Suicide bomber may already be at Olympics, US tourists staying away

American tourists are apparently staying away from the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia as new reports warn that a female suicide bomber may already have slipped through Russian Olympic security.

Security experts were not impressed.

Christopher Swift, a national security expert at Georgetown University, told ABC that “the fact that one individual either was able to stay in the area before the ring of steel went up or get through it really raises questions about the strength of the Russia security apparatus.” Swift added that “the specific worry is that she’s a woman and because of that it’s easier for women to infiltrate indoor or outdoor venues, that she could be a bomb carrier.”

The news of the potentially worsening security situation at Sochi comes on the heels of yesterday’s warning to Americans from US Senator Angus King (I-ME) to stay away from the Olympics. King, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, doesn’t think it’s safe to go.

Just as ominous, the US Defense Department announced that it will have two ships, and aircraft, available should Americans officials and athletes need to be evacuated from Sochi due to a terrorist attack.  American tourists will be left to fend for themselves.

That is, if American tourists show up at all.  CBS is reporting that American bookings to the Olympics are way down below normal.

Travel agents are seeing a steep decline in bookings over past Olympics. One agent told CBS News she has fewer than 50 clients going to Sochi. In comparison, she booked 250 for the Vancouver Winter Olympics and 350 for Beijing.

Another sign of disinterest: Tickets to events are still available. Normally, they sell out months ahead of time.

The Sochi Olympics are beginning to sound like Westworld.


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