Russians built “Love Toilets” at Sochi Olympics

The BBC’s Steve Rosenberg is already in Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics, beginning in just a few weeks, and he stumbled upon something rather odd in the new construction for the Olympics. A love toilet.


The Russians have spent a record $50 billion preparing for the Olympics, with reports suggesting that anywhere from 1/3 to over half the money has been stolen by corrupt officials. So perhaps it’s no surprise that someone built a toilet-for-two.

I still have to wonder what possessed someone to build this. Then again, considering how behind construction has been at Sochi – they still don’t have the hotels ready – perhaps they got paid per toilet, and some enterprising thief came up with this unique solution to double his pay. Who knew corruption could be so cozy?!

This brings to mind the classic SNL faux-mmercial, “The Love Toilet.” You can watch that video below, it’s great.

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