Supreme Court stops gay marriages in Utah pending court case outcome

This just in.  The Supreme Court has put a stop to Utah’s gay weddings pending the outcome of the state of Utah’s appeal.

As you may recall, Utah saw a flood of gay marriages – over 1,000 – following a federal court striking down the state’s ban on such marriages two weeks ago on December 20, 2013.

The state of Utah asked the appellate court to put a stop to the weddings, pending the case’s outcome, but the court said no (as did the federal court itself).


Among other reasons for asking for the stay, the state of Utah (which is in cahoots with the Mormons), claimed that they were looking out for the best interest of gay people who would suffer if they got married now, only to have their marriages undone later.


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Of course, there’s an easy way for the Mormons/GOP complex in Utah not to harm gay people by undoing their marriages – drop the appeal and stop asking the court to undo gay people’s marriages.

At this point the damage is done. The marriages have already happened.  So the Mormons, and the Republican party, once again find themselves on the side of trying to un-marry gay couples.

It should make for an interesting court case, as it’s one thing for the court to reverse a finding that essentially made gay marriage legal.  It’s another for the court to vitiate thousands of marriages already performed.  As the GOP-Mormons have already themselves admitted, that’s an unacceptable harm that the court should avoid.

Of course, if the court does find that gay marriages should stop, but those already married should stay married, then that only helps a future victory in court as it’s hard to imagine a judge not choking on the contradiction of some gay Utahans being permitted to wed but not others.  Not to mention, we now have all the more test-cases of just how “harmful” gay marriages will be to people in Utah.  I’m guessing there hasn’t been a lot of harm these past few weeks, nor will there be in the months ahead.

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