Slow-motion ice tsunami (video)

The video is actually from last May 2013, and it shows ice from a lake just slowly enveloping these houses. It’s really quite amazing. And powerful. At one point, the slow-moving ice flow busts through the door of a house.


This is from Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota.

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  • UncleBucky

    What an uneducated, unsympathetic and stupid woman. People like that make me ashamed of our teetering educational system juxtaposed with megachurches and megamalls…

  • UncleBucky

    Why isn’t anything being done?

  • Melinda Li

    Fascinating video. Narrator sounds too much like Michele Bachmann on a bad day, though.

  • BillFromDover

    Damn, what a whiny voice. I had to turn the sound off.

  • EdA

    Given that lady’s indifference, I almost hope that one of the houses damaged would have been her own.

  • Henry Owen

    Could the potty-mouthed woman’s voice be any more annoying? She sounds like Michele Bachmann.

  • MyrddinWilt

    You always call 911/112. And in this type of case they might even have to bring in the military.

    Only thing that is going to stop it is explosives or flame throwers.

    These things created the landscape of Northern Europe. They broke down whole mountains.

  • Can anything be done to prevent it, or minimize the damage? First thing, I’d have called 911, the police and fire dept, to see if anything could have been done. This is a natural disaster, and potentially a threat to life and limb, it very much would fall under their purview. I was a bit shocked when she told whomever NOT to call 911.

  • emjayay

    The woman is an idiot with no comprehension of the obvious. Ohmygod it’s breaking a glass door. I can break a glass door with my foot. I can’t destroy a house, but this thing could. Eventually the lake glacier thing damaged a bunch of these houses and destroyed some others. It of course could have easily destroyed all of these if it went a little farther than it did. I was kind of hoping actually.

  • Whitewitch

    Thanks John!!! I like that we now have a descriptive phrase for truly bad behavior “it was a Chris Christie move”.

  • Yep, just posted that. And I can’t imagine they’re going to win on the marriages that are already in place pending appeal. It was a dicky move by the state, the Mormons and the Republicans. It was a Chris Christie move.

  • Whitewitch

    John, john, john….look

    The Utah kids are going to be wetting themselves and maybe going back on a hunger strike. This sort of means they have to let the newly married gay folks file state returns – doesn’t it?????

    Perhaps those Utah leaders overplayed their hand…sounds like we might here a federal ruling coming down!!!

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