Woman has diabetic attack while driving, other drivers laugh (video)

I realize that on YouTube, this passes for a funny video. But I watch it, and I can’t help but be annoyed at the people filming it who thought it was funny.


A car is seen driving down the median of a snow-covered highway – it’s clearly driving on snow-covered grass, and at serious risk of crashing into oncoming traffic.  This was on I-81 in Pennsylvania, and it took place two years ago.

The rest of the story is that the woman was having a diabetic attack and was in the middle of a medical emergency.  The folks taking the video told the media that supposedly the cops were already there, so that’s why they didn’t call 911, and instead filmed the entire thing and LAUGHED and LAUGHED.


Of course, the comments on YouTube were typically horrific.

by-default-2014-01-25-at-3.25.55-PM youtube-comments

There were a select few who understood the gravity of the moment.  They were of course mocked.


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