U2: New Year`s Day (video)

This is one of my favorite all-time songs.

The album came out in early 1983, and I bought the casette in Paris in late 83/early 84 when I was studying abroad there. I remember listening to it non-stop as I took the overnight boat from France to England to visit my friend Jenny who was doing her year abroad in London. I met two English students on the trip over who were a riot. I`m still friends with one of them today.


There`s something about this album – must we say CD or DVD if we knew the music first as an LP (or cassette)? – that just gets me going. It`s what I call `rollercoaster music.` There are also rollercoaster movies, and rollercoaster books and poems. The idea is a work of art that picks you up and carries you along for the entire ride, only to drop you off at the very end, exhausted and satisfied. I`d include New Order among my rollercoaster bands. Depeche Mode is one too.

Another U2 song that carries me along is Sunday Bloody Sunday.

So with no further ado, here`s New Year`s Day.

And here’s Sunday Bloody Sunday:

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