T-Rex optical illusion follows you wherever you go (video)

When you move around the room, it looks like the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s head is following you.


You have to watch to the end of the video to see how it’s made. Even after seeing the trick, I’m still amazed that it works.

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  • AnthonyLook


  • Whitewitch

    It is amazing what tricks the mind…remember this when you vote!!!!

  • Island In The Sky


  • That’s a variant on the ‘hollow-face optical illusion.’ Our depth perception can be fooled into thinking something is protruding towards us, when in fact it’s away. It’s so pervasive that yes, even though we know there’s no way that cardboard figure can be turning its head, our brain says it is.

  • Having seen how it’s done, I’m still really surprised that it works.

  • ronbo


  • jomicur

    Watches you wherever you go. Wow, if the NSA were a toy…

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