Haunting: That classic 1971 Coke commercial montaged with Russian gays being arrested

Wow. Quite a powerful new video by the gay rights group Queer Nation, taking that classic “I’d like to teach the world to sing” Coke commercial, and mixing it with images of gay Russians gets arrested by the police.

Coke is an official sponsor of the 2014 Winter Olympics taking place in Sochi, Russia in a few weeks, and Coke has been in a bit of hot water because of it.


Coke’s problems worsened significantly when an Olympic security employee, sporting a Coca-Cola logo, assisted in the arrest of Russian gay rights activist Pavel Lebedev for simply waving a rainbow flag along the parade route of the Olympic flame.


Coke only made matters worse when it defended the arrest of of the Russian human rights advocate.


This video is brilliant and chilling.  Who doesn’t love that Coke commercial from 1971?  It’s so early 70s, and really just a classic in great American advertising.  But part of what made the commercial so great was the warm and fuzzy “we are the world” nature of its message.

Classic Coke supported diversity. New Coke defends the arrest of dissidents, and even assists in the arrests. Oh how a mighty brand has fallen.

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