.

  393. FDRliberal says:

    You really are a goober who does not know what Marxism is.

  394. you really are drinking the marxist Kool-aid.

  395. wow really? I also think your FDR was one that didn’t like Government Unions. He said they would hold the “People” hostage. Guess what over 50 years later he was right. So, even leftist no when an idea is a bad idea, when it does not serve the greater good of the nation. And the idea that there are only right wing “crackpots” shows great judgment on your part. “Whoever
    undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is
    shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” Albert Einstein. You, are the hilarious one.

  396. Frustrated Designer says:

    I hope you do not teach “facts” like “Not knowing English virtually assures them a life of poverty” to your students? That would be a shame to damage a young mind like that. Teachers are supposed to encourage their students, not set them up for failure.

    China does more business than America does each year. More product and sales are made there. The biggest deals I ever facilitated were in Russian and Mandarin with people who did not speak English. This is a simple personal subset. However, the number of people in this world who do not speak English in their everyday lives dwarfs the amount that does, and to make a claim that the majority is impoverished or somehow less valuable simply is wrong and quite offensive.

    And with that I am severing ties to this thread. Some of you make me feel so unclean and sad with your vitriol and hate. I hope someday everyone here can find their own happiness without trying to destroy another persons bliss.

  397. great judgment on your part. I am sure you have no biases in your life.

    undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is
    shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” Albert Einstein.

  398. kathy says:

    Really America the Beautiful is not the national anthem? Guess it is Francis Scott key tune.
    Wow whatever would I have done without you!

    Again, as your quick wit has uncovered, I am intellectually challenged (Is that a protected class in the liberal philosophy?) , but why is it a bad thing to have a national language? The French do, believe it is in their constitution, in fact most countries do. In this way they can all talk to each other, do business with each other and become a world power. Correct me if I am wrong, but is that what America did for the last 200 years?

    But I overstep my bounds, as liberals know what is best

  399. History has proven your statement to be correct. Persia, Greece, Yugoslovia and more were brought down by language, ethnic and religious divides that could not be reconciled. This path is to the detriment of the USA not to it’s strengths.

  400. You got this right. I applaud you for understanding that the way to success in the USA was to assimilate and learn the language and culture you chose to become part of, not separate from. Or your family could have stayed in their native country. Good show and great post.

  401. assimilation is what made it strong. diversity is what creates the fabric of cultural ideas. English is a language and up until 15 years ago…it was the official language. All immigrants had to acclimate, and assimilate, learn english and american history when they came through Ellis Island, before they could become American Citizens. It was a way to create a commonality among people, so they could work together to build a nation, not divide it through self or imposed segregation.

  402. Jim F says:

    I did okay in the brain department – I have a Master’s in Education and taught in San Diego – mostly Spanish-speaking students near the Mexican border. This message of not needing English to prosper locks most of them into menial tasks and low-wage jobs until they decide to do so… with unemployment so high why give an employer an excuse not to hire? In spite of what happened in history, English in the language of commerce in America. If I were going to live in Mexico I’d learn Spanish, if France I’d learn French. This message of refusing to learn English out of spite is the position of ignorance. Showing a diverse group singing a patriotic song in a common language would have been a much stronger ‘melting pot’ message than each person singing in the language of the country they don’t want to live in.

  403. Wow, such anger and judgment.

  404. Mr.
    Aravosis, I think you fail to understand and really miss the point
    here. First, let’s assume you realize what a double topic, or
    miss-directed theme is: The Coke “America The Beautiful”
    campaign has nothing to do with the incidents occurring in
    Sochi, Russia. These are two very different topics. One is controlled
    by the Russian Government’s policy, which Coke has no control over.
    Albeit, Coke, could have refused to have it’s logo on uniforms or
    displayed during the Winter Olympics, but then, that would be a
    corporate matter, not a Government matter. Coke could have refused to
    sponsor, but again it is not in the Corporations best financial
    interest. So, Coke, made a choice that may lead others to stop using
    their products…that’s how open market choices work. Don’t like the
    sponsorship and the Government laws they (Coke) either ignore
    or claim ignorance to, then take your business to Pepsi etc. Not the
    same beast of a topic as the aforementioned so called “diversity”
    commercial during the Super Bowl.

    history it has been proven that to divide a nation, divide it’s
    people along so called “racial, religious and ethnic” lines. It
    makes it easier to destroy the fabric of the nation. Examples,
    Persia, Greece, Yugoslavia and on and on. When we seek “diversity”
    it does not include changing a nation’s core beliefs, Constitution or
    hallowed ground; such as their native National Anthems or Unofficial
    Anthems. When people seek out the USA it should be as our forefathers
    and ancestors believed…to assimilate, acclimate and become part of
    the solution; to become one Nation with one National Language to
    bind, not separate a people. One system of core beliefs and ideals
    helps to shoulder the building of a Nation. When Ellis Island was the
    way people came to America,(not now as so many illegals do, by
    overstaying visas, breaching borders etc) they had to learn english,
    study American History and assimilate. This encouraged people to work
    together, regardless of ethnic origin or religious beliefs. When
    there is one consciousness and one common language, people

    to connect with commonalities and then learn about their differences,
    which have the ability to enrich the personal experience. People who
    bond from different origins and are encouraged to live together in
    communities, rather than self segregate (or forced) learn shared
    principles. As, long as people use the term “racist” it will
    never change from victim to victor. As it has always been, there is
    only ONE RACE…it’s called “The Human Race.” Address this and
    dissolve much of what we call “hatred.” By perpetuating your
    language of judgment it by no means ingratiates readership to your
    cause. You become the divider of humanity, rather than reconciliatory
    and harmonic.

    I have issue with is how this commercial can create a divide. It has
    nothing to do with the term “racist” and using that and negative,
    derogatory comments to prove your case is anemic at best . The
    commercial was in poor taste and deserved the ire of more than those
    that came to it’s defense. It is the majority that find this
    repulsive, regardless of their emotional language, there is a point
    to the distain. Seek out the solution to the unrest and work to
    understand, rather than side with your own personal beliefs. You just
    might be respected for unraveling the opposition, rather than
    provoking more rancor. This approach only serves to weaken the theme
    or your article. It also begs to challenge your case when you strike
    out with slurs and inflammatory language. You stoop to the same level
    as the people you choose to rise above. “We
    can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when
    we created them,” Albert Einstein.
    Don’t be the person who creates more problems by narrow thinking and
    rash judgment on this very important and crucial topic of Sovereignty
    and Patriotic Assimilation.

    Be careful of the people you attack. They may end up being the same
    people who eventually bring you to a place of recompense and
    contrition for your own blasphemous and emotional attacks. Let
    someone else be the judge and you, as a writer, should take a more
    journalistic and unbiased approach to topics. Otherwise, you will be
    called out for the same extremist, flagrant behavior as those you are

    Lastly, “Whoever
    undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is
    shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” Albert Einstein.
    Setting one’s self up to be considered more folly, rather than
    responsible editorial journalism only serves to defeat your goals to
    present and sway public opinion. Good luck with your next article.

  405. Jim F says:

    My phone can’t get on the page — does this work to reply? If so 1. I don’t care bout the sexuality of anyone and that has nothing to do with the topic, only your pre-assumption anyone making my argument would be offended by a patriotic song being written by a gay artist — it’s neither here nor there. 2 I’m all about learning as many languages as possible, but my experience teaching in the San Diego school system opened up a whole world to me of bilingual classes and a refusal to learn English. Like it or not, English is the language of commerce, and telling young Hispanics they don’t need to learn English virtually assures them a life of poverty. I think showing multiple races singing in English would have been a much better message.

  406. Jim Crapanzano says:

    First, I’m not a Christian, but if you believe that the rest of what you are yapping about is a good thing, it’s you who are the back-wards pin head. The demographic shift is by design of the New World Order. It’s purpose is to destroy America, as a nation, But it’s not just America. This plan has been in play for over six decades and especially over the last four decades, people like you have been brainwashed into thinking that it’s all just wonderful. And you believe it; not being smart enough to realize that where we are headed is to a corporate owned oligarchy where only rich share holders vote on anything. The only way to accomplish this is by first destroying all national identities by diluting the nations where nationalistic ideals were strongest by both villifying nationalists with labels like bigot, racist, isolationist, etc., and mass migration of people who do not share the national ideal. Like America prior to the late ’60’s. This is being accomplished by forcing the people to accept mass migration from the 3rd world. It’s speeding up here, but it’s happening in Europe even faster. Look at France–virtually destroyed as a nationalistic society, by rampant Liberalism and Socialistic governance, The UK is following fast. And recently–Well, I’m sure that you are completely unaware, much think to ask–why have millions been poured into the already frail economy of Ireland, for just one of the others in the Bankster created EU? And of course, all who dare ask why, or demand that the country can’t afford it are called bigots, and racists! The end game is the Orwellian society where everyone is controlled in all they do. You won’t have to worry about bigots, or conservatives. We thought criminals will have been dealt with by you people who know what thinking correctly is all about! And that is, after all, what Liberals long for. But what you liberal morons, who cheer this all on, fail to realize is that you won’t be part of the power elite. You will simply be just like everyone else–equal in every way! With every one living equally, thinking equally, and serving the corporate state equally.
    Orwell was right about everything except the year!
    Doubt all of this? Learn about UN agenda 21–which Obama supports wholeheartedly–before you come back with your tin-foil hat, or other pointless inane quips!
    War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Strength!

  407. OoooooK says:

    You do realize America the Beautiful is not the U.S. anthem right?
    It’s funny how many people upset about this comercial are those so unAmerican that they don’t know the history or basic facts about the nation.
    Is it bigotry that makes a person stupid, or just that stupid people are bigoted?

  408. Union Jack says:

    Well well well – time to face the music Yanks. You hijack my actual national anthem “God Save the Queen” with “My Country tis of thee” and now your crying about this? At least the meaning is intact you mugs

  409. Erick Holmes says:

    Why the hell are people upset. We as a country need to accept the fact that we’re culturally diverse and be proud of it. I thank Coca-Cola for the commerical. It’s a descent one.

  410. Let Me Be Frank says:

    This whole thing is patently ridiculous.

    First off, let me point out that unless you’re a North American Native, your family came over on a boat at some point too.

    Secondly, who the hell cares, really? Why should you?
    Another ethnic group has made the decision to pay their respects to the United States, and instead of being proud that such respect is being shown, you act like little children.
    Actually, worse than that.
    You act like bigots.

    It’s in another language?
    I missed the part where that was something to be offended about.

    This “Murica” attitude is pure nonsense.
    You take so much pride and so much stock in something you had absolutely no control over.
    Your parents and my parents just happened to be in North America when you were born.
    The difference between you and I, is that I don’t take my value in that. Which means I can objectively look at something like this and say, “that’s awesome.”
    I can appreciate it for what it is, while you’re just a puppet.
    Stop being strung along by your senseless patriotic fervor and appreciate what’s happening here.

    If this national anthem thing is something that you’re honestly offended by, you’ve got some serious personal issues that need to be worked out.

  411. PW says:

    .. a lot of people speak a second language in the U.S. What’s wrong with pointing that out? They aren’t saying people shouldn’t speak English, just that a huge portion of Americans are multi lingual.

  412. xanuser says:

    1. “American” is not a language.
    2. The United States does not have an official language.
    3. America is actually a continent, namely filled with Spanish-speaking countries.
    4. The United States was founded as a country of immigrants.
    5. Diversity is what makes American strong.

  413. Rick Roberts says:

    Such horrible people. How can they be so horrible?

  414. FDRliberal says:

    To a fearful right-wing extremist perhaps, to more worldly and rational sorts, not so much.

  415. kathy says:

    Why would you boo O Canada, it is their anthem and they are singing in their language ( I know it is English but not the point)
    If China has a comparable song to America the Beautiful I would expect to be sung in Chinese not English. Just as AMERICA the Beautiful should be sung in English,

  416. kathy says:

    All of you people claiming racists should look up the meaning of the world. There are all races in this country and they are Americans. It is about being American. Sing America the Beautiful in the American Language. Do the English sing God Save the Queen in French? of course not. Whether you like it or not, speaking 8 different languages in this country does nothing to bring people together as they don’t understand each other, rather it separates them. And if you expect people to learn 8 different languages you live in a fantasy world

  417. B.J. says:

    This commercial was spoken in the languages of the American Continent. The languages spoken on in America are several, they are French (in Canada), Portia Rician, Spanish, Brazilian, Venezuela, Filipino, and several others. We live in the United States, on the continent of America, which includes from the top of Canada to the bottom of South America. The song is NOT God Bless the US, but rather God Bless America. The first thing you may have done when you came to this country was to learn the language, while my ancestors were forced to learn the English language, which was by the way from a different country, oh and some had to learn Spanish and some had to learn French. So anyone can complain if they have a mind to and others complain when all they have is half a mind to..

  418. Ninong says:

    There were white people in that commercial. And yes, I have heard every one of them speak English because they are all interviewed on Coke’s Facebook page. Most of them were born here. Do people ask you for your “citizenship papers?”

  419. Ninong says:

    It was a beautiful commercial that showed the diversity of America. That we Americans welcome people from all over the world. That we are a diverse nation where everyone is equal and free to pursue happiness.

    Every single person who sang in that commercial is an American citizen. Every one of them speaks English fluently. In fact, most of them were born here.

  420. kathy says:

    Want to bet, first thought that went through my mind as watching the commercial, how asinine,
    Can you just see France playing a comparable national song in English, really? What other country would take a national song and sing it in another language? Maybe God Save the Queen played in Arabic, just asinine.
    Like coke better and always bought coke, but now am in the Pepsi generation

  421. Jim Olson says:

    It’s ok. I’ve just seen this error in several places today.

  422. Diaz (Naturalized American) says:

    guess some will call me racist. I don’t care. As a naturalized American citizen,
    I was in shock over hearing Coke’s rendition of America The Beautiful. The first
    thing my family did when we came here (legally, I may add) was learn the
    language. Why can’t others do the same? Coke did nothing but encourage the
    division that already exists and the lack of respect for our language, flag, and
    ways of life. I have had my last Coke. I urge others to stay away from Coke
    products which include Bacardi Mixers, Barq’s, PowerAde, Minute Maid, Hi-C,
    Dannon, Dasani, Evian, Fanta, Fresca, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Mello Yello, Vault,
    Tab, Aquapure, Glaceau fruitwater, and Glaceau Vitaminwater.

  423. Naja pallida says:

    And apparently doesn’t understand that syntax and grammar work differently in other languages, so if you just plug English phrases into Google Translate they come out very literal, and quite often nonsensical. A native speaker might be able to decipher some of what he means to say, but much of it would come out as gibberish. Of course, I’m sure if he typed out his viewpoint in English it wouldn’t be much better.

  424. Jim Crapanzano says:

    Yea, yea, yea. I too speak German. I lived there for just 2 Years and 7 months. I never planned to become a German. I never took a job from a German, or received any social services. I contributed to the German economy. Yet I saw it as my obligation. That was in the mid 70’s so it had nothing to do with being politically correct–a horrible anti-liberty term and concept!
    I learned to speak German because I didn’t expect Germans learn my language, even though there were so many thousands of Americans living in Germany at that time. Nor did I expect them to print signs, or anything else in my native language.
    Despite all of you self hating anti-American puppies who have brain-washed by indoctrination of globalist liberals that have taut you that there is no such thing as a real American, American English IS the language of the people who made this country great. I am proud to be an American. I don’t care about any of the countries my fore-bearers came from. If the old countries were so great, I suppose they would have stayed there. No they came here to be treated like the 2nd class citizens they were–they EARNED the RIGHT to be called Americans. The only right they had was to work and try to make new lives for themselves. They were called names, they were denied employment because of their accents. They survived, they thrived, they were proud of their struggle, and they were proud to become Americans.
    Today, morons think they deserve what ever they want, they say they are entitled because they came and if they came and stayed illegally, they should be rewarded. even more! They shouldn’t have to earn the right to be Americans. No, it should be granted for the asking, even as millions of Americans can’t find decent jobs and don’t qualify for the entitlements of even illegal’s. And if I protest I’m a racist? I’m a bigot?
    So be it! And I will wear those terms, one on each arm proudly!
    P.S. Everything you said about the people in that commercial may be accurate, but aside from asking where you saw their citizenship papers, or heard them speak English, I ask this: why was there not a single White person? Because when you people talk about Diversity whites are NOT INCLUDED! Way to be inclusive, pally!

  425. usorthem3 says:

    As a Bronco supporter I congratulate your team on their win. First time experience can not be matched. You played the better game and were good sports about it.

  426. Ninja0980 says:

    This is why MSNBC was so foolish to give in to the RNC last week?
    FOx News reacted exactly the way the one tweeter said they would and anyone with a brain could have seen that coming.

  427. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    “And when faced with a single foe that sought to exterminate them, did that bring them together? ”

    I’m not sure how banding together would have helped to conquer smallpox and venereal diseases.

  428. kenny white says:

    Sucks. One of the easiest ways to Balkanize a country is for people not to be able to talk to each other. This Coke commercial is bullshit. I want to be able to talk to my diverse American brothers and sisters,. Every one should not have to learn seven to 10 different languages just to talk to our fellow americans. We can all unite as one family and everyone can learn one language, and that dominate language is currently English. United we stand, divided we fall. One of he strongest uniters is speaking the same language. Screw Coke.

  429. cyberslammer2 says:

    Don’t worry the next Coke commercial during the Super Bowl will be sung in Arabic and the halftime show will feature the beheading of infidels.

  430. Jim Crapanzano says:

    I just love this argument. Because what happened to those who came to be known as Indians happened because of their DIVERSITY! The Nations; all with their own languages, and cultural customs, leaders, and all separate. And when faced with a single foe that sought to exterminate them, did that bring them together? Not until it was far, far too late, and even then their diversity kept them from truly banding together. Just imagine if your fore-bearers would have divorced diversity and came together against us white savages in the 1700’s. I’m included, as three branches of my family tree go back that far. They could have pushed us all back into the Ocean!
    What killed the American Indians? DIVERSITY! just as much as the rail roads and repeating rifles! Speaking of which, yours were the first group of Americans strict gun control laws were written for.
    And that’s what’s gonna kill the USA as a nation too! So cheer for Diversity and give no thought to, United we stand, Diversified, we FALL!

  431. Naja pallida says:

    Oddly enough, I’ve never heard any spittle-flaked raving from Queen Elizabeth when when Canada does “God Save The Queen” with French verses.

  432. FDRliberal says:

    No need to make any irrelevant assumptions. Anyone with open eyes can see that a party which suppresses the votes of minorities, opposes reasonable immigration reform, and which received a paltry pct of the minority vote in 2012 is headed for trouble.

    What should be of further concern is the way in which women voters are rejecting your party as well. This may have something to do with forcing said voters to have medically unnecessary invasive procedures as you deny their right of choice.

    Have I relieved you of your intrigue?

  433. Eddie says:

    I guess that means you would be standing behind me…I am not comfortable with that!

  434. Moderator3 says:

    Damn, I wanted the honor.

  435. Naja pallida says:

    Nära skjuter ingen hare. Inte alla av oss var födda amerikaner.

  436. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    i guess you don’t get my position. Of course, it would be difficult if everyone spoke different languages. I think the citizens of the U.S.A. are self sufficient, and would work it out somehow. If you would look through this entire thread, you would know that the people in the commercial were fluent in English. It’s quite common to see families speaking languages other than English within their homes. Whenever, my husband took me to his family’s get togethers, a lot of people would speak Finnish. Somehow, they could usually got the point across to me. I never met one that couldn’t speak English.

  437. BeccaM says:

    Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. Help yourself from the bag of Troll Chow by the door; we have plenty.

  438. Moderator4 says:

    You were warned.
    You are banned.

  439. BeccaM says:

    You and your monolingual xenophobic friends speak English — badly, incoherently, and with the writing skills you ought to be embarrassed to display in front of others.

    I speak English. And German. Plus I am learning Spanish. And I can speak a little Telugu, although not as much as I would like.

    Our host, the owner of his website, John Aravosis, speaks English and French at minimum, and I believe can get by in several other languages.

    The people singing that Coke advertisement song can speak both English and their native languages — and they are all American citizens. It’s so incredibly sad people like yourself feel so panicked and threatened whenever somebody who doesn’t look like you expresses their love for the country in some way you can’t handle because it isn’t expressed in trailer-park patois.

  440. NebOmaha44 says:

    Sorry, hivyo pole Skippy flapjack! Mimi si kuzungumza lugha yako lakini mimi kama wewe Ningependa kuwa sawa na mimi kuzungumza lugha yangu na kujiunga katika mazungumzo. Tafadhali nisamehe Skippy flapjack, sikujua walikuwa inatisha ubaguzi wa rangi mtu simu yangu grader tatu.

  441. NebOmaha44 says:

    Czy możesz mi w czymś pomóc proszę? Próbuję dowiedzieć się języka polskiego na reklamy, billboardy, znaki drogowe, oferty pracy, menu restauracji, podręczniki do samochodu na pojazdach sprzedawanych w Ameryce, i prawie wszystko inne. Problemy ze znalezieniem ich. Można proszę kierować mnie do tych dokumentów w innych langauges że mówisz o? I panie nie biorą zbyt uprzejmie o mnie wprowadzając w ich łazienki i szatnie, tak często, ale to nie moja wina, nie można odczytać napis na te cholerne drzwi!

  442. Cletus says:

    Who’re you calling a racist?

  443. NebOmaha44 says:

    Whoops – Sorry –
    No podrían haber hecho una elección para todo el complemento para ser cantado en Inglés por personas de diversos orígenes culturales? ¿Qué sería de malo en eso?

    వారు వివిధ సాంస్కృతిక నేపథ్యాలు ప్రజల ద్వారా ఆంగ్లంలో పాడిన చేయాలి మొత్తం జోడించు ఒక ఎంపిక చేసిన కాలేదు? ఆ తో తప్పు?

    वे विभिन्न सांस्कृतिक पृष्ठभूमि के लोगों द्वारा अंग्रेजी में गाया जा करने के लिए पूरे ऐड के लिए एक विकल्प नहीं बना सकता? क्या उस के साथ गलत हो सकता है?

    Ils ne pouvaient pas ont fait un choix pour l’ensemble du complément à être chanté en anglais par des personnes de divers milieux culturels? Quel serait le problem?

    הם לא היו יכולים לעשות את בחירה עבור כל התוספת שמושרת באנגלית, על ידי אנשים מרקעים תרבותי שונים? מה יהיה רע בזה?


    أنها لا يمكن أن تقدم خيارا لإضافة كامل إلى أن تغنى باللغة الإنجليزية من قبل أشخاص من خلفيات ثقافية مختلفة؟ ما يمكن أن يكون الخطأ في ذلك؟

    Lawv yuav tsis tau ua ib tug xaiv rau tag nrho ntxiv yuav hu nyob rau hauv lus Askiv los ntawm cov neeg ntawm ntau yam kab lis kev cai keeb kwm? Yuav ua li cas yuav yuam kev yog?

  444. NebOmaha44 says:

    They could not have made a choice for the entire add to be sung in English by people of various cultural backgrounds? What would be wrong with that?

  445. NebOmaha44 says:

    Nah, let’s deal with it on the back end and we should all learn 10 different languages.

  446. NebOmaha44 says:

    Yeah man! I mean unapaswa kujifunza Kiswahili au mwingine mtu ubaguzi wa rangi!

  447. e davis says:

    I am intrigued by your belief that a section of America will become irrelevant by changing demographics. I wonder if you would be willing to share your personal history with the United States of America….I am only curious because
    you seem so very well informed when you make your statements. I have to assume you and your ancestors have been in America for a very, very long time and participated in the building of the country. I will be eagerly waiting for your reply. Thank you – I think it will help people to understand what a patriot you are.

  448. NebOmaha44 says:

    Varbūt daži amerikāņi atrast, ka tas var būt neizdevīgi sagaidāms runāt, lasīt, saņemt norādījumus 10 dažādās valodās, kā liberāļi varētu sagaidīt mums. Mani sauc crazy, un mani latviski, bet tas vienkārši nav, šķiet, kā cilvēks tiešām rūpējas par to amerikāņu, ja viņi nevar sazināties ar iedzīvotājiem.

  449. NebOmaha44 says:

    Rwy’n falch i chi ei alw allan oherwydd mae’n ffaith brofedig bod Ewropeaid yn gwbl analluog i sarhau unrhyw un ar lafar neu yn gwahaniaethu yn erbyn unrhyw un arall. Mae hynny’n unigryw America a dim diwylliant arall yn y byd yn gallu ohono. Ac iddo ef i awgrymu bod America wedi teithio mewn gwirionedd y tu allan i’r America, oh fy duw duw damn sut annhebygol yw hynny!?!?! Nid yw cachu ass crazy yw e?

  450. NebOmaha44 says:

    Lakini wanajaribu kusema lugha nyingine badala ya Kiingereza, kuwa na huruma kidogo ubaguzi wa rangi haramu wewe!

  451. NebOmaha44 says:

    Noen vennligst svare på meg, ingen liker meg, jeg er sikker på det. Alle på dette forumet må være veldig, veldig kult og snakker flere språk fordi de er barn av verden. AV VERDEN! Noen vennligst snakke med meg, eller er du en rasist YO!

  452. CAS says:

    The original inhabitants were natives of this land. They were later known as Indians when former explorer Christopher Columbus incorrectly thought he found a sea route to India. Amerigo Vespucci, among others, was a European explorer who visited this part of the world, stopped to explore this land for his Country’s interests and later was followed by fellow Europeans who named this land America in honor of Amerigo’s visit. The original Americans were the newcomers to this part of the world who traveled great distances at great risk to themselves and their families to develope a society that has been recorded for all time. Not sure what the original natives called this land or if the original natives would have ever called this land America. However all Natives, indians and other “immigrants” who came to this land, have been given the opportunity to become American Citizens. We are all one people.

  453. Moderator4 says:

    If you are unhappy with the way this blog is run, you are more than welcome to go elsewhere, or even start your own blog.

  454. NebOmaha44 says:

    Да, тоа е одлично точка. Мора да биде добро истакна авторот на Пулицеровата награда освои литературни дела, или во најмала рака професор по историја на една институција најелитните. И да се направи скок дека пораките испратени на овој одбор беа укажува дека активностите Кока-Кола се нелегални, сега тоа е интелигенција во тоа е најдобри професор.

  455. NebOmaha44 says:

    What, you a racist because me speak no inglish?

  456. Frustrated Designer says:

    Fine, I shall change my description to cornucopia to appease the nitpickers.

  457. Frustrated Designer says:

    I believe this is Bosnian? I haven’t heard it in awhile. In response to your delightful message, my intelligence is not in question, neither did I ever insinuate that people who are not polyglots are not intelligent. What I am trying to convey is that we do not all have to speak the same language to get along. As you are trying to instigate an argument this will be the only response I will give you, your comment in Dutch further down was a tad insulting and beneath the interests of civil discourse.

  458. Moderator4 says:

    You may think that using Google translate or other such services to post multiple comments in various languages is clever or cute, but it is getting old.
    Once more, and you are out of here, NebOmaha44. You are warned.

  459. NebOmaha44 says:

    Ik ben het met je helemaal, maar waarom op aarde heb je niet gekozen om mijn moedertaal spreken? Het is nogal bekrompen van je toen ik naar uw land en niemand heeft het jaar of studie genomen om mijn taal te kennen. Ik bedoel, ik kwam naar dit land verwacht iedereen om mij tegemoet, waarom is dat zo erg? Ik hoop dat ik wat lokale scholen die worden gegeven in het Nederlands te vinden, misschien uw kinderpark zou minder bekrompen zijn als hun hele onderwijs zo werd gedaan in mijn taal. Denk er eens over.

  460. NebOmaha44 says:

    Pokaži mi kako pametan si ti stvarno i molim vas da odgovorite na moje poruke za ime boga! Možda Amerikanci su umorni od accomodating onih koji williingly ući u ovu zemlju i potražnje koje smo prilagoditi njihovom načinu života?

  461. NebOmaha44 says:

    No tak, pojďme se skutečné konverze na to. Proč je nikdo reaguje na mé příspěvky? Nerozumím tomu, ale cítím velmi diskriminováni. Goulo si, prosím, odpovězte prosím na mě? Vypadá to tak krásný goulo.

  462. NebOmaha44 says:

    Δεν ξένος έχει ποτέ κακή επεξεργασία Αμερικανός, είναι ένα αποδεδειγμένο αδυναμία. ΜΟΝΟ οι Αμερικανοί είναι σε θέση να κακομεταχειρίζονται τα χρωματιστά τους λαούς από όλο τον υπόλοιπο κόσμο. Αμερικανοί είναι οι πιο σκληρή και unaccepting ιθαγένεια στο σύμπαν. Γι ‘αυτό ακριβώς οι μετανάστες έρχονται από όλο τον κόσμο, για να κακοποιούνται και σκατά για

  463. SkippyFlipjack says:

    Well.. yeah. They sell sugared water. It unifies no one. What they celebrate is the successful marketing of their product. Why does that get the bigots so mad? Because lots of things make bigots mad.

  464. SkippyFlipjack says:

    What’s that, Swahili? I’m impressed, you can use Google Translate to try to make an argument a third grader would make. Stellar work!

  465. NebOmaha44 says:

    Excellent point. American is intolerant compared to what model exactly?
    Some people will not be happy until this country is united by not one single common thread – i.e. completely divided and no longer even in existence.

  466. P H says:

    What bothered me about the Coke Superbowl commercial is the disingenuousness of the commercial. Coke sings the praises of diversity and immigration yet they profit directly from it. Consider that the labor participation rate in the US is at decades lows, technology and globalization continues to replace American jobs, and financial corruption that has wiped out the retirement savings of many seniors are now forced back into the workforce. Youth unemployment is a crisis in America. Unemployment for 15- to 24-year-olds is nearly 16 percent. Wage growth is non-existent. The wages of American workers is under assault and many are becoming poorer. To me, this is not about the virtues of immigration. Rather, this commercial is about reducing labor costs for the benefit of large corporations. This commercial seemed to smack of self interest cleverly veiled behind patriotism and the virtues of immigration.

  467. ckg1 says:

    How about you leave this country and never come back?

  468. NebOmaha44 says:

    Kein Skippy Flipjack, nein, nein nein. Jeder in der Welt liebt Amerika! Haben Sie nicht sehen, die Coke Handels? Dumme Skippy Flipjack.

  469. ckg1 says:

    Wrong on both counts.

    That’s OK. You’ve been wrong on everything else in this thread.

  470. ckg1 says:

    Yeah. The people who have brains, and the people who don’t have them.

    You’re in the latter category. Be proud.

  471. NebOmaha44 says:

    అమెరికా యొక్క రాబోయే చిన్న మేము తగినంత భాషలు మాట్లాడడం లేదు వాస్తవం కలిగి. ఇది మాత్రమే ఇంగ్లీష్ unoffical pimary భాష అని ఒక దౌర్జన్యం ఉంది. ఈ సందేశాన్ని బోర్డు 10 వివిధ భాషలలో పోస్ట్ చేయబడింది ఉంటే అది ఎంత సులభంగా థింక్. ఇది ఎవరైనా భూమిని ప్రాధమిక భాష మాట్లాడుతూ లబ్ది పొందుతాయి నమ్మకం వెఱ్ఱి వార్తలు.

  472. NebOmaha44 says:

    Ond byddai’n gymaint, SO LLAWER fwy prydferth os ydym yn siarad mwy o ieithoedd. Meddyliwch am y harddwch posibl. Gadewch i ni ei wneud i ffwrdd â gwyddoniaeth a mathemateg i sicrhau bod pob un o’n plant ysgol gynradd i gyd yn siarad 10 o wahanol ieithoedd fel y gallant deimlo y harddwch.

  473. ckg1 says:

    I suggest you get the hell out of here.

  474. ckg1 says:

    I don’t deal with trolls, unless I want to mess with their heads.

    You’re not WORTH messing with.

  475. NebOmaha44 says:

    Me no understand no inglish. Can you translate “THE STUPID” into 10 different languages for me pweez?

  476. NebOmaha44 says:

    Huma jridu ebda lingwa komuni, hekk meta ssejjaħ kulħadd u kulħadd razzist, il-mira ma taf għaliex ikun f’waħda mil-lingwi ħafna unoffical li l-ebda wieħed jifhem.

  477. FiachSidhe says:

    You drink Coke EVERY DAY?…jesus…

  478. NebOmaha44 says:

    Hey Skippy Flipjack, walikuwa wote wa wale ambao haki waliamua heshima mizizi yao pia akizungumza lugha yao ya asili? Je, jirani wamekuwa “umoja” kama kulikuwa na lugha 10 mbalimbali amesema juu ya kuzuia yako? Labda English mara ufanano kwamba Bonded asili mbalimbali pamoja? Unafikiri inaweza kuwa hivyo Skippy Flipjack?

  479. FiachSidhe says:

    Hey look, a bigoted lunatic..

  480. FiachSidhe says:

    One language, and you still manage to write and speak it like a five year old.

  481. person says:

    cool story but picture my face, yes yes you see it dont you. it doesnt give a flying [email protected]#$ what you know. im me and i dont care. call me ignorant but im entitled to my freedom of speech and free thought.

  482. joe says:

    well what ever…. I am Apache so all you a-hole immigrants killed all our buffalo…. we are the only true Americans!!!!! things were just fine until u evolved people got here and f,d everything up!!!!

  483. someone says:

    im pretty sure that when you take over a place you get rights to everything. even to change the language. also we werent illagal immagrants because there were no laws made by the natives against it!

  484. NebOmaha44 says:

    Koliko jezika ste spremni da nauče da žive u utopiji multi-kulturne blaženstva? Prijedlog da se engleski, šta ti znaš da može biti nešto što bi željeli zadržati samo stvarno Jim Crow nije dat?

  485. Guest says:

    We can also speak our minds without fear of reprisal…except in here.

  486. someone says:

    melting 2 metals causes them to become liquid and mix to the point of becoming one thing. when cooled it is a singular object. not the 2 metals you start with. that is the opposite of homogenize so therefore you are dumb. :D

  487. NebOmaha44 says:

    We leven allemaal samen ja, maar denk maar hoeveel efficiënter het dagelijks leven zou zijn als het land hadden 25 of meer unoffical talen in gebruik? Het zou heerlijk zou het niet zijn? Zo’n bewijs hoe “united” wij zijn; door te spreken 25-50 verschillende talen. Kom op, hoe groot zou dat zijn?

  488. NebOmaha44 says:

    Jag håller med, det bästa sättet för ett land att vara “United” är att det ska finnas åtminstone, minst 50 olika språk som används i det dagliga livet. Håller du inte med? Om du inte kan läsa detta Jag antar att du inte har tagit sig tid och ansträngning att lära sig mitt modersmål som skulle göra dig en okunnig amerikansk trångsynt.

  489. someone says:

    um there really isnt much of a need for us to be bi lingual. in europe many of the countries are surrounded by other countries that do not speak similar languages. we have 2 neighbors. one of them is mostly english and the other one speaks spanish. not all americans are fat lazy and ignorant. i cant stand that any time someone opposes these kind of things everyone goes “oh my god you racist insensitive fat lazy white dumb american!”, that is stereotyping which is actually racist and very ignorant. there are a lot of different people here but if we can unify ourselves with one languange then everyone no matter the background can work together and be truly successful. america can accept new ideas but we dont all accomidate for just one person. thats like saying 1 person who speaks a different language comes to a school of 500 kids and they are all forced to learn this guys language because he doesnt know english. it’d be a lot easier if he would just learn freakin english.

  490. NebOmaha44 says:

    America The Beautiful is not our national anthem. There is nothing wrong with speaking a second language, but the choice made by Coca-Cola to sing a song that is sacred in this country in languages other than English does nothing but divide. These are the “United” States of America, not the divide states.

  491. FDRliberal says:

    What’s hilarious is that most of us wouldn’t have given two thoughts about this commercial if the usual crew of crackpots on the fringe right weren’t whining about it.

  492. FDRliberal says:

    In 10 years, when your clown party is irrelevant in a demographically changing America, you finally may understand.

  493. FDRliberal says:

    “Someone” is a goober.

  494. someone says:

    there is no white christian party… and i cant understand the other half of your post

  495. someone says:

    our unnoficial official language is enlish. DEAL WITH IT. YAH TWATS. if you dont wanna learn our language then GTFO. if i went to germany i would learn german. accomodate for the majority to make it easier for the largest amount. i dont wanna learn the languages of people coming here. this is our country not thiers so why should i learn 57 different languages to accomodate for all of them when they could make it easier on all of us and just learn english. i dont care if im not politicaly correct. this is america. not any other country. we speak english.

  496. Guest says:

    Got a mirror…look in it to see the idiot.

  497. James says:

    There is targeted diversity, and then there’s worldly diversity.

    Targeted diversity is diversity at the expense, and eventual elimination, of an ethnic or racial group. It’s a codeword for genocide — or discontinuity by deliberate policies — as it ensures both the loss of self-rule and territorial integrity of the targeted race.

    Worldly diversity on the other hand ensures that no race has its racial rights denied — neither by inward oppression, which consists of denying your own race its right to continuity and renewal by allying yourself with aliens in their quest to take away your race’s right to self-rule and territorial integrity. France, after much violence, recognized the rights of the citizens of her former colonies and left, now these very same people are not retributing it and are themselves becoming the oppressors, as the Muslims effectively decided the outcome of the last election, illustrating the increasing loss of self-rule by the French people, besides, of course, the ongoing displacement of the population and their eventual demise, as the loss of self-rule and territorial integrity go hand in hand. The Muslims were morally justified in their use of violence to restore their racial rights when these were denied by the French, likewise are the French today. Inward oppression is different to another known type of oppression — outward oppression — which we tend to call “imperialism”, this type of oppression, currently being practiced in the Middle East by the Western powers, is generally donned in moral excuses for its execution that sometimes involves only military aggression and installation of puppet regimes benefiting the oppressors, and sometimes the genocide and/or colonization of the alien races’ territories.

    I’m opposed to both forms of oppression. Hopefully, one day racial rights will be recognized in order to put an end to this nasty, bigoted business of oppression — be it inward (against your own nation and race) or outward (against other nations and peoples). Right now, America is guilty of both.

    In law, if you put a bullet in the head of a man and instantly kill him or poison him for a long time until he perishes makes no difference, for both the intent and the culmination of the intent will bring the same end result for the victim, which is death. Likewise, the intent to genocide a race is what counts, whether you support the outright killing of the entire race or taking smaller steps which will nonetheless bring their time in this earth to and end.

    Regarding racism, it’s a symptom, a reaction, rather than the disease. Races are not known to be racist among their own. The Scottish, the Japanese, the Norwegian, the Hungarian, the Bantu, they can’t be racist among themselves. There may be conflicts due to religion or the government’s actions, but not racism. If you want a cure to racism, give people their racial rights, teach about it, demand its recognition and respect. Racism is the result of races having their racial rights violated, namely the right to geographical integrity and self-governance, which are the linchpin of their continued existence as different and unique peoples, guaranteeing them protection against ethnic displacement, replacement, loss of self-rule and extinction. In this context, racial rights are anti-genocide and anti-colonialist.

    When these rights are violated, you can expect a then non-existent phenomenon to become a reality.

  498. CAS says:

    As a first generation born in the USA I am proud to be American of Italian descent and celebrate my parents and grandparents’ former Country and language (European) in respect for previous generations of visionalaries, pioneers, designers, builders, inventors, developers and scientists with a spiritually-enlightened religious background who helped develop western civilization.

    The future of America depends on those who live here and those who immigrate here from other countries and believe in the American Dream… Those of you who live here but are intolerant to newcomers need to work harder to be a true American and realize what America stands for … fights for … invites others to join for… like no country on earth. Celebrate being a true American and invite people of all nationalities to join us in becoming American citizens and together continue making this country the great country that it is!

    Teach English; learn cultures and languages from others who want to join us as fellow Americans and make this country the strongest and happiest place on earth! Be tolerant, patient and supportive. You will someday visit other countries in this world and, knowing your neighbor, will help make your travels a healthier and happier experience. Making you the better for it.

    Stop fighting each other and put your energy into making this the best country on earth! You know how to do it. Have the courage, political will and guts to make this country number one. We are a Democratic Republic of the people, by the people, and for the people so help us God.

    All people of all cultures working together with the American spirit, values and vision will help the USA continue being a world leader today and forever as the best people on earth. Make our Ancestors, past, present and future, proud. No other country in the world gives this opportunity to so many cultures in the name of freedom.

  499. Eddie says:

    Well, if you research, you will learn that the kids in the video are all English speaking American citizens, and they were all asked to sing in their native tongue. Now, don’t you just feel stupid? No? I doubt it, because in order to feel stupid you have to have some sort of intelligence to begin with….have a good life! My last response to you!

  500. BeccaM says:

    I for one am very glad the Coca-Cola Company chose to air that advertisement. It has provided all the intolerant, ignorant xenophobes (who are taking an unseemly pride in being monolingual) a handy way to identify themselves for the rest of us.

    Moreover, it’s has been a hilarious experience reading illiterate remarks from people who obviously paid little attention during their grade school English grammar and composition classes.

    By the way, I congratulate you on your self restraint in using just the two exclamation points in that second to last sentence, but your Napoleon Dynamite impression needs some work.

  501. Eddie says:

    You do not have to know English to prosper economically. You are just digging your hole deeper and deeper, and I am done with you! I hope you and your English speaking family continue to spawn and thrive, and maybe with the luck of statistics, someone in your family will develop a brain!

  502. Eddie says:

    Yes, I know English, which I learned in school, I know Spanish, which I learned in college, and I know sign language, which I taught myself! What do you know? Obviously not very much!

  503. Eddie says:

    Well, then you should hate your whole family, because you all came from foreigners!

  504. Eddie says:

    Yes, I agree! You are an idiot!

  505. Texon says:

    The way I see it is that we are all Americans, black, white, brown, yellow or red. Our language does not define us, remember American exceptionalism? We argue over something that is what made us a great country. The blending of various cultures and languages is what makes us great. I fail to understand how this is divisive, but then again I’m just an American.

  506. Guest says:

    Did that vein in your forehead burst yet? LOL

  507. Harvey Redgrandad Smith says:

    Maybe the pin heads int white christian party will realize the demographic shift taking place in america ans soon their ilk will be the minority, on second thought , nah they are not that smart

  508. Guest says:

    BINGO! What some people are saying is if you want to live and work in a foreign country you should learn the language so living there will be easier. You will not “magically” forget your native language or heritage. We are getting bashed because a lot of us believe this song should be sung in English and saying we are bigots. Not true…I just want to be able to understand you when we talk to you, what is so wrong about that?

  509. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    OMG! It doesn’t matter if you are in Mexico or the U.S.A.. You speak two languages! It’s my patriotic duty to report you to the authorities.

  510. FUFatherEisenman says:

    What part of people singing America The Beautiful, is not patriotic? I bet if you went to a NY Rangers/Montreal hockey game, you’d boo when they sang O Canada.

  511. FUFatherEisenman says:

    What are you babbling about? What does my language have to do with that commercial? Just a point of information, my grandmother spoke German in the home. She spoke English to those that could not speak German. All her children, eleven of them, all spoke English, which is called assimilation. This is exactly what your ancestress did and it is what the immigrants today are doing. Not one person is asking you to speak anything but English. You need to grow up.

  512. Guest says:

    What language are you speaking now? What language did your great great grandparents speak?

  513. FUFatherEisenman says:

    So what part of “speak our language” would make me think otherwise?

  514. Guest says:

    OMG. I have nothing against the PEOPLE in the commercial, I’m sure they got paid well. I have a problem with COKE and the choice they made to sing that wonderful song in different languages!! Idiot!

  515. Ninong says:

    That wasn’t the message. The message was exactly the opposite of what you think you saw.
    It was a beautiful commercial that showed the diversity of America. That we Americans welcome people from all over the world. That we are a diverse nation where everyone is equal and free to pursue happiness.

    Every single person who sang in that commercial is an American citizen. Every one of them speaks English fluently. In fact, most of them were born here. There were also two gay couples in the commercial, just in case you object to that, too. And the lyrics to “America the Beautiful” were written by a Lesbian, so I’m sure she would be proud were she alive today.

  516. Anonymous says:

    I shouldn’t have to leave MY country just because the majority are driving the country to suicide. Driving out anyone intelligent is why America is going to lose the game to China. We were founded on the Constitution and democracy, not schoolyard bullying, flag waving and Coca-Cola.

  517. edavis says:

    May I ask you what you consider so horrendous about being a “white lady” if, indeed, this person is one? Now THAT”S bigotry for you…shame on you.

  518. BeccaM says:

    Sure I would. But I would hope that the native-speaking people of that country would not go flying into an incoherent rage if, upon meeting another English-speaker, we chose to converse in that language.

    Every one of you xenophobes has expressed mortal offense at the very notion of someone speaking a foreign language anywhere in your hearing, yet none acknowledge the point my friend Ninong made — that with a single Google search and a visit to the Coke website, you can learn for yourself that all those singers are (1) American citizens and (2) can speak English.

    You’d rather be all full of pointless indignation and feelings of personal offense.

  519. FUFatherEisenman says:

    Yes, the whole gist of that song was to get you to speak a different language other than English.

  520. Guest says:

    I never SAID that dumbass, I was replying to something else….read more, you’ll get it.

  521. edavis says:

    What’s keeping you here exactly? There are many places to live in the world – go.

  522. FUFatherEisenman says:

    You assume that those singing do not speak English? Wow.

  523. e davis says:

    NOT impressed….your fingers must be attached to Google – :)

  524. e davis says:

    Mr. Aravosis – it really isn’t necessary to list everything you’ve ever done in your life – not impressed. You are NOT a patriot obviously and can’t differentiate between bigotry and patriotism. This endeavor to “please all” by Coke was a dire mistake. I might suggest they move their corporate offices to China.

  525. FUFatherEisenman says:

    Oh my god a song was sung in a different language than English. Gather up the kids Ethel the world is coming to an end. Grab the guns and off to the bunker.

  526. Jokel says:

    Why is 90 plus % of our prison population made up of foreigners? You must have been home schooled because you are in outer space.

  527. Guest says:

    Oh OUCH…you GOT ME…idiot

  528. Guest says:

    OMG people…if you went to live in a different country would you honestly say you would NOT learn their language? I would…not everyone in a foreign land speaks English and I would not expect them to…but here I would.

  529. Kanna-Chan says:

    And where do you get THAT from? Are you really that stupid as to take a username that seriously? I was born and raised in the U.S. and I’m descended from two Native American tribes which makes me more American than you, white boy.

  530. Jokel says:

    It’s simple, learn English within 6 months upon arriving or get out !!!!

  531. Guest says:

    Still speak is key…they LEARNED ENGLISH!

  532. Mike Bushman says:

    That’s great. It’s clear from going through social media reaction that not everyone saw it the same way as you. I do think it was a good commercial, but could have been improved with just a minor modification.

  533. Jokel says:

    I didn’t come here, I was born here and that makes me one better that an illegal.

  534. tony says:

    pretty soon nobody will know what anyone else is saying ,, it will all be babel

  535. Jokel says:

    Obama’s not an American nor is he even a citizen.

  536. Jokel says:

    We have no problem with lesbians, it’s foreigners we hate like Obama.

  537. Jokel says:

    Post something original.

  538. Guest says:

    Obviously YOUR family learned English!

  539. Jokel says:

    The message got through, that’s all that counts.

  540. Guest says:

    Then make the damn point in English…we can SEE where they are from.

  541. Ninong says:

    Oops! There you go again, reading too much into a name this time instead of a commercial. Ninong is a respectful title of honor given to me by my American godsons of Filipino descent. I honor them by claiming it with pride!

  542. Guest says:

    Well said!

  543. Jokel says:

    All you foreigners should understand English is spoken in America not whatever you’re pushing. You’re from the far east I gather, just get out of our country and stay out we don’t need more trouble makers.

  544. Guest says:

    So? Was the song written in English? That’s what people are saying….English please….no where do I see gay/lesbian bashing. Why is it because we like our language you assume we are against gay/lesbians or interracial? I absolutely LOVED the Cheerios commercial.

  545. BeccaM says:

    Your obsession was amusing for a few comments, then it became tiresome. Now it’s just incredibly sad.

  546. Eddie says:


  547. Eddie says:

    You do realize it was AMERICANS who sang this right? SO, your point is kinda moot, as is everyone else’s who are against this commercial!


  548. Jokel says:

    That’s it on the nose !!!!

  549. Jokel says:

    But you got it, right. With a name like Ninong I would expect that answer. Food stamps for Coke anyone.

  550. melchior42 says:

    What does my knowing other langauges have to do with anything?
    My issue is that I think English is the langauge that defines us as Americans and that people that come here should be encouraged to learn it.

  551. Guest says:

    Learning English*

  552. Guest says:

    Get off of your high horses dumbasses. Your ancestors came to America speaking a foreign language. What language are you all speaking now? They were smart enough to know that learning the English in America would get them farther than looking at someone stupidly wondering what is being said to them.

  553. Jokel says:

    I think you misunderstood, that commercial came right from the White House. Obama loves to stir the pot as we all know. That commercial was meant to divide our country, not his, into pieces. And as I read, it worked.

  554. Eddie says:


  555. Eddie says:

    I have been bonded with many people who do not speak at all. Before I learned sign language, I had no problems communicating, though not as effectively as now. Language is not necessarily the biggest bond…facial expressions go a long way. You don’t even have to speak a word to show kindness. So, if you know how to speak other languages, then why are you even ranting to begin with?

  556. Jerusalem? So you mean it’s a Jewish conspiracy! ;-)

  557. BeccaM says:

    Yet you write as if English is not your first language either, but rather a bastardized, pidgin dialect devoid of appropriate punctuation, grammar, and composition.

  558. Jokel says:

    I believe regular Americans have more hate for foreigners because of Obama. It’s showing up in all facets of life. Now clearly Obama got to Coke with a deal for them to stick their necks out like they did. Obama hates football but he watched the game for Coke’s commercials.

  559. Ninong says:

    It was sung in English, Spanish, Tagalog, Hindi, French, Hebrew, Mandarin, Arabic and Keres.

    The Keres peoples are native to New Mexico.

  560. martqbd says:

    Buy coca cola products. Regardless of race, color, or creed. We will take your money.
    It is the color we all love. Green
    Was that the point?

  561. melchior42 says:

    Right, because yours is the language of the heart…

  562. oldfarter says:

    Thank you :), Ninong. You just answered the question I asked you on an earlier comment. So Keres was the First Nations’ language that was used, not Cherokee or Navajo? Thanks for your input!

  563. Ninong says:

    I saw the commercial as portraying a country united by common hopes and aspirations, where everyone is equal and free to pursue his dreams. A welcoming country made up of people who come here from all over the world.

    Absolutely nothing in the commercial gave me the impression that it was about being “segregated by language.”

  564. melchior42 says:

    Oh boy.
    I have been to New Mexico and I know about some of the different cultures that live there like the Hispanos. And yes in many of the places you mentioned I did say that English is the first language spoken. Which is another way of saying that your claim is WRONG.

    And why the hell should I have to speak another language in my own country because others don’t feel they should have to learn English?

    Por ejemplo si estoy en mexico no tengo ningun problema hablando castellano. Pero aqui estamos en los Estados Unidos, nuestra patria…y la idioma es Ingles. No es tan dificil a entender, baboso.

  565. oldfarter says:

    Hi, Ninong — I’m not fluent in it, so I can’t be sure, but I thought I heard Cherokee and/or Navajo. Could you confirm? And for the haters…if you want to speak English, maybe you should go back to England? The “one-language-only” folks are the ones who are going to be at a disadvantage in the job market in the 21st century, when China is gearing up to be the economic powerhouse, the E.U. is a major market, and many of our goods (thanks to the flustercluck that was NAFTA) are made in Mexico. Multiple-language fluency opens doors to Americans, not closes them.

  566. Jokel says:

    Obama shoved that down Coke’s throat. Let’s see what happens: Obama told the Olympic committee that he wanted to add camel dung heaving added as an event or he will pull Americans out of the games.

  567. Ninong says:

    English was one of the nine languages used to sing it. It was one of the immigrant languages that was brought over here by illegal immigrants who slipped in due to lax border security on the part of the Native Americans.

    Only one of those nine languages, Keres, was here before any of the other eight. It’s the native language of the Keres peoples who are indigenous to New Mexico.

  568. 1foramerica2 says:

    I know America the Beautiful is not our national anthem your jerk but my point is if we start accepting this patriotic song being sung in different languages it won’t be long before out national anthem will be sung in some other language except English.

  569. Ninong says:

    Assimilation is important but nothing in that commercial was intended to convey the message you think it did. It’s purpose was to show that America is a welcoming country where people from all over the world come to pursue their dreams.

  570. melchior42 says:

    Language is part of what bonds us together. That goes without saying. And you assume too much. Not that is matters but I speak, Franch, Spanish, and some Italian. French was first langauge and my wife is from Latin America.

  571. Ninong says:

    “u mad bro” hurt his ankle and had to leave the game early. Awww! So sad. LOL

  572. Frustrated Designer says:

    Actually there have always been more than two parties. Just because she left one doesn’t mean she automatically belonged to the other and you seem to have glossed over the fact she left because of a xenophobic attitude not because of her sexual preference.

    As for the rest of your statement. You might wish to check population density and percentage predictions. Spanish might be a good second language to pick up soon. By the way English is a “foreign” language to these shores as well.

    I disagree with the intent behind your posts, I believe all Americans should know as many languages as they can. We are a melting pot of cultures, and to homogenize it would be a shame.

  573. Don Yi says:

    I agree with you. Hearing “God shed his grace on thee” in many languages should make true patriots proud.

  574. switchlanez says:

    A couple facts:

    1. If Coca-Cola applying their own words to this song is a travesty, the same can be said for “America the Beautiful” which is fundamentally a hack of someone else’s song. That song was originally “O Mother Dear, Jerusalem….” Years after its composer died, “America the Beautiful” (a poem) was applied as lyrics over it. Original song: https://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/obj/028011/f7/31423382.mp3

    2. English is NOT the official language of the US because it has no official language. America’s own preservers of English, the MLA, oppose making it the official language due to its history as a language of oppression. English prevails today through capitalism. But that is all a different topic.

    Coca-Cola is conveying the patriotic message of “e pluribus unum” (out of many, one). It’s hilarious how people rage cry because they can’t understand something so simple. y u mad bro? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  575. Eddie says:

    Good call, because many people forget the fact that English is an imported immigrant language!

  576. melchior42 says:

    My dispostion is such that I like to see people come together, not divide themselves. But if you agree that immigrants should learn English and attempt to assimilate to some appreciable extent, then I really have no quarell with you.

  577. Ninong says:

    Every person who sang in that commercial speaks English fluently and every one of them is an American citizen. In fact, most of them were born here.

  578. Eddie says:

    This is America! Sing it in INDIAN! The native language before the whites came and killed them off and stole their land. THEN, go and get thee an education stat!!

  579. Eddie says:

    However, the WORLD is not all one language, color, hair style, facial expression, body image, etc etc. That is what is so great about diversity! This is not about jobs and learning a language. This is a commercial that shows that no matter who you are, you are still valuable as a person…American, India, Chinese, Italian, Greek…etc…etc…etc…and btw..that song that everyone is so proudly defending…I am proud to say and know that it was written by a lesbian. Do you even know who wrote it? Do you even know the original version was in Olde English? Not the slang English we speak here!

  580. BeccaM says:

    Speaking other languages is only a divisive quality for xenophobes and bigots.

  581. karmanot says:

    “—unless of course we are tolerant and let another culture over take ours.” We don’t have culture sweet pea. We have advertising.

  582. Ninong says:

    Love your handle. It’s suits you.

  583. BeccaM says:

    I live in New Mexico. I don’t think you have much of an idea what the American Southwest is actually like.

    And really, your only response to pointing out all the languages spoken in many places as people’s first language is just to assert that no, English is everybody’s ‘first’ language? How droll.

    Be honest: Your entire position is predicated on a chauvinistic demand that everybody speak your language, so you don’t ever have to bother learning any others.

    Vaya con Dios, muchacho.

  584. Jokel says:

    What did Obama promise you Coke traitors. I drink Coke every day but NEVER again !!!! America’s battling for it’s life right now and you toss us under the bus. Hate from me to you.

  585. Ninong says:

    That wasnt’ the message. The message was exactly the opposite of what you think you saw.
    It was a beautiful commercial that showed the diversity of America. That we Americans welcome people from all over the world. That we are a diverse nation where everyone is equal and free to pursue happiness.

    Every single person who sang in that commercial is an American citizen. Every one of them speaks English fluently. In fact, most of them were born here. There were also two gay couples in the commercial, just in case you object to that, too. And the lyrics to “America the Beautiful” were written by a Lesbian, so I’m sure she would be proud were she alive today.

  586. Eddie says:

    Language is not what defines a country…perhaps maybe you could learn to speak a different language as well! I learned Spanish and American Sign Language just so I could communicate with people in my field of work. Did you take that step to learn too? NO? You just like to point and blow dust in the wind it appears!

  587. Jim F says:

    Chances are someone in our lineage was an immigrant — and at some point they realized learning English would give their family the best opportunity to economically prosper. Fortunately mine did…

  588. Mike Bushman says:

    I understood what they were doing in honoring the diversity of America. I just believe it is also important to honor the importance of unity to a nation’s survival, which Coke easily could have done by bringing the singers together for the last phrases. It’s great that we have a diverse nation. But that won’t do us much good if we don’t create enough in common to be unified as well. We don’t want to be segregated by language any more than we should want to be segregated by race, ethnicity or religion. A review of the collapse of empires and other superpower nations through history makes that clear.

  589. Eddie says:

    FIrst, I want to thank you for your service. Second, being Christian and conservative, is not the same to some as to others. There are actually man Christian conservatives that are capable of making rational decisions, that is why I always put ” ” marks around my words when I am being patronizing to those types of people. I live in one of the most ignorant states and come from probably the first most ignorant state. I get so sick of people making everything about race. As I said, the first people here, where we stand today, were not speakers of English. They had this land stolen from under them and I didn’t see any of those “immigrants” learning to speak the Indian language. I am from an Indian lineage, very proud, and though I don’t speak a lot of the native language, I did learn some of it so I could talk to my grandpa. He was a very proud man, and I learned a lot from him. My point is the same as yours. I don’t think people think too much about the message before they start spitting out the hatred. I don’t see any of these people that speak so fondly of their land sign up for the military that you served in and defend that land. I wanted so much to be in the Air Force when I was younger, but because epilepsy, I was not allowed to serve. However, I hold high regards to those that do serve. My niece is in the Army now, and she is doing what I was not able to do. She will be the first to tell you (at age 24) that what these people are saying is totally out of line and disrespectful! If you truly love this country, then you will respect that it takes all kinds to make it work. This is not “White America”…this is a very cultural and diverse land…sadly, not everyone gets that message!

  590. melchior42 says:

    I like to be able identify and communicate intelligibly with people I call my countrymen.

    Do the schools teach people anymore about what defines a country and all it entails?

    What world do you live in?

  591. karmanot says:

    “—-go ahead and call me a racist or a pig or any other number of names to
    bolster your glorified sense of liberal global acceptance.” OK, feel better now?

  592. Anonymous says:

    Great, less money goes toward gay-bashing Russia. Thank you!

  593. Jim F says:

    Then show a variety of people singing it in English – we are a melting pot, but to remain economically viable assimilation of a common language is important.

  594. Ninong says:

    Some people are predisposed to racism, it’s just the way they are. They resent anyone who doesn’t look them, talk like them, like the same food as them, or watch Fox News like them.

  595. Jim F says:

    She left the Republican Party of Lincoln for what… the Democratic Party that (back then) were made up of Southern racists? It was the times not the party… a homosexual would have difficulty with any ‘mainstream’ political party in those times. I’m sure calling people insisting on speaking English racist satisfies that PC ego, but refusing to learn English will limit the foreign speaker’s economic opportunities. Keep pushing against English and you’ll keep foreign-speaking groups in poverty.

  596. Anonymous says:

    And if you can continue to be an ignorant, obnoxious fool like a lot of Americans and feel comfortable that you’re in the majority. Since the majority are also mediocre and small-minded.
    Look at those comments, they don’t say “we’re trying to help immigrants move up the corporate ladder.” They say NO foreign languages in America.
    Being bilingual could help the fat, lazy, ignorant American populace in a global economy too. But Americans will never accept new ideas.

  597. Ninong says:

    “How would we know this?”

    Ever heard of Google or Facebook? Coca-Cola has a Facebook page where you can see every single one of the participants sing the entire song in their original native language. Every one of them speaks fluent English, which was easier for most since they were born here.

    Apparently some people saw the commercial the way Coke intended it to be seen but others got an entirely opposite message. I guess it all depends on a person’s predisposition.

  598. melchior42 says:

    There alwasy been strong pressure to assimilate and learn English until now.

    You should learn to stop thinking in terms of ideals..and think about realistic consquences. We have enough divison in this country as it is.

  599. Eddie says:

    Stop and think! What does it matter to you…there are many people that are here now that do not speak English. There are many people here that DO speak English, incorrectly I might add! Your paranoia might merit you a trip to the MHMR and get you some much needed medication!

  600. Don Yi says:

    I think people just want to create controversy and can’t see the simplicity in the commercial. That we are a proud, diverse, and a beautiful nation.

  601. melchior42 says:

    Well, if we call ourselves Americans we should probably have more in common than not.

    In all of the places you mention except in Cajun and many Spanish speaking areas, English is the the first lanaguage. And people there identify strongly as Americans. In the some areas Southwest this is clearly not the case as people proudly wave Mexican flags, speak only in Spanish and live in a world that is culturally quite removed from the rest of us.

  602. karmanot says:

    chip, chip, drip, drip

  603. Jim F says:

    No matter the history, refusing to speak English robs people of economic opportunity, but you’ll get to keep your warm, fuzzy PC feeling of righteousness. Congrats.

  604. Ninong says:

    I was already out of school when Eisenhower made that change. It was done to show that America is different from “godless Communism.”

  605. Jim F says:

    This is not about feeling good – it’s about dividing. Obviously most people will see this as wrong – they will be labeled as racists, and everyone walks away pissed. Nice job Coke – what’s wrong with holding hands and singing it’s the real thing? Go Pepsi…

  606. BeccaM says:

    As I remarked in another comment, these xenophobes misconception of ‘melting pot’ is “You all have to look, dress, talk and behave exactly like me.”

    I suspect the addendum “And white fundamentalist Anglo-Saxon is more melty-potty than anything else” is implied by many.

  607. melchior42 says:

    “Every single participant in that “America the Beautiful” ad is an American citizen who speaks English fluently.”

    How would we know this? My point is that taking issue with people who come here and don’t want to learn is not necessarily about race.

  608. Ninong says:

    It was a beautiful commercial with a beautiful message. Unfortunately, some people misinterpreted what Coke was trying to say. Those people just didn’t get it.

  609. BeccaM says:

    Why yes, English is a beautiful language, as are many others.

    You might consider taking some English grammar and composition classes, to learn to use it properly. Start by focusing on punctuation and homonyms.

  610. Ninong says:

    Every single person in that commercial did assimilate and learn English. Actually, many of them were born here, so it wasn’t all that hard.

    I think you simply misunderstood the point of the commercial.

  611. melchior42 says:

    Stop and think. What will be the consquences if every immigrant group elects not to assimilate or learn English? What kind of country would we become?

  612. karmanot says:

    You seriously think American culture is worth embracing?

  613. BeccaM says:

    And yet the United States of America has survived for more than 200 years with a great polyglot of languages without being torn apart.

    You really should get over the cultural chauvinism.

  614. BeccaM says:

    Yep. Louisiana – Cajun French and Crole. American upper midwest – German. Parts of Texas all through the southwest and into California – Spanish. Other parts of California – Chinese. Appalachian mountains – Gaelic. Eastern pennsylvania – Amish Dutch.

    These are just some of the languages specific to regions in the United States which were and often still are spoken not as the second, but the first language of their inhabitants.

    What I hear over and over with these invocations of ‘melting pot’ is “you can stay, but only if you stop being different from ME.”

  615. karmanot says:

    Isn’t that special!

  616. karmanot says:

    “And if you don’t speak English you’re just a tourist!!!” Says you white lady.

  617. melchior42 says:

    Cajuns and such have lived in relative isolation. I’m not against other cultures. I think every other culture that comes here adds some of it’s unique elements to our MELTING POT. I just don’t like the idea of people coming here and wanting to remain apart. As you can see there are many who celebrate the idea of immigrants not having to learn English at all, that is why so many things are now provided in Spanish to accomodate them. Many remain apart and for the most part do not indentify with us whom they come to see as Anglos, a rival ethnic group. In the end this will only tear our country apart.

  618. Ninong says:

    You obviously missed the point of Coke’s commercial.

    Every single participant in that “America the Beautiful” ad is an American citizen who speaks English fluently. Coke just asked them if they would sing it in their original native language to demonstrate that America is made up of people from all over the world.

    It was sung in 9 different languages: English, Spanish, Tagalog, Hindi, French, Hebrew, Mandarin, Arabic and Keres. Only Keres is a Native American language, the other 8 languages were brought over here by immigrants!

  619. DesiZke says:

    Hey Icky, you’re a troglodyte

  620. Don Yi says:

    Uh…thanks for welcoming me to America…I’m an decorated US Army war veteran who has served this great nation for the last 8 years and have been honorably discharged last year. And I too am a christian conservative, and I don’t think “white supremacy” has to do with a lot of this banter. I think that’s taking it a step too far, some maybe, but not most. I do, however, believe that there is ignorance out there,and that they are not getting the message Coca Cola is sending….lol

  621. DesiZke says:

    you are a troglodyte

  622. karmanot says:

    The first two paragraphs were cool—–should have stopped there.

  623. Ninong says:

    German was not one of the nine languages used in that commercial, neither was Italian. Sorry.

    Every single participant in that “America the Beautiful” ad is an American citizen who speaks English fluently. Coke just asked them if they would sing it in their original native language to demonstrate that America is made up of people from all over the world.

    It was sung in 9 different languages: English, Spanish, Tagalog, Hindi, French, Hebrew, Mandarin, Arabic and Keres. Only Keres is a Native American language, the other 8 languages were brought over here by immigrants!

  624. Ninong says:

    English was brought to America by illegal immigrants who slipped in due to lax immigration policy on the part of Native Americans. There were nine languages used in Coke’s tribute to American diversity last night but only Keres is a true native language.

    Everyone who sang in that commercial is an American citizen who speaks English fluently. That wasn’t the point Coke was making. The point was that America is a melting pot of people from all over the world.

  625. Cat says:

    When this country was first stolen by the “great explorers” ENGLISH WAS NOT the LANGUAGE of this great land. White men always want to be the one who chooses what should or should not be appropriate. (I am a white woman in my 50’s)

    This commercial shows that all of our ancestors and families who still speak our multitude of languages believe in “America the Beautiful”, it is the racists that show their true colors. Unless you were here as a Native American we are living in a country that has at least 1 of every and many of all.

    Open up that steel cage that you call a mind or heart and accept everyone as a brother/sister and know we all come from the one, Almighty God, who if it was up to many of you would not be accepted since he was neither, American, white or spoke english, as he spoke of many tongues. Also though many are hesitant to out right say Jesus is a man of color, he was born is a region where there are people of color (may it be of middle eastern appearance or Ethiopian). Jesus was a man of color. And you can still worship him regardless of race, but don’t be gullible to believe Jesus is white with blue hair and brown/blonde eyes in the middle of a desert. Visit that area and see for yourself!!

  626. Eddie says:

    Haha Mike…we are going to destroy their image of “Murica!

  627. Mike Daniels says:

    Well, they apparently forget the Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist and until the 50’s did not initially include “under God”.

  628. Frustrated Designer says:

    One important thing that most of these people are forgetting, or just never knew. “America the Beautiful” was the song sung in that commercial. It is not our National Anthem, that is “The Star Spangled Banner”.

    America the Beautiful was written by Katherine Lee Bates. She actually left the Republican party because of their xenophobic stance on the League of Nations. She was also in a long term relationship with Katharine Coman, a history and political economics professor and founder of the Wellesley College Economics department.

    So these bigots are defending a song written by a lesbian who left the Republican Party.
    A weird turn of events? Or just another example of how ignorant bigots really are.

  629. Mike Daniels says:

    “Every group that has come to this country has had to assimilate and learn English”

    Were they required to give up their culture as well and discard their native language altogether? No, that’s what makes this country great. Go to some parts of Louisiana (for example) and I’ll guarantee you that you’ll find areas where the residents still speak another language as frequently if not more than English when they are among themselves.

  630. Mr Chang says:


  631. Mike Daniels says:

    If this commericial is creating a case of the vapors in these idiots I can’t wait to see the gray matter they call brains short-circuit when they learn that the writer of “America the Beautiful” was likely a lesbian.

  632. Mr Chang says:

    Huge Seattle Seahawks fan but what you said is so true. Human hating each other. Great words.

  633. Mr. Chang says:

    Pretty pathetic how people are acting on here. I find it funny. America, Land of the Free where we can practice whatever religion, speak our choice of language, freedom! Most people forget that’s what America stands for.

  634. Eddie says:

    You see, Ichabod America…you are the one in the wrong here! For you see, recalling history, we had such people here as the Aztecs, Chippewa, SIoux, Cherokee, Dakota, and many other tribes that owned this land way before the white man came and stole it from them and killed/imprisoned them. Not a single one of them spoke this “official language” you speak of. If truly, by rights, any language should be official, it should be that of the Indian tribe that settled your land. You are an idiot, bigot, racist, and overall just pure ugly person. I think you owe the American tribes an apology and should sign up to learn Indian immediately! It seems to me that you are the one that hates America!

  635. Laura Faye says:

    America has always been a land of diversity. But even in that diversity there has to be common language or communication will falter. The same add would have been more powerful if everyone was singing in English.

    America the melting pot. Many different cultures but all coming together in a great country around a common language. To have everyone singing in their “native” language says they haven’t really accepted America as their new homeland.

    America… love it or leave it. And if you don’t speak English you’re just a tourist!!!

  636. Eddie says:

    I wonder how they would feel if they realized this song was written by a lesbian? SSHHHH!!!!!

  637. Eddie says:

    you’RE in America! If you want people to learn to speak English, you should first learn yourself!

  638. Eddie says:

    Conservatives, such losers!

  639. Eddie says:

    you are thinking cocaine my friend! Coke is not a dangerous product if used the right way. I have drank coke for 45 someodd years and I have never once had a coke related incident…ever….but thanks for putting that curse out there!

  640. Eddie says:

    Don Yi…you see…in America, we have this thing called “White Supremacy” and it is very strong among the “Christian Conservatives” who can’t seem to recall that America was founded by blood. The people migrated from Europe…many who spoke languages other than English, and decided to come over here and slay the Indians that were here instead of “learning their language” and taking over their land. The White Supremists of the USA seem to think that they are the only ones who matter and that anything that does not fit into their scheme of ridiculous Socio-Christian beliefs is an attack on America. They seem to think that this land is just white and “English”…Heck, 99% of the ones ranting and raving don’t even speak proper English themselves, nor can they use punctuation effectively. I think what they really need to do is shut the hell up, join the military, serve their country they “love so much” and see what that side of life is like. And then, they should retake history and remember that the Indians were here first, they did not speak English, and they were killed off of this land that these people are so supreme about through racial prejudiced words. I hope that clears it up for you my friend. Oh, and welcome to America! (At least you speak English hahahahahaha)….

  641. Eddie says:

    I am sure your family who immigrated here from a foreign land thank your for your patronage and support…just like all those Indians that were killed on their home soil you now spit upon did!

  642. Eddie says:

    You kind of mean like the way that the “illegals” came over and took the land from the Indians? Did we learn to live with them and learn THEIR language? Hell no we did not! We killed them and took everything and made if our own. Kind of hypocritical of you isn’t it?

  643. PAUL says:


  644. melchior42 says:

    I disagree. The message seems to be you can celebrate any kind of culture and speak any kind of langauage and still be American. Though the question of what does it mean to be American if we don’t share the same lanaguage and culture?..is overlooked.

  645. Gerri K says:

    This is America….sing it in ENGLISH!!!

  646. melchior42 says:

    This is not about racism but our cultural identity. Every group that has come to this country has had to assimilate and learn English. That is what bring us together as a nation and part of what defines us, no matter what race. We are a nation not an empire of various people. Also the Coke commercial featured parts in Italian and German. And Spanish last time I checked, is a European language spoken by people of various races. We are not asking immigrants to change the color of their skin but to speak our langauge and embrace our culture thereby becoming AMERICANS. What is so damn hard to understand about that??

  647. Mike Bushman says:

    Coca Cola could easily have sent a powerful message of unity by having all of the singers come together at the end of the commercial and sing the last few phrases together in English. Such a commercial would have sent a powerful message that America celebrates diversity, honors multilingual citizens and welcomes immigrants from all over the world to join in becoming part of a nation that shares important common bonds.

    I suspect that most but not all of today’s trauma could have been avoided had the producers not worried about offending people who believe it’s good to create new communities segregated by race, religion and language. Suggesting that people who move to the United States should learn English over time is racist to some academic elites and particularly to self-interested politicians who see personal gain in dividing America along language lines. It’s possible that the ad’s producers worried that having everyone sing in English at the end would have been taken as a slap against those in the United States illegally, because legal immigrants are required to learn English as a condition of citizenship. Whatever the reason, Coca Cola missed an opportunity to create a point of unity. If their intent was to generate controversy, they have succeeded.

    My first two novels — Melting Point 2040 and Secession 2041 — tell stories of what awaits if we allow ourselves to be re-segregated by race, religion, class or language. We should welcome voices in every language to America. But we should also want to welcome immigrants into a nation where we can speak together and develop a united direction.

  648. 1CEO says:

    Oh screw you. Libs, such saps.

  649. 1CEO says:

    Libs are not at all concerned about America losing Her sovereignty. They would rather secede our Nationality to illegals if it will assist in imposing their Communist ideology. So to defend that very destructive ideology they call those that love America racists. An old tired race card trick.

  650. Don Yi says:

    I don’t understand the controversy. Can someone who is opposed to the commercial help me understand why you are opposed? I think we as Americans should be proud of the fact that a song that declares this great nation as beautiful is sung in many different languages. Now our National Anthem should not be sung in any other language but English. But America being declared a beautiful country in different languages…I for one was proud.

  651. Ninong says:

    Is “NON AMERICAN” the same as un-American?

  652. Ninong says:

    The point Coke was trying to make, which you apparently missed, is that America is a melting pot made up of immigrants from the rest of the world.

    Every single singer in that commercial is an American citizen and every single one of them speaks English fluently and every single one of them is as American as you could ever hope to be.

    Nine languages were used to make that commercial but only one of them, Keres, is truly Native American. English was brought to America by illegal immigrants who slipped in because the Native Americans had sloppy border security.

  653. BeccaM says:

    Incoherent spittle-flecked rage, with a generous coating of bigotry and ignorance of American history, I would suppose.

    He likely has no clue there are many places in the United States where English is — or was — not the most commonly spoken language. My own (now departed) mother-in-law came from a region of Wisconsin where German was the language everybody knew.

  654. avg99%er says:

    COKE is just diverting your attention away from their real issue which is that their products, for the most part, are killing people. If COKE’s intention with these commercials was just to sell more product I think they would have stuck with polar bears. We need to stop letting this economic elite continue to divide and conquer us. We need to see COKE for what it is: like tobacco, a dangerous product that needs to be placed under FDA regulation.

  655. Ninong says:

    The whole point of Coke’s commercial was to show that America is a melting pot of people from the rest of the world. Every single participant in that commercial is an American citizen and every single one of them speaks English fluently.

    It was sung in nine different languages to make the point that Americans come from all over the world. Every one who participated is an American as patriotic as any other American.

  656. usorthem3 says:

    Humans hating each other when we all live on this ONE planet together, it’s sad and pathetic.

  657. BeccaM says:

    Projecting much?

  658. America The Truly Beautiful says:

    What do you think the values of America are? This country was based on the ideals of cultural and religious freedom. We have chosen not to have a national language because our forefathers intended this nation to be a melting pot. There is no such thing as an “American” ethnicity. We are all from different backgrounds and each one should be respected. Anyone who lives here, regardless of ethnicity, is an American and can share their love of this country in whatever language they choose. The point of the ad was not that people shouldn’t speak English but rather than America is a beautiful assortment of cultures.

    P.S. It’s “you’re” not “your”. Use English correctly

  659. Naja pallida says:

    Jefferson spoke six languages. Up until about WW1, knowing both Latin and Greek were considered the mark of having an education. Being able to speak different languages in social situations, even among English speaking company, was considered the epitome of a properly educated gentleman.

  660. Ninong says:

    Why would you waste your time watching those duck pluckers in the first place? LOL

  661. Kanna-Chan says:

    English is a European language, specifically the language of the country we had to fight in order to get our freedom. Why would you want to sing an American anthem in the language of our former oppressors? Besides, if you are not Native American then you came here illegally too!

  662. Kanna-Chan says:

    Since when is English and American language? And they say that Liberals get offended too easily.

  663. Ninong says:

    Yes, Tagalog was one of the nine languages used to sing “America the Beautiful” last night in Coke’s Super Bowl commercial that was intended to show that America is a melting pot of people from the rest of the world. Keres was the only actual Native American used. All of the other eight languages were brought here by immigrants.

    It was a beautiful commercial but some people are just naturally disposed to racism. As usual in such cases, they try to disguise it as nationalism.

  664. frankelee says:

    That would be a species, but you know what, I’m not here to harsh your high. Just remember to pass it around.

  665. Octoberfurst says:

    I see someone is off his meds today. Get help!

  666. hi says:

    Don’t you get it? The ONLY message Coke was trying to send was that, “We are a nation of mixed cultures that live in one beautiful country.” They NEVER EVER said we should start speaking these other languages. I agree, just like my European ancestor had to learn English so should the other immigrants. You missed the message of this commercial though!

  667. martqbd says:

    Actually I am a true United States citizen. I respect your view even though we disagree.
    take care.

  668. America The Beautiful says:

    This was SOOO NON AMERICAN it hurts to even watch that blunder of a commercial! And I also will never drink Coca Cola again!!! This was an insult to all English speaking people – it has nothing to do with the color of anyones skin or where they come from – your in America speak English – IT WAS SOO WRONG!!!!

  669. BeccaM says:

    Thanks — and I feel exactly the same way.

    You’d think people would get bent out of shape over a corporation using a patriotic song to sell sugary cola drinks. But no, the reaction is pure jingoistic hyper-nationalism, with the xenophobic bigotry entirely naked for all to see.

    Again, I’m both amused and saddened by the fact the more upset the commenter here in this post, the lower their apparent grade level of English grammar expression.

  670. Ninong says:

    Hey, cut that out. LOL

    It’s bad enough to have Bobby Jindal and his duck-plucking pals, we don’t need any more crazies down here.

  671. Ninong says:

    Simply writing “crime of treasonous” should be treason!

  672. What... says:

    You don’t know what the word ‘racism’ means, do you?

  673. Ninong says:

    The point Coke was trying to make, which you apparently missed, is that America is a melting pot made up of immigrants from the rest of the world.

    Every single singer in that commercial is an American citizen and every single one of them speaks English fluently and every single one of them is as American as you could ever hope to be.

  674. Ninong says:

    Apparently “Bob” misunderstood the point Coke was trying to make. That America is a melting pot made up of immigrants from the rest of the world.

    Every single singer in that commercial is an American citizen and every single one of them speaks English fluently and every single one of them is as American as “Bob” could ever hope to be.

  675. The_Fixer says:

    What the hell was that?

  676. Lycos Nightrend says:

    You’ve completely missed the point.

  677. 2patricius2 says:

    BeccaM, Excellent comments throughout this thread, as usual. It strikes me as I read this thread, how odd it seems that some have such strong feelings against a commercial produced by a private corporation in an attempt to wrap their often nutritionally valueless products in a veneer of inclusive patriotism.

    I like the commercial. I like the languages (I always loved the languages I studied – English, Latin, Greek, French and Spanish) and the cultures represented. And I like the song. But it is just a commercial, not an attack on America. Some of the attacks on the use of various languages and protestations of English as central to our culture, remind me of the fascist insistence in various countries on language, fatherland, culture and the importance of uniformity of all the citizens.

    The beef I have with Coca Cola, is the company’s collusion with the increasing fascism and insistence on uniformity and attacks on diversity in Mother Russia.

  678. Ichabod America says:

    EXCUSE ME!!???? RACISTS!!! It is YOU sir, that are the RACIST!
    This is still the United States of America. And in America we speak English. And don’t give me this “there is no official language” in America. The only reason that is true is because RACISTS like YOU fought a Bill doing just that. And once again, you used “racism” to defeat it.
    Why is it “racist” for America to have an official language, English, while the very people fighting it have mostly come here ILLEGALLY for a country that has an OFFICIAL language?
    This [racism] is the same arguments that people like you use to try an push through amnesty for all illegal aliens, AGAIN! That’s right, again.
    You are the kind of person that says that the enforcement of our all ready on the books immigration laws are racist, and any attempt to actually enforce or strengthen them is “racist”. They cry once again coming from illegal aliens who come from a country that with confiscate any and all property, business, homes, and seize any assets they have in any banks, etc. They will then throw the illegal alien IN JAIL, for up to 5 years. And if they survive Mexican prison, they are escorted to the border and told not to return. If they do, it’s 10 years. And it’s in the Mexican Constitution, check it for yourself.
    So, spare us the only lame and hateful judgements. Yeah, I said hateful. Hateful of Americans. And being one does not mean a thing. You can still hate America and be an “American”. Ask Obama, he can tell you.

  679. Hirsch says:


    “Great Gendfathers”– ? “negetive thing”– ? “americans”– ? “childeren”– ? “You all”–? “dont”–? “yoyo slowly chipping away”–? ” its a non issue we say different”–?

    Do you think people should be equally upset that you haven’t “taken great pride” to learn to write with proper English grammar, syntax, sentence construction, capitalization, punctuation (& lack thereof), and correct spelling?

    I’m NOT really being critical about your writing. I’m attempting to point out your self-righteous hypocrisy and hubris (something analogous to “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” OR “the pot calling the kettle black”).

  680. karmanot says:

    Them speaks Ducktopian Amurikan.

  681. Naja pallida says:

    Oh no, not only are ferners singing it, they’re listening to it too! How dare they use their anti-American ears to listen to OUR song.

  682. Ninong says:

    One of the nine languages Coke used in their version of “America the Beautiful” last night was Keres, a Native American language spoken by the native Keres peoples of your home state.

  683. Ninong says:

    Yes, but at least they have 10,000-20,000 years on the other immigrants. Using your logic, the only true Homo sapiens natives are the ones who didn’t leave Africa some 200,000 years ago.

  684. karmanot says:

    How do you pronounce a middle finger your way in Amurkin?

  685. Ninong says:

    They do “want to be American.” That was the whole point of the commercial, but apparently it flew over your head.

    Every single person who sang in that commercial is an American citizen and every single one of them speaks English fluently!

  686. BeccaM says:

    You and Bomer are right of course.

  687. Ninong says:

    Every person who sang in Coke’s “America the Beautiful” ad speaks English fluently and every one of them is an American citizen, so what’s your problem?

  688. karmanot says:

    You are now proving to be a stubborn and borderline troll.

  689. Ninong says:

    “America is a melting pot.”

    Yes, that was the point of Coke’s commercial, but apparently it went over your head.

    Every single participant in that “America the Beautiful” ad is an American citizen who speaks English fluently. Coke just asked them if they would sing it in their original native language to demonstrate that America is made up of people from all over the world.

    It was sung in 9 different languages: English, Spanish, Tagalog, Hindi, French, Hebrew, Mandarin, Arabic and Keres. Only Keres is a Native American language, the other 8 languages were brought over here by immigrants!

  690. Ninong says:

    If all of your street signs are only in English, then you don’t live in the French Quarter in New Orleans or Chinatown in San Francisco, do you?

  691. Ninong says:

    Well, they can take consolation in the fact that one of the nine languages used to sing Coke’s version of “America the Beautiful” last night was Keres, a language spoken by the Keres peoples of New Mexico. The other eight languages, including English, were brought over here by immigrants.

  692. 2patricius2 says:


  693. David Wojciechowski says:

    Lola, your point distracts from the hatred of these people. Please stop. “Racism” is a colloquial term meaning “bigoted” with regards to skin color. Please join the real world where we want to actually solve these problems, not give people who don’t care a lesson in syntax.

  694. 2patricius2 says:

    Thanks! All the better. Too bad they dropped the ball on Russia and Sochi.

  695. Mary Spangenberg says:

    Love the comment, “sing it in our official language. ” since we don’t have one that makes sense. Why don’t the first immigrants speak American? Wow, we are in trouble here, big trouble.

  696. Jim Olson says:

    Several times, people have conflated or confused “America the Beautiful” – set to the tune MATERNA, with “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” – set to the tune for “God Save the King/Queen”. Thank you Bomer, for your clarification.

  697. CJL says:

    Right, we’re all immigrants. But, for semantic sake, there needs to be a “starting” point. So unless you’re arguing that the only people that aren’t immigrants are people living and from North Africa, then you can say that.

  698. Jim Olson says:

    No, you’re conflating “America the Beautiful” – a poem set to the tune MATERNA with “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” set to the tune to “God Save The King/Queen”. This error has been stated more than once on this thread. Please get it right.

  699. perljammer says:

    Thanks for responding with reason instead of ad hominem. I think our principle point of disagreement is whether any song can be characterized as an anthem if it is not also the *national anthem*. You are certainly welcome to your opinion; however, from the scant research I have done on the subject, it appears to be a minority opinion. Of course, the fact that a lot of people believe something doesn’t make it correct, but in matters of common language usage, it often does.

  700. Jim Olson says:

    I have pointed this out elsewhere on this thread. Conflating the two is an error.

  701. Jean says:

    But didn’t the commercial have them sing in both English and other languages? I don’t get your point as the commerical does show diversity in America.

  702. Bomer says:

    And I would have to, respectfully, disagree. The four songs you list are patriotic songs, yes, but they are not our anthems. As I’ve said before, the United States only has one. No where, that I have found, are they listed as de facto anthems of the United States, at least not after 1931. Prior to that, yes, all the songs you listed and others were used as de facto anthems because the United States did not have an official national anthem.

    And I suppose if you just want to be overly technical with the definition you can call them anthems, patriotic songs, or national hymns and each would be technically correct since they all fall under those definitions. However, that does not make them national anthems of the United States since we only recognize one.

  703. Politiva_com says:

    E pluribus Unum- From Many ONE. Assimilation, not Balkanization

  704. Nicolas Edwards says:

    As I said previously, you are not a true American. You are putting stipulations on capitalism.

  705. HolyMoly says:

    What you have is a pathology, not an opinion.

  706. Lola Phalanges says:

    Uh oh. I just mentioned lumpia, pancit, and adobo in another post. Am I in trouble? I like it when a menu is in the foreign language but written using our alphabet. I cannot get the hang of reading Arab, Japanese, Chinese, or Hebrew.

  707. HolyMoly says:

    To further expound on what BeccaM just said, the National Anthem stole the tune from a British drinking song. A DRINKING song! Talk about dignified! Couldn’t we have at least stolen our anthem’s tune from a hymnal or something?

  708. Mimihaha says:

    It would be nice if you said it in English. I’m not sure what language that is you are using.

  709. Lola Phalanges says:

    Back in the day, immigrants insisted on assimilation because of the hatred then (as now) by natural born Americans of anyone who did not speak English, looked different, or acted different. Immigrants did it out of fear for their families. I’m not far left by any means, but I do believe all people, no matter their ethnic background, should be proud of their culture and integrate it with American culture. No one should stifle and hide their ancestry. I am Native American. I was here first. The rest of you may kindly leave and go back to your own countries.

  710. Zebulon Conrail says:

    When I posted the above reply “jewhader” was displaying an American flag as his avatar.

  711. Zebulon Conrail says:

    …said a man who thousands of brave men, under the colors of the flag you display on your avatar, gave their lives to defeat.

  712. Lola Phalanges says:

    Must you always use really big words? Is xenophobic when you’re afraid of Xena Warrior Princess. Bigoted is correct. And I will repeat again and again until someone gets it, there is only one human race. Skin pigment and culture does not make one another race. Aliens from another universe would be a different race. Oy!

  713. jewhader says:

    The decision is thus:

    Separate COMPLETELY from the jews and their brown footsoldiers. Or be consumed by them.

    They will not stop until they have stolen and destroyed EVERYTHING……..your property, your family, your schools, your neighborhoods, your culture, your rights, your history, your future

  714. Lola Phalanges says:

    Only one race in the world – human race. If we find alien beings from another planet, they would be a different race. A difference in skin pigment and culture does not mean another race. Thank you for your comment Frankelee! Internet is total zero.

  715. Lola Phalanges says:

    How cool the commercial used a Tagalog line. Not being Filipino I didn’t recognize. Thank you for pointing it out. Now you made me think about Filipino food and now I’m getting hungry for lumpia, pancit, and chicken adobo. An ex-sister-in-law who I am still very fond of was from the P.I. and she introduced us to this marvelous cuisine. Thank you Rose! Have a great day Bree!

  716. Zebulon Conrail says:

    It was the “MOOPS”.

  717. jewhader says:

    You’re a communist moron

  718. Zebulon Conrail says:

    There was a Super Bowl yesterday?

  719. Lola Phalanges says:

    That’s unfortunate since the King’s English is totally incomprehensible to many ordinary every day English speaking Americans.

  720. Lola Phalanges says:

    Perhaps they didn’t sign the Declaration of Independence but other ethnicity and cultures were and are welcome here. Whites only could not and did not build this country into the powerhouse it is. It is absolutely incredible that in this day and age anyone could be so small minded as to dislike someone because of their culture. By the way folks, there is no such thing as racism per se. There is biologically only one race and that is the human race. Where you were raised and the pigment of your skin is happenstance and not of any importance as to the person inside. Culture and ethnicity is what you mean to be yammering about, not a different race.

  721. BloggerDave says:

    They volunteer, they get paid and then they get benefits for life… They are NOT defending America but fighting foreign peoples in foreign soils… Our freedom is derived from our Constitution NOT from our military… And NO, nobody is going to ‘Invade” us you paranoid moron….

  722. Pervis Nelson III says:

    Really? So like 18 people on the Internet is worth a story as though it was a huge uprising? More like “Coke commercial gives Americablog an excuse to stereotype people.”

  723. ChitownKev says:


    OK, yeah, folks were dressed nicely in the commercial but not THAT nicely…:)

  724. FUFatherEisenman says:

    Hell, I can’t even understand the so called English those Duck guys speak half the time.

  725. jewhader says:

    No chinks, jews, africans, or arabs signed The Declaration Of Independence or The Bill of Rights.

    This is a brown invasion encouraged by the same jews who wrecked Spain by inviting the Moors.

  726. FUFatherEisenman says:

    Maybe a few commenters here should go to Louisiana and demand those Cajuns speak real English. You know like youse come over or y’all come back now chear, or you un’s, or we be back, or coming from a town called Alana Gawga.

  727. FUFatherEisenman says:

    Oh pshaw.

  728. BillFromDover says:

    Was this written before or after blankets infused with smallpox were handed out to the indigenous population?

  729. hellboundalleee says:

    Yes–the song should only be sung in The King’s English.

  730. heimaey says:

    What will they do when you tell them that the US has no official language?

  731. Kevin Lee says:

    How depressing this entire episode has been. How do people say they “love” America and yet simultaneously hate actual Americans?

    Humanity has streamed across the planet, creating many languages, many cultures, many ways of being. The many rivers of humanity have flowed together into this nation, and people of many creeds, colors, and beliefs live with each other in peace and prosperity (for the most part). I am proud of this very American achievement.

    So here’s to America the Beautiful. آمريكا الآجمل! 美國! (How do you translate American the Beautiful in Mandarin? America already translates to the “Beautiful Country” in Chinese. Ah, the difficulties of translation.)

  732. Mark T says:

    Too much hate in the world. People are complaining that the “Nation Anthem” should not be sung in different languages? They call themselves patriots? First off that is not the National Anthem and second they are missing a very important point. Our country, America the Beautiful is comprised of a multitude of immigrants and the descendant of immigrants. So how appropriate is it that it be sung in the languages of our people. I think it was a very good commercial and shows who we are as a people and as a country. A country United, seeing beyond our differences. It is sad that there are those out there that are so narrow minded and short sighted that they cannot see beyond the color of their own nose. And lastly, as I have pointed out before, English is not the official language of the United States, we have no official language. I do not ever see us having a national language, to do so would impose upon our rights. One last thing I do not want to omit is that having a same sex couple on the ad is a refreshing sight. At least one major company is not afraid of the politically correct police. Being gay is not a choice, or a life style, it is who someone is and a person that is gay cannot change who he or she is because society says so, any more than I can change the color of my skin. So I proudly applaud Coke for having the courage to create an ad that is this honest to who we are as a nation. Great Job Coke I will always Support a courageous company. Oh and to the warriors that posted hatred toward this ad, did you forget what you served for. Does this sound familiar “I ___do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States…” To defend the Constitution and the freedoms it grants. Is it not a persons right to express themselves as they choose and whatever language they choose.. I too served for eight years as an Army Infantry soldier, and I am proud to see that my service as well as those who served or are serving, has given these rights to so many.

  733. FUFatherEisenman says:

    If you are going to comment, how about doing it in English? (snark)

  734. martqbd says:

    If someone can speak English and their first language. They could own the business. That is capitalism.

  735. SBinF says:

    Oh noes, the librul media strike again!!!1

  736. EDinMCO says:

    My favorite commercial of the night. Said that when it aired.

  737. BillFromDover says:

    Break the law… by singing verses of America the Beautiful in one of our culture languages?

    Aren’t you drifting somewhat off topic here?

  738. martqbd says:

    Sorry about the typo. Too much many SB festivities.

  739. This is why Americans aren’t taken seriously in much of the world. They lash out viciously at their own citizens and then blow up wedding parties in other countries.

  740. sallyedelstein says:

    In the great cultural cauldron of 20th century America there was one basic ingredient to being a real American Caucasian. Well apparently that old fashioned recipe for prejudice is still being used by some when it comes to the racist reaction to the celebration of diversity America, celebrated in recent rendition of America the Beautiful sung in the recent Coca Cola ads.
    Xenophobia was and is as American as Coke and Apple Pie. Only the
    nationalities change with time. Once upon a time, Irish or Italian was
    too exotic to be considered an all American beauty. Take a look at some
    vintage ideas of American beauty http://wp.me/p2qifI-1FT

  741. Tom LaBelle says:

    Most people? Not even most people on this thread.

  742. DowneastDiva says:

    OOPS I was, sorry! I get what J is all about. :)

  743. DowneastDiva says:

    I’ll bet he drinks tea.

  744. DowneastDiva says:

    They’re aren’t enough of you haters to put Coke out of business and WTH drank drpepper?

  745. Tom LaBelle says:

    eating foreign food is fine as long as the menu is in English (sarc).

  746. DowneastDiva says:

    We don’t have a language . Maybe you should look into the citizenship process before you make stupid comments. My mother went through it and I’ll guarantee she knew more about our country than you when she was done. Maybe you should take a citizenship class. :)

  747. Tom LaBelle says:

    ok, you don’t like racist. would you prefer xenophobic or bigotted?

  748. ckg1 says:

    America the Beautiful is NOT the country’s national anthem.

    Besides, why am I replying to someone who doesn’t have the balls to show his comment history? Are you scared at what we’ll find out?

  749. ckg1 says:

    Those commenters are trolls.

  750. ckg1 says:

    By this time next year, Phil and the Duck Dynasty folks will be in the dustbin of history. Their season premiere dropped nearly 20% from the previous season’s finale. Remember, you’re watching people on a “reality” show who basically rednecked themselves(well, the guys did anyway).

  751. goulo says:

    DowneastDiva: You erroneously seem to think I’m responding to you.

    I responded to J who ascribed speaking foreign languages to “the left”, as if he thought no conservative would speak a foreign language.

  752. I don’t find anything wrong in the commercial , in fact I love it because it celebrates the diversity of America. I am Filipino and I love it when I heard a Tagalog line in God Bless America…..these bigoted racists are still raising the race-card in any way they can just to let others know they’re superior. We are the people here in America, making America great.

  753. DowneastDiva says:

    I’m going to guess Louisiana, right?

  754. frankelee says:

    Half your commenters: “It’s not racist to hate other races.” Coke 1, Internet 0.

  755. ckg1 says:

    Hated: Why don’t you talk to John about it instead of assuming what’s on his mind?

  756. goulo says:

    If it’s not racist, it’s at least quite childish to get upset and angry and offended to hear a song sung in another language.

  757. DowneastDiva says:

    True! Those would be faux watchers. Easy to tell how they are, check the down votes. :)

  758. ckg1 says:

    Then go drink something else that’s patriotic.

    I stopped drinking Coke and Pepsi years ago for health reasons, and I don’t miss it at all. Trust me, it wasn’t because of this ad.

  759. DowneastDiva says:

    why are you making it poltical just so you can blame? All the good ppl on the right have long left that party off hate.

  760. ckg1 says:

    Why should I have to tolerate his intolerance?

    F THAT.

  761. IRAMARINE says:

    #Superbowl @CocaCola should have learned what happened to the Doctor! @drpepper when
    they left out Under God!

  762. DowneastDiva says:

    BTW I never mentioned Rs or any other party. Why are you making it political? Do you really think it was rich white men that came here? HAHA they left them behind to donate to their crazy church. History, read.

  763. DowneastDiva says:

    Generally, they don’t have the education to do so. Why do you think English should be spoken? You need to read history or perhaps you think we should learn a Native American language? As a swamp yankee, that’s not going to be easy.

  764. goulo says:

    And the fact that we’re typing in English here somehow means that it’s somehow wrong for people to communicate in other languages, and that it’s rational to get angry and offended to call people morons if they do?

  765. goulo says:

    Bobnc57 – are you seriously asserting that the people singing in the commercial are illegal immigrants?

  766. therling says:

    I think you are confusing “forefathers” with “founding fathers.” Get a dictionary and look it up.

  767. goulo says:

    It might not be racist to be offended at a song being translated to other languages.

    But it sure is bizarre and narrow-minded and irrationally offended.

    Do you also object that the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence have been translated to other languages?

  768. PJParks says:

    All you have is racism? Give it a rest it is not racist to want to hear the song in English and it is proper to let the company know if you do not like the commercial.

  769. DowneastDiva says:

    TO the down vote, we didn’t fight the Revolution for you, just patriots. The problem with you racist pigs is that we can’t deport YOU.

  770. goulo says:

    Yeah, how dare people in a free country sing a song in a language other than English! Next thing you know, they’ll be watching foreign films and eating foreign food! Such traitors! They sure must hate freedom.

  771. DowneastDiva says:

    BTW times change and we move on, I don’t speak the language of my forefathers, you wouldn’t understand their English. :)

  772. goulo says:

    Are you unaware that there are some conservative Republicans who are also capable of speaking other languages besides English and sometimes enjoy doing so?

  773. DowneastDiva says:

    My mother was the same way, it’s too bad, I really wish I could speak French better. This country DOES not have an official language, you are just showing your bigotry. WTH is a genadfather?

  774. perljammer says:

    He didn’t say it was the national anthem. He said it was “one of our anthems”, and that doesn’t constitute a redefinition of facts. America the Beautiful, My Country ‘Tis of Thee, and God Bless America are all generally considered to be American patriotic anthems, and that isn’t a redefinition of facts, either. I don’t think there was anything in Reggie’s post that would lead a reasonable person to conclude that he thinks America the Beautiful is the national anthem of the USA.

    Having said that, I don’t see a problem with any of those songs being rendered in languages other than English. The expressed sentiments are the same, regardless of language. I think that the people who are upset over the Coke commercial are more likely nationalist than racist.

  775. J says:

    Its funny my Great Genadfathers came here in the 1900s one speaking Polish and the other Itallian. When they had childeren it was considered a negetive thing to speak in the native language as they wanted their childeren to be americans and assimilate into the culture. they took great pride learning the language. the left has removed this and blurred the lines. You all dont see it but yoyu slowly chipping away at the very foundations that make us Americans. You think its a non issue we say different.

  776. DowneastDiva says:

    As a tenth generation American, I LOVE IT! This is why my family came here and have fought in every war since to protect this country. It’s why we welcome others to the promise of America! I’d love to see that promise spread throughout the world. As a first generation American on my mother’s side, I also have seen the citizenship process. Well done, Coke, well done!

  777. Henri says:

    Its a tragedy that Americans are so biased I am an American living in a Latin Country and most American never learn Spanish.They are so biased they would not know who to talk to .
    There are more important things than this moronic position that English is the onlyl language worthwhile.

  778. Bomer says:

    Wooo! English Major fist bump! (Okay, English Major before I switched to Art.)

  779. TheOriginalLiz says:

    And singing “O Christmas Tree” in anything but the original German is sacrilegious. What about translating “Gone With the Wind” into another language? I’d say you’ve won the narrow-minded blinders-on award for the thread, but you have a lot of competition.

  780. merchegirl says:

    And how do you know the multicultural people featured in the commercial do not speak English? More than likely, they are more enlightened than most, and speak at least two languages, including English.

    There’s also a little detail forgotten by most of the naysayers to the Coca Cola ad. English was a language imposed on the native peoples of the lands we currently inhabit …. ever wonder how the REAL Native Americans feel about that?

  781. Hated the Commercial says:

    If Coca Cola’s goal was to get people talking about their commercial after the game, then I would say mission accomplished.

    There would be no issue if they had chosen to have people of different backgrounds sing the song in english. Or if they had sung something else, like an old coke jingle, in different languages. But they had to have known that using this iconic song would create controversy.

    As for the author of this article. He’s just pulling out one of the liberal media’s favorite old tools. “Disagree with me and you’re a racist!” Don’t like Obama = Racist! Don’t like illegal aliens = Racist! “________” (fill in the blank) = Racist!

    I think he has some diversity discrimination issues.

  782. Dave of the Jungle says:

    “All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian.” – Pat Paulsen

  783. Paul Pearson says:

    Wati A Wivnitsi Owi Iginowanus\’s

    If you have propblems with this, you are not a true American

  784. Harold Janson says:

    They also spoke multiple other languages and had british accents.

  785. Mike_H says:

    Sad thing is, people who are more politically left are still pissed at Coke for their anti-gay Sochi nonsense, so now they’ve pissed off the right as well. February is a lose-lose month for Coke.

  786. Cletus says:

    My favorite comments are the one’s saying America’s “National Anthem” should only be sung in “American”,,,

  787. Quilla says:

    Shocked was quite possibly referring to immigrant forefathers. Most of us have them. Just sayin’

  788. Captain Marty says:

    In response to the Coke
    commercial, next year Pepsi and Fox should have Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty
    do the Declaration of Independence in Russian. Singing a American classic like
    “America the Beautiful” in foreign languages should be crime of

  789. SkippyFlipjack says:

    Right, it may be an anthem in the general sense, but then you’re saying that any anthemic song about the U.S. must always be sung in English, which is ridiculous.

  790. Bomer says:

    I’m not skating around anything. The United States only has one official anthem. It was made our national anthem by congressional resolution on March 3, 1931 and signed by President Herbert Hoover. You can call “America the Beautiful” an anthem all you want, but that does not make it our national anthem. And for the record, yes, people have been referring to “America the Beautiful” as our national anthem and they are wrong. Also, when people talk about the anthem of the United States that means the national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner,” because that is the only one we have. Songs like “America the Beautiful” are listed as patriotic songs not anthems.

  791. LivedOnThreeContinents says:

    I dare say that this commercial epitomizes American idealism. People living free, together how they chose. Frankly, it is an honor to have any patriotic song translated. It means it is reaching and resonating with new Americans. The bigots should be more worried if new Americans simply ignored these patriotic tenets. It could mean they are be hell bent on replacing them.

  792. BeccaM says:

    Only among the ignorant.

  793. bobnc57 says:

    It’s very constructive for a Society to debase those that break the law. Otherwise you have anarchy. To require those that immigrate here to do so legally and learn the language and ask them to assimilate into our culture is not too much to ask and is the prudent thing for a Nation to do to survive..

  794. BeccaM says:

    Why was it that for hundreds of years, the British, French, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese immigrants refused to assimilate with the Iroquois, Lakota, Navajo, Inuit, and other people who already lived there? Why were they so racist as to define the Native American peoples as literally sub-human? “The small-pox blankets and exploitational treaties weren’t such a big deal, and now everybody is calling the oppression racist. It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

    Oh right: The conquerors get to set all the rules. And it is racist, bigoted, xenophobic, and ignorant.

  795. Guest says:

    “You have Freedom of Speech to say whatever you want, unless I disagree with it, in which case GTFO!” haha, very humorous ckg… someone really pushed your buttons.

  796. bobnc57 says:

    You mean those site that love and defend America and the rule of law?

  797. Guest says:

    America the Beautiful is an anthem by definition, quit trying to skate around that with the word “national”, which has never been brought up by anyone but you and Becca. If you don’t agree with the dictionary definition of the word and what it represents, you are welcome to do so, but it isn’t making your argument any less ridiculous.

  798. BeccaM says:

    Maybe it’s just because you behaved like a d-nozzle, ever consider that?

    As for facing derision for flying an American flag, that’s total bullshit. I dare you to prove you even own a passport or that you have even experienced travel in Europe or Asia.

  799. Guest says:

    Don’t forget racism, hate crime, fascism, and any other term you can think of to bash on people who DARE have pride in the accepted language of their country. Be sure to draw plenty of conclusions and assumptions out of thin air. You are doing a good job so far.

  800. BeccaM says:

    Last I looked, every time the United States of America has had to deal with sovereign peoples, including the Native Americans within its borders, the laws, treaties, and other legal documents were always written in multiple languages.

  801. Guest says:

    And I suppose “God Save The King/Queen” was sung in what, Russian? LOL Your post is a failed attempt to connect the disgust with this commercial to being racist against other cultures, wrong again.

  802. Bomer says:

    Yes, I am familiar with the definition of the word. It doesn’t change the fact that the United States has one, and only one, national anthem. Yes, some countries have de facto and de jure anthems we, however, do not. This doesn’t change the fact that songs like “America the Beautiful” are patriotic songs, but they are not our national anthem.

  803. BeccaM says:

    I’m sure the Navajo, Lakota, Inuit, and Iroquois will be glad to hear you speak the language of America’s original settlers well and with grammatical accuracy.

    Or did you mean that only conquerors are permitted to demand assimilation?

    “Resistance is futile.”

  804. Guest says:

    anthem: “a formal song of loyalty, praise, or happiness” Bomer, Becca, try to study up on English and definitions there in before you post next time. Thank you.

  805. BeccaM says:

    ‘America the Beautiful’ is not the national anthem. Just thought you might like to know, before you embarrassed yourself further with ignorant assertions.

  806. Guest says:

    Well, because some of you are so bent about the “anthem” talk, here is the definition of anthem: ” a formal song of loyalty, praise, or happiness”. There we go. So, Becca, you are FAIL, as is Bomer and anyone else who is harping endlessly about “anthem” and not recognizing the actual validity of Reggie’s post. What Coke (and other ultra P.C. people) seem to overlook is that failure to embrace the accepted language of the country you are in, is what can lead to massive fractures in society. If you cannot communicate, you can NOT get along. You can argue about anything you want but that is a fact right there.

  807. Bomer says:

    Considering how many people do not seem to know what the national anthem of the United States actually is, I would say that I am very much on topic.

  808. SkippyFlipjack says:

    What makes you think the people in the commercial don’t know how to speak English?

  809. Guest says:

    You may want to actually look up what Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and others spoke as the accepted language in public gatherings, before you post some nonsense like this.

  810. BeccaM says:

    Nice try. But no. You’re still flailing in a bucket brimming full of FAIL.

  811. Bomer says:

    Some countries have de facto and de jure anthems, however, the U.S.A only has one, “The Star Spangled Banner.” That’s it. “America the Beautiful” and “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” are patriotic songs, but are not our national anthem.

  812. BeccaM says:

    Not at all. My friend Bomer is simply commenting on the ignorant assertion of the commenter, who asserted something that flat out was not true.

  813. BeccaM says:

    It’s not even ‘a’ national anthem. It’s just a frickin’ song. Expressing love for the United States of America.

    And yet you have a problem with this.

  814. BeccaM says:

    Dude, just give up and admit you were wrong and didn’t know that the national anthem was the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’

    Trying to redefine facts doesn’t work here. AmericaBlog isn’t Fox news.

    Thank goddess.

  815. BeccaM says:

    Hey, if you’re going to demand for adherence to the English language, we English language majors are going to demand adherence to grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

    As near as I have been able to tell, vehement and bigoted opposition to people expressing love for America in languages other than English seems to be directly proportional to astonishing incoherence and a rampant disregard for the rules of the English language the commenters claim to be defending — for no reason they can adequately articulate, no less.

    Hell, the more frothy-mouthed the expressed indignation, the more likely the commenter seems to be utterly unable to express coherent notions in written English. First it’s punctuation and apostrophes, then come the homonym misspellings, and finally it’s total linguistic (and interestingly, regional dialectic) anarchy. All with the same message: “We don’t like people who don’t talk, dress, and act unlike we do.”

    And yet somehow this is deemed not to be xenophobic bigotry.

  816. AnthonyLook says:

    Totally agree, you have every right to look like a hypocrite about Freedom of Speech.

  817. shocked says:

    Hey idiots that are saying our forefathers are rolling in their graves because it wasn’t sung in English YOUR FOREFATHERS DIDN’T SPEAK ENGLISH STUPID!!!

  818. Guest says:

    Anything to take away from the actual topic of discussion, Bomer.

  819. BillFromDover says:

    Nice try, but how many Nation Anthems do we have?

  820. Reggie1971 says:

    We are not limited to having one anthem. We have one OFFICIAL anthem, but not only one anthem. The word “anthem” doesn’t necessitate that you must only have one.

  821. Guest says:

    What about all the talk about Freedom of Speech. By what right must we withhold our opinions about a commercial with a song that should be sung in English. In a Democracy people will hold an opinion about whatever they wish.

  822. Bomer says:

    The U.S.A only has one. Granted we didn’t officially have one until March 3, 1931, but seeing how it’s 2014, yeah, we only have the one.

  823. Reggie1971 says:

    I didn’t say it was THE national anthem.

  824. Bomer says:

    “America the Beautiful” is not the national anthem. “The Star Spangled Banner,” however, is.

  825. BeccaM says:

    Posit, he does, but that is as far as it goes.

  826. Reggie1971 says:

    Very well said, and very true. The “tolerant” politically correct people may not like it very much though.

  827. Bomer says:

    The music for “America the Beautiful” was composed by Samuel A. Ward from Newark, New Jersey. It was originally called “Materna” and was written for the hymn “O Mother dear, Jerusalem.”

    “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” is the one that uses the same tune as “God Save the Queen.”

  828. BeccaM says:

    And is still today, in fact, a member of the British Commonwealth.

    Yes, the British Empire, against which America was at war for some 40-50 years, has a colonial nation right on our proverbial doorstep.

  829. BeccaM says:

    I think quite frankly that the ‘reverence’ is just an excuse for hate and xenophobia.

  830. Reggie1971 says:

    There is nothing racist about expecting a national anthem to be sung in our language, and the people who say that there is are nothing more than smear merchants.

  831. Reggie1971 says:

    Another tolerant liberal celebrating diversity. Well except for diversity of opinion.

  832. BillFromDover says:

    But, he does posit that he speaks English.

  833. TheOriginalLiz says:

    Thank you so much for pointing out that “America the Beautiful” is not the national anthem. It’s just a song …. These idiots treat it with a reverence that is bizarre and fetishist.

  834. BeccaM says:

    It depends on why you don’t like it. So far, everybody whose felt strongly enough to speak loudly with outrage about the commercial has been an intolerant racist.

    Me? I don’t like it for its commercialism and somewhat jingoistic appeals to patriotism. However, as far as I can tell, my own objections on the “against” side are far outweighed by the racists, bigots, and hyper-nationalistic douche-nozzles.

  835. Guest says:

    But hey, go ahead and call me a racist or a pig or any other number of names to bolster your glorified sense of liberal global acceptance. Whatever it takes to make you feel better, or that you are somehow “helping” people by keeping them stuck in the language barrier. It isn’t like you are better than others applauding a very poorly thought out commercial, which by the way is what Coke is best known for in the Super Bowl, and what most people think of this commercial :)

  836. BillFromDover says:

    noun: racist; plural noun: racists
    a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

    noun: bigotry; plural noun: bigotries
    bigoted attitudes; intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

    Now, please go back and read those tweets again with this in mind.

  837. BeccaM says:

    That just means you should be singing the praises of your land in the Lakota, Navaho, and Iroquois languages, not this newly imported unassimilated British tongue.

  838. A celebration of the balkanization of the American melting pot deserves to be lambasted.

  839. MyrddinWilt says:

    Quite so, celebrating the glorious conquest of Canada by the US in 1812.

    Most Americans don’t know that Canada was once an independent country with its own laws and everything!

  840. Guest says:

    You have to have communication in order to form a basis to get along with people. Look at NYC when you had all the different areas that spoke different languages. You couldn’t leave your little portion if you only spoke Italian or Greek because you couldn’t converse with anyone else. This idea that “lets embrace all languages” is idiotic, and that’s NOT a racist or xeno thought, that’s just common sense. Look at Montreal, the two different languages there nearly tore them apart, and it’s still happening today. I wouldn’t expect to go move to another country and make them learn English, if you move to the USA you are more than welcome to retain your heritage, just learn our language so we can all get along.

  841. AnthonyLook says:

    What about all that talk about Freedom of Speech. By what right must what language is spoken or commercial is made in be exclusively in English. In a Democracy people will speak what they wish.

  842. BeccaM says:

    I suspect his stay will be brief.

  843. BillFromDover says:

    “…invade when ordered to do so…”

    Ya mean attacking a sovereign country (Iraq… remember that wonderous Shock and Awe) simply because we could?

    Seriously, how did that contribute to your freedsoms?

  844. BeccaM says:

    Funny how you felt it unnecessary to assimilate with the people living in the American continent before you. By the way, elipses are typically numbered three, not five nor two.

    Here’s a totally hilarious fact for you: America the Beautiful, the song sung in the commercial, stole the tune from “God Save the KIng” (or Queen, depending on who was ruling) — not an American song at all, but a British one.

  845. BeccaM says:

    I’m in favor of educating our children to use punctuation properly, even when I might not entirely agree with what they have to say as adults.

    By the way, bigotry isn’t an opinion. It is a character flaw, and being intolerant of bigotry is not a wrong thing to be.

  846. BeccaM says:

    And exactly why were you outraged by people singing a song — in different languages — expressing love for America?

    I mean, we’re not talking about the national anthem. That’s the utterly unsingable ‘Star Spangled Banner.

    The language in this country, you might be surprised to learn, had never only been English. It has been Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Inuit, Dutch, and Portuguese, as well as all the Native American tongues. Moreover, the form of English you speak now would’ve been considered ill-formed, border-line unintelligible, full of alien terms, and degenerate by those living in 1790.

    Unity is inclusive. Somehow, I think you mistook it for compulsory conformism. Unity isn’t “Be and behave exactly like us and adopt our every practice or else.”

  847. Jeremy says:

    Racists never know they are racists.

  848. Jeremy says:

    Nothing wrong with calling people what they are.

  849. Jeremy says:

    Keep it stupid America, keep it stupid. Most Americans barely can speak or even write in English.

  850. BeccaM says:

    And he can simply delve into the comments here for lots more.

  851. BeccaM says:

    And yet the concept of appropriate capitalization escapes you, as does the use of the possessive apostrophe.

  852. ckg1 says:

    No, we’re just getting trolled, period.

    And I have my own ways of dealing with trolls….all of ’em legal!

  853. BillFromDover says:

    Nobody other than a self-declared bigot would refer to his race as “your own people.”

  854. ckg1 says:

    Problem is, I’m speaking to one right now.

  855. ckg1 says:

    Your Snark-O-Meter is off.

  856. BillFromDover says:

    Are you kidding us.?

    Is it not you lambasting those that can’t communicate in English?

  857. BillFromDover says:

    “…a hastily typed out post…”
    So… you admit you don’t think before posting?

  858. crs says:

    Really? You can tell all that by reading a hastily typed out post on some random forum?

    Keep the insults coming, I feed off of them.

  859. Wednesday Lee Friday says:

    Calling strangers names on the Internet?

  860. Wednesday Lee Friday says:

    Why would you assume that knowing another language somehow negates the first language? Not only is YOUR grammar on par with a 7th grader, but you seem overtly hostile to the idea that anyone should speak any language that isn’t English. I know scores of so-called immigrants who speak and write English (in addition to already being multilingual) far better than you.

  861. BillFromDover says:

    “Those aren’t racists”?

    What is your definition of those that abase others that don’t share the same language and culture that they do… diplomats?

    BTW, how do you know that they both work hard and pay taxes? Is this a requirement for bigots?

    Any evidence would be appreciated.

  862. ckg1 says:

    That’s a double duty dose of THE STUPID you just brought.

  863. BeccaM says:

    I am amused by all the ignorant, barely literate commenters who clearly have no clue that English itself is a language that has changed considerably over the last 1000 years, adopted terms, dropped others, experienced significant linguistic drift — and yet they seem to believe the language they apparently can barely write (and probably not speak correctly either) is some kind of sacrosanct means of communication by which citizenship itself should be defined.

    I wonder if most of them realize that the elites of the late 1700s would deem the speaking and writing habits of most 21st century semi-literates to be nothing short of barbaric and degenerate.

  864. ckg1 says:

    Congrats. You’ve lost any argument you were trying to make.

  865. ckg1 says:

    No, sir. YOU can do something anatomically impossible.

    Also the comment was directed at bob, NOT you.

    And you’re damned right I’m going to make him feel unwelcome. He’s a troll and I have ZERO tolerance for trolls.

  866. crs says:

    do you pay for this site to be hosted? If not, then you have no right to tell anyone they are not welcome here. You sir, can go fuck yourself.

    Typical fascist modus operandi, If you do not like someones views then make them feel unwelcome. But if you don’t speak English, then by all means, come and join our community and be welcome.

  867. ckg1 says:

    Thank you for refusing to take the rose-colored glasses off.

  868. ckg1 says:

    Deadspin’s got another bunch of people who said the same thing.

    I’d bet so does Public Shaming.

  869. ckg1 says:

    Bob: Go FUCK yourself.

    Return to your favorite wingnut sites. You are NOT welcome here.

  870. crs says:

    by all means, if you can’t refute an argument, just look for grammatical errors.

  871. Indigo says:

    You may think you’re writing English there, fellow, but your capitalization is off and you’ve dropped a crucial apostrophe in your last sentence. F

  872. bobnc57 says:

    Earth to Americablog. Those aren’t racists. Those are hard working, tax paying American’s who have no problem with LEGAL immigration. You want to immigrate here, learn the language, learn our history like so many great immigrants of the last century did.

  873. BeccaM says:

    It is even more telling how many people do not know that ‘America the Beautiful’ is not the national anthem.

    It’s ‘The Star Spangled Banner.’

  874. Tim says:

    You are a stupid moron that obviously has no clue of what makes a nation

  875. crs says:

    what language are all of you multicultural morons communicating in on this message board?

    Why do you write in english, its almost as if you would expect the people you want to communicate with to understand English. Thats unthinkable….

  876. crs says:

    what does the fact that is it published by some swiss guy in october 1776 have anything to do with the topic at hand? Would you expect King George to have it published?

  877. caphillprof says:

    I think somebody should note that the Declaration of Independence was first published in German, not in English.

  878. crs says:

    Native Americans are immigrants as well. If you were so inclined you would educate yourself as to that fact.

  879. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to America, now speak English…even though I have a 4th grade reading level, and I misspell everything.

  880. Anonymous says:

    How many Americans have fumbled the national anthem? Even experienced singers who can’t blame stage fright.

  881. Anonymous says:

    Maybe if the opposing argument was more substantial than generalizing about people, we’d honor it. Saying “all Mexicans are here to take our jobs” is stupid and inspires race conflicts. That’s the kind of person you hear complaining about immigrants.
    And the guy about who commented was a white supremacist which proves my point.

  882. Tania Thynne says:

    Perhaps the non-english speaking immigrants might be able to tell them what their national anthem actually is.

  883. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Canada is such a horrible place after all…so many immigrants and crime…

  884. Anonymous says:

    Go figure. The guy was a total idiot.

  885. crs says:

    dave, maybe its you who is the dumbs. If it weren’t for people who volunteer to wear the uniform and defend us if necessary, invade when ordered to do so, you would not have freedom at all. Are you that stupid as to think that no other country would invade us if we had no military?

    Dumb people are dumb

  886. crs says:

    english speaking people are no longer wanted in America, unless of course we are tolerant and let another culture over take ours.

  887. goulo says:

    Why do you assume that someone who can sing in another language cannot speak English?

  888. goulo says:

    The many hostile complaints about this video cast doubt on your assertion about the US being so tolerant. Acting “unamerican” in the US (even daring to speak a language other than English!) will indeed cause you to get hassled by many “real Americans”.

  889. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:


  890. goulo says:

    Why do you assume the people in the commercial are not assimilated US citizens?
    Do you believe anyone who speaks a language besides English cannot speak English or is not a US citizen?

  891. goulo says:

    Gosh yes, that would be terrible to do anything to improve one’s country if it made it become in any way similar to some other country. Far better to never change anything.

  892. goulo says:

    And you think that Americans do not have the freedom to speak any language other than English?
    You think that Americans do not have the freedom to translate English songs to other languages?
    Pretty sad for a supposed land of freedom.

  893. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Semper Fidelis (Semper fi)

  894. HolyMoly says:

    They fail to realize that a large number of soldiers who fought in the Revolution and the Civil War didn’t speak any English at all. German, Swedish, you name it. They were fighting for things that were much more important than what language we speak.

    I also think it’s funny how they say soldiers fought and died “for our freedoms,” unless, of course, it’s the freedom of a private company to air a commercial in foreign languages. So are they saying that soldiers fought for SOME of our freedoms? That’s a huge insult, especially considering the price that was paid by far too many of them.

  895. Ninong says:

    Our national anthem is still the Star-Spangled Banner, not America the Beautiful.

    The point of the commercial was that America represents the world because people from all over the world come here and become part of America!!!

    Every single person in that commercial is an American citizen and every single one of them speaks English fluently! Coke asked them to sing segments in their original native language to demonstrate that America is made up of immigrants.

    It was sung in nine different languages: English, Spanish, Tagalog, Hindi, French, Hebrew, Mandarin, Arabic and Keres. You could argue that only Keres is an American language because it has been spoken by the Keres people of New Mexico for thousands of years.

  896. HolyMoly says:

    “Yes, the US is a nation of immigrants. Yes, we’re a big melting pot of different cultures. And yes, the Statue of Liberty DOES have a plaque that reads “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…”

    Also, our money has “E Pluribus Unum” and “Annuit Coeptis” on it. My state’s motto is “Sic Semper Tyrannus.” Guess what language that is? Not English. I don’t hear anyone enraged over the threat to the Best Damn Culture That Ever Existed that this poses. My God! Next thing you know all our street signs will have to be in English AND Latin! “Turn Left on E Street/Verte Sinistra In Via E” We’re doomed!

    “When you want a group of people to come together, to truly meld, they must be able to communicate with each other, through a common language. That language has always been English in this country”

    Okay, so the moment someone comes off the boat, they should instantly be able to speak English. I defy you to try to learn ANY language in a day. And no, Pig Latin doesn’t count. I did see one man who learned to speak Icelandic in two weeks, but he’s a savant. The rest of us, it takes a while.

    Has it ALWAYS been English? FL, NM, TX, AZ, and CA started out speaking Spanish. And many Hispanic families living there today can trace their roots in those states to BEFORE any Jim Bowie wanna-be ever set foot there. From Louisiana all the way up the Mississippi was originally inhabited by French-speaking individuals. (Of course before all that, they spoke Cherokee, Algonquin, Ute, Sioux, you name it.) It would be amazing if anyone believes that the instant the Louisiana Purchase was made or the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, everyone in those territories instantly started speaking English. In the present day, Puerto Rico is a part of the United States, and they still speak Spanish.

    “While I “get” the commercial, I also can’t help but think that the attempt to show unity would have been more effective had it all been in English”

    Then you don’t “get” what unity truly means. The only conclusion I can reach from your idea of unity is that “all Americans who don’t speak English are excluded,” quite the contradiction. Wouldn’t unity mean “all are welcome!” (“all” meaning no matter what language you speak, the color of your skin, your religion, or who you sleep with).

    Not everyone who has immigrated to the U.S. has been here long enough to learn English. It’s not exactly one of the easiest languages to learn. And the older you are when you come here, the harder it is to learn a language. A 5-year-old can pick it up rather quickly. Her 40-year-old mother, though she is very intelligent, could be here for 10 years and still barely be able to string together a sentence, though she has taken numerous classes, and tries very hard to do so, spending hour after frustrating hour trying to make it happen. My future mother-in-law fits that description. And I fit the same description as I try to learn Spanish. It’s just not that easy when you get past a certain age.

    Any attempt to show unity would be to sing the song in multiple languages. Would someone who is just beginning to learn the language or who has been struggling to do so feel included?

    Besides, who really gives a crap about what language we speak anyway? We’d still have rednecks, racists, ignoramuses, dunderheads, and YouTube denizens, whether they spoke English, Spanish, German, Latin, or Esperanto. Hatred can be expressed universally in any language.

  897. pixeloid says:

    English was imported by genocidal invaders. If you want to speak English, go back to England!

  898. Bomer says:

    “America the Beautiful” was written by Katharine Lee Bates (1859-1929) who happens to have been an American poet. The music was composed by Samuel A. Ward (1847-1903) who was also an American. However, our national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner,” written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key (1779-1843), is set to the tune of an 18th century British gentleman’s club song, “The Anacreontic Song.” Final fun fact: “The Star Spangled Banner” became the official national anthem on March 3, 1931.

  899. disqusux says: