Wild squirrel drops by to play with cat it grew up with (video)

This is a wild video. This squirrel apparently used to live with the cat as another pet in this woman’s home. The squirrel finally went out on its own, but still comes back from time to time to play with the cat.

The squirrel is actually playing with the cat in this video. It’s the funniest darn thing.


It’s really amazing. Then again, I’ve been surprised how tame, or fearless, squirrels become if they’re fed a lot by humans. I used to get accosted by the squirrels on Capitol Hill on my way to work in the Senate – the things were so friendly they’d block your path on the sidewalk and not let you by. I’m not sure that was a terribly healthy thing for the squirrels, but I can’t help but think this squirrel’s relationship with this family, and this cat, is an awfully nice thing to see.

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